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     the Voice of Wabash since 1908                                                           February 21, 2002 Volume 112                Issue 6

Wabash Names Building Court of Appeals Provides Wabash Students
After Lover Of Liberal Arts First-Hand Look Of Judicial Process & Law
                                       College’s history.                          Brandon Hayes
Trippet ’30 helped                        Doemel, Fanning and several                  REPORTER                  “This is the real thing and Wabash
create Wabash’s                        others, convened in committee          Court was in session this past    students know that and gain a great
love of liberal arts.                  to decide on a name they would      Wednesday, February 19, when
                                       recommend to President Ford,
                                       who would then consult with
                                                                           the Indiana Court of Appeals
                                                                           heard oral arguments on the
                                                                                                                            deal from it.”
          Ryan Smith                   the Lilly Endowment and sever-      case of Tri-Etch versus Michael                       Judge Margret Robb
                                       al Trustees of the College. “We     Young in the Goodrich Room of
   The Center of Inquiry contin-       talked about various people,”       the Lilly Library.                  and the Honorable Margret           case of the appellate, Tri-Etch,
ues to take shape. President           said Fanning. The short list           The case involved a man who      Robb. Once the trial was begun      represented by Mr. Wirick.
Andrew Ford announced that             included several recent Wabash      had died after being beaten in a    the Goodrich Room was imme-         Once Mr. Wirick was finished
the new Center of Inquiry,             Presidents and even the name of     Muncie Liquor Store robbery,        diately transformed into an actu-   presenting his case, Mr. Fisher
along with other offices, will be      first graduate of the College.      and his family was then denied      al courtroom, with true-to-life     gave his closing arguments, and
housed in Trippet Hall, named             “One of the things that I was    any type of compensation by         courtroom regulations and laws      the judges closed the case for
after Wabash’s ninth president,        interested in … as part of the      Tri-Etch, a protection agency.      that were to be taken seriously.    discussion.
Byron K. Trippet ’30.                  committee … is that it was          Jim Fisher argued the estate of        According to Judge Robb,            Afterward, the courtroom
   Trippet, a native of Prince-                                            Michael Young, while Andrew         “This is the real thing, and        evolved back into a learning
ton, Indiana, came to Wabash in                                            Wirick litigated on behalf of       Wabash students know that and       environment in which students
the fall of 1926 and graduated           “Byron Trippet                    Tri-Etch.                           gain a great deal from it.”         were allowed to ask questions of
with honors in 1930. After
studying in Geneva, Switzer-             had a real focus                     The case was presided over
                                                                           by the Honorable James Kirsch,
                                                                                                                  The arguments began with
                                                                                                               Mr. Fisher arguing on behalf of
                                                                                                                                                   the judges as well as the lawyers
land for a year, he earned a
Rhodes Scholarship to study at
                                           on Wabash                       the Honorable Patricia Riley,       the appellant, followed by the      See Appeals, Page 3
   In 1935, Trippet returned to
                                         College and the
Wabash as an Assistant Profes-            liberal arts.”
sor of History in 1935 and
served as Dean beginning in                   Bill Doemel
1939. After serving in World
War II, he returned to his post        important to have a name from
through 1955. In December of           our history that reflected the
that year, the Board of Trustees       importance of the liberal arts at
unanimously named him the              Wabash College,” Fanning said.
ninth President of Wabash Col-            As bricks begin to appear on
lege.                                  the facade of the facility, and
   Upon his retirement from            public programming continues
Wabash, the faculty resolution         to be scheduled—including a
held that Trippet “brought to          series of lectures and work-
birth a love of the liberal arts” in   shops, organized around “The
many men, a love which will            Aims and Purposes of the Liber-
“prove to be a living memorial”        al Arts”—many at the College
to his efforts.                        feel that Trippet would have
   “I think that this naming is        been most proud of the work of
both appropriate and signifi-          the facility.
cant,” Wabash’s coordinator of            In his memoir, Wabash On
special     projects,      William     My Mind, Trippet wrote exten-
Doemel, said. “Byron Trippet           sively on the cultivation of the
had a real focus on Wabash Col-        liberal arts, the study of which,
lege and the liberal arts.”            he believes, “includes an under-
   Trevor Fanning, administra-         standing and an appreciation of
tive assistant to the president for    the past, and the means for
the Center, concurs.                   enjoying and improving the                                                                                                       SHAY ATKINSON

   “Byron K Trippet has a huge         quality of human life.” He is       BRADY CLAXTON looks down court over a Denison player, while Denison coach Matt Dean watches his
history with the College, and he       certain that a school and course-   season come to a screeching halt Tuesday night in Chadwick Court.
is a natural fit,” he said.            load that “strives primarily to
   Fanning believes that it was                                            INSIDE
                                       produce good human beings and         • Lucinda Huffaker to replace Raymond Williams as Director of Wabash Center, page 3
important to name the facility         good citizens [is] the most prac-
after a prominent person in the                                              • Jon Stowell wins 128th Baldwin Oratorical Contest, page 4
                                       See Trippet, Page 3                   • DePauw brochure raise titalating controversy, page 5
PAGE 2 • THE BACHELOR   NEWS                         FEBRUARY 21, 2002

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FEBRUARY 21, 2002                                                                     NEWS                                                           THE BACHELOR • PAGE 3

Huffaker Named Director Of Student Initiative Expert Lauds                                                                                               THIS WEEK
                                    Environment, Participation
Wabash Center On Religion WabashGallagher
                               Sean            they study and practice.”
                                                                                        NEWS EDITOR                 He went on to describe that in        THURSDAY, 21
          Jacob Pactor
          EDITOR IN CHIEF                 “[Lucinda] has                                                         much more detail. “The skills
                                                                                  The President of the Associa- students will use later in life,      • An open house for Lucinda
    For 37 years, Raymond                     played a                        tion for the Study of Higher they find in arranged learning
                                                                              Education, Dr. George D. Kuh, environments.”
                                                                                                                                                      Huffaker, new Director of the
                                                                                                                                                      Wabash Center, occurs in
Williams has taught at Wabash
College, and since 1995, he has           significant role                    saluted Wabash for its learning       One cannot assume that a stu-     Hovey Cottage (3:45 - 5
                                                                              environment when he spoke dent will find his, or her, way;
served as Director of the Wabash
Center for Teaching and Learning          in establishing                     during last Thursday’s chapel.     they need direction.                 • Wabash Theater presents
                                                                                  Kuh gave a lecture titled,        The more the professors           The Complete Works of
in Theology and Religion. On
July 1, he will retire.
                                            the Center.”                      “College Students Today: Why involve themselves with the stu-           William Shakespeare
    On Tuesday, President Andrew            President Ford                    We       Can’t     Leave                     dents, the more the        (abridged) in Ball Theater
Ford announced that current Asso-                                             Serendipity            to                    students learn. The        starting at 8 pm.
ciate Director Lucinda Huffaker        monwealth University, her MAR          Chance.” He is cur-                          way professors can do
will become the director. Huffaker     from Iliff School of Theology, and     rently a professor at                        that is set up learning             ——————
has served as associate director for   her PhD in Religious and Psycho-       Indiana       University                     groups for students in
the past five years.                   logical Studies from Iliff School of   Bloomington and has                          and out of class.                  FRIDAY, 22
    “In that capacity, she has         Theology / University of Denver.       authored       numerous                          Then the professors
                                                                              books and articles                           can make the curricu-      • Annette Lee will present “If
played a significant role in estab-       According to its website, the
lishing the Center as a major,         Center “seeks to strengthen and        about the subject of                         lum as interesting and     I Die Before You, Look for
international influence for teach-     enhance education in North Amer-       higher education.                            involving as possible.     Me in the Stars” in the Fine
ing and learning in theology and       ican theological schools, colleges          “Why is it impor-                       “The experience is         Arts Center, A-103 (12 pm).
religion,” Ford said.                  and universities” by creating envi-    tant to have the under-          Kuh         good,” Kuh said.           • Tarik Wareh will discuss
    Huffaker receiver her BS in        ronments conducive to good learn-      graduate experience?”                           In closing, Kuh con-    “The Spirit of Plato’s Philoso-
Psychology from Virginia Com-          ing and teaching.                      said Kuh to the audience. gratulated Wabash for how                     phy” in CEN 216 (12 pm).
                                                                              “Because it prepares you for involved the college is with its           • Jemma Levy will perform
                                                                              life. It takes you from ignorance students and how hard the pro-        “To Be or Not To Be” in the
Candidate Displays Student                                                    and shows you knowledge.”          fessors work to bring knowl-
                                                                                  Through his many studies of edge to those willing to accept
                                                                                                                                                      Fine Art Center’s Experimen-
                                                                                                                                                      tal Theater (3:00 - 3:45 pm).
                                                                              the undergraduate experience, it.
Teaching Difficulties                                                         Kuh has come upon many find-          “I salute you Wabash for your
                                                                              ings. “Students learn from what learning environment,” he said.
                                                                                                                                                      • Wabash Theater presents
                                                                                                                                                      The Complete Works of
                                                                                                                                                      William Shakespeare
                                       included an inability to reach
         Steve Andrews                 their students in only ten weeks’                                                                              (abridged) in Ball Theater

   Yet another of the myriad
                                       time, combined with the
                                       strangeness of applying one’s
                                                                              Appeals                            openly with the judges and
                                                                                                                 lawyers present. It provided a
                                                                                                                 personal atmosphere conducive
                                                                                                                                                      starting at 8 pm.

