Remarketing- the purchase of second-hand computer equipment However, things cannot be simply thrown away!--PDF by mmcsx


									       Remarketing– the purchase of second-hand computer equipment

There exist various reasons why it can be necessary or reasonable for your company to replace
or dispose of your existing computer equipment.

                      However, things cannot be simply thrown away!

In this case, i4next offers you various services and utilization options.These services can also
be combined or expanded if needed.

                        Services                                                  Utilization Options
          Transport                                                              Purchase
i4next takes care of the complete transportation process, and        i4next purchases computer equipment for market prices.Bids,
possibly also storage (e.g. during consignment sales).We will        payments and realization will take place within a few days.
attend to all kinds of collection and delivery.

          Audit                                                                  Disposal
Inventory and documentation of the computer equipment is             If the computer equipment does not have any market value, it
provided through test reports.Test reports are submitted to          will be professionally disposed (Certificate of Disposal).
clients so that they can e.g. pay attention to their asset
management systems.

          Data erasing                                                           Consignment Sales
i4next will securely delete all data under international standards   i4next will take over the computer equipment and sell it within
upon request.This procedure will be agreed with the client; it       the specified time.Clients will receive profit from the sales and
can also be carried out on spot if needed.                           i4next will receive commission.

          Cleaning                                                                Sales to Employees
Prior to its resale, the computer equipment will be cleaned up.If i4next will purchase the computer equipment and resells it to
other internal use (cascading) of the computer equipment is       employees.Clients will thus be responsible for claims resulting
planned, assignments from clients will be applied in the process. from liability for defects, taxes and possible risks

          Spareparts sourcing                                                   Cascading
 You need spare parts for your IT infrastructure. We are able to     If the computer equipment is needed at other place or in other
support yourprocurement to obtain demanded spare parts.              company, i4next will maintain this process with the use of
I4next posses over a bright stock oftested spare parts.              appropriate services.

For you, as clients, individual combination of services and utilization methods is the optimum
balance of costs, earnings and security.

We will be pleased to compile specific bids which will meet your specific requirements for you.

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