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									The Future
is Bright

             2010 AARP.ORG MEDIA KIT
More Reach. More Relevance. More Results.
Today, the 50+ market makes up 41% of the US population features current and reliable information geared
and controls 75% of the nation’s wealth. reaches    to the 50+ lifestyle. Our sites features a wide variety of
the 50+ audience with more content, more variety, and more   content from leading 3rd party providers such as Fodor’s,
relevance than any other organization. Now, you can too.     Harvard Health, Adam, Reuters, Washington Post,
                                                             and others.
We know which topics, services, and offers matter most
to AARP members; they are smart, savvy, heavy Internet       Each month, over 3 million unique visitors come to
surfers and active online shoppers. Our members trust, and arrive willing and eager to hear from our
us to connect them with products and services that           advertisers. This media kit will show you how AARP
will positively impact their lives—AARP is their guide,      Digital Media Sales can connect you to the 50+ market
advocate, and partner.                                       with unsurpassed relevance and impact.
                                                               THE FACTS

Today’s 50+ audience is more vibrant, active and healthy
than any preceding generation. They are powerful in
number, surprisingly tech savvy, and are redefining
our expectations on age, vitality, and life.

Today’s 50+ Market 1
        n Makes up 41% of the US population
        n Controls 75% of the nation’s wealth

The Bright, Booming Future
        n In 2007, 50% of Boomers were over 50, and in
            6 years the last boomer will turn 50 years old.2
	 n Boomers spend $3 trillion on products and
            services annually.3
	 n 89% of Boomers advise their friends on
            purchasing decisions, and 93% of boomers
            identify their friends as trusted sources.4

AARP Members
        n 24 million households
        n 40 million members

 Source: US Census Bureau: The Conference Board
    Source: AARP
    Source: 2006 Focalyst Fall View
    Source: 2007 KRC Research

                                                       OUR AUDIENCE

We reach an active, affluent, and vibrant audience.
Our members are avid travelers, are educated about
their health, and use the Internet to research both
small and large purchases. Only AARP Digital Media
Sales allows companies like yours to build their
brands with the 50+ market across multiple verticals
in the online space.

AARP Visitors Are Active + Diverse1
       n 44% Male
	      n 56% Female
	      n 69.8% Married
	      n Mean HHI: $75,707
	      n 59.7% Employed Full Time or Part Time
	      n 77.6% Own a residence

Online Savvy 2
       n 90% have been online for 3+ years,
           and 53% have been online for 10+ years
	 n 91% go online every day
	 n 96% shop online

They Know Their Way Around
The AARP Online Network 2
  n Over 3 million unique visitors
	 n Over 45 million page views a month
	 n Average minutes spent on site
           per visitor: 27 minutes

 Source: 2010 Nielsen At Plan
    Source: 2008 comScore Networks

                                                              AARP ONLINE
The Health channel offers trusted, comprehensive health
information that is custom tailored to meet the unique
needs of our 50+ audience. We offer quality health content
across a range of topics from diet and fitness to chronic
health conditions.

Features include
    n Health A-Z Encyclopedia
	   n   Fitness and Nutrition Content
	   n   Symptom Checker
	   n   In-Depth Condition Guides
	   n   Drug Database and Interaction Checker
	   n   Doctor and Hospital Ratings

The modern 50+ individual has unique financial concerns
such as preparing for retirement, supporting adult children
and aging parents, and postponing retirement or starting a
new business. provides informative and relevant
content to help navigate these financial needs.

Features include
  n Careers and Work              n Consumer Information
	 n Personal Finance              n Scam Alert
	 n Retirement Planning	          n Save a Buck

                                                           AARP ONLINE
The Travel channel provides engaging travel content and
articles geared towards helping 50+ visitors plan a
memorable travel experience. Visitors can find special
travel deals and discounts, book travel arrangements,
read reviews, and connect with other travelers all in
one place.

Features include
    n   Travel Destination Guides
	   n   AARP Travel Features
	   n   Travel Deals and Discounts
	   n   Peter Greenberg Travel Column
	   n   AARP Passport

The features extremely popular casual games
that are a fun and engaging way to interact with friends
and family.