Lilly candidate presentations          own teaching philosophy in                                                to understanding the legal sys-               ——————
                                                                              From 1
occurred last Thursday, with           someone else’s classroom.                                                 tem and other topics that stu-
Michelle Pittard’s lunchtime               Students also felt unprepared      present. All of the questions      dents wished to better compre-
                                                                                                                                                           SATURDAY, 23
talk entitled, “Teaching is not at     for the realities of teaching          were received well and provid-     hend in regards to everything
all what it is advertised to be!”      everyday. Several were annoyed         ed a great deal of insight into    from becoming a judge to court-      • Rugby takes on IUPUI at
   Pittard is a Ph.D. candidate        that their college friends could       the workings of the court sys-     room policy.                         Mud Hollow (1 pm).
in Teacher Education at Purdue         still be wild and drunk while          tem in Indiana. When asked            Overall the case was very
University, who studied some of        they now had real responsibili-        about the depth and level of       intriguing according to those        • Yearbook photos for inde-
the students she was supervis-         ties to deal with.                     understanding that Wabash stu-     students present and truly did       pendents occur in Sparks
ing with the following question            Several of Pittard’s students      dents have, Judge Kirsch said,     provide an insight into the          Center (11 am - 7 pm).
in mind: “What happens during          clashed with their mentor teach-       “It’s a very special thing com-    workings of the law. This event             ——————
student teaching to teacher stu-       ers. “I think I smile enough, but      ing here. The students are well-   marked yet another hands-on
dents’ knowledge and beliefs?”         I’m not like her,” said one of the     versed and insightful.”            learning experience for Wabash             MONDAY, 25
   The study began when Pit-           students, an assertive, objective         Once      questions     were    men that would not be attained
tard noticed the frustrations her      young woman teaching in the            wrapped up, the discussion         easily at any other college or       • Christopher White, a can-
students were encountering             class of someone who was a bit         moved to the Caleb Mills house     university. According to Fisher,     didate for a tenure position
when they left the university to       more bubbly.                           where the Pre-Law Society,         “It’s great to be able to come       in American Religion, lec-
perform their ten weeks of                 Another student, Stephen,          who had sponsored the event,       here to Wabash College and           tures in CEN 216 (12 pm).
apprenticeship in a nearby high        said that his student-teaching         set up a reception for all those   educate students on what it is               ——————
school.                                experience was “like being on a        involved with the case. Here       that we do in the world of the
   This encouraged her to take a       dark country road. You can only        students could speak more          law.”                                      TUESDAY, 26
detailed look at the student-          see a little of what’s ahead, and
teaching process and attempt to        the road signs aren’t always                                                                                   • Prof. Rick Warner lectures
                                                                                                                    The structure, situated on the
figure out just what was going
                                           “I think a lot of these frustra-   Trippet                            north end of campus on Wabash
                                                                                                                 Avenue, will house the Center of
                                                                                                                                                      about “Columbus, ‘Indians’
                                                                                                                                                      and the Historical Imagina-
   Since an examination such as        tions could be alleviated by con-                                                                              tion” in Lovell Lecture Room
this necessarily excluded statis-      structive collaboration between        From 1                             Inquiry, as well as the admis-       (12 pm).
tics, Pittard presented her data       students and schools,” Pittard                                            sions and financial aid offices.
                                                                              tical of all educations.”          In addition, Trippet Hall will
in narrative format. “Your con-        concluded, especially when it             Construction on the multi-                                                    ——————
versations with people are in          comes to putting students with                                            contain a teleconferencing cen-
                                                                              million dollar building com-       ter, dining facilities, and resi-
story form,” she said. “We make        the right mentor. She also sug-        menced in July 2001, and the                                            To list a special event in “This Week at
sense of things through the sto-       gested that the student teaching                                          dential rooms for guests of the      Wabash,” please e-mail The Bachelor
                                                                              structure is scheduled to be       Center. The building will be for-          at
ries we hear and experience.”          experience should be longer to         operational in May 2002, in time
   Particular         frustrations     allow true connections to be                                              mally dedicated October 4-5,
                                                                              for graduation.                    2002.
encountered by student teachers        made.
PAGE 4 • THE BACHELOR                                                                    NEWS                                                                         FEBRUARY 21, 2002

E-Books Speaker Sheds                                                          Stowell ’03 Wins 128th
Light On Reading Anew
       Andy Cartwright
                                       two expressive fields: the 2-D,
                                       black-and-white and the 3-D field
                                                                               Baldwin Oratorical Contest
                                       of human behavior,” Lanham
    While most of the campus was       said. “It introduces the world of       Junior uses Africa                      day. “Tragic events can change
                                                                                                                       and unify lives and communities
                                                                                                                                                             third, focusing on commercial
                                                                                                                                                             exploitation, how brands of
at Chadwick Court cheering the
Little Giants on to a huge victory
                                       orality into the text, which desta-
                                       bilizes the written world.”
                                                                               experience to opine                     all over the world,” he said.         NYPD and NYFD shirts sprout-
                                                                                                                           Stowell and some of the other     ed up for eager consumers to
over the Denison Big Red, a small          With this duality present, the e-   about Sept. 11.                         featured speakers of the night        celebrate their heroes with cash.
group of students and faculty          book draws the reader in and                                                    were often critical of the com-       He also noted how celebrities
gathered in the Lovell Lecture         brings the book into the real                      Paul Taraska                 mercialism that spawned from          found a way to step into the
Room of Goodrich Hall. The             world. One section of the book                                                  the tragedy. They felt that the       spotlight by visiting military
attraction of the evening was a        even presented a “blooper” of the          Last Monday, the Speech              NYPD and NYFD were used as            spots in the safety area of
lecture by Richard Lanham, enti-       writer, which Lanham noted is a         Department held its 128th Bald-         a commercial gimmick by cor-          Europe.
tled “E-books: Text on a Visual        part of the writing process that        win Oratorical Contest, an annu-        porations, diminishing our sense         Daniel Zeno and Matthew
Screen.”                               never makes it into a regular           al event that gives students an         of their heroism.                     Symons also competed. Zeno
                                                                               opportunity to present original             Justin Killian took second        said that September 11th should
 “The focus lately has been on putting com-                                    material in a professional fash-        place with a speech on American
                                                                                                                       economic policy, saying that the
                                                                                                                                                             be seen as a wake-up call to pro-
                                                                                                                                                             mote more civil equality.
                                                                               ion. The subject this year was
 puters in the classroom, when it should be                                    the events of September 11th.           tragedy of September 11th was a       Symons noted the erosion of our
  on putting the classroom in computers.”                                         Jon Stowell won first place          prime example of its failures.
                                                                                                                       “The date was 9/11 and we
                                                                                                                                                             civil liberties, saying that giving
                                                                                                                                                             up too much would be letting the
                                                                               with a speech on the ramifica-
                        Dr. Richard Lanham                                     tions the incident had on the           should dial those numbers on          terrorists win.
                                                                               United States from a very               our metaphor phone in order for          Every speaker agreed that
    The lecture, presented jointly     book.                                   unique perspective.                     this country to achieve a higher      good and bad things stemmed
by the Lecture Committee and Phi          The presentation progressed to          Everyone else in the competi-        level,” he said.                      from September 11th and that
Beta Kappa, featured a relatively      show an e-book version of Shake-        tion spoke about what they were             Brandon Chuang placed             America will never be the same.
new and developing form of liter-      speare’s Macbeth. On this ver-          doing on the Wabash campus
ary medium: the electronic book        sion, one click of a text box
or e-book. Lanham, who earned a        brought an actor to the screen to
                                                                               when they heard the news from
                                                                               New York. Stowell, on the other
                                                                                                                         “The date was 9/11 and we should
PhD from Yale and taught at such       perform the text as one reads it.
schools as UCLA and Dartmouth,         There was even a feature called
                                                                               hand, was across the Atlantic
                                                                               Ocean in West Africa studying
                                                                                                                        dial those numbers on our metaphor
began the lecture by explaining
his interest in the subject.
                                       “Macbeth Karaoke,” in which the
                                       reader becomes part of a scene.
                                                                               overseas.                                   phone in order for this country
                                                                                  He spoke about the communi-
    “I became interested in e-
books because they are the latest
                                          After Macbeth, Lanham
                                       showed two examples of e-books
                                                                               ties gathering together wherever               to achieve a higher level.”
                                                                               they could to pray for the vic-
chapter in the history of rhetoric,”   that he himself had written. One        tims the terrorists took on that                                  Justin Killian
Lanham said.                           was a videocassette e-book from
    He added that one should not       1979, and the other was a com-
be afraid of a speedy demise of        puter e-book from 1993. The lat-
the book, as “there have never
been so many good books out
there.” The greatest change with
                                       ter contained such features as the
                                       ability to type in the margins, dog-
                                       ear and paper clip pages, and
                                                                               Catholic Role Explored In Selma
                                       draw lines and highlight in the                   Mike LoPrete                      At the height of the Civil        made headway, building class-
the advent of the e-book was what                                                                                      Rights movement, it is true that      rooms, a library, and buying an
                                       text.                                             MANAGING EDITOR
he called a “fundamental change                                                                                        the Church was relatively quiet       old hospital for blacks—the two
in expression.” E-books are               After showing a few more
                                       examples, Lanham concluded and             The height of the civil rights       in the South, where most people       main facilities in town being
designed to be viewed on Palm                                                  movement may have been con-             turn their attention. However,        “white only.”
Pilots and PDAs, as well as lap-       opened the floor for questions.
                                       When asked how e-books would            sidered one of the hottest places       Hite points out that there had           Of course, another interesting
tops or PCs.                                                                   in Hell, but some think we need         been long interest on behalf of       note is about the position itself.
    “I believe e-books will be the     translate into the classroom, Lan-
                                       ham replied that e-books are            to make a stop in Purgatory as          the Church to improve the rights      Whereas most candidates apply
biggest change in expressional                                                 well.                                   of African-Americans.                 for existing positions needing to
logic since scribes near the year      designed more for an online class-
                                       room setting.                              This is certainly true for Gre-          One such example Hite points      be filled, the position in Ameri-
1000 started to leave space                                                    gory Hite, the first of four candi-     to in his lecture is the Catholic     can Religion is completely new.
between words, and used punctu-           “The focus lately has been on
                                       putting computers in the class-         dates applying for a new tenure         Interracial Council, founded in          Plans for this position have
ation and capital letters,” Lanham                                             tract position in American Reli-        1937 in New York. Quickly,            been considered for some time,
said.                                  room, when it should be on put-
                                       ting the classroom in computers,”       gion. His lecture, “The Hottest         similar CIC’s popped up in            but the announcement for appli-
    Lanham then showed the audi-                                               Places in Hell: The Catholic            many cities throughout the US,        cation for an American Religion
ence exactly what e-books had to       Lanham stated.
                                          Though there have been exam-         Church, the Civil Rights Move-          and they served as one form of        professor was held until Decem-
offer. The first text was Marvin                                               ment and Selma, Alabama,”               support for civil rights leaders,     ber. The press release expressed
Minsky’s The Society of Mind.          ples of e-books for a few decades,
                                       the fully interactive examples that     explored the often-unappreciat-         including Martin Luther King,         a desire by the religion depart-
One click on the icon and a fully                                              ed roles Catholic clergy played         Jr.                                   ment to “increase the diversity
interactive book was on the            Lanham showed are still a thing
                                       of the future. They have yet to be      toward enhancing civil rights in            The bulk of his lecture, as the   of its offerings” beyond its cur-
screen, complete with its own                                                  the United States.                      title suggests, was devoted to the    rent strengths in “systematic the-
soundtrack. The e-book had             mass produced or distributed.
                                       “Everyone thinks it is a great idea,       “Many people have ignored            presence of the Catholic Church       ology, Asian religions, and bibli-
everything that a book has to offer                                            the places of Catholics in Amer-        in Selma, Alabama. Even during        cal studies.”
with numerous added extras,            but no one wants to pay for it,”
                                       Lanham said. Still, he does plan        ican Religion,” he said. He             its early presence in Selma, lead-       Three more candidates will
including an interactive tour of                                               doesn’t attribute any malicious         ers of the Church were interested     be considered: Laura Ammon,
the book led by a visual represen-     to write his next book as an e-
                                       book                                    reason for this fact; rather, it is a   in the issue of civil rights.         Christopher White and Jonathan
tation of the author himself.                                                  case where “no one is looking”          Though resisted in the Protes-        Baer. They will present today,
    “(The e-book) incorporates                                                 to see the role.                        tant-dominated town, it soon          the 25th and 27th, respectively.
FEBRUARY 21, 2002                                                                NEWS                                                             THE BACHELOR • PAGE 5

