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					                                     The Official Newsletter of
                                     the Aitken Spence Group
                                     Issue 06

                  Aitken Spence
                  Hotels wins
                  136 medals
                  at the Culinary
                                    A match made
                  Arts 2010
                                    in Travel
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Edible Route
From kitchen
trainee to
Director F&B
Read Gemunu
inspiring story
of leadership
and success
A Match Made in
An approachable, easy-
                                                                         Travel Heaven
going man, Gehan Perera has
worked with Aitken Spence
Travels his entire career and
has played a significant role in
the company’s growth and its
relationship with TUI.
When he joined the company just after
school, the 18 year old had no intention
of staying in the travel business; this was
to be a short stint of two years, before he
started on his tertiary education. Three
decades later, listening to Gehan speak of
Aitken Spence Travels, the partnership with
TUI and his career in the travel industry,
one cannot help but think that had he fol-
lowed his intended path, he would certainly
have missed his calling!
                                                   separately and yet, together. For, whilst TUI     AST’s marketing initiatives and procedures
                                                   was reaching beyond its German borders,           have been shared with other companies in
                                                   into other German-speaking markets and            the TUI family and in 2008, the company
                                                   later spreading its arms to become an             was adjudged the Best Handling Agent
                                                   international entity, the operators it was        by TUI Germany in the small destination
                                                   acquiring were already agencies under             category. The biggest testament, however,
                                                   the AST umbrella. By the mid-90’s, 55% of         is the confidence TUI has in AST’s manage-
                                                   AST’s business came through TUI, one way          ment. Despite a shareholder’s agreement
                                                   or another.                                       that entitles TUI to management involve-
                                                                                                     ment, the group chooses not to be directly
                                                   Long before TUI became the largest                involved. AST, in turn takes this confidence
                                                   operator in the world, Gehan had foreseen         seriously and since the merger, the budgets
                                                   growth in consolidation and knew that TUI         set by TUI have been met and exceeded,
                                                   would be a giant in the future. Wanting           year after year.
Gehan recalls that “It was the late Mr. R.         to leverage AST’s position as the “best
Sivaratnam, (later to become Group Chair-          agency” in the TUI group, negotiations            The benefits of the union with TUI have
man), who was instrumental in getting the          were started to form a joint venture. The         not stopped at Travels however, as Aitken
TUI agency,” and when he joined the com-           early negotiations of the mid-90’s fell           Spence Shipping has since acquired the
pany, not only was the agency in its early         through and in the meantime, TUI became           agency for Hapag Lloyd, the fifth larg-
days, TUI itself was still a young German          an international company; still, Gehan did        est shipping agency in the world and a
company formed by a merger between four            not let go of his vision for a more enduring      member of the TUI group.
German tour operators and known more               partnership.
formally as Touristik Union International. By                                                        With peace returning to the country, Gehan
1980, TUI was the market leader in Germa-          In 2003, the environment in Sri Lanka being       is optimistic, saying that “business can be
ny, thereafter growing in leaps and bounds         favourable, discussions restarted and a           grown exponentially as you cannot have a
to become the world’s largest integrated           joint venture agreement was reached on            better partner than TUI to grow our busi-
travel company. Now headquartered in the           1st April, 2004. The contract was for a sale      ness in all fronts in Tourism.” He recognises
UK, TUI Travel Plc caters to over 30 million       of 50% of AST to TUI, a merger that was to        however, that it is the professionalism and
travellers a year and employs over 50,000          be effected over a five year period.              excellent teamwork of the staff that has
people worldwide.                                                                                    made Aitken Spence Travels the number
                                                   Obvious pride shows in Gehan’s expres-            one inbound operator in Sri Lanka for
Aitken Spence Travels became the agency            sion as he points out that the relationship       the last five years and it has an excellent
for TUI whilst still in its infancy, having only   with TUI was built on mutual trust and            foundation that will ensure the company’s
been in existence less than two years, at          respect. TUI’s consideration that AST is a        future growth.
the time. Within four years however, AST           well-managed company was made patently
had grown to become the third largest              obvious by the fact that the full sale went       Gehan M. Perera is the
operator in Sri Lanka.                             through in three years, instead of the            Managing Director, Aitken Spence
                                                   allotted five year period, and this, whilst Sri   Travels and Director, Aitken Spence PLC
The partnership with TUI, proved to be a           Lanka was in the throes of a bloody civil
prudent venture as each company grew               war.

