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Social Media Recruiting - Twitter Guide


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									                            Social Media
                           Twitter Guide

Recruitment Marketing Series - 2010
  Quick Guide to Creating Twitter Content for
Social Media Recruiting: Twitter Content Guide
 Social Media Recruiting: Twitter                    Company News: Tell Your Story

 Social Media continues to grow as a channel         Company news is one of the smartest and
 for candidate development and relationship          easiest ways to produce Twitter content.
 building. Twitter is among the most popular         Tweeting offers a great way to emphasize your
 and useful Social Media tools. While many           culture, accomplishments and your
 recruiting teams have a few people thriving         commitment to your employees. The content
 individually on Twitter, recruiting teams as a      does not need to be a full “press release”
 whole struggle to get started and keep the          worth news to have an impact. Illustrations of
 momentum going at an organizational level.          how your business operates can educate a
                                                     candidate, helping them take the next step.
 HireClix has assembled this quick guide to
 help you get started and stay engaged by            Industry News: Stay Current
 providing a good balance of interesting
 content and promoting open positions in your        Any easy way to participate in Twitter is to find

 organization.                                       and post links to interesting industry news
                                                     articles. Use your Twitter account to promote
 Creating Twitter Content                            news, events and emerging issues within your
                                                     field. This educates followers by providing
 We recommend approximately splitting your           some context around your company.
 Twitter content into four even buckets:
                                                     Be a Good Citizen: Retweet
                Company news
                Industry News                       Retweeting is an important part of using
                Retweeting                          Twitter. It provides your followers with new
                Job Openings                        content, reduces the burden of creating new
                                                     content, and earns you goodwill. If you
 Why not just tweet your jobs? While many            retweet someone else’s tweet or content, you
 companies have implemented a Twitter                are giving them a vote of confidence and
 strategy that peppers Twitter with their job        endorsing them. By retweeting, you are
 postings, job candidates are dismissive of          recommending your followers check out the
 straight job distribution strategies due to their   content. Many people tend to pay it forward.
 one dimensional nature.
                                                     Jobs Openings: We’re Hiring
 Social Media done right gives recruiting
 teams and candidates an opportunity to learn        Last, but not least are your jobs. Tweet jobs
 more about each other so both parties can be        and include a link back to your site so you can
 better informed and better ready to                 capture traffic in your ATS. Try to provide a
 understand whether there is a fit as job            little context around the job openings or create
 opportunities arise. A blended approach to          a theme for them. Consider tweeting IT jobs
                                                     on Tuesdays or focus on certain geography.          hireclix.com
 content best fosters this relationship.
Social Media Recruiting: Twitter Content Guide

  Some Basics to Get Started with Twitter

  Twitter empowers people to easily connect with each other with a greater degree of
  fluidity when compared to other social media sites. Just a simple one click follow let’s
  you stay in tune with others you are interested in learning more about.

  Starting to contribute to Twitter is easy. Focus on using the advice above to add content
  about company news, industry news, retweeting and your jobs. Each tweet can have up
  to 140 characters and it is smart to use link shortening tools like “bit.ly” to squeeze those
  big website links into a tweet. Don’t forget to mention your brand name and your Twitter
  account every once in a while to help your SEO efforts.

Social Media Recruiting: Twitter Content Guide
 Practical Twitter Tips

 Consider including “@Replies” when referencing a colleague, a coworker or other person
 within your tweet. People typically thank you or even retweet some of your content.

 Retweeting is a one-click way to repurpose other tweets you like. It is extremely easy and it
 goes a long way to build your reputation and relationships with other users.

 HireClix is an innovative recruitment marketing agency helping organizations drive recruiting results.
 HireClix delivers customized recruitment marketing strategies by leveraging search engine optimization
 (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) recruiting, targeted interactive advertising and social media marketing.

 HireClix is focused on building employment brands and delivering recruitment return on investment
 through interactive recruitment marketing strategies and zealous service. Learn how HireClix can build
 an effective recruitment marketing strategy for your organization by calling 888.419.2549 or by email
 contact@hireclix.com. HireClix is located just north of Boston in Gloucester, Mass.

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