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Getting to paradise is now more pleasing and exhilarating than ever. Boracay Island
itself is one destination that has captivated the world. Its famous powder- soft white sand
beaches and crystal clear cool blue waters are a constant attraction whose allure only
grows stronger, as shown by rising number of local and foreign tourists who get there
year after year.


      Boracay Island lies approximately 350 kilometers south of Manila. It is located a
       short distance off the northwestern tip of Panay Island, in the West Visayas
       region, off the Sibuyan Sea. As such, boracay is naturally sheltered from the
       fierce easterly typhoons.
      Rolling terrain, with hilly elevations of up to 100 meters above sea level,
       characterizes Yapak and Manoc-Manoc. The intertwining trails, while connecting
       the villages together, may sometimes also lead to lush tropical jungles, a rich and
       crucial attribute of Boracay’s ecology.
      Boracay has more than a dozen beaches and many coves. The most famous beach
       is the 4-kilometer long White Beach, on the western side of the island and
       considered one of the best beaches in the world with Boracay’s framed powder-
       soft white sand and cool, crystal-clear blue waters.
      The climate of Boracay is alternately dominated by the Northeast monsoon
       (Amihan) and the Southwest monsoon (Habagat). Amihan which starts
       November/ December and lasts until February/March, brings cooler, clearer
       weather, light breezes, and calm seas off White Beach, and the height of the
       tourist season. From March until June, it’s summer time, with sunny and
       progressively hotter days and nights, diminishing monsoon winds, and occasional
       offshore thunderstorms. Habagat, from July to October/November, is the wettest
       season of the year, with occasional strong winds on White Beach but much calmer
       seas on the eastern side. It is generally very humid, but the light during these
       months is very clear, often making for stunning visibility—sometimes, very
       distant islands can be seen, such as Mindoro. Sunsets are also best during these
      Numerous water activities can be enjoyed in Boracay: scuba diving, jetskiing,
       parasailing, island hopping, banana boat riding, snorkeling, sailing, windsurfing,
       kiteboarding, fishing, glass bottom boat trip, among others.
      Various resorts and vacation houses line the White Beach and other beachfront of
       the island, offering their own kind of comfort and accommodation. Prices range
       from relatively cheap to quite expensive, and it’s up to the vacationists to choose
       what suits their needs and budget.
      Nightlife is an all-night party on the island, with the different bars and discos
       along White Beach and others located somewhat inland. Restaurants offering
       various cuisines or the fresh catch of the day ensure that appetites are well sated.
      Vacationists may also indulge in other fun activities and sports on the islands such
       as: golf, working out at a gym, horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking, tennis,
wall climbing, beach volleyball, beach football, billiards, bowling, among others.
For relaxation, wellness, and holistic healing for body and soul, the Mandala Spa,
a sanctuary and oasis of calm on a hilltop overlooking White Beach, is reputed to
be the best on the island.


About 350 kilometers away from the Philippine capital city of Manila, Boracay
can be reached via a number of ways: by land, air or water. Traveling to Boracay
requires a combination of these modes. Once in Caticlan, tourists have to take the
15- to 20 minute boat ride to the island. Alternative routes are also available from
Romblon/Tablas and Mindoro via an hour and a half boat ride.

       BY AIR

From Manila, one can choose to fly either Kalibo or straight to Caticlan. There
are several flights to both destinations daily. Traveling via Kalibo takes 45
minutes to 1 hour, depending on the airline. Meanwhile, the route to Caticlan
usually takes longer because its nearer to the island and the aircrafts servicing this
route are smaller. Hence, travel time via this route is usually from 1 hour and 10
minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes.

       BY WATER

Traveling by water is more leisurely and cheaper than flying. At least two
shipping lines have trips from Manila to various points in Aklan. Travel time for
this mode, however is 18 to 19 hours.

There are trips straight to Caticlan, while others dock in different points in Aklan,
from which passengers may take the jeepneys of tricycles pyling the route to
Kalibo where land transportation to Caticlan is available daily.

       BY LAND

From the ports of Batan, Dumanguit, and New Washington, passengers, may take
the jeepneys or tricycles plying the route to Kalibo.

In Kalibo, shuttle buses, vans, jeeps and other land transportation travel to
Caticlan and back daily. The one-and-a-half –hour land trip from Kalibo to
Caticlan is usually uneventful except for that last stretch between the towns of
Nabas and Caticlan where the breathtaking view of the ocean can be seen while
navigating the winding road carved on the hillside.

