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					                                        JOB DESCRIPTION

                           COMPUTER TECHNICIAN – EQUIPMENT

INCUMBENT:                                      DIVISION:      Administrative Services
GROUP:          Support Staff                   DEPARTMENT:    Computer Services
CLASSIFICATION: Level 5                         DATE REVIEWED: June 2000


To perform installations of desktop computers, printers and assorted peripherals. To perform
disconnects/connects and relocation of desktop computers for office moves. To maintain inventory
records of desktop computers. To dispose of obsolete equipment. To assist other members of the
department when needed


Reports to:                             Client Services Coordinator

Subordinate Staff:                      None

Other internal contacts:                Considerable interaction with staff in all areas of the college

External contacts:                      Some interaction with suppliers and hardware support agencies


Critical Duties:
1.      Configure and install computer equipment using pre-built software images.
2.      Reallocate desktop computers and peripherals.
3.      Maintain inventory records of desktop computer equipment.

Routine Duties:
1.     Coordinate disposal of computer equipment
2.     Perform minor maintenance functions (eg. Cleaning equipment).

Special Duties:
1.      Provide backup to Lab staff and Help Desk staff when required.
2.      Assist other members of the department.


•       Good working knowledge of computer hardware and software
•       Some post-secondary training an asset
•       At least two years experience working in a computer support role
•       Good interpersonal and writing skills
•       Excellent customer service skills
•       Ability to work independently and in a team environment

Shall include factors related to the process of doing the job, as well as achievement standards related to:
tasks as set out in the job description, annual major objectives, special assignments.

•       Self motivated with attention to detail
•       Organizes workload, sets priorities and work within deadlines
•       Maintains confidentiality of information

Supervisor:                                                Date:

Incumbent:                                                 Date: