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									                                                                  USER NOTES FOR
                                                                  ONE WAY NON-DISCLOSURE DEED –
                                                                  FOR STAFF, STUDENTS, VISITORS AND ALL
                                                                  PERSONS ENGAGED BY THE UNIVERSITY
                                                                  AS    CONTRACTORS       WHERE     THE
                                                                  UNIVERSITY DISCLOSES CONFIDENTIAL

1.0              Purpose and use of these User Notes

1.1              These User Notes:

                 (a)              are designed to assist completion of the One Way Non-Disclosure Deed for
                                  Staff, Students, Visitors and all Persons Engaged by the University as
                                  Contractors where the University Discloses Confidential Information ("Deed");

                 (b)              should be read in conjunction with the Griffith University Intellectual Property
                                  Policy and the Griffith University Intellectual Property Procedures housed in
                                  the Griffith University Policy Library; and

                 (c)              do not form part of the Deed.

1.2              If you have any uncertainty about the use of this Deed or if the Deed does not appear
                 to cover your situation please contact the Legal Services Unit.

1.3              This Deed is not intended to prevent the negotiation of arrangements specific to a
                 particular circumstance. However, any variations to the terms of the Deed must only be
                 made with the approval of the Legal Services Unit.

2.0              When should you use this Deed?

2.1              This Deed should be used when the University wishes to disclose information but
                 wishes the recipient (the Person) to keep that information confidential. The Person may
                 be a:

                 (a)              visitor;

                 (b)              student;

                 (c)              staff member; or

                 (d)              person engaged by the University as a contractor (including without limitation
                                  persons engaged under contracts for services, consultants and

2.2              This Deed does not impose confidentiality obligations on the University. The University
                 has developed another document called the "Mutual Non- Disclosure Deed for Staff,
                 Students, Visitors and all Persons Engaged by the University as Contractors Where
                 Both Parties Disclose Confidential Information to Each Other" which imposes
                 obligations on both the University and the Person to keep each others' Confidential
                 Information confidential.


3.0           How do I effectively enter into this Deed?

3.1           In order to effectively execute the Deed you must:

              (a)           check that the description of the Confidential Information accurately reflects all
                            of the confidential information which will be or may be provided to the Person
                            for the Purpose.

              (b)           insert a description of the Purpose for which the Confidential Information is
                            being disclosed. Include as much detail about the Purpose and the reason for
                            disclosure as possible. By way of example, the relevant Purpose may include:

                            (i)           "Purpose" means the involvement of the Person as a member of the
                                          University staff in undertaking research into plant cells;

                            (ii)          "Purpose" means the engagement of the Person as an independent
                                          contractor to provide information technology technical services to the

                            (iii)         "Purpose" means the assistance provided by the Person as part of
                                          their research into data encryption codes;

                            (iv)          "Purpose" means the participation by the Person in autistic child
                                          psychology research undertaken while a University visitor;

                            (v)           "Purpose" means the participation by the Person in actuarial
                                          economic research undertaken while a University Student;

                            (vi)          "Purpose" means the participation by the Person in the University's
                                          request for a proposal for the provision of photo-copying services;

                            (vii)         "Purpose" means participating in preliminary discussions to assess
                                          the commercial opportunities of a patent/research; or

                            (viii)        "Purpose" means the involvement by the Person, not as a staff
                                          member, in research into microbiology as part of the Person's PhD.

              (c)           insert the full name and address of the Person whom the Deed is intended to
                            bind in the Deed Schedule.

              (d)           date the Deed in the Deed Schedule - the date must be the date upon which
                            the Person signs the Deed. The Deed will become effective from that date.

              (e)           be signed by the Person, whom the Deed is intended to bind, in the presence
                            of a witness. The witness must be over the age of 18 years (no other special
                            qualifications are required). The witness must sign the Deed, and print their
                            full name. The witness does not have to be the same person for both the
                            Person and the University.

              (f)           be signed by an authorised officer of Griffith University, in the presence of a
                            witness. Details of the University's authorised officers can be found at


4.0           What should I do with the Deed after it has been completed?

4.1           After the Deed has been effectively entered into, the original Deed should be provided
              to the Legal Services Unit.

4.2           A copy of the completed Deed should be:

              (a)           provided to Person whom the Deed is intended to bind; and

              (b)           held by the authorised officer of the University.


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