Starbuck Honors Goodrich Family, Wabash
        Matthew Ward                to the newly-                                                                            Board        from    nomics professor” here at
          COPY EDITOR               formed Soviet
                                    Union in 1921.
                                                      “I knew nothing about the Goodrich                                     1924-1940. Dur-
                                                                                                                             ing his tenure on
                                                                                                                                                  Wabash. From 1956-94, he
                                                                                                                                                  was a Dean, but wanted to write
   Who would’ve thought that        There      were
                                    great rumors
                                                     family. I guess that was the intrigue.”                                 the board, James
                                                                                                                             Goodrich gave
                                                                                                                                                  and lecture more. In an agree-
                                                                                                                                                  ment with Pierre Goodrich,
“Goodrich” was something
more than the old science           about a wide-                          Dane Starbuck                                     300,000 dollars      who heavily subsidized his
building those weird chemistry      spread famine                                                                            to    the college,   salary, then-President Frank
people love and everyone else       due to the continuing civil war,    “boom” in Central Eastern            $150,000 to be used for the          Sparks was able to give Mr.
fears? It turns out that the fam-   and, to see if these rumors held    Indiana and quickly won              construction of the building         Rogge an ideal job that permit-
ily it was named for possesses      merit, the US government (who       tremendous wealth. In 1899,          that bears his name.                 ted him to receive wide spread
quite an illustrious history.       had no diplomatic ties with the     the Goodrich family started the         After his death in 1940, the      acknowledgement from the
Last Tuesday, Dane Starbuck         USSR until FDR’s administra-        East Indiana Telephone Com-          Board offered the vacant posi-       academic community.
discussed the lives of Benjamin     tion) sent James Goodrich           pany.                                tion to James’ son, Pierre              Dane Starbuck is an Indiana
Rogge, James Goodrich and           almost as a spy. The informa-          They started in the grain         Goodrich, who occupied the           native who received law
Pierre Goodrich.                    tion validating these rumors        industry in 1896, consolidated       position until 1965. “Pierre         degrees from Oxford and
   The lecture stemmed from         was essential to the $20 million    several local banks in 1901,         liked to mettle,” Starbuck said,     Georgetown       and   English
Starbuck’s recently-completed       relief package that was sent to     and in 1908-1914, they bought        referring to Pierre’s desire of      degrees from Huntington, IU,
book that started more than ten     save the peasants from starva-      into the heat, power, and light      controlling the classroom cur-       and the University of Mel-
years ago. “I had no idea what      tion.                               industry. “They really started a     riculum, which, in addition to       bourne in Australia. He has
I’d unearth,” Starbuck said,           That’s when Mr. Starbuck         financial dynasty,” said Star-       the fact that, while he had com-     been an aide to former Senator
referring to when he first start-   realized that “I knew nothing       buck.                                parable wealth to Eli Lilly, he      Dan Coates and an assistant to
ed researching his topic. But,      about the Goodrich family. I           It was in 1904 that James         donated far less during his life,    the Honorable William C. Lee,
how did he get interested in this   guess that was the intrigue.”       Goodrich was offered a posi-         prevented him from ever              a federal judge. He currently is
seemingly-obscure subject?             The five Goodrich brothers       tion on the Wabash Board of          achieving his goal.                  the CEO of the Wishard Memo-
   Mr. Starbuck wrote an arti-      born in the 1860s took advan-       Trustees, which he readily              Ben Rogge, a friend of            rial Foundation and lives in
cle about James Goodrich’s trip     tage of the 1889 natural gas        accepted. He even chaired the        Pierre’s, was a “legendary eco-      Carmel.

Picture In DePauw University Brochure Raises Controversy
        Andrew Tangel               assistant professor of art,                                              would have handled the               creativity.
           THE DEPAUW               whose photography is at the                                              brochure at hand, he said that          “Artists will make art
                                    center of the controversy, said                                          such brochures would be              regardless,” she said. “I think
    (U-WIRE) - DePauw Uni-          she meant for her work to be                                             judged appropriately.                what it’s going to stifle is the
versity is reassessing its policy   provocative but not shocking.                                               Mitch Merback, art depart-        audience’s ability to see cer-
on promotional materials after         “I thought it would be a                                              ment chair, and Peter Van Ael,       tain kinds of work, and that’s
                                                                                       COURTESY THE DEPAUW
breasts depicted in an art          very beautiful piece that would                                          director of the Emison Art           unfortunate.”
                                                                        According to The DePauw, the
department brochure got a           say something about mother-                                              Gallery, who also approved the          Another art professor who
nippy reception at the Office       hood,” Cluver said. “It was         administration is revaluating its    brochure’s design, are attend-       specializes in photography,
of Academic Affairs.                never intended to be anything       policy on promotional materials      ing the national convention for      Cindy O’Dell, said that no
    The brochure for the 2002       offensive; in fact, it’s intended   after this picture appeared the      the College Art Association in       censorship of any type should
Faculty Art Show, which has         to be something that really         2002 Faculty Art Show brochure.      Philadelphia and could not be        stifle artistic license, but only
been widely posted around           honors something that women                                              reached for comment.                 frustrate the artist.
campus, featured a professor’s      do.”                                and the medical industry,               Dian Phillips, director of           O’Dell’s       DePauw-spon-
work that some consider too            She said the artwork —           depicts Cluver’s relationship        University publications, esti-       sored breast cancer art display
titillating, so to speak: the       entitled “Built to Suck” —          with her husband and daughter        mated that the University            at the world headquarters of
photo of a baby between two         depicts her yearning to breast-     and features some male frontal       printed about 500 brochures.         Pfizer, Inc. in New York was
exposed female breasts.             feed her 2-year-old daughter,       nudity.                                 Cluver said she understands       removed after an employee
    After receiving complaints      who was born with complica-            Abraham said that although        why the University might want        complained that it was too
about the tastefulness of the       tions and still receives food       there is no specific control         to present an image that is not      emotional. The employee was
artwork in question, Neal           through a tube connected to         over artistic license in the fine    provocative, but that such a         a survivor of breast cancer,
Abraham, vice president for         her stomach.                        arts, the University has to          policy would not discourage          O’Dell said.
academic affairs, is now               “The piece for me is more        monitor quality.
requiring more academic pro-        poignant still because my              “Anything that is done
gram brochures to be approved       daughter and I never had this       badly is of concern, so, funda-
by his office. The move could       natural relationship that is sup-   mentally, questions of quality
mean placing an administra-         posed to happen after you give      do pervade all that we decide,”
tive fig leaf over artwork the      birth,” she said.                   Abraham said. “And those of
University deems inappropri-           The photograph in discus-        us with senior management
ate for publicity.                  sion isn’t even on display at       responsibility have to be con-
    “The University is the Uni-     the faculty show, which will        cerned with all aspects of qual-
versity,” Abraham said. “The        run until March 6. The picture,     ity.”
art department is part of the       part of a 1999 show in Bloom-          Abraham said he only over-
University. Anything that gets      ington, IN, was used in the         sees about 50 percent of pro-
mailed to the public is a public    brochure because the other          motional materials that are
mailing of the University, and      photographs weren’t ready,          printed by the University’s
so judgments about what’s           Cluver said.                        publications office. While
appropriate should be made by          The current faculty display,     Abraham would not cite spe-
University officials.”              which deals with the relation-      cific guidelines for the new
    Yara Cluver, part-time          ship between the human body         approval process, or how he
                                                                                                                    THE BACHELOR • PAGE 6 • FEBRUARY 21, 2002

  THE BACHELOR’S OPINION IMF Injustice And Economic Oppression
                                                                                                            nation’s government, stifling       of Public Citizen, there are two
  Mike LoPrete                                       Steve Andrews               Steve Andrews              democracy, and preventing the       divergent eras in the post-
  managing editor                                     opinion editor              OPINION EDITOR
                                                                                                            kind of economic reforms,           World War II American econo-
                                                                            For those of you who            such as the legalization of         my. One began after the war
                             Jacob Pactor                                haven’t been reading this col-     trade unions, which allow a         and lasted until at least the
                            editor in chief                              umn, over the past two weeks       nation’s resources to trickle       mid-seventies. It was marked
  Jeremy Vaughn                                      Sean Gallagher
  features editor                                       news editor      we’ve been discussing corpo-       down; all of this effectively       by cooperation between a ris-
                                                                         rate globalization. We estab-      prevents the nation from mak-       ing trade union movement and
                                                                         lished that cash-poor countries    ing any economic progress.          the businesses of the United
Budget Crisis, No Time For Partisans                                     who need loans to survive are
                                                                         forced to get them from shad-
                                                                                                               Those of you who have been
                                                                                                            reading might comment, rather
                                                                                                                                                States. Wealth was evenly dis-
                                                                                                                                                tributed, and the economy was
   Indiana is now in deep financial water. The revenue being             owy organizations like the         snidely, that we really haven’t     marked by fairness.
drained from this state is not only hurting Hoosier families, but has    International Monetary Fund        established any of the things I        Soon enough, however,
sent the record-setting budget surpluses of the 1990s into a crush-      and World Bank. Since the          just mentioned, and that, in        businesses were given greater
ing deficit.                                                             IMF sets the credit rating for     fact, I haven’t validly proved      license to uproot. This marked
   We need economic revival, and we need a plan to ensure that the       each nation, a country must        any of my points. But whether       the beginning of a second era,
state remains financially solvent. In this time of crisis, Governor      adhere to their demands or for-    that’s true or not, we are mov-     one of declining trade unions,
Frank O’Bannon has stepped to the forefront, putting aside politics      get about attaining a loan from    ing on to the next phase of this    declining real wages, and
and making tough decisions in order to propose a plan, in the form       anyone; submitting to econom-      discussion: corporate global-       increasing inequality. This
of House Bill 1004, that can help Indiana through this troubled          ic and diplomatic isolation,       ization’s effect on the United      lasted even through the eco-
time.                                                                    like Cuba and North Korea.         States.                             nomic boom of the 1990s,
   O’Bannon made an unprecedented statewide televised address               In some cases, this might be       According to the Depart-         which, according to former
last fall, warning Hoosiers that this crisis was on its way, hoping to   a desirable alternative. In        ment of Labor, real wages for       Presidential candidate Ralph
soften the blow with adequate preparation.                               exchange for loans, the IMF        the median American worker          Nader, did not spread to all
   Now that the time of reckoning is upon us, he has stepped into        and World Bank require adher-      reached their height in 1973,       segments of society.
the vanguard again. The Governor’s budget proposal makes some            ence to certain structural         and had gone down over $2              All of this is tied intimately
difficult cuts to key programs, but through a modest increase in the     adjustment programs, or SAPs,      per hour by 1998. It’s no coin-     with the issue of corporate
sales tax, income tax, and some voluntary taxes, will ensure that        which force countries to take      cidence that between 1973 and       globalization.
education and medicare remain intact while still balancing the           on policies tailored to enhanc-    1999, personal bankruptcies            In Dark Victory, Professor
budget.                                                                  ing short-term corporate profit,   have gone up by over one thou-      Walden Bello says that the
   It wasn’t an easy decision to raise taxes. “No one wants to pay       while damaging the long-term       sand percent.                       mid-1970s marked a shift in
higher taxes. And I understand why elected officials are reluctant       economic development of the           Meanwhile, according to the      America’s stance on global
to raise taxes. I am too,” he wrote in Monday’s Star. But the crux       nation in question.                New York Times, the average         trade. Rather than using the
of leadership is doing the right thing, even if it isn’t easy.              Reforms, such as capital        CEO in the United States            IMF and World Bank to foster
   Hoosier Republicans have taken a much different approach to           mobility, ensure that foreign      makes more than 531 times           cooperation and help bring
the impending budget crisis. Rather than constructively leading          corporations can leave at the      what the average worker             developing nations forward;
and proposing tough budgetary solutions, most Republicans have           drop of a hat. According to        makes; in 1980, this same ratio     these      institutions     were
chosen to stand on a soapbox and shout destructive rhetoric.             Public Citizen, this gives them    was a mere 40:1.
   “Before we ask Hoosiers to make cuts in their family budgets,         a great deal of control over the      According to Lori Wallach        See Injustice, Page 12
shouldn’t we be asking questions like, ‘Does state government real-
ly need a fleet of 17 aircraft?’ To me, the answer is obvious,” said
State Senator Murray Clark. He is right on that particular point, but
the state’s leaders have already cut all they can.
                                                                         The Axis Of Evil Is Rife With Hypocrisy
   O’Bannon is blunt about this: “It’s time for those who say we                  Ben Scanlon               line policy could have some         a good idea to give them one
aren’t cutting enough to be honest and admit that they favor cutting              OPINION WRITER            serious ramifications for our       more, a legitimate one at that.
school spending. There is simply no other place to cut. If law-                                             nation. While North Korea              One of the “crimes” that
makers refuse to raise revenues, I will be forced to do just that.”         The Axis of Evil was intro-     and Iran are by no means            Bush accused those nations of
   It’s easy for the Republicans to berate their rivals and pick apart   duced to the United States cit-    extraordinarily         friendly    is that of trying to produce
the Governor’s plan detail by detail, but they have yet to propose a     izenry not too long ago. In        towards the United States,          atomic, biological or chemical
strong, constructive budget proposal. Though State Senator               addition to having a hokey         progress has been made              weapons. Of course, I do not
Lawrence Borst unveiled a sweeping “Forward Indiana” plan last           name, it is in general a bad       towards a more acceptable           wish to see the proliferation of
Tuesday, no other Republicans showed up to his press conference.         idea.                              state of affairs in both nations.   weapons of mass destruction
   The plan is weak anyway. Not only does it raise income and               As much as I enjoy the             For instance, Iran has elect-    anymore than the next person.
sales taxes for all Hoosier families, but creates new taxes for busi-    propaganda put forth by the        ed a reformist President.              However, it is important to
nesses in a time when Indiana desperately needs to keep business-        United States, the government      North Korea has agreed to           see the hypocrisy shown by
es here. Despite this, the plan still doesn’t bring in enough revenue    really could have done a better    stop trying to build nuclear        the United States government
to save education. Borst was nonchalant about this: “If it’s educa-      job than this. After all it is     weapons. As for Iraq … well,        in trying to prevent other
tion, so be it.”                                                         nothing more than a conglom-       at least they are not invading      nations from getting ABC
   Not surprisingly, the Indiana Economic Development Associa-           eration of Reagan’s Evil           anyone currently.                   weapons. After all, the United
tion—a consortium of 320 economic development organizations,             Empire and WWII’s Axis                Calling out these nations        States has a quite extensive
agencies, corporations, and utilities—supports the Governor’s plan.      powers. I would hope that our      could damage the progress           stockpile of those weapons
   It’s hard not to, since most of the state’s Republicans seem con-     President would dignify us by      that has been made in North         itself. Is only the United
tent to nitpick existing proposals, rather than mustering the courage    at least making up a creative      Korea and Iran. The people of       States and its allies trustwor-
to step forward and propose something of their own. Lawrence             name for our imagined ene-         these three nations have plen-      thy enough to have these
Borst may not have composed a good plan, but he is taking a cue          mies.                              ty of reasons, real and imagi-      weapons?
from the Governor and acting like a leader.                                 Even disregarding the jin-      nary, to hate the United States        I am not surprised that Bush
   Other Indiana Republicans would be wise to do the same.               goistic nature of it, this hard    already. It does not seem like      See Hypocrisy, Page 12
FEBRUARY 21, 2002                                                                OPINION                                                           THE BACHELOR • PAGE 7

