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					              Honey for beauty
Honey for beauty. Many rely on immemorial
weaker sex as the main capital of beauty, the
history records. The woman's beauty tips to
protect the beauty of their bodies; one of the
honeys is no surprise that I have worked in a
variety of ways. Additional reference pictures
in the. healindonesia's files.
Among the many natural ways from ancient
times believed in maintaining beauty is full of
honey. Still, the honey is widely used as
ingredients in beauty products from a variety
of products for skin care to hair.
Scientific research has shown that honey is a
humectants, it means that they have the
ability to attract and retain moisture, which is
the ability to retain moisture in the skin "is an
important factor in maintaining softness,
flexibility and elasticity to the skin. It is
therefore not surprising that if we use HONEY
for beauty, together with age, skin loses its
ability to bind water causing dry skin or
wrinkles. Moreover, environmental impact less
skin isn't bad, such as exposure to various
chemicals and pollution.
Honey is a natural substance that can be used
as ingredients for personal care. Where
natural substances in honey can help the body
to perform their duties in the skin
moisturizing. Another plus is that a natural
honey is also suitable for all skin types, even
for very sensitive skin nether study says that
honey is a very effective agent for
antimikrobisen, which serves to prevent
bacterial growth. Janice Cox, book author,
amidst beautiful home, says that the content
is useful to antimikrobisen honey for acne
treatment for mild. If other acne treatments
are not content differences between the
products of the honey creams dry skin
The above research developed a procedure
with honey alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA), where
this substance is an important content is in
each skin cream and moisturizing due to their
function as Exfoliating and peeling treatment
with this handy way to increase skin cell repair
skin and create a rejuvenation of the skin.
Treatment with this can cause also skin
irritation, but AHAs with additional
moisturizing natural honey makes a perfect
product, If you are interested in exploiting the
natural honey Polish yourself, please refer to
the following tips for the beauty of honey,
most beautiful and fresh.
Tools, skin (skin acne light). Half of a cup of
warm water to take and mix with ¼ teaspoon
of salt. With cotton swabs, apply directly to
the section with acne and soft type printing
with cotton for a few minutes to get the part.
Use honey on the acne cotton, wool and DAB.
Stand for 10 minutes and then wash and dry
gently pat to leave.
Honey for energetic Face Mask some studies
revealed that if the use of honey as a facial is
the process before aging and wrinkles inhibit
more efficiently. How much easier to enter
pure honey on your face and leave in
approximately 15 minutes until dry and after
washing dry with hot-cold water.
 History of the recording was made effective
bath honey since Queen Cleopatra. How to get
a sweet aroma and smooth skin easily, add ¼
to ½ cup of honey with the bath water, Honey
Scrub. Honey can also be used to peel off the
dead skin (debugging). Mix 1 teaspoon of
honey with almond flour a little at the Palm of
your hand and then rub it gently on the face as
scrubs. After that, wash your face with warm
water to remove the honey.
Honey as a facial cleanser in every day. Mix 1
tablespoon of honey with a little milk powder
in the palm of the hand, then apply to face to
remove all dirt and makeup, and then
thoroughly wash with warm water.
Luster’s hair. In order to shine to the hair and
easily customize, combine 1 tablespoon of
honey, lemon juice, one and a few hot water.
As usual, rinse your hair with shampoo and
pour the mixture on hair. Hair in the normal
way, Air conditioners for the hair. Honey can
be used to support healthy hair and scalp. How
to: Mix ½ Cup of honey and one tablespoon of
olive oil, then apply uniformly to the hair and
scalp then hair and let stand to hide away for
30 minutes in the closed state the shampoo
and rinse hair as usual.
Skin toner. Tighten – soft and moisturize the
skin is very simple. Type 1 piece orange peel
with one tablespoon of honey in a blender and
puree to combine. Gently rub mixture onto the
face and leave 15 minutes, then wash your
face with warm water to clean the mixture.
You can use the home Spa products, honey,
the above tricks is the most incredible beauty
of the product, which is used in Egypt since
ancient times, as many of the replies
contained useful enzymes, vitamins and
minerals. But make sure that you can buy
honey product is 100% pure, and do not use
the beauty tips above if the honey allergies
suffer the