                                                   Since the 2004 union, busi-
                                                   ness has grown from 30,000
                                                   to 60,000 inbound travellers
                                                   per year. The majority of the
                                                   company’s business comes
                                                   from outside its TUI associations
                                                   and the company is consistently
                                                   quoted as an example within
                                                   TUI, as being one of the best,
                                                   both in management style and

       Board Appointments

Mr. R N Asirwatham                               Dr. M P Dissanayake                              Mr. Vipula Gunatilleka
was appointed Board of Aitken Spence             was appointed to the Board of Aitken             was appointed to the board of Aitken
PLC and Aitken Spence Hotel Holdings             Spence PLC on 1st September 2009.                Spence Group Ltd on 1st January 2010
PLC on 1st September 2009.                       Dr. Dissanayake is the Chairman/CEO of           as the Chief Corporate Officer. Mr. Vipula
Mr. Asirwatham was the Senior Partner            Aitken Spence Shipping Ltd and Chair-            Gunatilleke is a Fellow Member of the Insti-
and Country Head of KPMG Ford Rhodes             man, Ace Cargo (Pvt) Ltd. He is a former         tute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka,
Thornton & Company from 2001 to 2008.            Chairman of Sri Lanka Ports Authority, Jaya      the Chartered Institute of Management
Further he has been the Chairman of PERC         Container Terminals and Sri Lanka Port           Accountants of UK and the Certified Public
and the Bank of Ceylon. Presently, Mr.           Management Consultancy Services. He              Accountants of Australia. He obtained a
Asirwatham is the Chairman of the Faculty        served on the UNCTAD panel as an Expert          Masters Degree in Business Administra-
of Taxation of the Institute of Chartered        on Ports and Shipping and is a co-Chair-         tion from University of Colombo and is a
Accountants of Sri Lanka, Chairman of the        man of the Transport Cluster of the National     GE-trained Six Sigma. His professional ex-
Financial Services Stability Committee of        Council of Economic Development and a            perience in Sri Lanka and overseas spans
the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, Chairman of       member of the Faculty Industrial Consulta-       over two decades, holding senior positions
the Steering Committee for the Sustainable       tive body of the University of Moratuwa. He      in Dialog Telekom, Sri Lankan Airlines,
Tourism Project funded by the World Bank         is also a Past Chairman of the Institute of      General Electric (Australia) and Hayleys.
for the Ministry of Tourism. He is also a        the Chartered Shipbrokers and Past Chair-
member of the Presidential Commission            man of the Chartered Institute of Logistics
on Taxation and a member of the Ceylon           and Transport (Sri Lanka).
Chamber of Commerce Advisory Council.

                 A Capacity To Endure
                                                 factors being focused on in a corporate          The diverse activities of the group pose a
                                                 sustainability strategy. In a drive to           challenge in itself, for the nature of each
                                                 ensure the long term viability, profitability    company’s business dictates the aspect of
                                                 and integrity of business, the Corporate         sustainability it should adopt. Whilst certain
                                                 Sustainability Team in conjunction with the      companies within the group such as Aitken
                                                 SBUs have taken it upon themselves to            Spence Hotels are able to champion sustain-
                                                 build on the strengths of each individual        able strategies which have an environmental
                                                 company, guiding the group on the path of        impact, other companies may decide to
                                                 corporate sustainability. The team is led by     champion health and safety, governance,
                                                 Mr. Ravi De Silva, whose vast experience         innovation, quality and human resources.
                                                 and knowledge on the topic of sustainability,    A deep-rooted belief that “As a leading
                                                 is consulted on sustainability strategising      corporate in Sri Lanka, with a global
                                                 and implementation.                              reach, it is our responsibility to maintain
                                                 Dr. Fernando says that sustainability            sustainable practices,” is one that must
                                                 in business makes the company more               be both instilled and cultivated. Each
                                                 competitive, and, therefore, improves the        subsidiary has its own “sustainability
Sustainability, the carbon footprint and         bottom line. Globally customers, investors,      representative,” who works in tandem
carbon neutrality have become the “buzz          financing institutions, governments              with the Business Development unit to
words” of business today, but few truly          and interest groups are increasingly             help inform and assist their colleagues
understand the need or the multi-faceted         demanding greater levels of transparency         in formulating an enduring and practical
significance of sustainability in today’s        in business conduct. Likewise, businesses        strategy for continuance, one that is
business climate. Dr. Rohan Fernando             which embrace corporate sustainability           customised to each entity’s separate needs.
says that the Corporate Sustainability           stand to gain with more loyal customers,         The road to sustainability will be neither
Team champions the need for sustainability       enhanced business opportunities and              short, nor easy, but if travelled properly it
in the current global context, adding that
                                                 mutually beneficial partnerships with            will most certainly be a rewarding one for
“Sustainability is not about doing good; it is
                                                 key stakeholders. Hence, as a leading            Aitken Spence.
about doing good business.”
                                                 conglomerate with a dynamic global outlook
Whilst most understand the environmental         it is natural that Aitken Spence builds on its   Dr. Rohan Fernando is the Head of
aspect of a sustainable business, many           heritage to aggressively pursue a group-         Business Development & Plantations
are unaware of the economic and social           wide sustainability strategy.                    and Director, Aitken Spence PLC

