Make Money With Facebook by edysujiyono


									Make Money With Facebook - 3 Top Methods

Facebook has become one of the biggest websites in the world over the
last couple of years. It is estimated it has 500 million members and is
growing at an incredible rate.

It looks like it is only a matter of time before it overtakes Google and
becomes the most popular website in the world.

It already offers a paid advertising solution that rivals the main search
engines in terms of price and advert targeting. So it is little wonder
advertisers are moving over to Facebook to make money in their droves.

So is it easy to make money with Facebook? The answer is no - it isn't
easy but it is possible with a bit of research and good plan to make a
huge profit.

There are many methods to profit from Facebook and here are three of the
basic methods below:

1. Facebook paid advertising - as mentioned before you can now pay for
advertising on Facebook. This can prove an excellent way to target
customers if you have your own product or service. Even if you are an
affiliate marketer you can make an excellent income through Facebook paid

2. Fan page - it is possible to start a fan page on Facebook and use it
to make a profit. The idea is to make your page become popular and then
sell your product or service to the people that visit your page. This
works well if you can make the page funny or entertaining as people will
pass it on to their friends if it is amusing.

3. Facebook app - these are small programs that are used through the
Facebook platform to enhance the user experience on the site. They can be
anything from a short quiz to an online game. Some of the apps on
Facebook become very popular and this is a great method as you are then
able to target the people with adverting that are using your app.

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