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									MIVA Extends U.K. Pay-Per-Click Agreement with EMAP Automotive

New agreement adds further volume to MIVA's automotive Pay-Per-Click network in the U.K.

LONDON – April 18, 2007. MIVA Media, a leading digital advertising network and a division of MIVA, Inc. (NASDAQ: MIVA), has
today announced the signing of an exclusive Pay-Per-Click agreement in the U.K. with EMAP Automotive websites Car
(www.carmagazine.co.uk) and Max Power (www.maxpower.co.uk). The two sites currently generate over eight million page
impressions a month .

The new agreement forms an extension to MIVA's existing partnership with EMAP Automotive; MIVA has been delivering
content driven Pay-Per-Click Ads across the publisher's Parker's website (www.parkers.co.uk) since June 2006 after winning
the business from Yahoo! Search Marketing following a competitive pitch.

Under the terms of the extended agreement MIVA will now be displaying both search and content driven Pay-Per-Click Ads
across the Max Power and Car websites. Two content driven Pay-Per-Click Ads will be displayed across every page of the sites
with Ads targeted according to the demographic profile of the site users. Implementations will be designed by MIVA to
compliment the style of the individual sites.

Both Max Power and Car will also be displaying MIVA's recently launched InLine Ads. With MIVA InLine, keywords within site
content are hyperlinked and when users mouse over these keywords a floating Pay-Per-Click Ad appears. InLine Ads will be
appearing on content rich pages throughout the two websites.

MIVA's InLine Ads will also be implemented across the Parker's website alongside the existing content driven Pay-Per-Click Ads
that formed the basis of the original agreement signed in 2006. Unlike Max Power and Car which will be displaying InLine
advertisers from across MIVA's existing advertising network, on the Parker's website MIVA will work in partnership with EMAP's
sales team to sell the InLine Ads directly to a hand-picked cross section of automotive manufacturers.

In addition to these Search Ads, Content Ads and InLine Ads, the new agreement will also see MIVA's Pay-Per-Click Ads
distributed within Max Power and Car's regular opt-in HTML email newsletters. Implementations will be managed via MIVA's
proprietary MIVA Mail technology. MIVA will also be developing Pay-Per-Click implementations to serve as back-fill for unsold
banner inventory on the two sites.

"Over the past year, MIVA has proven its expertise in content monetisation on the Parker's website and this has been the key
driver in extending the agreement across the Max Power and Car sites," commented Craig Stapley, Commercial Manager,
EMAP Automotive. "The collaborative and highly targeted approach to selling InLine Ads across the Parker's website also
offers real potential and should play to the sales and technical expertise of the EMAP and MIVA brands."

Adds Seb Bishop, MIVA's President and CMO: "Automotive is an important vertical for us making this an extremely exciting win.
We've worked closely with EMAP Automotive to develop a fully customized Pay-Per-Click solution that's flexible in both the style
of implementations and the way in which the Ads are being sold."

The new implementations are expected to go live later this month.

www.miva.com www.emap.com

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