                The Edible Route
In January 1975, Gemunu                          for service, this he does by speaking to         today is that my chefs in all the hotels are
                                                 each individual, getting to know them and        much better than me.” He is proud to see
Goonewardena was a kitchen                       encouraging their aspirations. It is only then   the immense talent of the people who
trainee, starting his career at the                                                               work in the different properties and to have
Neptune Hotel, shortly after the                                                                  watched them grow and develop from
property’s opening. He continued                                                                  trainees to managers, now training others
working at the Neptune, whilst                                                                    in turn, passing on and sharing knowledge,
                                                                                                  he says, “It’s like a tonic to see what they
attending hotel school and in 1983                                                                have achieved.”
he joined the newly opened Palm
Village for a brief period before                                                                 Moreover, Mr. Goonewardena stresses
being posted back to the Neptune                                                                  that his journey has not been made alone,
                                                                                                  nor without help and that he will always be
Hotel, this time as Executive Chef.
                                                                                                  grateful to the company, superiors (past
                                                                                                  and present) and to his colleagues for their
Aitken Spence sponsored a course
                                                                                                  support, encouragement and values. Citing
conducted by the Culinary Institute of                                                            colleagues Amal Nanayakkara (now Gen-
America in 1985. In 1987 he migrated to                                                           eral Manager Training) and Ravi De Silva
Australia where he worked and studied                                                             (whose sustainability principles guide the
before returning to Aitken Spence in 1991                                                         group’s activities) as particular examples,
as a consultant. Now a Director, Gemunu                                                           Mr. Goonewardena adds that his work
Goonewardena fervently believes in coach-                                                         has been facilitated by all departments,
ing and empowering staff and “Developing                                                          from training and engineering to finance,
people through work.”                            that the steps that have been put in place       purchasing and marketing; he says he is
                                                 to guarantee that clientele are assured of       truly appreciative of everyone he has had
On his return from Australia, Gemunu had         the same high quality standards at any           the pleasure of working with as each and
been given the task of streamlining Food &       Aitken Spence hotel. All suppliers have          everyone has contributed in some way, to
Beverage operations at all the hotels. He        been given specifications for each product       make his career and his ideas for improve-
did this by setting up standard operating        purchased and food is stored separately          ment, a success.
procedures and putting in place minimum          so as to preserve their unique individual
quality standards for food and beverage          flavours. In addition to internal checks
operations; his expertise was called on          and procedures for ensuring high quality
to give direction on proper infrastructure       food, Aitken Spence also has ISO 22000
facilities for new hotels and for creating a     certification in several hotels and is working
working environment that was conducive,          towards making this a norm for all hotels in
by allocating proper resources and giving        the group.
leadership. Today Gemunu Goonewardena
is heavily involved in ensuring that F&B staff   Gemunu Goonewardena’s love of his job
are well-trained.                                and his loyalty to Aitken Spence is evident
                                                 when he speaks of his role in staff training,
When asked how he went about the daunt-          saying that each individual must be trained,
ing task of streamlining F & B operations        moulded and allowed to grow. He says
in all the properties, Gemunu cites three        “You have to believe in people,” and when
main tasks. The first and foremost he says       asked what he felt his greatest achievement
was to train the staff by inspiring a passion    was he simply says, “My biggest pride

Sure We Can
TNT is one of the top three express compa-       TNT’s CSR project was proving to be
nies worldwide and has been represented          truly sustainable not only for the lives and
by Aitken Spence in Sri Lanka, for over 26       livelihoods affected by circumstances but
years. Recently, TNT and Ace Xpress have         also for the company’s future business.
conjunctively opened an office in Vavuniya,      For, it was not long before the WFP had
which will help serve their growing number       established that the integrity and efficiency
of clientele in this region. However, when       of TNT and Aitken Spence Cargo would
Jerome Brohier starts talking about TNT,         make them an ideal commercial partner and
one soon realises that there is so much          made a request for the handling of transport
more to TNT’s activities than just courier       and distribution. In an emergency situation,
services.                                        TNT assists WFP through a range of activi-
On a worldwide scale, TNT has been               ties varying from vehicles to manpower.
involved in social responsibility activities     During the fiercest fighting in the North, TNT   Jerome says that the fact that they work not
for many years, and although, every TNT          vehicles carrying food and other necessities     just with the UN WFP, but also with many
country office is required to donate a small     were allowed into the war zone bearing           other NGOs is a testament to the work
sum to the CSR fund, it was the 2004             WFP flags on the side of the trucks and with     ethics of the company in an industry where
Tsunami that first brought Sri Lanka to the      personnel wearing both TNT and WFP arm           “incentives” are a norm, Aitken Spence
attention of TNT’s corporate “help” radar.
                                                 bands.                                           Cargo combines hard work with creativity
During the first eight months following the
                                                 Aitken Spence Cargo now provides supply          in order to ensure that all services are sup-
Tsunami, TNT volunteered to assist the UN
                                                                                                  plied in compliance with the international
World Food Programme, not only did the           chain solutions to three key NGO’s operat-
                                                                                                  and local laws and ethics.
company volunteer logistical services, but       ing in the North and East and particularly in
funds were donated as well. Over 24 million      the Manik Farm IDP camp. Solutions range
rupees worth of assistance was given with        from providing warehouse personnel who           Jerome Brohier is the Country Manager
financial aid being completely donated by        help manage the WFP warehouse, to sup-           TNT Express and Director Ace
TNT offices worldwide.                           plying transport and logistical vehicles.        International Express

             Cooking His Way to the Gold
                                                the food is of a consistently high standard.      dena for the high food standards at Aitken
                                                Dimuthu is the only chef in the world to          Spence hotels and says, “I have to always
                                                have won five gold medals at the World            salute, double salute, Mr. Goonewardena,
                                                Culinary Olympics and four gold medals in         because we are always together, all the
                                                the Culinary World Cup, beating competi-          chefs and the GMs working together, shar-
                                                tion from countries such as France and            ing knowledge; he is very approachable,
                                                Italy, renowned for their culinary excellence.    even a trainee can speak to him at any
                                                Dimuthu’s accomplishments, both as a chef         time.”
                                                and in culinary art, have won him worldwide
                                                recognition and he is often called upon to        When asked his advice to young people
                                                train others, locally and internationally.        wanting to be chefs Dimuthu says they
                                                Dimuthu loves his job and enjoys cooking;         must be prepared to work long hours and
                                                experimenting with and formulating his            to work hard; he goes on to explain that
                                                own recipes, creating magic on the palate         he trained for two to three years in order
                                                and ensuring that guests of Aitken Spence         to enter the Culinary World Olympics,
                                                Hotels come back time and time again for          even going so far as to formulate his own
                                                the exquisite dishes he prepares. Dimuthu         recipe for the sugar structure. Dimuthu
                                                also loves to share his knowledge and he          encourages would-be chefs to continuously
Hailing from Mathugama, Kalutara, Chef          says he does this by being heavily involved       upgrade their knowledge and to strive
Dimuthu Kumarasinghe says that he always        in training kitchen staff, not just in the ev-    for excellence, this he claims, is almost
wanted to be a chef. He was first intro-        eryday task of preparing meals for guests,        automatic when one has a passion for the
duced to Aitken Spence Hotels, when his         but also training and moulding those who          work. “I love my job, so I don’t get tired
elder brother, already a chef, approached       would like to test their skills at culinary       when I work. Even my wife gives me a lot of
Mr. Gemunu Goonewardena and explained           contests. In fact, Mr. Gemunu Goonewar-           support.”
that his younger sibling was looking for a      dena had this to say about Dimuthu, “We’re
job.                                            very proud of him, actually; he is one of the
                                                best human beings I have come across; he          Chef Dimuthu Kumarasinghe is the
Having started his career as a trainee,         always develops the other guy.”                   Group Skills Development Chef,
Dimuthu has worked hard, putting in twelve                                                        Aitken Spence Hotels and Heritance
to fifteen hour days trying to ensure that      Dimuthu in turn credits Gemunu Goonewar-          Hotels & Resorts.