Bush Shortchanges America’s Future One Child At A Time
         Jacob Pactor               need-based scholarships. He              Bush does not provide for
         EDITOR IN CHIEF            also attempted murder on the
                                    Fund for the Improvement of
                                                                          school modernization. His budg-
                                                                          et plan cuts education technolo-
                                                                                                               The results are not beneficial to edu-
   “Dear Lord, be good to me,       Education by slashing its neces-      gy by $122 million. He freezes       cation because the atmosphere is not
the sea is so wide and my boat      sary funds from $833 million to       money for after-school pro-
so small.” President Bush just      $84 million.                          grams. He does not increase                  conducive to learning.
widened the sea and shrunk the          In reality, Bush did not really   bilingual education even though
boat for numerous children.         have an increase. He decreased        bilingual students augment at       upgrade our teacher colleges and     and ameliorate that situation.
   According to “The Bush           funding for Safe and Drug-Free        rapid rates. He does not fully      teacher training and launch a        He, however, wanted to
Budget: Shortchanging School        Schools 14 percent, from $747         fund special education either.      major recruiting drive with a        strengthen America from the
Reform” released by Senators        million to $644 million. He              Moreover, he rebukes the         great goal for America: a quality    outside rather than the inside,
Edward Kennedy (D-MA) and           depleted Even Start from $250         commitments of the bipartisan       teacher in every classroom.” If,     which in itself is a noble goal
George Miller (D-CA), while         million to $200 million. In fact,     education reform bill he signed     however, he continues to cheap-      with the aftermath of September
his 2003 budget does have a 2.8     if you solely add up the percent-     into law earlier this year. He      en his budget, we will be lucky      11.
per cent increase in education,     ages from the major education         shortchanges “The No Child          if we have any teachers in class-       Regardless, questions still
the president has done so with      programs in FY2003 Requested          Left Behind Act” by a net total     rooms.                               arise. Where will his future
deception.                          and subtract from that the            of $90 million, according to the       Indiana already lacks enough      pilots and submarine chiefs
   Besides being the smallest       FY2002 Enacted budget, Bush           report.                             quality teachers, and many           come from if our schools crum-
increase since 1997, Bush axed      requested –181.8 percent.                Understandable,       perhaps,   classrooms are overcrowded.          ble and disintegrate? If we
away Leveraging Educational             That number may be a little       because Bush is preoccupied         We can all relate to the educa-      ignore the education of our
Assistance Partnerships, which      deceptive, so here are some           with his war on terror and all      tional environment of a class-       youth, aren’t we really just as
encourage states to enact college   descriptions.                         that is evil. He views the mili-    room when a teacher attempts to      guilty as those evildoers who
                                                                          tary safety of America as its       teach an overcrowded class-          “brainwash” youth with anti-
                                                                          chief security concern. America,    room. The results are not benefi-    American sentiments?
 He rebukes the commitments of the                                        though, can self-destruct and rot   cial to education because the           In essence, not only does the
 bipartisan education reform bill he                                      into oblivion if it continues to
                                                                          ignore its education crisis.
                                                                                                              atmosphere is not conducive to
                                                                                                                                                   Bush budget widen the sea and
                                                                                                                                                   shrink the boat, it creates a
  signed into law earlier this year.                                         On January 29, 2002, Presi-
                                                                          dent Bush said, “We must
                                                                                                                 President Bush had the
                                                                                                              opportunity to alleviate that pain
                                                                                                                                                   whirlwind affect that will sink
                                                                                                                                                   us all.
PAGE 8 • THE BACHELOR                                                        FEATURES                                                                        FEBRUARY 21, 2002

People Make Wabash Special, President Says
About a month ago, I sat down with President Andrew Ford and discussed
how his December quadruple bypass surgery affected him (it didn’t, he
claims) and Wabash College. He expressed desires for Wabash students to
have the ability to learn hands-on, to transfer their classroom experiences
into everyday world activities and interactions.
              Jacob Pactor                    technology is, but I wonder if our grand-      for the other person.
              EDITOR IN CHIEF                 daughter would have made it without it.
                                              You wonder how the rest of the world              If you could change anything
   Rather ironically, the tape recorder       does it: the pain and agony of centuries.      involving the Wabash environment
malfunctioned.                                It’s pretty amazing.                           without real constraints, what would
   Then, I waited patiently for the                                                          it be?
upcoming birth of his first grandchild.          How would you describe Wabash to               I would get more of your free time
On February 13, President Ford’s daugh-       someone from Mars?                             and turn it into more active learning
ter gave birth to Elsa Eleanora Ford-Tag-        I would describe it as an education         time—to be challenged to think [and]
gart. And she gave me another reason to       that prepares you to make a living as          taken down roads you haven’t gone
chat with Wabash’s 14th president.            well as a life. On one hand, you develop       down before. I would want more of that.
   President Ford shared his views about      intellectual, personal and social skills.      I would keep you from sleeping. I would
his new familial role, Wabash today, and      On the other hand, you learn a set of val-     take that time and do more of what we
his dreams of Wabash tomorrow.                ues, or sharpen a set of values, that make     do now.
                                              you a better and more productive mem-
   What were your first thoughts              ber of the community.                             We have five classes going on
                                                                                             spring break trips. How important are
                                                                                                                                              “I would take away
about being a grandfather?
   I think my first thoughts were: Is she         What makes Wabash special today?           those onsite educational opportuni-                 your summers
healthy? Does she have all her fingers            It’s the people. It’s probably always      ties?
and toes? Then, is my daughter healthy?       been the people. We keep traditions and           They are part of the mix. It’s a differ-           if I could.”
I think they were probably simultaneous       cultures alive for the most part. We give      ent mix. You learn differently. We even
thoughts.                                     them up reluctantly. We start new ones.        learn differently from semester to            reunion, the players, representing six
                                              It’s really those people who come              semester and even from week to week.          decades of Wabash basketball, select-
   What was the experience like?              together to create a culture that is really    The more we [the College] can do to           ed Jeff Espino ’02 as honorary cap-
   I don’t know how to describe it. You       extraordinary. Lots of things here are         take you [the student] out of your com-       tain. Did that signify anything about
are going into a new phase, and if you        really different from most other those         fort zone to a place you haven’t been         the college? [Jeff was diagnosed with
stop and think about that, for at least the   places, and when you mix it all together,      before, and see to it that you get to         brain cancer in October, and since,
next 18 years, our relationship [with         it is truly unique.                            reflect on it, the more likely we are hav-    has spent his time winning the battle]
wife, Anne] to our daughter and son-in-           Wabash is a place where “work hard,        ing an impact on you. I would love to             Yeah. It’s Wabash. It’s about people.
law will be different because of this new     play hard” is taken very seriously. Per-       have more of that.                            It’s not about national championships.
person and it’s going to change virtually     sonal responsibility is taken seriously. At       I would take away your summers if I        It’s not about winning games except for
everything. You begin to get a glimpse        the same time, people understand that          could. I would see you [the student] on       on the day of the game, and even then, it
of a substantially new chapter. It is a       people make mistakes. Our job is to keep       campus for the summer with a signifi-         may be more about performance. But it’s
new moment.                                   them from being disastrous mistakes.           cant percent going abroad. But not in         about people, and how we are going to
                                                                                             groups. I would switch from study             grow and become better.
   Did the birth mean any more                   Why is important for Wabash to              abroad to work abroad. I would rather             It’s the whole Espino story. It is an
because you had the year of illnesses?        have a diversity of students?                  drop you in France, without any of your       absolutely wonderful story that needs to
   I don’t know think so. Maybe. The             We need diversity. [Dean of the Col-        buddies, to learn that language and to        be told. The basketball weekend was a
whole notion of what modern American          lege] Mauri Ditzler does this better than      learn that culture. I make the same argu-     continuation of that. It’s people again
medicine can do is one that has been          anyone I know.                                 ment about Los Angeles and Florida. So        stepping outside of themselves.
really enforced. The baby was delivered          He starts comparing diversity with a        much of what we do is comparative. The            There are kids who wrestle here who
by C-section because a couple of moni-        seed. A pure strain is susceptible to all      way to really understand yourself is          never wrestled before. There are people
tors showed that when our daughter            kinds of germs and other kinds of things       through comparison.                           who dive off of the board who have
experienced contraction, the baby’s           that will destroy it. So you become                                                          never done that before. And you guys
heart rate went down. When the contrac-       stronger in your diversity. So you                Wabash just named the building             don’t mock them. You say, that’s cool.
tions were strong, the heart rate went        become a more knowledgeable person             that will house the Center of Inquiry         You congratulate them. That’s what is
way down. If labor had gone longer then       about skills, values and relationships.        Trippet Hall after Wabash’s ninth             supposed to happen here. You inherited a
the heart rate would have gone seriously         We see people who come form differ-         president, Byron K. Trippet. In the           culture and you kept a culture. That’s
                            down for a        ent parts of the state, the country, and the   future, if Wabash were to name a              what gets me excited about this place.
                            long time.        world and who do different things. The         building after you, what do you think             It’s the Espino story. At the point,
                               I don’t        opportunity to sit down and talk to            it would be or house?                         Wabash Always Fights, scream outs at
                            know how          someone with a significant different set          I can’t imagine it happening. Trippet      you.
                            old     that      of experiences is good for you, and good       was such a giant. To pick Trippet you
                                                                                             honor the faculty that educated him. You         You have been at Wabash a little
                                                                                             honor his personal accomplishments.           over eight years. How would you
                                “You inherited a culture and                                 You honor the faculty which he joined
                                                                                             and the role he played in alumni affairs.
                                                                                                                                           describe it?
                                                                                                                                              An extraordinary education experi-
                                 you kept a culture. That’s                                  In was just a very special moment in the
                                                                                             history of the College. He was a very
                                                                                                                                           ence that transforms people and changes
                                   what gets me excited                                      special person.
                                                                                                                                           lives [and] a place that has a hard exteri-
                                                                                                                                           or and huge soft heart.
                                     about this place.”                                        At Saturday evening’s basketball                  PHOTOS COURTESY THE PUBLIC AFFAIRS OFFICE
FEBRUARY 21, 2002                                                           FEATURES                                                                THE BACHELOR • PAGE 9