Once in Caticlan, motor boats for hire and lined along the shore. Awaiting
passengers bound for the island. Rental fees may vary depending on the
bargaining prowess of the tourists. The same motorboats can be hired for the
return trip to Caticlan.

              “ The Golfing Jewel”

―Where else in the Philippines can you find a club that lets you…..
   Frolic by the beach play golf 365 days a year.
   Go island-shopping.
   Relax in utter luxury and comfort in your very own luxury villas.
   Travel to the best destinations around the world.

Fairways & Bluewater is a private enclave set in the island paradise of Boracay.
Access to this very exclusive Club can be had through its unique proprietary club
share which provides tremendous benefits and privileges to an owner.

Any Fairways & Bluewater automatically becomes part owner of the properties of
the club, namely the 18-hole par 72 championship golf course designed by
Graham Marsh and the luxury villas, including the real estate on which these
stand. Consequently, being part owner of these assets entitles the Member to
exclusive use of the golf course 365 days a year, plus 1 to 2 weeks free
accommodations every year to the luxury villas.

In addition, all Members have exclusive access to all other facilities and amenities
of the Club such as the clubhouses – the Pirate’s Den and the Lookout Point, and
Paradise Cove.

Best of all, the Fairways & Bluewater Member is privileged with the opportunity
to travel around the world with his family to visit some of the worlds best
destinations from North to South, from the Caribbean Islands to the Asia-Pacific
Region, all the way to the United States and Europe through Interval

All these and more with just one Fairways & Bluewater proprietary club share.

Golfing by the beach is a rare experience. Golfing in an island
paradise is an even rarer privilege. At Fairways & Bluewater, this
invaluable opportunity is made more accessible to an exclusive group
of people.

    Crafted by one of the world’s master golf designers, Graham
     Marsh, together with Landscan of Australia as landscape
     architects, and Living Waters of USA for the design of its water
     and rock features. Experience nature’s splendour throughout the
     entire course.


Fairways and Bluewater is the first and only resort community in the
Philippines to become a member of Interval International, a respected
resort exchange company, which has given the Club the rank of five-
star for its exclusivity and world class quality.

    The Club’s luxury villas are fine residences offering first- class
     comfort with architecture by Wimberly Allison Tong & Goo, and
     interiors by Philpotts and Associates, Inc. All units are fully air-
     conditioned and fully furnished, whether it be a one-bedroom, a
     two-bedroom or a three-bedroom unit. Every unit in these luxury
     villas perfectly captures alluring vistas of your scenic 18-hole par
     72 golf course.


Serving as the golf clubhouse is the Pirate’s Den, with facilities such as
fine dining with bar, a pro shop, terrace, separate men’s and women’s
locker rooms and washrooms. It offers a view of the ocean and part
of the front nine.

    The Pirate’s Den houses various offices and facilities to serve your
     every need. Foremost among these is the Golf Pro-shop where
     golf essentials are readily available to complete your golfing
     paraphernalia. Items include balls, tees, caps, sunvisors and even
     locally-made collared shirts and imported Ashworth tee-shirts,
     both with the F&B logo.
    In between your rounds of golf, you can indulge your appetite at
     the mini-sandwich bar. Savor the taste of sandwiches served
     straight from the grill complete with garnishings to further satisfy
     your palate.


A family clubhouse right across your Pirate’s Den. The Lookout
Point is for the family’s leisure and entertainment.

    Families can frolic and cool off in its fresh water swimming pool,
     relax and bask in the tingling warmth of Boracay sun on the pool
     deck. Dining services are also available beside the pool for filling
     up appetites while lounging by the pool or the deck.
    There’s also a bar with game room where various recreational
     activities may be enjoyed such as billiards, pool and darts, while in
     the background, soothing music relaxes. Dressing rooms and
     locker rooms provide privacy and convenience as Members see o
     their most basic needs. For utter relaxation, there’s a lower
     veranda for lazing the afternoon away, and also an upper veranda
     which may be used for the same purpose, only this one provides a
     view of the Pirate’s Den, a part of the golf course’s front nine, the
     east beach, and the jetty port. And facing east as they are, these
     verandas are perfect vantage points to wait for the sunrise and
     welcome each new day in languishing comfort.
    A conference room with 50-seating capacity completely equipped.


