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					                                                                                                                                For Office Use Only               Approval Date:
                      Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training
                      Workforce Investment Act Eligible Training Program

 School Name:         Sanford-Brown Institute
 Address:                                                                                                      Address if program is held at a another site:
            85 Garfield Avenue
            Cranston, Rhode Island 02920

Program Name:         Medical Biling and Coding

Program Contact Person:                                                                Phone:        (401) 824-5300                                Fax:             (401) 824-5379
Cheryl Moniz                                                                           Email:

Course Outline/Topics to be Covered                            Required academic grade levels to enter program
The Medical Billing and Coding Program is                      Reading Grade Level                 10th grade level
designed to prepare students for entry-level
employment as medical coders and billers                       Math Grade Level                                          9th grade level
in a variety of healthcare settings such as
                                                               English Proficiency                                      10th grade level
medical offices, hospitals and clinics.
Students learn billing practices and
systems, coding and reimbursement                              Required to enter training program                                            MAY be required for employment
systems, data abstracting, health record                        Physical          Yes      No                                                 Physical        Yes        No
maintenance, and healthcare computer                            Vaccinations      Yes      No                                                 Vaccinations    Yes        No
applications. Courses include medical
                                                                Drug test         Yes      No                                                 Drug test       Yes        No
terminology, anatomy & physiology, medical
                                                                BCI               Yes      No                                                 BCI             Yes        No
law & ethics, health information technology,
CPT & ICD Coding, healthcare                                    License           Yes      No                                                 Certification   Yes        No
reimbursements and delivery systems,                            Tools             Yes      No                                                 License         Yes        No
health data organization and administration.                    Experience        Yes      No                                                 Tools           Yes        No
Students are required to successfully                           Other :                                                                       Experience      Yes        No
complete a supervised clinical externship at                                                                                                  Other :
a medical facility.

                                                               Participants will be qualified to seek employment in the following occupations:
                                                                             1) Medical Biller & Coder        2) Med.Recrds/Health InfoTech
                                                                             3) Med.Biller/Cost rate clerk    4)

                                                               Is this program Pell grant eligible?                                          Yes                          No

                                                               Expenses MAY be paid upon successful
         TUITION INCLUDES:                                     completion, if pre-determined necessary by                                    Participant is responsible for :
Tuition                                $13,488.00             Please indicate Yes, No or enter the amount                                    Prerequisites
Fees                                       $25.00                                      YES           NO                AMOUNT                Memberships
Books                                    inclusive             Books**               Yes               No                                    Cost above tuition cap                    $8,013.00
Licensing                                                      Licensing**           Yes               No
Certificate fees                                               Tools                 Yes               No
Other, provide explanation                  *Scrubs            Uniforms              Yes               No
*Two sets of scrubs provided,                                  Travel                Yes               No
Scrubs included in tuition cost.                               Miscellaneous         Yes               No
                                                               ** if not covered by tuition
                      Total            $13,513.00                                 Total                                       $0.00                                            Total   $8,013.00

                                                        GED or High School Diploma required for acceptance                                    ITA Cost of Program (Max. $5500)
Additional Information                                  into the program.
What type of certificate will be awarded and by whom?                                                Cerificate by Sanford-Brown Institution

                     DLT is an equal opportunity employer/program. Auxiliary aids & services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities. TDD (401) 462-8006