Slick Wabash Movie Producer Picked Apart
        Sean Gallagher               myself, or share executive pro-     trol.                                 films. For independent film,         in development are never going
           NEWS EDITOR               ducer with some other people.          Is it stressful?                   around 250 films. Now, will          to be made. Things we made in
                                        How did you get into it?            Yes, yes it is. It is very         you see most of them? Not real-      the past will never get made
   Marc Lorber ’88 lives the            Getting my foot in the door.     stressful. It’s like controlled       ly, unless you’re in the cities      again for some time. Another
high life in Los Angeles as a        When I was attending Wabash, a      chaos. During development,            that would show them: New            hit has been the recession.
Hollywood producer. He has           film called Eight Men Out was       there is a lot of enthusiasm; a lot   York, Los Angeles, Chicago,          Since TV and movies rely on
TV movies on Showtime and            going to be shot in Indiana and     of push to get it going. But          maybe. Many of the films will        the consumers; when people
VH1, with his most recent being      they were going to hire people      what most people don’t under-         be limited release; some directly    aren’t buying anything, adver-
the Chris Issak Show.                around the state. So I went and     stand is that films are like start-   to video. For TV, some pilots        tising goes down. But we are
   Last Friday, for Fine Arts        was able to be a part of filming.   up companies: they go from 0-         [the show before it becomes a        slowly getting back up. You’re
Weekend, he spoke to perspec-        I got to meet with the director,    50 very quickly, then go away         series] are never seen. One pilot    probably going to see a lot more
tives and the Wabash Communi-        John Sayles, and really got to      just as fast. They deal with a lot    out of every two, or three, are      kick-ass, feel good movies com-
ty. I sat down and talked with       know him – which was great. It      of money and with a lot of peo-       seen. And of those pilots, those     ing out. Nothing too heavy, just
him.                                 also allowed me to get my name      ple. I have to deal with all of       that go into a complete season is    movies and TV shows that draw
   What do you do?                   known. When I graduated, I          that.                                 up in the air. Sometimes they        people in.
   I produce TV programming.         went to Columbia and contin-           How many movies/TV                 last six episodes; sometimes             Any other comments?
I am the A-2; which means I          ued to work on my connections.      shows in production are actually      only three. It’s all up to chance.       The great thing about my job
think of an idea, develop it, put    I first started out as a writer     released?                                How do you feel about the         is that everyday is different, and
the team together to develop it      because I could do multiple            Most       decent     budgeted     movie industry, post 9-11?           you don’t know what the next
more, sell the idea to the net-      things at once and create differ-   movies are made and then put             For the US, the attacks           day holds. The fear of my job is
works, and then run pre- and         ent projects. I moved to pro-       out to the mass market. This          stopped Hollywood in its tracks.     that everyday is different and
post- production. With all that,     ducer because I could still do      year the major studios will           It was a big hit to TV and           you don’t know what the next
I either get a screen credit for     the writing, but I had more con-    make and release at least 150         movies. Some things that were        day holds.

Photographer Captures Life Of Death Penalty
         Nathan Clark                attractions with bathrooms,         spaces exist only to kill
                                                                                                               A Wally In Wales
          ART REPORTER               walkways and artificial light-      humans, someone had to
                                     ing are among the various top-      decide which tile arrangement                 Johnny Warren                Welsh became regarded as the
   The debate surrounding the        ics of her work. “We humans         would look best, where to put            INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT       language of the lower classes.
death penalty has been an ever-      have got to get in there and        the air conditioner, which view                                            In schools, which were taught
present issue of controversy.        manipulate it (various environ-     point would be best for the              Before I left Wabash last         only in English, children who
How can we, as a civilized           ments) to our liking; we can’t      audience.                             semester, many people were           were caught speaking Welsh
people, condemn another              leave well enough alone.”              Delvin seems to want to            curious about my decision to         had to wear the dreaded
human being to death? How               Delvin then began a new          portray the irony in this atten-      go to Wales as an African-           “Welsh Knot” around their
can we even consider that after      series of works she called her      tion to detail.                       American. How would the              neck. If it wasn’t for the trans-
one takes one life, we can that      “corpus” series, evolving from         Much like zoo exhibits,            Welsh treat me? How would I          lation of the Bible into Welsh
that life? Is there justification?   her interest in hospitals and       where the realistic depiction of      view Welsh culture based on          in 1588, and Welsh noncon-
The world around the death           places of healing.                  natural environments exists not       my own historical back-              formism, the language may
penalty is a cold, dark issue           One particular photograph        for the animal, whose only            ground? Amazingly, I think           have died out completely like
that have many people in its         showed a room where patients        concern is basic biological           there are very strong connec-
harsh clutch.                        walk on a treadmill for tests       needs, but for the spectator, the     tions between the historical
                                                                                                               experiences of African-Ameri-
                                                                                                                                                      Wales is a very
   This is an issue artist Lucin-    with one wall depicting a scene     human eye, these places of
da Delvin has been dealing           of a calm lake surrounded by        execution present themselves          cans and the Welsh or any              ancient nation
                                     mountains. Delvin described         in much the same way.                 minority population for that
with through a series of photo-
graphs she names the Omega           this as a “forced passivity.”          The institutionalization of        matter. Wales is a very ancient        with a unique
                                                                                                               nation with a unique culture
Series. Though she denies any
political intent in her work, the
                                        Whether the patient likes it
                                     or not, this tranquil scene is
                                                                         these places, along with tech-
                                                                         nological concerns for a clean-       and language, however, that           culture and lan-
issues and subject matter she
touches upon cannot help but
                                     forced upon them. From there
                                     she began to photograph
                                                                         er death, has left the death
                                                                         chamber detached from its true
                                                                                                               culture has been overshad-
                                                                                                               owed and dominated by Eng-           guage; however,
draw the politicized eye.            morgues and autopsy rooms,          purpose. One photograph               land for centuries.
                                                                                                                  Since the defeat of Owain
                                                                                                                                                     that culture has
   Delvin attended the Art           places dealing with death           depicted the viewing room of a
Institute of Chicago and East-       which bore eerie resemblance        death chamber, in which seat-         Glyndwr, the last Welsh leader
                                                                                                               to lead a rebellion against
                                                                                                                                                     been overshad-
                                     to some of the hospital room        ing was provided with church
ern Michigan University, and
has been photographing as a          photographs.                        pews.                                 England, the Welsh have been         owed by England
                                                                                                               completely dominated by the
professional artist since 1974.
Delvin’s subject of interest in
                                        Finally her subject matter
                                     began to turn to places of exe-
                                                                            Delvin said of her Omega
                                                                         Series, “All my work has to do        English. It’s interesting that          for centuries.
her life’s work seems to be          cution. Her interest focused in     with … the accouterments of           King Henry VIII, whose father
items of falsity. As artificial as   the execution chambers as           these spaces and what they say        was of Welsh ancestry, joined        its Celtic cousins of Cornish
the photographs themselves,          places of ultimate forced pas-      about American culture.”              England and Wales together           (Cornwall) and Manx (Isle of
her subjects are nearly always       sivity. “I saw this similarity         Political labels and opinions      with the Acts of Union in            Man).
facades, simulating environ-         between healing places and          aside, Lucinda Delvin’s work          1536. The rules of the annexa-          The centuries of second-
ments.                               these spaces.”                      makes interesting comments            tion also stated that English        class UK citizenship have
   Health spas, tanning beds,           Where the actions of             on an environment often hated,        would be the only recognized         deeply scarred the Welsh
pornographic stores, Las Vegas       patients are often restricted       sometimes loved and always            language in the courts and           national psyche. In 1997,
wedding chapels, animal envi-        and they become less in con-        questioned. Her work is cur-          administration of Wales.             when a national referendum
ronments at zoos, “fantasy”          trol of themselves, executions      rently on display in the Eric            This rule began the gradual       was held on whether or not
hotels and natural environ-          represent the extreme case.         Dean gallery in the Fine Arts         decline of the ancient Welsh         Wales would have its own leg-
ments altered into tourist              Though these macabre             Building.                             language. Over the centuries,        See Wales, Page 11
PAGE 10 • THE BACHELOR                                                      FEATURES                                                                     FEBRUARY 21, 2002

                                                                                                                                                 Manker Receives
The Horror That Is Valentines Day, A Follow-Up                                                                                                   FCA Athlete Of
                                     on over to the table where my       Iced Tea, Big BC had lost the        lies, we will call them Dave
          Jason Palin
                                     friends were, just to check on      part of his brain responsible for    (aka Mike) and Curley) and         The Week Accolade
                                     their status before I set out on    independent thought. Needless        about 21 Neon Cactus cups we
   Last week I spoke of my           my big hunt.                        to say, I decided to let the fight                                             Bryan Gonzalez
                                                                                                                                                        FCA CORRESPONDENT
plans to go to the bars and find        One of them had lost the girl    happen, as I value my teeth
a desperately lonely girl for
Valentines Day, so I figured it
                                     he had come with, so I figured      more than I do some of my              I thought about                     FCA selected sophomore
                                     things couldn’t be worse for me.    acquaintances.                                                          Brandon Peacock as its Athlete
only fitting if I went ahead and        Oh, how wrong I was. Not            Then another one of my              smashing them                    of the Week.
finished what I started by telling   too long after that, one of my      roommates (we will call him li’l
you how it all went. Please          roommates, we will call him         Joe) found himself in the urge        both on the head                     At the NCAC Swimming and
                                                                                                                                                 Diving Meet last weekend, he
note, some names have been
changed to protect the innocent
                                     Big BC, decided it was getting
                                     boring and he needed to pick a
                                                                         to pick a fight. Again, I would-
                                                                         n’t care, but this was with one        with a bottle to                 was the high scorer with 60
                                                                                                                                                 points. He placed 3rd in the 200
and embarrassed.
   Upon arrival I thought it in
                                        Usually I expect this behav-
                                                                         of my girlfriends. I thought
                                                                         seriously about smashing them
                                                                                                                  render them                    yard medley relay, 5th in the
                                                                                                                                                 400 yard freestyle relay, 6th in
my best interest to start drinking
immediately. I did this for an
                                     ior and do nothing to deter it,
                                     but this time he had picked a
                                                                         both on the head with a bottle to
                                                                         render them unconscious, but
                                                                                                               unconscious, but                  the 400 yard medley relay, and
                                                                                                                                                 7th in the 200 yard freestyle
hour or so, you know, just to        fight with one of my girlfriends’   the bartender wouldn’t give me          the bartender                   relay. Individually he placed 8th
work up my motivation, and           friends.                            one of the empties, so I let it
then the evening truly began.           Trying to diffuse the situa-     pass.                                 wouldn’t give me                  in the 100 yard butterfly, 8th in
                                                                                                                                                 the 100 yard freestyle, and 11th
   After about 96 ounces of
whiskey and coke, everyone
                                     tion proved to be harder than
                                     first expected because, after
                                                                            Finally, after 192 ounces of
                                                                         whiskey and coke my other                 one of the                    in the 50 yard freestyle.
                                                                                                                                                    He received NCAC All-Con-
was looking good, so I strolled      about 96 ounces of Long Island      roommate (Mr. Confused) and I
                                                                         set out on our brisk hike to
                                                                                                                   empties ...                   ference honors as a member of
                                                                                                                                                 the 3rd place medley relay team.
                                                                         somewhere familiar, as it                                                  Congratulations to Brandon
                                                                         appeared we had been left. We        hadn’t paid for. Curley found a    and the Swimming and Diving
                                                                         walked about a quarter of a mile     spot on the floor (next to Mr.     team for competing well last
                                                                         or so to a friend’s apartment to     Confused) and Dave, Big BC         weekend.
                                                                         seek refuge on the couch.            and I called a freshman to come
                                                                            Unfortunately, this was the       pick us up.
                                                                         same friends that had gotten in         I truly apologize to Curley
                                                                         the fight with lil Joe, and their    (who woke up in a strange place    Local Army
                                                                         fight had spilled over and out of    with people he didn’t know)
                                                                         the Cactus and into her bed-         and Dave, since the 3 of us rode   Recruiters To Give
                                                                            Finally, Big BC showed up at
                                                                                                              home in a 2-seater car.
                                                                                                                 Damn, and you thought I was
                                                                                                                                                 Away Pacers’ Tickets
                                                                         the apartment with two people I      playing about how much Valen-
                                                                         didn’t know (both fellow Wal-        tines Day sucks. Till next week.            Jacob Pactor
                                                                                                                                                          EDITOR IN CHIEF

                                                                                                                                                    Looking for something to
Fighting French, One Excessive Syllable At A Time                                                                                                do March 17? Do you not
                                                                                                                                                 want to be here for Honor
                                                                                                                                                 Scholar Weekend?
                                     opinion. What do they know?         by the modern world in which         hazard use of unneeded letters
       Philip Goldstein              All of them are biased by their     the disgusting scarcity of let-      and unused sounds. Tomorrow
                                                                                                                                                    The United States Army
            HUMORIST                                                                                                                             Recruiting Station in Craw-
                                     knowledge. Don’t listen to the      ters leads people to live silent     we start creating ways to in       fordsville will be giving away
    We have stood and watched        tainted, prejudiced filth.          lives books.                         which basic words are used to      two tickets to see the Pacers
it take all that is dear from us,       There is something inher-           I also have am beginning to       represent ideas opposite from      thrash the Hawks
but we will stand for it no          ently wrong with any language       think the reason why words           their normal intended use such     at Conseco Field-
longer. Maybe it’s my destiny        in which a popular children’s       that end in “-a” tend to gain        as temperature words being
                                     toy as written in English, Play-    letters when the English speak.      used to describe colors and        house at 2:30 pm
in life to lead the charge                                                                                                                       on       Saturday,
against it, ending the reign of      doh would be spelled “Pleys-        “Banana” becomes “Bananar”           emotive states.
                                                                         because French is letting the           Cats (named Minut or            March 17.
terror it has over our lives.                                                                                                                       To sign up,
    I will scream it from high
atop the Bastille: death to
                                      There is some-                     spoken letters run amok.
                                                                            Add to this crisis the fact
                                                                                                              Catre) will peacefully coincide
                                                                                                              with Dogs (named Mazel-Tov         just see the Army
                                                                                                                                                 Representatives in the foyer
French. I should clarify, quick-
ly before a goodly sum of
                                     thing wrong with                    that every French speaker
                                                                         seems to have a horrible cold
                                                                                                              and Mentsh) in small Subur-
                                                                                                              ban settings. In short, the        of Sparks Center from 10:00
Detchon Professors lynch me,          any language in                    and cannot talk without mov-         world will fall off its axis and   am – 1:00 pm on Wednesday.
                                                                                                                                                 February 27. All Wabash stu-
I don’t mean “the French,”                                               ing every word through their         plunge into the nearest sun it
France, or the adjective that         which a popular                    noses and sometimes ears.            can find.                          dents and faculty are welcome
                                                                                                                                                 to enter the drawing. One
mistakenly goes in front of the                                             It I could see a real reason         I am keenly aware that
word fry.                             children’s toy is                  why this would happen I could        fighting a language seems like     need not join the army to be
                                                                                                                                                 eligible for the raffle prize.
    The French majors and pro-
fessors are fine as well. It’s
                                         known as                        probably know what horrific,
                                                                         incendiary reactions this
                                                                                                              a losing battle from the begin-
                                                                                                              ning but then again isn’t a           The representatives also
just the language itself.
    Now, several (approximate-
                                       “Pleys-deaux.”                    makes. My only guess is that
                                                                         nasal sounds create the need
                                                                                                              commendable cause worth the
                                                                                                              small sacrifice of our devotion
                                                                                                                                                 will have information on the
                                                                                                                                                 Army’s Linguist, Medical,
ly forty-two) French speakers                                            for an endangered species list,      and even our lives.                and Officer Candidate pro-
have tried to correct me in my       deaux.”                             changes in gravitational con-           So pick up your erasers and     grams. The Army also offers
opinions. They claim that my            The inefficient use of letters   stants, or the budget deficit.       fix those books, make sure         up to $65,000 Loan Repay-
ignorance of the language            is atrocious. I am willing to bet      This can only lead us down        those “-es” are pronounced,        ment for qualified applicants.
makes me an embarrassment            that in there exists a place in     a dangerous slippery slope.          and fight the good fight.
to myself and invalidates my         some small country abandoned        Today we accept French’s hap-
FEBRUARY 21, 2002                                                              FEATURES                                                              THE BACHELOR • PAGE 11

Shakespeare, Naughty,                                                          Wales                              North Wales that was com-
                                                                                                                  pletely Welsh speaking.
                                                                                                                     Despite huge public outcry
                                                                                                                                                      Welsh see the large, loud
                                                                                                                                                      windmills as a blight on the
                                                                                                                                                      landscape and potentially dan-
                                                                               From 9                             and the opposition of Welsh         gerous.
No Holds-Bard Comedy                                                           islature after hundreds of years
                                                                               of English control, the new
                                                                                                                  MPs in the British Parliament,
                                                                                                                  the valley was flooded and the
                                                                                                                  newly created Lake Tryweryn
                                                                                                                                                         However, the National
                                                                                                                                                      Assembly and the Welsh MPs
                                                                                                                                                      in Westminster appear to be
                                        to this play is an excellent breath    National Assembly for Wales        became a very powerful sym-         powerless to stop further con-
          Charlie Lopez                 of fresh air.                          barely passed with only 50.3%
              REPORER                                                                                             bol of Wales’ powerless status      struction.
                                           “A fantastic job, brilliant …       of the vote. Many Welsh            in the United Kingdom.                 It’s an ongoing struggle in
    The Wabash College Reduced          the wit especially … energy            believed that they could not          Even in 2002, the Welsh          Wales for equal rights that I
Shakespeare Company per-                through the roof,” sophomore           govern themselves without the      continue to fight against the       feel any minority group,
formed The Complete Works of            Logan Kuhne said.                      guidance of Westminster in         defamation of the Welsh peo-        including African-Americans,
Shakespeare (Abridged) Wednes-             Noting the unique, stylistic        London.                            ple and the domination of           would be able to sympathize
day night. Starring George Mil-         aspects of the play, freshman Mil-        However, there is a very        Wales by Westminster. A year        with. In fact, I learned an
berger, Josh Wilson, Justin Dirig,      ton Turner remarked, “With the         strong     Welsh     nationalist   ago, “Weakest Link” host            interesting fact when I went to
and Alpha Newberry IV, the              added flavor of it being a Wabash      movement that fights for the       Anne Robinson angered many          an exhibition at the Dylan
Company preached the word of            production, it was a riot.”            preservation of Welsh culture      in Wales when she openly            Thomas Center in Swansea.
the Bard.                                  So come and hear the word of        and the Welsh language. The        declared her dislike of Welsh       Paul Robeson, the famous
     Witty, hilarious, and sarcastic,   the Bard. Josh, George, Justin,                                                                               black singer, activist, scholar,
the performance was Monty               and Alpha will not only make you
Python meets Shakespeare 101.           laugh till you cry, but they will      It’s an ongoing struggle in Wales for                                  athlete, and artist had a great
                                                                                                                                                      love for Wales.
And fear not, if you think Othello
is just an ice-cream flavor, that’s
                                        also have you quoting Shake-
                                        speare in tongues by the end of
                                                                               equal rights that I feel any minority                                     His relationship developed
                                                                                                                                                      during a visit to London where
okay. It’s actually a rap song, sort
                                        the night. Shakespeare Abridged
                                        will be playing every night, cur-
                                                                               group, including African-Americans,                                    he observed Welsh coal miners
                                                                                                                                                      singing in the streets attempt-
    But, if like me, you’re tired
and about to go insane trying to
                                        tain rises at 8pm, until Saturday in    would be able to sympathize with.                                     ing to earn enough money to
                                        the Fine Arts Center, so get your                                                                             return to Wales. Robeson
make sense of dry textbook mate-        tickets.                                                                  people on a BBC television          greatly sympathized with the
rial for your classes, then coming         It’s a must-see.                    political party Plaid Cymru        program.     Many        people     struggle of the poor Welsh
                                                                               (Cymru being the Welsh name        declared her comments racist        miners. I was deeply moved by
 To Go Or Not To Go, Is There Really                                           of Wales) is only one manifes-
                                                                               tation of Welsh nationalism.
                                                                                                                  and complained that they            the exhibition on Paul Robe-
           A Question?                                                            During the 1960s when
                                                                                                                  shouldn’t have to listen to neg-
                                                                                                                  ative comments about Wales
                                                                                                                                                      son and Wales.
                                                                                                                                                         So, I feel vindicated in my
                                                                               African-Americans were fight-      on a channel which is partly        decision that Wales was an
                                                                               ing for civil rights in America,   funded by Welsh TV license          excellent choice for me. Next
                                                                               Welshmen were fighting             money.                              week—off for a week of
    The Complete Works of Shakespeare                                          against English domination. A         Another recent political         camping in the mountains of
               (Abridged)                                                      turning point in the Welsh
                                                                               nationalist movement was in
                                                                                                                  battle in Wales is the move-        Snowdonia National Park in
                                                                                                                  ment by politicians to stop the     North Wales, where I will
                                                                               the 1960s when the UK decid-       UK government from building         attempt to climb Mount Snow-
                                                                               ed to create a reservoir for the   more windmills throughout the       don, the highest point in Wales
                                                                               industrial English city of Liv-
      Thursday, Friday, Saturday 8 pm                                          erpool by flooding a valley in
                                                                                                                  Welsh countryside. Many             AND England. Until then!