As the resort is self –contained, it also offers access to a much wider
range of recreational amenities which other resorts in Boracay
cannot, and perhaps will never be able to, duplicate in just one resort.
Among these features are the golf course, three private coves, and
other sports facilities housed in first-class clubhouses. With all these,
it would not be necessary, or even desirable, to spend time at the long
beach because numerous activities have already been provided at the
Paradise Cove area alone.

    A very secure and very private beach exclusive to Club members
     and their guests, both local and foreign.
    A Beach Clubhouse with fresh water swimming pool.
    An aviary with observation deck.
    A wine cellar inside an authentic cave whose products will be
     served at a bar at the mouth of the cave.
                  Several nipa huts or ―bahay-papag,‖ open on all sides, strategically
                   scattered over the beach, perfect for relaxing after a day out in the


             Serves as the Club’s welcome center in Caticlan, designed to provide
             Club Members and guests a comfortable and luxurious resting station
             in-between transportation transfers.

                  It is manned by efficient staffs who greet Members and guests with
                   welcome drinks immediately upon arrival.
                  Its cool interiors are equipped with facilities for every guest’s
                   comfort, such as several lounges, a dining area, separate men’s and
                   ladies’ rest rooms, a bar, a reception area, even a garden at the
                  Here, Members and guests can rest comfortably while waiting for
                   the boat transfers to the island.
                  The club has its own ferry boat for the exclusive use of Members
                  and guests -- the ―Prince,‖ a 20-seater yacht that will bring
                   Members and guests straight to the Club’s docking area in relative
                   privacy and comfort.


  As one of the favorite destinations both here and abroad, Boracay island is
  constantly in need of more comfortable places to stay for families and other
  vacationists. BALAIHARA is located amidst the only golf course in the entire
  Boracay island. Guests will enjoy the spaciousness and exclusivity of Fairways &
  Bluewater Resort Golf & Country Club complex with its own private beach, the
  Paradise Cove, away from the intrusive crowd usually milling around the long
  beach area, and the very commercial atmosphere that has somehow erased the
  pristine splendour of the Boracay beaches.

            Cocoon yourself in any of our three private coves
            Enjoy your game as well as Boracay’s panorama.
            Let your money grow while on holiday.
            Do business where it is always a pleasure.

     The Balaihara Newcoast Villatel will have nine (9) separate buildings. Each
      building shall house only 30 rooms with an area of either 54.9 square meters or 70
      square meters each.
     Buyers will have complete ownership of their units, being granted a Certificate of
      Condominium Title (CCT). Each unit will be immediately leased back to the
      developer for a period of 15 years and will be managed and operated as a hotel.
       But unit owners have the exclusive privilege to use their unit/s for a total of 30
       days per year for the 15-year period. Projected Return-on-Investment can be
       expected in as fast as 4-5 years depending on tourist traffic, and recurring
       revenues from hotel operations can be enjoyed until the 15 year contract expires.
       This contract is also renewable for another 15 years.
      The rooms come with typical Zen-inspired elements. Immerse yourself in the
       luxury of this Asian Tropicale refuge.

THE MULLIGAN GOLF HOTEL “ The Many Faces of Paradise”

In the tradition of luxury and comfort Fairways & Bluewater is known comes the
Mulligan Golf Hotel. We give you yet another way to enjoy paradise. Savor an
exhilarating holiday experience one only reads about. Imagine round the clock
pampering in a luxurious suite…..with a view of one of the most breathtaking holes
of the only golf course in the island paradise of Boracay. Indulge the entire family
with numerous holiday moments and hundreds of happy moments to last for a long,
long time. Play the unique Fairways & Bluewater golfing experience and marvel at
the captivating and fantastic ocean views against the glorious skyline. Indulge in
your favorite water sport or simply ravel in good, clean fun, Boracay style!

      Lined just beside the Pirate’s Den, the Golf Hotel suites have an unobstructed and
       refreshing view of Hole 9 with its breathtaking waterfalls and panoramic
      Each Golf Hotel suite is fully-furnished and fully- air conditioned, each having its
       own pantry and every single one exuding every bit of the elegance, style, and
       comfort of a five-star hotel suite. Each suite will have the ambience of a tropical
       paradise with splashes of vivid and cheerful colors centered mostly on the elegant
       floral bedspreads.
      With such interiors and a breathtaking view of enhanced naturescape, coupled
       with the invigorating Boracay ambience, the Mulligan Golf Hotel is a true
       paradise amidst the island paradise of Boracay.

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