                    A Woman of Substance
                                                A bright orange sign on Mrs. Guneratne’s          for the 21st Century” at the Lloyd’s Agency
                                                desk reads, “I get by with a little help from     Group Meeting in Chennai and in July 2000
                                                my friends.” Purchased 25 years ago, with         she was appointed the Area Representative
                                                her first salary, the sign speaks volumes         for the Indian Sub-Continent at the inaugu-
                                                about this corporate prodigy who is a             ral Global Conference of Lloyds Agents in
                                                self-proclaimed people-person. Whilst she         London.
                                                admits to letting go of a few of the idealistic
                                                notions she had as a 25 year old newbie,          Always aiming for the skies, Nimmi
                                                she proclaims that she has met some               Guneratne was not happy to simply hold
                                                “wonderful people” on the way and she is          the Lloyd’s agency for surveying claims
                                                still an advocate of the belief that people       and pioneered the move to advocate the
                                                work best when they are trusted.                  agency network to embark on pre-shipment
                                                                                                  inspections with lobbying and support from
                                                When Nimmi Guneratne speaks, one                  the Corporation of Lloyd’s. She was also
                                                listens, for no other reason than the “joie       instrumental in initialising the move which
                                                de vivre” she exudes. As she re-counts            lead to the Lloyds Network, broad basing
                                                her career she often side-tracks, filling the     the availability of the Cargo Surveying Profi-
                                                conversation with interesting and witty           ciency Certification process. It was through
                                                anecdotes, of both a personal and corpo-          this network that Aitken Spence was able to
                                                rate nature and not one iota of negativity.       formalise its status as the Lloyds Sub-Agent
                                                Life’s little ups and downs have simply           in the Republic of Maldives.
                                                been learning experiences. In her words,
A corporate force, a dynamic personality,       “At the end of the day, we all have to work       When asked about her experiences at Ait-
a wife and mother, a woman; this is Nimmi       as a team and in a corporate setup I have         ken Spence and what she would take with
Guneratne, Chief Legal Officer- Aitken          learned to respect the others’ views and          her, she says that she is “Very very grateful
Spence PLC and Managing Director of             more importantly be able to know and              to Aitken Spence for all that it has done for
Aitken Spence Insurance.                        acknowledge the strong points of each             me and when I leave, what will make me
                                                other.”                                           proud are all the people I have moulded
As a newly married law graduate, Mrs.                                                             and seeing how well they do.”
Guneratne joined Aitken Spence on a             Currently heading up the insurance division
suggestion made by the late Mr. Ratna           and holding the responsibility of Chief Le-       And her parting words of advice to women
Sivaratnam. First assigned to the hotels        gal Officer, Mrs.Guneratne’s assiduousness        in the corporate world? Simply this, “If
section, the dynamic young woman was            led her to sit for examinations in Insurance,     you want to be treated as equal, think of
quickly moved into insurance where she          adding to her wealth of knowledge and             yourself as equal, and just go out there and
truly began her career, as a Marine Insur-      experience. By the time she was made              get the job done, but most of all, never stop
ance Executive in 1984. Just ten years later,   Director, she was already a Fellow of the         being a woman.”
the hardworking and multi-faceted Nimmi         Chartered Insurance Institute of London, in
Guneratne rose to Director, a post that had     addition to being a Bachelor of Law and an        Mrs. Nimmi Guneratne is the Chief Legal
not been held by a woman in the over 120        Attorney-at-Law. Then, in December 1998,          Officer, Aitken Spence PLC & Managing
year history of the company!                    she presented a paper entitled “A Vision          Director, Aitken Spence Insurance.

                      NEWS AND HAPPENINGS IN BRIEF

          Around t he Group
Al Falaj Hotel Staff Party                    Congratulations Elpitiya Plan-
21st February 2009                            tations Rugby Team
Al Falaj Hotel celebrated the annual staff    28th March 2009
party. The chief guest was Mr. Maqbool        The Dickoya Maskeliya Cricket Club
Hameed Al Saleh, Chairman of Oman             (DMCC) held its Inter-Plantation Rugby 7’s
Hotels & Tourism Company (OHTC).              tournament. The Elpitiya Plantation PLC’s
Maj Gen (Retd) Hassan Ihsan Nassib - Vice     (EPL) Rugby Team were Runners Up.
Chairman and members of the board
along with the Chief Executive Officer
of Oman Hotels and Tourism Company
- Mr.D.Prithiviraj, Head of Operations
Mr. Althaf Mohamed Ali and Mr.Gajendran
Nadesan - the Resident Manager of Al                                                         Bar Tenders Challenge Trophy
Falaj Hotel were also present. There was                                                     at Browns Beach
a presentation of awards to employees in                                                     December 2008
recognition of their long service.                                                           The Bartender’s Challenge trophy which
                                                                                             was organised by the Negombo Hotels
                                                                                             Club and Periceyl Pvt Ltd. was held at
                                                                                             the Browns Beach Hotel. The event was
                                                                                             attended by many hoteliers.
                                              Tea Factory PEP award
                                              The Tea Factory (Hethersett Hotels Ltd)
                                              was awarded Merit award for the promotion      ADAARAN Resorts inaugu-
                                              of eco efficient productivity (PEP) projects   rates ADAARAN ‘Prestige’
                                              by the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce.
                                                                                             Vadoo 4th January 2009
                                                                                             ADAARAN Resorts have unveiled their
                                              Hilltop award                                  latest property ADAARAN ‘Prestige’ Vadoo.
                                              15th December 2008                             The resort was inaugurated by the Honour-
                                              Hotel Hilltop Kandy, won 2nd place under       able Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture
                                              category of Medium Scale Service Sector at     Dr. Ahmed Ali Sawad at a function held on
                                              the 5S Productivity Awards Ceremony 2008       28th March 2009 at the resort.
                                              held at Swiss Residence, Kandy.                Vadoo features 50 brand new villas includ-
                                                                                             ing 6 Japanese concept rooms on the
                                                                                             ocean and facilities that sets the standard
                                                                                             for a new level in luxury. ADAARAN Resorts
                                                                                             own seven properties in the Maldives.

