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									French Door Refrigerators: More Than Classy
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French door refrigerators are the modern answer to the ubiquitous food storage
appliance. There was a time when the side-by-side refrigerator was the kitchen must
have. Newly unveiled in the late sixties, they pleased the aesthetically inclined who
were tired of the “ice box” look that had changed minimally in the last century. By the
twentieth century however, the side by side was becoming a tired trend, and many
owners were bored with the design that proved to be cumbersome in daily use. They
needed something lovely but completely food storage friendly; enter French door

French door refrigerators trickled onto the appliance market in the nineties, and are
now offered by nearly every major appliance manufacturer. In recent years, the
popularity of these refrigerators has soared, and for good reason. French door
refrigerators combine great design with excellent usability. The refrigerator’s double
doors operate like a pair of French doors in a home, equally sized and used to access
the large refrigeration “room”—unlike a side-by-side refrigerator which houses
refrigeration behind one long door and the freezer behind the other. The French door
refrigerator’s freezer compartment is accessed by a single door the width of the
refrigerator beneath the double doors.

Common complaints about side by side or even standard refrigerators relate to
accessibility and storage. It’s not difficult to lose a carton of blueberry yogurt in the
back of a fridge, or have trouble stuffing a twenty pound turkey in amongst the
week’s shopping. French door refrigerators on the other hand, have an extensive
amount of space within their double doors. Even though its cubic feet may match that
of your bisque beauty, it’s the smart layout of that interior refrigeration space and its
shelves, cubbies, and drawers that make the difference. Additionally, with the
refrigeration compartment at eye level, there’s no stooping or squatting to find foods
or clean shelves. The freezer of the French door model wasn’t overlooked in the
design phase; most have multiple drawers of varying depths to make organization of
frozen foods simple.

It isn’t just enough that a refrigerator be practical; it has to be pretty too. Ideally, you
want your refrigerator to be a workhorse when it comes to function and a beauty when
it comes to form. French door refrigerators offer the best of both worlds; ease of use
and classic styling updated for this century. French door refrigerators are easily at
home in a suburban Colonial kitchen or a Manhattan penthouse. Makers provide an
extensive selection of colors and finishes for their French door refrigerators, from the
classic white, almond, and black, to stainless steel and titanium. You can also opt to
select a wood finish for your French door refrigerator that matches that of your
kitchen cabinetry.

French door refrigerators aren’t a fad; their quality of design and handsome good
looks are capable of taking anything a family of six can dish out, while still looking
impeccable for a late night dinner party with friends. The side-by-side may have been
the new kid once, but French door refrigerators are a smart appliance choice that is
here to stay.

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