 Reproductive                                                                                                     The Wabash Review
 Freedom                                                                                                    The final date for submitting pieces to the Wabash
                                                                                                                       Review will be March 13th.
 Is Something                                                                                            We are also accepting submissions for cover art. There
 You Don’t Need to Think About?                                                                        are no restrictions on theme but the piece or a photograph
                                                                                                        of the piece must be within the dimensions of 7.5 inches
                                                                                                          tall and 6 inches wide; color or black and white. The
 Think Again!                           In the past five years, Congress has
                                                                                                       artist whose piece is selected will receive a check for $25.
                                        voted nearly 140 times on bills to
                                        restrict reproductive health and rights.
                                                                                                        Those of you interested in submitting please send your
                                        Almost all have passed.
                                                                                                       piece as an email attachment or a hardcopy of it to David
                                                                                                       O’Neil. Make sure an explanation is attached along with
                                 Join VOX!                                                                          any other pertinent information.

                                E-mail                                                  Contact David O’Neil (oneild) or Stephen Perkins
                                                                                                                      (perkinss) for more details.
        Online at or
PAGE 12 • THE BACHELOR                                                                           OPINION                                                                           FEBRUARY 21, 2002
                                                           In this way, corporate glob-
Injustice                                               alization serves not only as a
                                                        means of keeping poor coun-                                   letters to the editor
From 6                                                  tries poor, but as a means of
                                                        increasing inequality and             MXI Invites All To Cele-            Achievements: In the Arts,            near death over the past three
employed as coercive agents.                            injustice within the United           brate Diversity                     Athletics, and Academics.             years, I am becoming more
   Through the structural                               States; the source of most vio-                                           Please RSVP to Winston                convinced it is the latter. I’m
adjustment programs alluded                             lent crime and drug use. Imag-           Editor:                          Shephard at ext. 7809.                certainly not convinced that
to earlier, reinforced by loans                         ine how much lower our taxes             The Malcolm X Institute             So together let’s make             Wabash fraternities can effec-
which could not be paid back                            would be if we didn’t have to         would like to remind all stu-       Wabash a better community by          tively police alcohol use.
without taking more loans, the                          pay for all those prisons.            dents, staff members, and           celebrating diversity.                   The Gentleman’s Rule does
IMF and World Bank were able                               Fortunately, globalization         faulty of Wabash College that                                             allow for relative free reign
to take control of cash-poor                            does not have to be this way.         we are now in the mist of           Sincerely,                            regarding drinking on our
countries and make them fer-                            There is another template that        Black History Month.                The Members of the MXI                campus. I would strongly sug-
tile ground for American                                the IMF and World Bank could             In 1915, African-American                                              gest that every Wabash man
employers wishing to exploit                            follow; a template that would         historian Carter G. Woodson                                               needs to re-examine his expe-
them.                                                   allow for growth in the third-        proposed a “Negro History                                                 riences with alcohol at
   Combined with a relaxation                           world and progress within the         Week” to honor the history          Wabash And Alcohol                    Wabash and consider the awe-
of laws against a business                              United States.                        and contributions of African-                                             some responsibility he has in
uprooting, these policies creat-                           In our next issue, two weeks       Americans. Nine years later,           Editor:                            regard to using it himself and
ed a mass exodus of American                            from now, I will give a basic         his dream became a reality             I read with great interest the     policing others who use it.
businesses that effectively                             overview of what so-called            when Woodson chose the sec-         Bachelor’s Op-Ed piece enti-          Please don’t kid yourselves —
killed the trade union move-                            ‘anti-globalization’ demonstra-       ond week of February to pay         tled, “IU Needs New Fraterni-         one alcohol-related catastro-
ment and any hope the Ameri-                            tors want, and present an out-        tribute to the birthdays of two     ty Policy.” I sincerely hope          phe on this campus will sub-
can worker ever had of work-                            line of a plan to overhaul this       Americans that dramatically         that every Wabash man who             ject the college, a fraternity
ing in a fair, cooperative eco-                         corrupt system for the better-        affected the lives of Blacks        read that piece, Greek or not,        and its officers, alumni, and
nomic environment.                                      ment of all the world’s people.       Americans: Abraham Lincoln          realizes that Wabash is not           anyone else who knew of the
                                                           Before anyone mentions             (February 12) and Frederick         immune to the tragedies that          problem to litigation and pub-
Hypocrisy                                               that Bush, being the President,
                                                        is too important to place in
                                                                                              Douglass (February 14). The
                                                                                              week-long observance offi-
                                                                                                                                  have befallen large universi-
                                                                                                                                  ties including IU. I think you
                                                                                                                                                                        licity beyond imagination.
                                                                                                                                                                           Consider the headline,
                                                        any danger, just let me remind        cially became Black History         minimize the problem of alco-         “Alcohol Kills Freshman at
From 6                                                  everyone that during the Viet-        Month in 1976.                      hol consumption on our cam-           All-Male Midwest College.”
                                                        nam War, like many of our                As an organization whose         pus. There are many more than         Could the Gentleman’s Rule
took this hard line on these                                                                  mission is to enlighten the         just “some” students who              possibly survive that? I think
nations. If this feckless action                        current politicians, he was in
                                                        the National Guard “defend-           Wabash community about              drink excessively.                    not.
of his causes conflict or ter-                                                                African-American culture, we           I continue to ponder the              If you’re willing to risk the
rorist threats, it’s not like he is                     ing” our nation. It is truly a
                                                        sad state of affairs when the         are sending an invitation to all    question of whether Wabash            Gentleman’s Rule, our col-
any danger. He will not fight                                                                 those that are interested in fur-   men really do drink “responsi-        lege, its staff and administra-
on the front lines. He will not                         old men in power can place
                                                        the youth of a nation in danger       thering their education of          bly” or whether they have             tion, your fraternity and your
be exposed to danger at home.                                                                 Black studies to our upcoming       been extremely lucky to have          fellow Wabash students to
He will be hunkered down in                             when they themselves did
                                                        everything they could to avoid        Black History dinner on Sun-        avoided a major catastrophe           that, then BOTTOMS UP!!
some bunker in North Dakota                                                                   day February 24, 2002 at 7:00       related to alcohol. Having wit-
while we die.                                           conflict.
                                                                                              pm, entitled A Night Celebrat-      nessed many alcohol-related           John R. Roberts, M.D. ’83
                           The Voice of Wabash Since 1908                                     ing     African-      American      medical problems and one              College Physician
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FEBRUARY 21, 2002                    SPORTS                                      THE BACHELOR • PAGE 13

After 400 Wins, Petty Receives Game Ball                                          Basketball
                                                                                  From 16
Twenty years ago Coach                                                            DesJean surpassed the 1,000-
Mac Petty guided the                                                              point mark in his career and
                                                                                  gave Wabash a 57-41 lead. The
1982 basketball team to a                                                         offense and defense were relent-
NCAA Division III                                                                 less as the Little Giants
Championsip. On Satur-                                                            outscored the Big Red 32-12
day, basketball alumni                                                            over the final 13 minutes.
                                                                                     Many Little Giants played
returned to Chadwick for                                                          solidly on Tuesday evening. Joe
a contest that ended up                                                           DesJean finished with 25 points
going down to the last                                                            and 11 rebounds, moving into
shot.                                                                             18th place in career scoring with
                                                                                  1,005 and a tie for 7th place for
                                                                                  career rebounds with 606.
At half time of the Ober-                                                         Brady Claxton and Ryan Short
lin contest, former and                                                           ’03 finished with 16 and 12
                                                                                  points, respectively.
current captains presented                                                           Coach Petty said, “I am
their coach with a signed                                                         proud of my guys, especially in
basketball.                                                                       the first half. We adjusted and
                                                                                  kept improving on defense –
                                                                                  everywhere, it seemed like we
                                                                                  had six or seven guys out there.
                                                                                  As a result, our offense came
                                                                                     The weekend will tell the fate
                                                                                  of the Little Giants’ season;
                                                                                  however, the team is playing
                                                                                  well. If Tuesday night’s victory
                                                                                  was a sign of things to come, we
                                                                                  can all take pride on Sunday in
                                                                                  winning our first NCAC Cham-
                                                                                     Wabash moves to 15-10 with
                                                                                  the victory, and Wabash will
                                                                                  face Wooster in the first game of
DAVID WAGNER ’05 prepares to                                                      the conference semi-finals on
 pass against an Oberlin player on                                                Friday night at 5:30 pm after
  Saturday as RYAN SHORT ’03                                                      Wooster defeated Allegheny 82-
      (left), KIP CHASE ’03 (11),                                                 72 in first-round action.
BRADY CLAXTON ’03, and JOE                                                           The semi-final and champi-
     DESJEAN ’03 cheer him on.                                                    onship games will take place at
                                                                 SHAY ATKINSON
                                                                                  Wittenberg University (Spring-
                                                                                  field, OH) after the top-seeded
                                                                                  Tigers dispatched Earlham Col-
                                                                                  lege in first-round play 78-51.
                                                                                     Wittenberg will play Ohio
                                                                                  Wesleyan in Friday’s second
                                                                                  contest. Oberlin defeated Ohio
                                                                                  Wesleyan 56-49 in the first
                                                                                  round of play; however, accord-
                                                                                  ing to Oberlin College, it played
                                                                                  with an ineligible student-ath-
                                                                                  lete and will forfeit all its
                                                                                     Good Luck this weekend to
                                              TODD VOGEL                          the basketball team.
                                              Durring halftime of Saturday’s
                                              game, Coach Mac Petty received      OBERLIN FORFEITS
                                              a signed game ball in honor of         According to the NCAC,
                                              his 400 wins at Wabash. MIKE        Oberlin College has announced
                                                                                  today that it will forfeit the vic-
                                              CERNKOVICH ’93, JOSH                tories earned in the 2001-02
                                              ESTELLE ’00, BRADY CLAX-            men's basketball season due to
                                              TON (20) ’03, JOE DESJEAN           the participation of an ineligible
                                              ’03, RYAN SHORT ’03, PETE           student-athlete.
                                              METZELAARS ’82, and MIKE               The forfeited games include
                                              HOLCOMB ’82 awarded their           Tuesday night’s NCAC Tourna-
                                              coach an autographed ball.          ment Quarterfinal win over
                                                                                  Ohio Wesleyan University.
PAGE 14 • THE BACHELOR                                                            SPORTS                                                                         FEBRUARY 21, 2002