Ruwi Hotel Staff Party
28th of February 2009                         Food disposal at
Ruwi Hotel celebrated the annual Staff        Tower Lunch room
Party. The event preceded with the an-        The waste generated in the lunch room,
nouncement of Employees of the Year 2008      kitchen and restaurant are separated into
consisting of one Omani national and one      paper & cardboard, food remains/organic        Clean and Green Record
expatriate. The employees of the year were    waste, lunch sheets & regifoam and plastics    Propels Heritance Hotels &
awarded a week long fully paid holiday with   at the point of disposal. Four separate bins   Resorts Internationally
cross exposure in leading Aitken Spence       are utilised and then sent for recycling,
                                              composting or collection. This is a minimum
                                                                                             27th October 2008
hotels in Sri Lanka.                                                                         Heritance Ahungalla and Heritance Kanda-
                                              standard of environmental initiatives taken
                                                                                             lama bagged the top two awards under the
                                              throughout the Group.
                                                                                             services category at the National Cleaner
                                                                                             Production Awards 2008, organised by
                                              Browns Beach -                                 the National Cleaner Production Centre
                                              Beach rugby & motor racing                     (NCPC) recently.
                                              tournament December 2008                       Heritance Ahungalla was also awarded for
                                              Browns Beach held a rugby tournament           Excellence in Water Efficiency and Excel-
                                              and a 4x4 racing car competition in its        lence in Energy Efficiency. Ramada Resort
                                              beaches for the first time. Teams from         Kalutara, which is also managed by Aitken
                                              well reputed companies participated in         Spence Hotels and Heritance Kandalama,
                                              the rugby tournament and the winner was        received certificates of Merit for Energy
                                              Lanka Bell.                                    Efficiency.

Aitken Spence & TNT Sponsor                      Investment Guru Mark Mobius                      The Tea Factory to become a
Royal Rugby Fiesta 2008                          Spends Weekend at Heritance                      Heritance Tea Factory
Royal Rugby Fiesta, the Beach Touch              Ahungalla 23rd November 2009                     3rd December 2009
Rugby Tournament organised by the Group          Dr. Mark Mobius, Managing Director and           Sri Lanka’s popular hill country hotel,
of 1991 of Royal College, was sponsored          Mr. Dennis Lim, Senior Executive Vice            The Tea Factory, is being re-branded as
jointly by Aitken Spence Cargo, the total        President - Templeton Asset Management           Heritance Tea Factory. This is the outcome
transport & logistics solutions company &        Ltd. were welcomed at the Heritance              of the successful development of an
TNT Express.                                     Ahungalla. Widely regarded as one of the         abandoned tea factory building into an eco
                                                 world’s leading fund managers, Dr. Mobius        - friendly, world class hotel.
Aitken Spence Launches                           and his team from Templeton Investments
its Fifth Hotel in India with                    spent last the last two days of their stay in
the Opening of “Tamara” in                       Sri Lanka at Heritance Ahungalla.
Aitken Spence Hotels and Resorts                 Adaaran Prestige Resorts,
announces the latest addition to its portfolio   Maldives, celebrate World
of hotels in India with the opening of           Travel Awards
“Tamara” in Coimbatore.                          21st November 2009
                                                 Adaaran Prestige Resorts celebrated
MMBL Money Master Helps                          winning the international travel industry’s
Former LTTE Child Soldiers                       Oscar as the “Indian Ocean’s Leading
22nd September 2009                              Water Villa Group” at a special ceremony         Heritance Kandalama
MMBL Money Master recently donated               held at the Adaaran Prestige Vadoo resort.       Partners AFLAC to Uplift
shoes and socks for 113 children at the          Adaaran Prestige Water Villas was awarded
                                                                                                  School Library in Dambulla
Security Lodging and Rehabilitation Centre       as “Maldives Leading Water Villas” for the
in Ambepussa. The centre helps rehabilitate      second consecutive year.                         21st July 2009
former LTTE child soldiers who had                                                                Sri Lanka’s most awarded resort Heritance
surrendered during the war.                      Ramada Hotel & Convention                        Kandalama will partner Sri Lankan charity-
                                                                                                  Association for Lighting a Candle (AFLAC)
                                                 Centre, New Delhi – The Latest                   to provide schools books to the value of
                                                 Addition to Aitken Spence                        Rs. 50,000 and library equipment to the
                                                 Hotels March 2010                                value of Rs. 100,000. The equipment will
                                                 Aitken Spence Hotels’ latest foray into the      come in the form of tables/chairs/book
                                                 Indian market, takes the company to New          racks and cupboards and will also include
                                                 Delhi, where a brand new property is due to      colour washing of the library rooms to
                                                 open in April.                                   Wewalawewa Maha Vidyalaya in Dambulla.

