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Natural stone


									           Natural stone
Stone l stone the market there are many
different types of material, which is often used
for the walls. One of the stones is one of the
natural materials. If he has the ability to
create a natural looking shape for the room,
the composition and the motive, In the time of
installation, this material can produce a
variety of models and layout. Can you put a
pattern like a brick wall, bunches of leaves
Bethel, square boxes, install and back, and so
on. Even can give a little touch of art with the
character of natural stone used for adorn. If
we review several types of natural stone are
often found in the market:
The main feature of the stone rock is a
Boulder. This stone is the Foundation. Even so,
there are also stone slabs. The shape and size
is typically irregular. These stone slabs used
for coating walls or floors.
Need experienced craftsmen and experts to
get the results in the absence of neat disorder
such form will create a complicated setup
process. The shape and size of the irregular
clearly make a little difficult installation
The rock Temple

Betony the form of plates, plates, rough and
porous texture so readily absorbs water. Often
when exposed to water, the color black is still
gloomier. The common sizes are encountered
we are 10 cm x 20 cm, 15 cm x 30 cm and 20
cm x 20 cm. larger size also corresponds to the
size of ceramics, are frequently encountered.
The use of stone on the outside as General
Beuty patio and fence. When used in a
function limited room only sweeteners.
The name certainly will have a smoother
texture. Creation supported by the machine for
smoothing the surface. Choice of colors
ranging from green, Brown, white, yellow.
General measure that we have found is 10 x 10
cm and 20 cm x 40 cm.
Sandstone can be adapted for use indoors or
out, as well as the accent wall or floor. When
would you like to use on the street, it is
necessary due to the nature of the process will
lead to high pores easily overgrown with
fungus, because it's just a wet stone, For the
installation, you should use the slightly soft
mortar can be attached securely to the wall.
After a relatively high level of violence, the
level of the relatively small and porous
Porositinya meets. color dark and be found on
the market, 5 cm x 20 cm is 20 cm x 40 cm, and
has a thickness of typically 3-4
cm.aggregations are very suitable wherever
your room setup template is usually a brick
stacking pattern you make coverings strong
structure because each association.

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