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• Drug: Any chemical substance that causes a physical or
  mental change in the structure or function of the body.
   – Ex. Marijuana, alcohol, Advil, Tylenol, heroin,
     nicotine, etc.
   – Can be legal (illicit drugs) or illegal.

• Substance Abuse: Any unnecessary or improper use of
  chemical substances for non-medical purposes.

• Gateway Drugs: Drugs that often lead to other serious
  and dangerous drug use.
• Teens are using at younger ages
• Heroin use is growing among teens
• Teens consider marijuana a safe drug
• More than 60% of teens said that drugs were
  sold, used, or kept at their school.
• In 2008, 1.9 million youth age 12 to 17 abused
  prescription drugs.
• By the 8th grade, 52% of adolescents have
  consumed alcohol, 41% have smoked cigarettes,
  and 20% have used marijuana.
• 1 joint = 20 cigarettes on the lungs
 •Friends and family   •To seem
 use them              mature

 •Peer pressure        •Media
                       glamorizes it
 •To fit in
 •To relax
• Tolerance- need more and more
• Physiological Dependence- chemical need for
  the drug
• Withdrawal- nervousness, insomnia, severe
  nausea, headaches, vomiting, chills, cramps, or
  even death
• Psychological Dependence- feels a need (mental
• Addiction- can’t function without the drug
       Types of Drugs
1.   Stimulants
2.   Depressants
3.   Narcotics
4.   Hallucinogens
5.   Cannabis
6.   Inhalants
7.   Club Drugs
8.   Steroids
            Type 1: Stimulants
• Stimulants speed up the Central Nervous
  System (CNS)
  –   Increase heart rate
  –   Increase blood pressure
  –   Increase body temperature
  –   Increase pupil size.
         Stimulants: Caffeine
• Legal
• Extremely Addictive
• Most widely used
• Found in sodas,
  chocolate, energy
  drinks, coffee etc.
Stimulants: Amphetamine
            • Effects During “Up” time:
               – Extra energy, cheerfulness,
                 confidence, prevents sleep,
                 reduces appetite, speeds up
                 breathing and heart rate,
                 widens the pupils.
            • Effects During Down time
               – Feelings of helplessness and
                 hopelessness, anxiety, anger
            • It's taken by mouth,
              injected or inhaled.
            • Nicknames and Examples:
              Speed, meth, crystal,
              crank, tweak, ice, glass
             Stimulants: Cocaine
• Extremely Addictive and
  Illegal Drug
• Effects:
   – restlessness, irritability,
     anxiety, paranoia,
     aggression, respiratory
     arrest, seizures, death.
• It's inhaled or injected
• Nicknames: Coke, Snow,
  Nose Candy, Flake, Big
  C, Lady, White and
        Type 2: Depressants
• Slows Down Body Functions (CNS)
  – Slows Breathing
  – Slows heart rate
  – Slows reaction time
• Examples: Alcohol and Barbituates
Depressants: Barbituates
            • Effects: Very similar to
               – Calming, sleep induction
                 and anxiety reduction,
                 slurred speech,
            • Taken By mouth
            • Other Names: Downers,
              Barbs, Blue Devils, Red
              Devils, Yellow Jacket
            Type 3 - Narcotics
• Drugs that act on the CNS to relieve pain.
• Morphine – Used Legally in hospitals
   – Very addictive
• Codeine – Used legally by prescription
   – 1/6 as effective and addictive as Morphine
• Heroin – Illegal, addictive and harmful
   – 10 Times as powerful as Morphine
   – Deep state of relaxation, constrict
     pupils, slows heart beat, induces sleep
       Type 4 - Hallucinogens
• Cause a change in a person’s perception of
  reality. (I.E. They see and take things in
• Man made substance to increase potency
• LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide)
  – Effects: Altered states of
  perception and feeling, nausea,
  loss of appetite, sleeplessness,
  numbness, weakness, tremors.
Hallucinogens: Mushrooms
            • Certain types of
              mushrooms have
              hallucinogenic substance
              that is ingested by
            • Effects:
               – Euphoria, visual
                 hallucinations, nausea,
                 fear or agitation,
                 confusion, delirium,
                 psychosis, schizophrenia
                 like syndromes.
            Hallucinogens: PCP
•   Other Names: Angel dust, wack, ozone
•   Severe unpredictable side effects.
•   Very toxic even in low doses.
•   Effects:
    – High blood pressure, lack of coordination, irregular
      muscle functioning, little or no pain response, loss of
      sensitivity, fever, nausea vomiting. Agitation,
• PCP Rage – uncontrollable bursts of violence
  and unstoppable strength
             Type 5: Cannabis
• This drug is found naturally in plants
• THC is the major ingredient.
• Effects:
   – Relaxation, drowsiness, lowering if inhibitions,
     distorted perceptions, short term memory loss,
     blood shot eyes, dry throat, increased heart rate,
     tightness of chest, dizziness, decreased muscular
• Hashish: Most potent form of Cannabis
• Marijuana is the cheaper, less potent form of
                 Type 6: Inhalants
• Substances that produce
  fumes that are sniffed to
  produce intoxication
• Can be deadly, you never
  know how much drug you are
  actually taking in
• Types:
   – Cleaning fluid, lacquer, model
     airplane glue, gasoline, nitrous
• Effects:
   – Euphoria, hallucinations,
     memory loss, occasional
     aggressiveness. Repeated
     exposure can increase these
           Type 7: Club Drugs
• Variety of drugs used at all-night dance parties,
  nightclubs, and concerts.
• Ecstasy: (MDMA) Stimulant and hallucinogen.
   – Euphoria and heightened energy and emotions.
• GHB – Anabolic steroid that acts as a sedative.
• Ketamine – Anesthetic
   – causes dreaminess and hallucinations, especially out
     of body experiences.
• Rohypnol – sedative
   – intoxicaton, relaxation.
     Type 8: Anabolic Steroids
• Drugs that have 2 basic effects, promote
  growth of skeletal muscle and encourage
  development of male characteristics.
• More than 100 different steroids used legally in
  the US
• Side Effects:
   – Hormonal Changes, Musculoskeletal changes,
     Cardiovascular Changes, Liver Damage, Skin
     problems (ACNE), infections, Rage, Psychotic
     Other Common Drugs
• Marijuana
   – Most common street drug in the US
   Effects:  Heart Rate,  Appetite, lung damage,
      brain damage, hormonal damage,  motivation,
• Meth
Effects: anxiousness and nervousness, incessant
  talking, extreme moodiness and irritability,
  purposeless, repetitious behavior, such as picking at
  skin or pulling out hair, sleep disturbances,
  aggressive or violent behavior, disinterest in
  previously enjoyed activities; and severe depression,
  Dry mouth, sores in and around the mouth
Weight loss, Irritability, temper outbursts, aggression
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