                                                                                                  Aitken Spence Cargo Sector
Sri Lanka Bags Global Best                                                                        Religious Day
                                                                                                  Aitken Spence Cargo Sector Religious
Service Award for Small
                                                                                                  Day was held this year at Vauxhall Street.
Destinations from TUI                                                                             In keeping with the current situation &
November 2009                                                                                     environment, this was held in a simple but
Sri Lanka’s Aitken Spence Travels and                                                             meaningful manner, for extending blessings
the TUI Service Team in the country were                                                          to all the staff.
recognised by TUI for overall service
performance to its guests during Winter,                                                          Delivering in the hour of need
by winning the third place globally among        Elpitiya Plantations’ Factories                  AIX 07th July 2009
small destinations. In 2006-07, TUI’s local      Receive Coveted ISO 22000                        TNT & WFP together over came many
partners Aitken Spence Travels were              12th January 2010                                challenges to ensure the needed are
awarded the “best upcoming destination”          Dunsinane Estate Tea Factory and New             reached and no one’s left starving at ‘Manik
title by TUI.                                    Peacock Estate Tea Factory of Elpitiya           Farm’ at Chettikulam, the largest facility for
                                                 Plantations Plc have been awarded with the       internally displaced people in Sri Lanka.
Desert Nights Camp among                         prestigious ISO 22000 Quality Certificate by
the Top Ten Desert Retreats                      SGS, Switzerland. These estate factories         Managing commodity trucks, water
Aitken Spence-managed Desert Nights              are owned and managed by Aitken Spence           bowsers and ambulances, the dynamic set
Camp in Oman was recently named one              Plantation Managements Ltd.                      of individuals of the TNT fleet management
of the top ten desert retreats of the world                                                       team tirelessly work in these trying
by The National in an independent study          The Dunsinane Tea Factory, situated in           conditions day and night.
conducted by the UAE-based regional              Pundalu Oya in the up country, produces
publication. Desert Nights Camp is Oman’s        quality CTC teas while New Peacock Tea           BCCA
first and only luxury desert retreat.            Factory, situated in Pussellawa produces         Aitken Spence PLC was named the 2nd
                                                 black, CTC teas with coloury liquors.            runner up in the Best Corporate Citizens
                                                 Both factories have produced almost 2mn          Award 2009.
Bartleet TransCapital Joins                      kilograms of quality CTC teas per annum
MMBL Money Master to Offer                       since 1989.
the Western Union Money
Transfer Service
27th October 2009
Bartleet TransCapital has entered into an
agreement with MMBL Money Master to
offer the Western Union® Money Transfer
service through their branches across the

                                                 Aitken Spence Q3 profits up                      Hilltop Awards
                                                 3rd February 2010                                15th December 2009
                                                 Aitken Spence PLC’s third quarter financial      Hotel Hilltop won first place under the
                                                 results showed a10 per cent rise in pre-tax      category of medium scale service sector at
                                                 profits to Rs. 914 mn and a 14.3 per cent        the 5S productivity awards ceremony and
                                                 rise in profit attributable to shareholders to   also won the Landscaping Award by the
                                                 Rs. 541 mn over the same quarter last year.      Kandy Municipality - 2009.