Espino Returns To Wabash, Tankers Take Third At
Welcomed With Open Arms NCAC Championships
Senior diagnosed with brain                                                                            Wabash College placed third at the         in the 100 butterfly, eighth in
cancer in October proves                                                                            NCAC Swimming and Diving Champi-
                                                                                                    onship held in Canton, Ohio, February
                                                                                                                                                  the 100 freestyle, and 11th in
                                                                                                                                                  the 50 freestyle. Williams
Wabash Always Fights.                                                                               13-16. The Little Giants scored 825           scored 55 points by placing
                                                                                                    points in the nine-team competition.          eighth in the 500 freestyle,
                 Matt Abid                                                                          NCAA III National Champion Kenyon             ninth in the 1650 freestyle, and Peacock
               SPORTS REPORTER                                                                      College successfully defended its con-        14th in the 200 free. Fahey placed sev-
                                                                                                    ference title, tallying 1565.5 points, just   enth in the 100 breaststroke and 15th in
   Saturday was a day of emotion. Many                                                              ahead of Denison University with              200 breaststroke. Manker scored in the
special things happened during the Wabash-                                                          1513.5.                                       50, 100, and 200 freestyle.
Oberlin basketball game, but the most amaz-                                                                       Five Little Giants received        Wabash will conclude the regular
ing event happened before player introduc-                                                                    All-Conference          honors.     season on Saturday, February 23 at
tions.                                                                                                        Freshman diver Aaron Stump          DePauw University. The meet begins at
   The crowd cheered a hero’s welcome                                                                         placed third in the three-meter     2 p.m. The Little Giants are 4-2 on the
with chants of “Jeff Es-pin-o” as the public                                                                  diving with 260.65 points and       season.
address announced him. The standing ova-                                                             Stump was fifth on the one-meter
tion lasted close to five minutes. Jeff walked                                                      board. The Wabash 200 medley relay
out with a big smile on his face, and anyone                                                        with Brad Williams, Colin Fahey,                   Swimming At DePauw
in the gym could tell he was glad to be back                                                        Brandon Peacock and Bernie Manker
in Crawfordsville.                                                                                  was third in 1:37.43, earning All-Con-                Saturday 2 pm
   “I feel really good, maybe that’s just                                                           ference honors.
because I’m back here, but I feel good,”                                                               Peacock was the Wabash high-point                  Hecklers Invited
Espino said.                                                                                        scorer with 60 points, placing seventh
   Espino battled back from a cancerous
brain tumor. He had thirty-four radiation
treatments and the results have been miracu-
lous—the tumor has shrunk. Doctors have
encouraged him to go back to normal life.                                                                  The Indianapolis Association of
       “It’s very hard to                                                                                          Wabash Men
   describe the warmth
    that I had inside,
     warmth because                                                                                                                           Says
   he made it. He won

       the battle.”                                                                                     Break a Leg to the Cast and Crew
         Coach Mac Petty
   “The doctors have encouraged me to                                                                  of “The Complete Works of William
come back to college here. They said there
should be no problem with me coming back,
maybe just a few side effects, but I will be
                                                                                      TODD VOGEL
                                                 JEFF ESPINO returned to Wabash last Satur-
                                                                                                            Shakespeare (Abridged)!”
here next year,” he said.                        day and received a standing ovation before
   And that is great news for the Wabash
community that that helped Jeff out so           the basketball game.
   “I can’t say thank you enough to every-
                                                 Petty had a difficult time describing all of his
                                                     “We prayed for this day (Saturday),”
                                                                                                        Good Luck to the Track, Tennis,
body in the Wabash community for all of
your prayers, cards, donations and emails,”
Espino said. “The cards would pull me
                                                 Coach Mac Petty said. “It’s very hard to
                                                 describe the warmth that I had inside,                Wrestling, Baseball, Swimming, and
through when I was having those tough            warmth because he made it. He won the bat-
weeks, when I could not do a lot.”
   He continued, “I would get a card from
                                                 tle. And the reception from the students was
                                                                                                                Basketball teams!
one of you, and it would make me smile.              We have seen so many times this year the
That little five-second smile made every-        meaning of “Wabash Always Fights.” Jeff
thing better and really helped me get through    showed us what always fighting means in
those tough times.”                              real life. He did not give up, and he did not
   Jeff gave strength to his teammates, also.    give up because of the Wabash community.
   “Having Jeff sit on the bench was great           “I want to say thank you from the bottom
Saturday. We wanted to play hard and win         of my heart,” Espino said. I can’t describe
for him. I can not describe the feelings I had
Saturday,” starting shooting guard Brady
                                                 the strength and help that you gave me.
                                                 From me and my family, thank you from the
                                                                                                             WABASH ALWAYS FIGHTS!
Claxton ’03 said.                                bottom of my heart.”
   While the players played hard, Coach              You’re welcome, Jeff.
FEBRUARY 21, 2002                                                             SPORTS                                                               THE BACHELOR • PAGE 15

Tennis Opens With Triple Victories
   The 2002 tennis season started
on Saturday with two victories for
the Wabash College netters. The
Little Giants swept Manchester 7-
0, followed by a 7-0 defeat of
Franklin College.
   Sophomore Mike Lynch took
two victories at number one sin-
gles. He opened the morning ses-
sion with a 6-0, 6-0 victory over
Manchester’s Tom Flory, then
earned a 6-0, 6-1 win over Bobby
Harwood of Franklin in the after-
noon. Junior Scott Paramoure won
both matches at number two singles
before joining Lynch at number one
doubles to earn two victories.
   Andrew Shelton also earned two
victories in singles play for
Wabash. Shelton was a 6-1, 6-1
winner at number four singles
against Manchester and then took a
6-1, 6-0 victory at number three
singles against Franklin.
   Daniel Altman, Hadi Motiee,
Cameron Starnes and Nathan Cain
also earned victories in singles play
                                                                                                SHAY ATKINSON
for Wabash. Altman and Starnes
combined for two victories at num-    Mike Lynch ’04 (above) and Scott Paramoure ’03 (right) prepare them-
ber two doubles, while Shelton and selves to return a volley from their opponent. The tennis team earned
Cain were winners at number three its third victory on Wednesday against Earlham.
doubles against Manchester.

        IM Basketball Ladder
             Round 1
                  Delts vs. Wol-Mor
              7 PM @ Fieldhouse Court #1

               Lambda Chi vs. Sigma Chi
              8 PM @ Fieldhouse Court #1

                   TKE vs. Faculty
              7 PM @ Fieldhouse Court #2

                  FIJI vs. Kappa Sig
              8 PM @ Fieldhouse Court #2

                I-House vs. College Hall
                                                                         Offers good only at the Taco Bell restaurants located in Crawfordsville
              7 PM @ Fieldhouse Court #3                                 and Lebanon, IN. Cards must be presented when ordering. Limit: One
                                                                         coupon per person per visit. Not good with any other offer. Cards will
                                                                         be void if copied, transformed or where prohibited. Cash redemption
                 Martindale vs. Phi Psi                                  value 1/20 cent. (C) TACO BELL CORP.
              8 PM @ Fieldhouse Court #3
                                                                                                                   THE BACHELOR • PAGE 16 • FEBRUARY 21, 2002

                                                                                                                                                 DesJean Reaches
                                                                                                                                                   1000 Points,
                                                                                                                                                 Tenacious D Key
                                                                                                                                                    To Victory
                                                                                                                                                             DJ Finch
                                                                                                                                                           SPORTS EDITOR

                                                                                                                                                     The Little Giants smashed
                                                                                                                                                 the Denison Big Red 89-53 on
                                                                                                                                                 Tuesday to advance to the sec-
                                                                                                                                                 ond round of the NCAC Tourna-
                                                                                                                                                 ment. The offense struggled a
                                                                                                                                                 bit in the first ten minutes of the
                                                                                                                                                 game; however, the Little Giant
                                                                                                                                                 defense was the key in Wabash’s
                                                                                                                                                 fifteenth win of the season. The
                                                                                                                                                 defense held Denison to 20
                                                                                                                                                 points in the second half, and no
                                                                                                                                                 player for Denison reached dou-
                                                                                                                                                 ble-figures in scoring
                                                                                                                                                     Joe DesJean ’03, who led the
                                                                                                                                                 Little Giants in scoring and
                                                                                                                                                 rebounding, started the game
                                                                                                                                                 with an alley-oop lay-up from
                                                                                                                                                 Kip Chase ’03. Denison went
                                                                                                                                                 on a 12-0 run and appeared to
                                                                                                                                                 have the upper hand on the Lit-
                                                                                                                                                 tle Giants. Junior Brady Clax-
                                                                                                                                                 ton stopped the run with a
                                                                                                                                                 jumper in the lane, and over the
                                                                                                                                                 next few minutes, Wabash went
                                                                                                                                                 on a 12-2 run of their own.
                                                                                                                                                     Moments later, DesJean gave
                                                                                                                                                 Wabash the lead on a three-point
                                                                                                                                                 play. Jesse Burgess made two
                                                                                                                                                 hustle plays that sparked the
                                                                                                                                                 offense, as well as the crowd.
                                                                                                                                                 Over the final nine minutes of
                                                                                                                                                 the first-half, Wabash went on a
                                                                                                                                                 20-9 run to take an eight-point
                                                                                                                                                 lead into the locker rooms.
                                                                                                                                                     The excitement continued at
                                                                                                                                                 intermission as South Mont-
                                                                                                                                                 gomery junior Brianna Bullen-
                                                                                                                                                 dick wooed the crowd with an
                                                                                                                                                 amazing twirling exhibition.
                                                                                                                                                 The “Chadwick Crazies” were
                                                                                                                                                 pumped and ready to cheer the
                                                                                                                                                 Little Giants onto victory.
                                                                                                                                                 Coach Mac Petty commented,
                                                                                                                                                 “The crowd tonight was great.
                                                                                                                                                 Denison could not hear to call
                                                                                                                                                 plays, and I had trouble, too.
                                                                                                                                                 Our crowd is the best in the
                                                                                                                                                 NCAC by far.”
                                                                                                                                                     The second half started as the
                                                                                                                                 SHAY ATKINSON
                                                                                                                                                 first half had ended, with
JESSE BURGESS ’03 shoots over two Denison players in Wabash’s 89-53 NCAC first round victory over the Big Red. While Burgess’ hustle sparked     Wabash hitting six of its first
                                                                                                                                                 seven shots from the field. A
the team at some points, co-captain JOE DESJEAN ’03 once again led the team with yet another double-double: 25 points and 11 rebounds.           thunderous dunk by DesJean
                                                                                                                                                 received a standing ovation as
INSIDE                                                                                                                                           he proclaimed to Denison, “not
  • Tankers Take Third At NCAC Championships, page 14                                                                                            in my house.” With the dunk,
  • Tennis Opens With Triple Victories, page 15                                                                                                  See Basketball, Page 13

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