Features include
    n Over 30 free online games
        tailored for the 50+ audience
	 n Single and multi-player games
	 n Competitive and viral features

Online Advertising Opportunities
+ Placements

Display Advertising
Would you benefit from a strong presence with a
powerful and influential audience? Take advantage
of popular, relevant and high-traffic topic areas
throughout We offer four different display
sizes to help you reach our site visitors.

Roadblocks + Takeovers
Want to knock out the competition?
AARP offers you the opportunity to seize 100%
share of advertising voice on a specific page or
channel by taking over all advertising units,
creating exceptional high-impact placements.

Options include
   n Time or impression limited run
      with high-impact positioning
	 n Fixed ad placements or takeover
	 n Roving roadblock on specific topic areas
      across the network based on impressions

Do you like to be the center of attention?
Raise the power of your advertising campaign
to the next level and build maximum
awareness among visitors with a custom
AARP Online Sponsorship Package.

AARP Digital Media Sales
P 202.434.3660 • F 877.203.0368 •                 7
                                                                LANDING PAGES
                                                                  + MICROSITES
Custom Editorial Opportunities

Landing Pages
Have a lot to say? A landing page provides an
integrated showcase for your message and are
an ideal way to communicate with our visitors by
engaging them in deeper, more enriching content.

Features include
     n One page of content live on the site
     n Design, production and copywriting
         included if desired
	 n Display ROS impressions included
         to drive traffic

Have even more to say? An in-depth microsite is an
ideal way to showcase your message, tools, quizzes,
or any other interactive tool. Based on your marketing
needs, we will develop and promote an engaging
and interactive microsite to help our visitors learn
as much about your offering as possible.

Features include
  n Up to 4 layers of content live on the site
	 n Initial design, production and copywriting
         included if desired
	 n Display ROS impressions included
         to drive traffic
Contact your sales representative to see how we can make this
microsite an engaging and unique addition to your media plan.

AARP Digital Media Sales
P 202.434.3660 • F 877.203.0368 •                           8

AARP eNewsletters
An extraordinarily effective, efficient means of reaching your
target audience, The AARP opt-in eNewsletter placements
are sold on an impression basis, ensuring that each ad you
buy is viewed by an actively engaged reader. Flexible package
options allow you to purchase a banner for the entire drop
of an eNewsletter or a portion of a drop. Ask your sales rep
how AARP eNewsletters can fulfill your advertising needs.

eNewsletters offer two different ad units, both 300x250.

                           Drops per         Guaranteed
       eNewsletter                          Impressions
                            Month             per Drop
        Webletter               4             725,000
          Travel                2              40,000
          Leisure               1              40,000
          Health                1              33,000
          Money                 1              27,000
          Family                1              9,000

AARP Digital Media Sales
P 202.434.3660 • F 877.203.0368 •                          9
                                                             CREATIVE SPECS

Creative Specifications
   n AARP accepts GIF, JPEG, Flash and third-party
      served tags and certain rich media.
	 n Email newsletter advertising can only accept
      GIF or JPEG images.
	 n Creative with a white background must have
      a minimum 1 pixel border.
	 n Video and Rich Media must be user initiated.
	 n Hyperlinks must open in a new window.
	 n AARP utilizes DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP).
	 n Due to content quality, all creative assets
      must be approved by AARP.

          Click here for full creative
             asset specifications.

   Ad Unit         Pixel     File   Rich Media Animation
                Dimensions   Size      Size      Time

  Medium         300x250     35K      35K      3 Frames &
                                               30 seconds,
 Rectangle                                       3 loops

 Half Page       300x600     35K      35K     30 Frames &
  NEW with                                    30 seconds,
 site launch!                                    3loops
Leaderboard      728x90      35K      35K      3 Frames &
                                               30 seconds,
                                                 3 loops

   Wide          160x600     35K      35K      3 Frames &
                                               30 seconds,
 Skyscraper                                      3 loops

 eNewsletter     300x250     35K       N/A     3 Frames &
                                               30 seconds,
   (image)                                       3 loops

AARP Digital Media Sales
P 202.434.3660 • F 877.203.0368 •                        10

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