Mercantile Touch Rugby                           Indian food festival - Aitken
Carnival Organised by HNB -                      Spence Hotels in Sri Lanka
                                                                                                         25 Years
Aitken Spence PLC Winners of
the Plate division
Aitken Spence Rugby rose to glory by
                                                 Aitken Spence Hotel Managements invited
                                                 three of its top chefs from Aitken Spence
                                                 Hotels India to display their culinary skills
                                                                                                        of service
                                                 at an Indian Food Festival held at Heritance
clinching the Plate title at the recently
                                                 Ahungalla, Heritance Kandalama and
concluded Mercantile Touch rugby carnival
organised by HNB.                                Browns Beach Hotel. The visiting chefs                  Dr. Prashantha Perera
                                                 were in awe of the three hotels they visited             Aitken Spence Travels
                                                 and vowed to return on holiday. The three
                                                 food festivals were an immense success            Mr. Wickrama Dharmawardane
                                                 and featured a potpourri of Indian cuisine.           Aitken Spence Shipping
                                                                                                      Mr. K K Gamage Vasantha
                                                                                                       Aitken Spence Insurance
                                                                                                             Mr. P B Nihal
                                                                                                        Aitken Spence Apparels
                                                                                                        Mr. Asoka Jayasekara
                                                                                                       Shipping & Cargo Logistics
                                                                                                     Ms. Dineli Kisangi Wijeyasiri
                                                                                                         Aitken Spence Cargo
TNT - Quiz Competition
Winners                                                                                                           2010
TNT Express team comprising Jerome                                                                       Ms. Nimmi Guneratne
Brohier, Sutharshan Selvarajah, Heshan                                                                 Aitken Spence Insurance &
Karunaratne, Kasi Adikaramge & Anushka
                                                 Aitken Spence Rated Platinum
                                                 for Corporate Accountability                              Chief Legal Officer
Perera were First Runners-up at the Sri
Lankan Garment Buying Office Association         Aitken Spence PLC has been classified as        Ms. Preenith Rukshini Hettiarachchi
(SLGBOA) Inter-company Quiz Competition          among the four Platinum-level companies          Aitken Spence Corporate Finance
2009.                                            in the STING Corporate Accountability
                                                 Index published in the February 2010 issue              Mr. L R P Jayasinghe
The TNT Express team in 2008 also
                                                 of Sri Lanka’s leading business magazine            Aitken Spence Hotel Holdings
emerged First Runners Up. The team
comprised of Jerome Brohier, Sutharshan          LMD in its cover story.                           Mr. M A De Silva Gunawardene
Selvarajah, Heshan Karunaratne, Kasi                                                                    Aitken Spence Travels
Adikaramge & Dilmini Palipane. This event
is held annually among garment industry

                                                 The 10 UNGC Principles
                                                 Launched in July 2000, the United Nations Global Compact is
                                                 a strategic policy initiative for businesses that are committed to
                                                 aligning their operations and strategies with ten universally accepted
                                                 principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-
Vauxhall Property Develop-                       corruption.
ments Ltd - CMC Honoured                         Aitken Spence joined the Global Compact on the 18th of May 2002 and now serves as
Citizen of the Year 2010                         an active member of the business steering committee in the UN Global Compact Sri
The Colombo Municipal Council has
                                                 Lanka Network.
decided to confer an Honoured Citizen Card
to 100 distinguished ratepayers of the CMC,
in recognition of the valuable contribution      Human Rights:                                    Environment:
they have made towards city development          • Principle 1: businesses should                 • Principle 7: businesses should
by paying the highest Municipal rates and
                                                   support and respect the protection               support a precautionary approach to
taxes on time, during the past five years.
                                                   of internationally proclaimed human              environmental challenges.
                                                   rights within their sphere of influence.       • Principle 8: Business should under-
Aitken Spence Hotels reaf-
                                                 • Principle 2: businesses should                   take initiatives to promote greater
firmed as the Best Sri Lankan                      ensure that their own operations are             environmental responsibility.
Resort Culinary Team by                            not complicit in human rights abuses.          • Principle 9: businesses should
winning 136 medals at the                                                                           encourage the development and
Culinary Arts 2010 Awards                                                                           diffusion of environmentally friendly
Culinary Art 2010, an event organised by         Labour Standards:                                  technologies.
the Chef’s Guild of Sri Lanka awards top         • Principle 3: businesses should
restaurateurs and five-star hotel chefs at
                                                   uphold the freedom of association
the Sri Lanka’s biggest annual food and
hotel show held at the BMICH from Febru-
                                                   and the effective recognition of the           Anti-Corruption:
ary 5th – 8th. Aitken Spence, Sri Lanka’s          right to collective bargaining.                • Principle 10: businesses should
leading resort operator once again main-         • Principle 4: businesses should                   work against all forms of corruption,
tained its reputation for offering some of the     uphold the elimination of all forms of           including extortion and bribery.
best cuisine in the country.                       forced and compulsory labour.
                                                 • Principle 5: businesses should
                                                   uphold the effective abolition of child
                                                 • Principle 6: businesses should
                                                   eliminate discrimination in respect of
                                                   employment and occupation.


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