Value of Events in view of Publicity 9 At Marathons we are Friend Raising 15 Fundraising and to build Credibility Fund Raising and Fun Raising Events are a great source of funds for NGOs by mab53794

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									 Value of Events in view of Publicity, 9 At Marathons we are Friend Raising, 15
 Fundraising and to build Credibility    Fund Raising and Fun Raising
 'Events are a great source of funds for NGOs,         'Raising funds through marathons is not a
 especially small NGOs..' says Vishal Talreja          new concept but certainly an effective one.’

 Events Help Garner Funds and        11 Add events to Fundraising calendar 17
 Enhance Visibility of the Organisation completely covered' says Pampa Chowdhury
                                        'We go ahead with events only if our costs are

 'The time when your entire organisation is up
 there on stage…' according to the IFA team        Importance of raising local support 18
 Good Planning is Key to Success                12 And involvement for a cause
 of any Fundraising Event                              'Helping others is a culture.. tap this human
                                                       Human tendency but do it locally' says
 'Meticulous planning done well in advance             Manish Jha
 saves time, effort and resources,' says
 Sharda Basnet

 An Insight into Partners who                   13
 make Dreams possible
 'Being a charity for marathon, ie, enabling
 other charities to raise funds has great

Researchers from 16 Nations Explore
Concepts of Health Technologies
                                                   4       Delhi Half-Marathon 2010 has 86
                                                           Corporate Teams Run for Charity Causes
                                                                                                  6         Friends
Foundation funds 65 ideas to improve global
health; from vaccines delivered in local cuisine
to blankets of light for jaundiced newborns
                                                           Last year Rs 2.07 crore was raised through the
                                                           event, the figures are expected to cross
                                                           Rs 3.5 crore this year
Private Sector Leads with nearly half of           5       Implications of Direct Tax Code on          7
Donations made in China
The country's top think tank says private-run
enterprises were the major driving force for
                                                           Non-Government Organisations

                                                           Amendment to Section 80G of the             8
China's charity donations in 2009                          Income Tax Act
                                                                                                                 through Events
Raisers’ Ask – December 2010                                                                                                       2

                               'The freshness of the ideas and               needs good homework to know the
   Letters to the Editor       articles in Raisers' Ask makes
                               reading it an absolute pleasure...'
                                                                             needs and preparation of a specific ASK.

                                                                             Shalabh Mittal, Team Leader, Targeted Interventions
                               I have been reading every issue of             HIV/ AIDS, Raman Development Consultants Pvt Ltd
                               Raisers' Ask very carefully for over a year
                               now. The freshness of the ideas and
                               articles makes reading it absolutely a        ‘I am proud to be a Raisers' Ask
                               pleasure. I personally believe that           reader and one of its contributors.’
                               fundraising cannot have shortcuts and
                               agree with AJ Santosh's There is no           Raisers' Ask has been a very informative
                               Shortcut to Raising Money.                    and enlightening magazine since the
                                                                             time of its inception. It is quite
                               The last issue of the magazine definitely     appealing, helpful and educational to
                               gave important information on how to          read each contributor's inputs based on
                               raise funds for disaster-struck               their practical experiences. Feel so good
                               communities. The truth is, managing           and proud to be part of a responsible
                               these funds requires more skill than          social sector after reading various latest
                               raising and spending them.                    updates given in Raiser's Ask. It has
                                                                             been a great learning always... it is a
                               Recently, I was in Ladakh post the recent     different, interesting, appealing,
                               flash floods. It was a learning               motivating, encouraging, cheering and
                               experience. A lot of relief came and it       informative magazine with all practical
                               was overwhelming to see the amount of         examples. Keep up the good write ups
                               relief material coming in. But it was also    going... way to go! I am proud to be a
                               disheartening to see that many materials      Raisers' Ask reader and one of its
                               that came did not suit the need/ climate      contributors.
                               there. That could have definitely been
                               averted if the donors were aware and                       Prarthana Unkalkar Kaul, iVolunteer
                               well-informed. Resource mobilisation
Raisers’ Ask – December 2010                                                                                                                   3

                                                                                           year and this year it may well reach
   Events must Succeed to Raise Money!                                                     Rs 3.5 crore; and the Bangalore 10K Run
                                                                                           has over the past three years enabled
                                                                                           organisations to raise Rs 3.1 crore.
                                                                                           Because of the growing importance of
                                               and the caution that one needs to take!     these events, we decided to interview
                                               Yes, do be careful, events can go wrong!    two of the 'charity partners' who work
                                               A very good event fundraiser in Mumbai,     with the event-management company to
                                               Veera Rao once said to me that she will     facilitate 'charity' engagement: Concern
                                               never organise an event unless she is       India in Delhi and Bangalore Cares in
                                               100 per cent sure that it will succeed;     Bangalore. We have asked them what
                                               very good advice. However, despite the      they feel about facilitating the
                                               dangers, in this issue we have decided to   fundraising of registered organisations.
                                               concentrate on the positives.               We have also included some 'tips' on how
                                                                                           to raise funds through piggybacking on
                                               Concern India Foundation and Indian         events like the marathons.
                                               Foundation for Arts have immense
                                               experience in organising and raising        An organisation like Greenpeace
                                                                                           Rs 3.5 crore; and the Bangalore 10K Run
                                               funds successfully through events and       specialises in dramatic years to
                                                                                           has over the past threeevents enabled
                                               are sharing some of their experiences       highlight its campaigns, which catch
                                                                                           organisations to raise Rs3.1 crore. the
                                               with us. We are also pleased to have two    media and the growing importance of
                                                                                           Because of public attention and serve as
                                               stories from Nepal. Save the Children,      a basis for their fundraising. However,
                                                                                           these events, we decided to interview for
                                               Nepal shares its latest experience in       most organisations, dramatic events can
                                                                                           two of the 'charity partners' who work
 Our sector is good at organising
                                               organising a 'musical night' with a local   and event-management companies to
                                                                                           with should not be the only method for
 'awareness-raising' events. Examples
                                               voluntary organisation to raise funds for    raising resources. But all organisations
                                                                                           facilitate 'charity' engagements: Concern
 would be an annual day or a visit to the
                                               their cause. Manish Jha of Samriddhi,       should Delhi and Bangalore Cares in
                                                                                           India inconsider events, either organised
 Parliament by persons in wheelchairs to
                                               Nepal shares his organisation's             for your own organisation; or join an
                                                                                           Bangalore. We have asked them what ty
 draw attention to the difficulty of
                                               experience in raising resources for         event organised by others, as ONE
 accessibility; or events such as release of
                                               development work, while the country is      method of fundraising. Do organise or
 a book or research report. More and
                                               in political turmoil.                       participate in an event that raises funds
 more organisations are holding 'press
 conferences' to get their events into the                                                 at least twice a year.
                                               Marathons, half-marathons, 10K runs
 media. These are important and must
                                               and other walking and running events        Happy and successful (!) organising and
 continue, but please try to get what-
                                               have been a very important source of        fundraising…
 ever event you organise, sponsored
                                               raising funds across the world for many a
 by someone. They do cost money!
                                               year now. In India, the trend is catching   Murray Culshaw
                                               up fast with the voluntary sector.
 This issue brings you the importance of       Organisations, through the 2010 Mumbai
 having fundraising events in your             Marathon raised Rs 9.16 crore; the Delhi
 fundraising calendar… to spread your          Half-Marathon raised over Rs 2 crore last
 message, engage friends and raise

 Vishal Talreja in the cover story states
 the merits of this method of fundraising
Raisers’ Ask – December 2010                                                                                                                                                              4
                                                                                                                                                           NEWS – GLOBAL

                                                                                                                                           reversible oral male contraceptive
 Researchers from 16 Nations Explore                                                       Low-cost cell-phone applications
                                                                                                                                        Mohammed Abdul Quaiyum of
                                                                                           Terry Ferrari of World Vision will field-
 Concepts of Health Technologies                                                              test, in central Mozambique, two
                                                                                                                                           International Centre for Diarrhoeal
                                                                                                                                           Disease Research in Bangladesh will
                                                                                              mobile phone modules that prompt             develop and test an inexpensive,
                                                                                              community health workers caring              biodegradable absorbent mat that
                                                                                              for pregnant women and newborns              can be placed under mothers who
   Foundation funds 65 ideas to improve global                                                to assess, take action and to refer          have just delivered babies to assess
                                                                                              care in cases of complications and
   health; from vaccines delivered in local cuisine                                           emergencies.
                                                                                                                                           immediate postpartum blood loss.
                                                                                                                                           The mat can be weighed regularly to
   to blankets of light for jaundiced newborns                                             Mark Thomas of VaxTrac in the US
                                                                                           ?                                               measure absorbed blood, providing
                                                                                              will field-test a mobile phone-based         easy and early detection of
                                                                                              vaccination registry that uses               postpartum haemorrhaging.
                                              hospitals, non-profit organisations and         fingerprint scans to track those who
 Grand Challenges Explorations is
                                              private companies around the world.             have received immunisations in
 producing innovative ways to tackle
                                                                                              hopes of reducing redundant doses
 ongoing global health challenges like
                                              Project examples include:                       and boosting coverage levels in
 vaccine delivery and caring for mothers
                                                                                              developing countries.
 and newborns, Dr Tachi Yamada,               Innovative vaccine strategies
 President of the Gates foundation's                                                      New family health strategies
 Global Health Programme belives that,         Michael
                                               ? Chan of the Ohio State
 “By applying mobile technology and               Research Foundation will develop a       Arye Rosen of AMT Inc in the US,
 other tools to global health, we hope to         safe strain of the tuberculosis             with neonatologist Harel Rosen, will
 produce solutions that could save                bacterium and use it to ferment             test a low-cost, solar-powered
 countless lives,”.                               beans used in the traditional Asian         portable blanket that will provide
                                                  dish natto, which could then be             light therapy to jaundiced infants
 In five rounds of the foundation's Grand         eaten as an oral TB vaccine
 Challenges Explorations initiative, 405       Ali Salanti of the University of
 researchers representing 34 countries            Copenhagen in Denmark will                                                           Grand Challenges Explorations
 have been awarded grants. Projects in            develop and test a vaccine
 this round include developing a synthetic        combining a novel placental malaria                                                  Grand Challenges Explorations is
 lymph node to deliver vaccines, creating         vaccine candidate with the cervical                                                  financed by, Bill and Melinda Gates
 a low-cost, needle-free treatment for            cancer vaccine, with the potential of                                                Foundation, a five-year, $100-million
 post-partum bleeding, and making a               inducing a strong protective                                                         initiative, to promote innovation in global
 mobile phone-based tool that combines            response against both diseases                                                       health. It is part of the Grand Challenges
 diagnostic testing with economic                                                                                                      in Global Health initiative, which is
                                               ? Meshnick and Carla Hand of                                                            supported by the Gates foundation to
 incentives to improve drug compliance.
                                                  the University of North Carolina will                                                achieve major breakthroughs in global
 These grantees were selected from more           develop a biodegradable synthetic                                                    health. Applications for Round 6 of Grand
 than 2,400 proposals. A wide range of            lymph node that could be placed                                                      Challenges Explorations will be accepted
 disciplines are represented, including           under the skin to deliver more           H Breitbart of Bar-Ilan University in
                                                                                           ?                                           from March 2011. Details are available at
 applicants from traditional life sciences,       effective vaccines.                         Israel will design and test molecules
 public health, engineering, math and                                                         that would inactivate specific genes
 computer sciences. They are based in                                                         within sperm that are essential to
 universities, research institutes,                                                           the fertilisation process to develop a             Source:
Raisers’ Ask – December 2010                                                                                                                                                          5
                                                                                                                                                               NEWS – ASIA

                                                                                           "Charity should become a habit for
 Private Sector leads with nearly half                                                     common people in their daily life rather
                                                                                           than for business people or the rich," is
 of donations made in China                                                                his opinion. He also said transparency in
                                                                                           the charity sector should be realised
                                                                                           through social supervision.
   The country's top think tank says private-run                                           "Many people who donate money to the
   enterprises were the major driving force for                                            government admit they have no idea
                                                                                           how or where the money is being spent,"
   China's charity donations in 2009

                                             which amounted to 62.9 per cent of                   Charity should                       he said. "But some charity programmes
                                             enterprises involved in charity last year,                                                under non-governmental organisations
                                             according to the report.                             become a habit                       (NGOs) provide more transparent
                                                                                                                                       feedback, and they should play a more
                                             "More private entrepreneurs want to                   for common                          important role in providing relevant
                                             exercise their social responsibility after                                                services," according to him.
                                             accumulating huge wealth," Li Zhiyan,            people in their daily
                                             Director of the non-profit Social                                                         "Human resources in civil affairs
                                             Resources Institute, says in the report.          life rather than for                    departments are limited, so governments
                                                                                                                                       should buy services from NGOs," he said.
                                             The report also declares that the real              business people
                                             estate industry had been 'generous' and                                                   Under the current rules, NGOs have to
                                             'active' in charity donations in China last            or the rich                        be affiliated with a government
 Private-run enterprises donated around      year. Chinese organisations received                                                      department before they can register with
 5.43 billion Yuan ($812 million) in 2009,   donations totalling 33.2 billion Yuan in                                                  the Ministry of Civil Affairs.
 which accounted for 41.35 per cent of       2009, a 3.5 per cent increase on the
 total donations from enterprises in 2009,   amount received in 2008, according to                                                     "Some local governments have
 according to an annual report on China's    the report.                                                                               introduced rules to oversee charity
 philanthropy development released by                                                                                                  donations and increase supervision,"
 the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences      However, “charity donations have not                                                      Zheng Yuanchang, a senior official of the
 in November 2010.                           become a habit for citizens in China,” in                                                 Ministry of Civil Affairs, added.
                                             the words of Fan Baojun, President of the
 A total of 282 private-run enterprises      China Charity Federation. He cited this                                                                            Source: China Daily

 donated more than 1 million Yuan each,      for an example. Charity donations from
                                             individuals in 2008 for the first time
                                             exceeded those from businesses, as
                                             ordinary people played an active role in
                                             relief work for the May 12 Sichuan
                                             earthquake. But the commitment to
                                             charity decreased when people gradually
                                             recovered from the pain in 2009.
Raisers’ Ask – December 2010                                                                                                                                                        6
                                                                                                                                                          NEWS – INDIA

  While, last year Rs 2.07 crore was raised
  through the event, the figures are expected to
  cross Rs 3.5 crore this year

 More than 30,000 Delhiites contested      as 86 corporate teams. As many as 28
 the third edition of Airtel Delhi Half-   individuals, as Dream Makers, have
 Marathon 2010 in perfect conditions on    pledged to raise more than Rs1 lakh each
 21 November, a Sunday. The                for their chosen cause and nine Dream
 participants included national and        Challengers pledged to raise more than
 international athletes, corporate         Rs3 lakh each for their cause. While, last
 honchos and Bollywood stars – Arshad      year Rs 2.07 crore was raised through
 Warsi, Maria Goretti, Gul Panag and       the event, the figures are expected to
 Rahul Bose. Bipasha Basu, the event       cross Rs 3.5 crore this year.
 ambassador, cheered the runners.
                                           The event kicked off with the Senior
 The number of voluntary organisations     Citizen Run of 4 km, followed by the
 registered with the official charity      Half-Marathon Run of 21.097 km, the
 partner to raise funds through this       Wheelchair event of 2.5 km and the main
 year's event stands at 78, while 67       event, the Great Delhi Run of 6 km,
 companies have pledged under the          which was flagged off by the Delhi Chief
 Corporate Challenge through as many       Minister Sheila Dikshit. Business tycoon
                                           Anil Ambani, a regular participant in the
                                           Mumbai Marathon, ran in the Delhi Half-      costumes and designs projecting an          Airtel Delhi Half-Marathon is India's
                                           Marathon this year. Other illustrious        upbeat mood, euphoria and above all,        largest half-marathon run and is
                                           participants included Rajan Mittal, Kiran    the cause they were supporting. The         proclaimed as the 'world's richest half-
                                           Bedi and former Indian hockey captain        effort of individuals and groups was        marathon' by the organisers. The race
                                           Dhanraj Pillay.                              tremendous and aptly rewarded with          has been accredited with the IAAF Gold
                                           The event was a kaleidoscope of colours      cash prizes, courtesy giant charity-event   Label Road Race. The run started in 2005
                                           as participants turned up in innovative      sponsor Kingfisher. The group awards        as the Hutch Delhi Half-Marathon and the
                                                                                        went to Adarsh Public School for Save       2010 run is the 6th edition of the race.
                                                                                        the Girl Child and Raffles Millennium
                                                                                        International for Go Green. In the                             Raisers’ Ask correspondent
                                                                                        individual category, Amarjeet R Bains for
                                                                                        Quit Smoking, Sarika Garg for Scare
                                                                                        Terrorism and Deepa Sachdev for Shark
Raisers’ Ask – December 2010                                                                                                                                                  7
                                                                                                                                                         NEWS – INDIA

                                                                                           Not-for-profit organisations (NPO)         years
 Implications of Direct Tax Code on                                                        ?
                                                                                             have to follow the cash-based          The funds or assets shall not be
                                                                                             accounting system. However,
 Non-Government Organisations                                                                companies coming under section 25
                                                                                                                                      used for the benefit of interested
                                                                                                                                      persons, whether directly or
                                                                                             can follow the mercantile basis of       indirectly
  The Union Cabinet has approved the proposed                                              The government can notify some
                                                                                                                                    Anonymous donations will be
                                                                                                                                      exempted to the extent of 5 per cent
  Direct Tax Code (DTC). FMSF points out some                                                NPO as exempt entity                     or Rs1 lakh, whichever is higher. The
  clauses in the code that will adversely affect                                           All receipts except loans and corpus
                                                                                           ?                                          remaining amount will be taxed @
                                                                                             donation shall be considered as part     30 per cent.
  voluntary organisations when DTC is enacted                                                of income
                                                                                           Any surplus from receipt and cash
                                                                                             expenditure during the year will be
                                              Direct Tax Code for the sector
                                                                                             taxable @ 15 per cent
                                              FMSF has highlighted key elements of         NPOs
                                                                                           ?cannot transfer any amount to
                                              the proposed DTC and its implications in       their corpus without paying taxes.
                                              its publication Standards and Norms.           Currently, 15 per cent of income can
                                              Some of the highlights are as under:           be accumulated indefinitely
                                               No re-registration required
                                               ?                                           If the
                                                                                           ?NPO is unable to spend the
                                               ? cent of gross receipts or 15
                                               Ten per                                       income during the year, then it can
                                                  per cent of income, whichever is           only accumulate 15 per cent of
                                                  higher, will not be taxed, provided it     income to be spent in the next three
                                                  is spent in the next three years: In
                                                  other words, 85 per cent of income
 Financial Management Service
                                                  or 90 per cent of gross receipts will      If the NPO is unable
                                                  be taxed if not spent during the year
 Foundation (FMSF) is a development
 resource organisation involved in the         If any
                                               ? income is received in the last              to spend the income
                                                  month of the financial year, then it
 financial management of legal issues and
                                                  will not be treated as surplus and
                                                                                            during the year, then
 governance of developmental
 organisations in South Asia.                     will not be taxed                        it can only accumulate
                                               Religious organisations also included
 FMSF monitors development projects and
                                               The term 'charitable purpose' has
                                                                                                  15 per cent
 capacity building of non-government
 organisations (NGOs) in areas of financial       been retained; earlier it was coined          of income to be
 management, legal regulations and                as 'permissible welfare activity'
 governance. It conducts various research         Basic exemption limit has been                  spent in the
 activities and provides consultancy              provided; surplus in excess of limit
 services regarding legal and financial           shall be taxed                               next three years
 issues to a number of NGOs.
Raisers’ Ask – December 2010                                                                                                                                                          8
                                                                                                                                                           NEWS – INDIA

                                                                                        issued a circular confirming that all      purposes other than charitable
 Amendment to Section 80G of the                                                        approvals under Section 80G shall
                                                                                                                                 The organisation shall not be
                                                                                        be perpetual in nature
 Income Tax Act                                                                       ? may call for such
                                                                                      The CIT
                                                                                                                                   established for any particular
                                                                                                                                   religious community or caste. This
 The Ministry of Finance, Government of        income; it cannot be claimed against     information and documents, which           condition will not apply to
 India, has released notifications,            losses nor can it be carried forward     may be felt necessary for processing       organisations established for
 approvals and amendments related to                                                    of the application                         scheduled tribes, scheduled castes
                                             Deduction is available against
                                             ?                                                                                     and backward tribes or for women
 The Taxation Laws (Amendment) Bill                                                   The time-limit for processing the
                                               taxable income only. If some part of                                                and children. However, if less than 5
 2006. One such amendment is related to                                                 application is six months from the
                                               the income is not taxable, then it                                                  per cent of income is used for the
 Section 80G of the Income Tax Act. FMSF                                                date on which such application is
                                               should be excluded for the purposes                                                 benefit of any particular religious
 has summarised the changes and below                                                   made. While computing, the period
                                               of Section 80G. However, in certain                                                 community or caste, then exemption
 are the excerpts:                                                                      of six months, any time taken by the
                                               cases it has been held that full                                                    and deduction under Section 80G
   ? Section 80G, donors get 50
   Under                                                                                applicant for fulfilment of directions
                                               deduction will be available even if                                                 will not be affected
      per cent deduction from their                                                     by the CIT shall be excluded
                                               the donation is made out of
      taxable income. In some cases the        composite income comprising both       If the
                                                                                      ?application is to be rejected,
      deduction can be up to 100 per cent      taxable and non-taxable income           opportunity of being heard should be
      of the donation                                                                   provided to the applicant and the
                                             It is not
                                             ? necessary that the donation
   ? 80G (1) specifies two
   Section                                                                              reasons for rejection are also
                                               should have a nexus with the             required to be recorded                  It may
                                                                                                                                 ? be noted that the NGO
      categories of donations, one             prospects of business                                                               should issue a receipt to the donor
      entitling 100 per cent tax deduction                                            The applicant has to comply with the
                                                                                      ?                                            and such receipt should bear the
      and the other entitling 50 per cent    Donations need not necessarily be
                                             ?                                          following conditions, in order to be       80G registration details, which will
      deduction. In other words, donations     made out of current year's income;       eligible for approval:                     enable the donor to claim tax benefit
      to certain organisations will fetch      donations out of the reserve fund or
      the donor 100 per cent deduction         the previous year's income are also      It must be established for
                                                                                        §                                        The Income Tax Department earlier
      and donations to remaining eligible      eligible for deduction                    charitable purposes                       issued registrations for periods of
      organisations would qualify for 50                                                If the organisation has business
                                                                                        §                                          two to five years and at the end of
                                             To claim deduction under Section
                                             ?                                                                                     the period the NGO was required to
      per cent deduction                                                                 income, then the donations
                                               80G it is necessary to produce                                                      apply for renewal of the 80G
   The maximum limit (for the donor)
   ?                                                                                     received should not be used for the
                                               adequate proof of payment                                                           certificate. However, with effect from
      of qualifying amount under Section                                                 purposes of business directly or
                                             For registration under Section 80G,
                                             ?                                           indirectly                                1.10.2009 the 80G certificate has
      80G is 10 per cent of the total
                                               the organisation has to apply                                                       become permanent in nature. In
      income before allowing the                                                        A certificate in this respect has to
                                               through Form 10G to the                                                             other words, all 80G certificates
      deduction, unless the donation is                                                  be issued to the donor specifying
                                               Commissioner of Income Tax (CIT)                                                    valid on 1.10.2009 or issued after
      made to specific organisations, such                                               that separate books of account are        1.10.2009 are permanent in nature,
      as the Prime Minister's Relief Fund    Approval is perpetual in nature. It
                                             ?                                           maintained and that the donation          unless it is specifically withdrawn by
   ? 80G is not applicable to
   Section                                     may be noted that prior to                will not be used for the purposes of      the Income Tax Department.
      donations in kind; donations in the      1.10.2009, such approvals were            business directly or indirectly
                                                                                                                                    This information is drawn from a publication of
      form of cash only are eligible           granted for periods of two to three    The byelaws shall not contain any
                                                                                      ?                                                       FMSF more information, please visit
   Deduction under Section 80G is
                                               years up to the maximum limit of         provision for spending the income or                      
      available only against positive          five years. The CBDT has recently        assets of the organisation for
Raisers’ Ask – December 2010                                                                                                                                                          9
                                                                                                                                                              COVER STORY

                                               Value of Events in view of Publicity,                                                   band is never enough reason to jump
                                                                                                                                       onto the event bandwagon, especially if
                                                                                                                                       you plan to conduct, organise and own
                                               Fundraising and to build Credibility                                                    the event yourself. An event-ready
                                                                                                                                       organisation is one that has the staff (the
 Recently, a children's shelter home                                                                                                   right kind of staff), the capital to make
 decided to host a rock concert. One of         ‘Events are a great source of funds for NGOs,                                          the investment, the network to get
 their trustees was able to get a rock                                                                                                 sponsors, marketing muscle and the
 band to perform pro-bono to help raise         especially small NGOs; and they can be a lot of                                        capacity to sell the event to audiences
 funds for this shelter home. The shelter                                                                                              small/ big.
 was just required to organise the event
                                                fun, both as participants as well as organisers.
                                                                                                                                       Nugget 2: Recognise and play to
 and cover related costs, which they were       For best results, choose them wisely and build                                         your strengths
 quite confident to get through
 sponsorships. A week before the                them up over the years…’ says Vishal Talreja
 scheduled date of the event, they had                                                                                                 A clear strength that the shelter home
 got no sponsors and the costs were                                                                                                    had was a Trustee who was well-
 eating into their reserves. The shelter                                                                                               networked and had the access and
 home was confident that they will at                                                                                                  influence to bring on board a popular
 least recover the costs incurred through                                                                                              rock band. The strength they lacked was
 ticket sales. Two days before the event,                                                                                              in getting sponsorships, marketing the
 they had sold just 500 of the total 3,000                                                                                             event and reaching out to a large enough
 tickets. They got into a catch-22                                                                                                     audience to sell tickets. It is important to
 situation. They could not spend more                                                                                                  first recognise your strengths and then
 money on marketing and yet that was                                                                                                   put together an event that plays to our
 their only hope to sell tickets and recover                                                                                           strength. For example, if you have
 costs. At the end, the NGO ended up                                                                                                   access to High net worth individuals then
 losing Rs3 lakh on the event. They                                                                                                    you can put together an event for a
 pledged never ever to host an event as a                                                                                              select audience who will pay big money
 fundraiser.                                                                                                                           but would like an intimate gathering with
                                                                                                                                       the celebrity or performer. If your
                                                                                                                                       strength is access to many companies or
 What do you think went wrong?                                                                                                         thousands of volunteers, then a mass
 Everything!                                                                                                                           event like a rock concert might be easy
                                                                                                                                       to sell. An NGO requires multiple
 Event-based fundraising can become one                                                                                                strengths to pull off an event. These
 of the most effective, sure-shot ways to                                                                                              strengths can also be built over a period
 raise invaluable funds for your                                                                                                       of time.
 organisation or it can become a
 nightmarish experience. Events are a          Over the last 11 years of having            Nugget 1: Are you an event-ready
 double-edged sword and most NGOs fail         conducted some very successful and          organisation?
 to understand that we don't have the          some not so successful events, especially
 core competence to host a successful          for small NGOs, I have developed my         I believe not all NGOs are capable of
 event. We are good at our work but not        seven Nuggets! of wisdom on event-          hosting or conducting events. The shelter
 necessarily good at organising an event,      based fundraising and am happy to share     home mentioned above is a classic
 which is a different monster all together!    my mistakes with you.                       example. Access to a celebrity or a rock
Raisers’ Ask – December 2010                                                                                                                       10
                                                                                                                                         COVER STORY

 Nugget 3: Collaborate                        Nugget 5: Exploit existing                  build loyalty and goodwill in the market
                                              opportunities                               as a 'restaurant with a heart', while you
 The best way to make up for strengths                                                    raise funds.
 you might not have is to collaborate. If     I am a great believer that NGOs should
 organising an event, getting sponsors or     never organise their own events,            Nugget 7: Know when to phase out
 selling tickets is not your strength then    especially smaller NGOs, unless they are
 get an event-management company              building an idea that can be run for 3-5    Most events have a limited life and a
 involved. It does reduce the net             years. For example, for years CRY has       definite life-cycle. It is important to know
 proceeds but it ensures that the event is    been hosting the Corporate Quiz but it      when an event is peaking and that is the
 successful and you learn tricks of event     took them many years to build a brand       time to phase out the event. If you are
 management along the way.                    around that event. However, for smaller,    organising an event that can be repeated
 Collaborations could also be tying up        one-time events or for smaller NGOs, I      say, annually (maybe a theatre
 with another NGO with complementary          always believe it's best to jump onto       production), it will run successfully for a
 strengths or getting one of your large       existing platforms and exploit              few years, after which your target
 corporate partners to buy the entire         opportunities there. The most successful    audience will want a change. This could
 event and doing it exclusively for their     existing platforms being international      mean to either phase out the play or at
 staff. The important thing is to recognise   marathons, event management                 least revamp it. If an event is phased out
 what you are not good at and finding a       companies hosting concerts, plays and       when at its peak, the audience will have
 partner to fill that gap.                    musicals. For example, instead of doing     good memories of it and will always
                                              your own rock concert, if you know a        cherish it. The important thing is to
 Nugget 4: Look for opportunities in          band who is doing a rock concert, it's      remember that even your target
 your environment                             easier to tie-up with the event-            audience can reach a fatigue and then it
                                              management company and see if we can        will all be downhill – loss of revenue and
 There are event opportunities all around     get 20-30 per cent of the proceeds from     goodwill.
 us. The most successful places where I       the ticket sales. This way you may raise
 have found event opportunities are in the    smaller amounts but the success rate will   Happy fundraising!
 newspaper and the radio. The opening of      be higher and your expenditure will be
 a new restaurant, a new mall, a new          less.
 product launch, a new company, a new
 store, an existing restaurant running a
 theme, festival time, a celebrity coming     Nugget 6: Create win-win
 to town, etc. These are all opportunities    propositions                                 Vishal Talreja is the Co-Founder &
 and can be converted into potential                                                       Director of Dream A Dream. Dream A
 events. For example, in the case of a                                                     Dream raises over 30 per cent of its
                                              Events are not so much about supporting      annual funding through events. This is
 new restaurant coming up in your area,       a cause as much as about creating a
 a possible tie-up could be that all                                                       a very important source of funds that
                                              “wow!” experience for everyone involved.     also helps them to engage with more
 proceeds from their 1st day or 1st week      When you organise a rock concert,
 can be contributed to your NGO. If you                                                    and more donors. They run a variety
                                              people do not come there just because        of events every year – some they
 have access to a celebrity, you could tie-   the funds are going to charity. They are
 up with the restaurant to get that                                                        themselves organise and some they
                                              coming there to have a good time. The        go piggyback.
 celebrity to dine at the restaurant on the   rock band is also keen that 3,000
 opening night and donate all proceeds to     people enjoy their music. So it is
 your NGO, etc.                               important that they have their fun.
                                              Hence, it is important to create a win-
                                              win event. A new restaurant wants
                                              people to patronise it and if they tie-up
                                              with your NGO for the launch, it is to
Raisers’ Ask – December 2010                                                                                                                                                     11

 Events Help Garner Funds and                                                             Tips to Make an Event Successful
 Enhance Visibility of the Organisation                                                    ?  Plan, Plan, Plan – Make a written
                                                                                              plan that you share with your
                                                                                              team with enough lead times
                                                                                           ?  Rally the forces – Your core team
   The time when your entire organisation is up                                               and trusted volunteers count
                                                                                           ?your audience – Choose
   there on stage, being evaluated for what you                                               events that appeal and have
   do, is the time you do a fundraising event. It's                                           large outreach
                                                                                           ?your sponsor – Choose
   the time to GO [LIVE]                                                                      events that appeal to the
                                                                                              corporate brands you want
                                                                                              sponsorship from
 Among the various resource-mobilisation     then go to support our grants. That is        ? balance sheet – Make
                                                                                              Tilt that                           since we are an arts organisation, we
 strategies that India Foundation for the    only possible if the cost of organising a        sure you are making a profit        find it meaningful to organise fundraising
 Arts (IFA) implements, raising funds        high-profile arts event is covered by                                                events with celebrity artists. Engaging
                                                                                           ?  Be money-wise – Work your           and involving artists to raise funds for
 through events is the most visible one.     sponsorships leaving box office receipts         event budget and stick to it
 While IFA does organise events that         for our grant making.                                                                arts is a formula that has proved
                                                                                           ?  Location matters – Book that        extremely successful for us. Our events
 showcase the work of our grantees to                                                         central venue
 create awareness and publicity,                                                                                                  include concerts, theatre performances
                                             However, these events are also important      ? word out – Have your
                                                                                              Get the                             and art exhibitions. Organising events
 fundraising events are specially designed
                                             building-blocks for many other things.           publicity plan in place             with celebrity artists has resulted in
 to make maximum profits, which can
                                             They not only raise money but are also a      ?  Be there – Have a desk with a       enough corporate sponsorships, raised
                                             good way to publicise our organisation.          smiling, informed volunteer with    maximum amount of money, got us
   Why DO Fundraising Events?                They give us an opportunity to engage a          all your organisational materials   enormous media coverage and attracted
   Raises funds, if done right               large and diverse audience that is               out there for people to see and     a large and diverse audience reinforcing
    ? you an easier inroad to                empathetic to the arts, attract supporters       engage with                         IFA's image as a supporter of excellence
       the corporate sector by targeting     and donors and amplify the public's                                                  in arts.
                                             interest in these arts. Since most of         ?  Work your logistics – God and
       their marketing funds, instead of                                                      profit are in the details. Plan                          The Fundraising Team at IFA
       corporate social responsibility       these events are performances done by
                                             very eminent artists, the resulting media        minute details and give specific
       funds                                                                                  responsibilities to the team        About IFA
    ? you to fashion different
       Allows                                coverage and the buzz created around it
                                             gets IFA talked about in the public space.       What
                                                                                           ?can go wrong will go wrong            The Indian Foundation for Arts (IFA) is a
       events to suit your target                                                             – Be prepared for the unexpected    foundation that makes grants nationwide in a
       audience                                                                               anytime and think on your feet      country as diverse as India and in a domain as
    ? extensive media coverage
       Offers                                Being in the arts, our advantage is the                                              complex as arts. It draws upon a wide range
                                                                                           ?  Put your best foot forward –
    ?  Can create a buzz about your          access we have to various artists and art                                            of perspectives and experiences to achieve
                                                                                              Always project positive energy
       organisation and provides short-      forms, which allows us variety in our                                                this. It thus enriches the practice and
                                                                                              and network with your guests. An
       term visibility                       events. Also, since we use the model of                                              knowledge of, widens public access to, and
                                                                                              event is a moment of truth, so go
    ? outreach in a short
       Large                                 underwriting costs with corporate                                                    strengthens capacities and infrastructure in
                                                                                              in with all guns blazing
       timeframe                             sponsorship, it enables us to plug an                                                the arts in India by supporting innovative
                                             event as many times as we want in a           ?  And finally... the key to all
    ? opportunity to network                                                                  fundraising events is HAVE FUN!     projects, commissioning research and creating
       and build contacts.                   year, so long as corporate find value for                                            public platforms.
                                             their brands through our events. Again,
Raisers’ Ask – December 2010                                                                                                                                                  12

 Good Planning is Key to Success of any                                                reasonable rate. Sound and lighting were
                                                                                       also organised at a minimum cost. We
                                                                                                                                   planning resulted in us just repeating
                                                                                                                                   what we had done the previous year.
 Fundraising Event                                                                     hosted the show.                            This, after putting off the date three
                                                                                                                                   times! To be fair to us, we did put in a lot
                                                                                       One problem we faced was that of            of effort. We roped in a leading printer to
                                                                                       manpower; it was just two of us with a      print the promotional materials free of
  Meticulous planning done well in advance saves                                       whole lot of work to do. Selling tickets,
                                                                                       even to our staff, proved to be a
                                                                                                                                   cost for us. We got the national print
                                                                                                                                   media to give us advertisement at a
  time, effort and resources. The end result will                                      herculean task. Lack of experience in       discounted cost. We also promoted the
                                                                                       organising an event meant that we had       event through social networks.
  be more funds for the cause you are working for                                      to learn on the job and that resulted in
                                                                                       loss of precious time. Eventually we did    We managed to sell more tickets this
                                                                                       manage to put up a fairly good show and     year. We collaborated on the sale of
 The success of an event depends on       different kinds of people to come            earned over Rs100,000. The success of       tickets with the Association of
 planning. The actual execution heavily   together to organise an event makes it a     the event inspired the rock band and        International NGOs, a leading national
 depends on this plan. Co-ordinating      complex affair. Effort has to be put in to   they became youth ambassadors for all       NGO with a good network. It resulted in
                                          meet the right people at the right time.     our future events.                          a crowd larger than in the inaugural year
                                          Planning an event requires more effort                                                   and more fun. This time solo artistes
                                          and meticulous detailing. So it entails a    The success of our first attempt at a       were given a chance to perform and that
                                          lot of legwork. Falling short on any of      fundraising event fuelled our ambition      proved to be a big hit with the crowd.
                                          these counts may make the event a            and we decided to make fundraising
                                          non-starter. Doing a fundraising event for   events an annual affair. We learned         It does hurt us that we ended up paying
                                          the first time requires even more            precious lessons and improved on our        the event-management company for
                                          preparation and planning to ensure that      shortcomings. This made us                  something we could have managed on
                                          the goals are met.                           professionals at fundraising events.        our own. Had we planned our activities
                                                                                                                                   better, we could have extracted more out
                                          Our experience with Save the Children of     This year, because we wanted to explore     of them, which could have resulted in
                                          Nepal programme organised for the first      new ideas, we hired an event-               more money being raised. Either that or
                                          time in May 2009 taught us the               management company. It did not quite        we should have managed the event
                                          importance of planning and co-               work. Paucity of time and limited           ourselves, which we could have had we
                                          ordination. We had enough knowledge of                                                   given ourselves a little more time.
                                          the rights of children; but little
                                          knowledge or idea about organising
                                          fundraising events. A marketing unit that                                                Sharda Basnet, Marketing Officer, Save
                                          we set up for the event came up with the                                                 the Children, Nepal.
                                          idea of a rock concert. A popular rock                                                   Save the Children is one of the largest
                                          band was decided upon for the event.                                                     child-focused organisations in Nepal,
                                          The band agreed to perform for free. A                                                   working with over 90 partners in 56
                                          top hotel in Kathmandu agreed to                                                         districts and reaching over 1.5 million
                                          provide space and hospitality at a very
                                                                                                                                   children. It focuses on Education, Health
                                                                                                                                   and Nutrition, Child Protection, Child
                                                                                                                                   Rights, HIV/AIDS and Emergency
Raisers’ Ask – December 2010                                                                                                                                                           13

                                                                                                                                         ordinated by CIF. Our challenge is to
 An Insight into Partners who make                                                           charity aspect of the event. We             encourage as many companies and
                                                                                             encourage NGOs to register for the event    individuals, who have a capacity to raise
 Dreams possible                                                                             and provide pointers on how to go about     large sums of pledges, to participate.
                                                                                             fundraising from this event. We also        Very often, while employees in a
                                                                                             make presentations to the corporate         corporate register individually for the
                                                                                             sector and urge it to come forward and      run, our effort is to convince the
  Being a charity for marathon, ie, enabling other                                           participate in the charity drive. We have   corporate that their participation in the
                                                                                             also created a special page on our          Corporate Challenge can be an added
  charities to raise funds has great opportunities                                           organisation website:                       dimension of their CSR activity; an HR
                                                                                   , which provides        activity for employee bonding as well as
  and a fair share of challenges                                                             useful information, FAQs, registration      brand image building.
                                                                                             and pledge forms, etc for NGOs,
                                                                                             companies and individuals who wish to       GM Row: It is a two-way challenge,
 What do 'charity partners' do!!              Why did your organisation choose to            participate in the event.                   firstly getting organisations to realise the
                                              become a charity partner for the                                                           potential of utilising the platform to raise
 Charity partner is the phrase that many      event?                                         GM Row: We allocate a dedicated team        friends and funds; and secondly helping
 sporting event organisers now use when                                                                                                  'the public' to realise that donating to
 they want to bring a social angle to their   Nidhi Singh, Concern India                                                                 organisations during this time is easier
 event. A marathon could be a good            Foundation (CIF): The marathon is one                                                      than usual and very worthwhile.
 platform for an organisation to use to       of the few events, which promotes a
 raise funds. Being a charity partner for a   sports spirit as well as a social focus. We
 marathon, ie, enabling other charities to    see our responsibility as the charity
 raise funds has great opportunities and a    partner as an extension of our activity in
 fair share of challenges.                    the development area.
 Raisers' Ask interviewed two such charity    GM Row Bangalore Cares (BC): We                                                            What steps do you take to help or
 partners in India – Concern India            assist organisations to raise their profile,                                               encourage charities to fundraise?
 Foundation for the Delhi Half-Marathon       promote engagement of Bangalore
 and Bangalore Cares for the Bangalore        society (both companies and individuals)                                                   Nidhi: The marathon is a huge platform
 10K Run – to understand the angle of         and look for ways for organisations to                                                     where charities can come together and
 charity partners in an international         raise their income. The World10K run                                                       raise funds for their work. Our constant
                                                                                             within Bangalore Cares to work full-time    efforts are to see that this opportunity is
 renowned running event.                      presents a great opportunity to work
                                                                                             on the event. We now have four people:      maximised to raise funds. We reach out
                                              towards these objectives.
                                                                                             One coordinates and works with the          to various NGOs to register and guide
                                              What are the most important                    Bangalore Cares Board and Procam            them through various ways to raise
                                              management steps you take to                   International – who are the event           pledges and funds. We also make
                                              manage these large-scale                       managers. Another encourages voluntary      presentations to the corporate sector
                                              prestigious events?                            organisations to participate, a third       encouraging their participation in the
                                                                                             motivates companies while the forth         charity run. And we counsel them to
                                              Nidhi: As the official charity partner, our    provides necessary administrative           consider supporting smaller grass-root
                                              focus is to create awareness amongst the       support.                                    NGOs, rather than focus on well-
                                              NGO and corporate circles about the                                                        established ones. If a corporate has
                                                                                             What are the challenges that you
                                                                                                                                         more than one team participating, then
                                                                                             face while conducting these events?
                                                                                                                                         we encourage them to support as
                                                                                             Nidhi: Procam International manages         many causes as the number of teams
                                                                                             the event. The charity collection is co-    they have.
Raisers’ Ask – December 2010                                                                                                                                                         14

 GM Row: We do a number of things to           What are the benefits for                    way; while a few individuals run for the       c. Involve all staff and friends, and
 help organisations that register. We start    participating charities in such              glory of the race and winning the prize           friends of friends; wider the circle of
 registrations four months prior to the        piggyback events?                            money, many run for the exercise and              involvement you are able to build,
 run, giving time to plan fundraising. We                                                   the cause they believe in.                        wider the support you will get.
 conduct workshops to explain the              Nidhi: The benefits are numerous. The
 process to organisations; and we are          primary focus is to raise vital funds. Due   Any tips on how to fundraise in a             Do you see a high potential for
 ready to help organisations make              to the excitement built around the event,    marathon, which you would care to             fundraising by charities to increase
 presentations to companies. We provide        many people are motivated and charged        share with the readers?                       over the next few years?
 organisations an online payment gateway       to run for a cause and raise pledges. On
                                               the day of the event, many of the NGOs       Nidhi: On our website                         Nidhi: A marathon is an international
 where anyone (from within India) can                                             , we have a special       sporting event and is usually connected
 donate to them. We follow-up with             also participate in the run, carry banners
                                               and placards and create awareness about      section on the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon.    with charity. We have seen the charity
 organisations and companies who have                                                       Here we have drafted out some tips for        collection increase over the last two
 registered to make sure they understand       their organisation.
                                                                                            fundraising. These are simple but can be      years. Moreover, we are hopeful that the
 what to do and when.                                                                       effective steps towards fundraising; such     trend will continue.
                                               GM Row: Marathons (full/ half and 10
 You being a charity yourself, how             km) throughout the world have a strong       as how to raise Rs5,000 in ten days. Very
                                                                                            often people hesitate to ask for donations    GM Row: Yes indeed, we see
 can you manage your fundraising                                                                                                          tremendous potential for fundraising to
 unaffected by helping other                                                                from their friends, colleagues and
                                                                                            associates. We just need to remind them       increase in the coming years. There will
 organisation to fundraise?                                                                                                               be more and more events like the
                                                                                            that they are doing this for a social cause
 Nidhi: We always bear in mind the fact                                                     and for those who are not very                marathons, which organisations can join.
 that we are a support organisation and                                                     privileged.                                   Organisations themselves can think of
 that for the marathon we are the official                                                                                                different events; and the internet and
 charity partner. Our main responsibility is                                                                                              on-line giving will enable friends and
 to be an intermediary between the NGOs                                                                                                   well-wishers all over the world to support
 who have registered for the event, the                                                                                                   a cause. But to reach that potential is not
 corporate sector and individuals who                                                       GM Row: There are lots of tips I could        easy. Organisations themselves (Boards/
 have signed up to raise pledges for the                                                    give. Considering space constraint let me     leadership and staff) must wake up to
 cause of their choice and the organisers                                                   mention just three:                           these opportunities and dedicate time to
 of the event. We make a conscious effort                                                                                                 work out the right things to do and then
 to balance between self-interest and that                                                   a. Register as soon as the event is          be determined to do them.
 of the various NGOs registered with us.                                                        announced (it will not be long before
                                               emotional connect with the hearts and            there are one- or two-year waiting
 GM Row: We begin with the assumption          minds of citizens… acting as a platform          lists!)
                                               for people of all ages and sections of                                                     Nidhi Singh is the Director, Special
 that it is right to ask organisations,                                                                                                   Assignments, Concern India Foundation.
 companies and individuals who                 society to come together. It is perceived     b. Set up a workgroup involving Board
 participate in this event – managed to        as a sporting event that lays emphasis           members and staff that will set a
                                                                                                                                          GM Row is a Board Member and
 international standards – to make a           on the triumph of the human spirit.              target and plan how the amount will
                                                                                                                                          Treasurer of Bangalore Cares.
 donation to support the expenses we           Marathons have now developed in a big            be raised; designate a co-ordinator.
 incur in playing our part. We work for six
 months on the event and need to
 generate income to pay our small team
 and cover our expenses for this period.
 For many, it is not easy to understand
 that Bangalore Cares also needs money
 – but understanding is growing!
Raisers’ Ask – December 2010                                                                                                                                                    15
                                                                                                                                                             TIPS & TOOLS

 At Marathons we are Friend Raising,                                                    Raisers' Ask offers tips to its readers on
                                                                                        how to raise funds through marathons
                                                                                                                                          Change your email signature at work
                                                                                                                                          Blog about it – if you are not a
 Fund Raising and Fun Raising                                                           and running events                                blogger yet, it is good time to get
                                                                                                                                          started; and also create a Twitter
                                                                                        Tip 1 – Set your organisational goal              account. These help you to stay
                                                                                        The fundraising side of your marathon
  Raising funds through marathons is not a new                                          training takes the same commitment and       Tip 4 – Get creative with your
  concept but certainly an effective one.                                               planning as the physical aspect. Begin by    fundraising
                                                                                        forming a workgroup of interested Board
                                                                                        members, senior and all other staff. Set      •   Get people to sponsor each
                                                                                        a ball-park target (all fundraising should        kilometre you run

                                              In India, various causes and              be guided by a target) and determine the      •   Have them sponsor a body part, like
 Over the years across the world, many
                                              organisations have started organising     primary purpose that you will be raising          an arm or a leg where you would
 charities have found marathons an
                                              marathons and runs and participating in   funds for. Make your target ambitious             carry their name on it on the race
 effective means to reach people, get
                                              other major and professionally-managed    and be ready to 'go for it'.                      day
 publicity and more vital, raise funds in a
 fun way. Many organise their own events                                                                                              •   Get your work team to go around
 and many piggyback on large and                                                        Tip 2 – Build your base                           and raise funds from the office
 acknowledged ones. Every year, around                                                                                                •   Keep hundis (piggy banks) in each
                                                                                        You have to collect names and addresses
 500 such events in the form of                                                                                                           department with a placard that
                                                                                        of everyone you can think could help
 marathons, half-marathons and other                                                                                                      explains what it is for.
                                                                                        you. There will be individuals and
 runs are organised to support various
 social causes.                                                                                                                      Tip 5 – Go out to medium-sized
                                                                                         •   Start with your staff and with close    companies
 The London Marathon is the largest                                                          friends and families. They are your
 annual fundraising event in the world –                                                     core group of supporters, after all     Go out to companies – go for the
 runners have raised over £500 million for                                                                                           medium-sized ones – many companies
                                                                                         •   Be sure to communicate your goal
 good causes since the race began in                                                         and what you are planning to raise
 1981. For 2011, Oxfam has been                                                              funds for, through face-to-face
 selected as the official charity for the                                                    meetings, letters and emails.
 London Marathon. The Chicago Marathon
 raised over $10 million in 2009 with 123                                               Tip 3 – Networking for fundraising
 charities participating and in total the     ones. There are three major events        success
 Chicago Marathon participants have           currently organised in India – Standard
                                                                                        Relying on emailing alone won't help. Try
 raised nearly $60 million since 2001. The    Chartered Mumbai Marathon, Airtel
                                                                                        the following ways to convert your
 New York Marathon is planning to raise       Delhi Half-Marathon and the Sunfeast
                                                                                        network into donors:
 nearly $23 million for charities in 2011.    Bangalore 10K Run. These events, for
 Apart from this, each of these cities and    a few years now, have been giving          •   Add your fundraising page to your
 organisers offer half-marathons and          charities in India important                   Facebook profile and ask your
 other runs as opportunities for various      opportunities to raise funds and make          friends to add your page to their
 charities to raise resources.                friends.                                       profiles
Raisers’ Ask – December 2010                                                                                                                                                              16
                                                                                                                                                                    TIPS & TOOLS

 will be pleased to join in as it is a group                                              office, gym, parties, and supermarket,         Supporters could come to take part or to
 and fun activity with a purpose. Some                                                    and even to the marathon.                      cheer you.
 companies will match the donation an
 employee gives to an organisation. A                                                     Keep giving it to all you might meet.          Tip 11 – 'Thank Yous' are VERY
 few tips to maximise on this:                                                                                                           important
                                                                                          Ask friends and family to give out forms.
   • Don't be afraid to ask: Get friends                                                                                                 After the marathon, send a “We Did It”
     and families to tell you of the                                                      Ask the local supermarket, gym and             email to all your supporters and thank
     companies they know and whether                                                      bank to put up your appeal on its notice       them with a personal message to each
     or not they know if the company has                                                  board.                                         one of them.
     a policy on matching gifts. Go and
     meet them. Speak of your purpose,                                                    Include your blog's name on the appeal         If possible invite them for a celebratory
     your target and really invite them to                                                for readers to track your progress.            party after the marathon… nothing fancy,
     join you.                                                                                                                           even cake and coffee will do or your
                                               Tip 7 – Keep everyone up-dated             Tip 10 – Invite all your supporters to         favourite samosa and soft drinks!
   • Be sure to follow-up on any                                                          the run
     enquiries that may come your way          Post up-dates on your progress by email,
                                                                                                                                         In 2010, the Mumbai Marathon raised
     promptly.                                 blogs or on Facebook.                      You should issue a personal invitation to      Rs 8.7 crore, Bangalore 10K Run Rs 1.4
   • Be sure to mention any company            To create an up-date, ask yourself the     all your supporters to come for the            crore and Delhi Half-Marathon is looking
     joining you on your fundraising           following questions:                       marathon. With proper details of time,         at Rs 3.5 crore; it is a good chance to
     updates on your website, Facebook                                                    venue and where they could meet you            get out and raise more friends and
                                                •   What did I accomplish this week?
     or your blog.                                                                                                                       funds…
                                                •   What did I learn?
                                                •   Who helped me reach my goals?
 Tip 6 – Team up!
                                               Important: Add a reminder of your                                                                                 Raisers’ Ask correspondent
   •   Team-up not only for training but       fundraising goals.
       also for fundraising. Begin with a
       staff team – headed by a Board          Make your up-date interesting by
       member or your CEO!                     including stories or interesting events
                                                                                                                   Upcoming running events in India
                                               that you have experienced.
   •   Form different teams for
       communications/ registrations/          Tip 8 – Revise your goals                   Date          Event Name                   Promoters/          Website
       training in running/ training in
       fundraising/ keeping your web           Push yourself to accomplish more, revise
       content up-to-date… having a            your goals to stay motivated.               19-12-2010    Goa River Half-Marathon      Vasco Sports Club
       'buddy' makes the effort all the                                                    15-01-2010    Panchkula Half-Marathon      Running & Living
       more easy. You must avoid putting       Be sure to let all your supporters know
                                                                                           06-02-2010    Chandigarh Hal-Marathon      Running & Living
       all responsibility on to one or two     what your revised goals are.
                                               Tip 9 – Spread the word
   •   Include your donors as part of your                                                                                                           Courtesy:
       team and use: “We have ……” in all       Always carry your donation/ sponsorship
       your letters and fundraising updates.   forms with you wherever you go… to
Raisers’ Ask – December 2010                                                                                                                                                     17

                                                                                                                                     we also try to engage buyers with our
 Add events to Fundraising                                                                                                           work with the disadvantaged.

 Calendar                                                                                                                            What are the challenges that
                                                                                                                                     Concern India face while conducting
                                                                                                                                     these events and what precautions
                                                                                                                                     does it take?
  We go ahead with events only if are costs are                                                                                      From our experience, for every event,
  completely covered, says Pampa Chowdhury,                                                                                          the element of risk is there till the last
                                                                                                                                     moment. Over a period of twenty years,
  branch manager, Concern India Foundation                                                                                           we have learnt a lot through trial and
                                                                                                                                     error. Today, we can say that our success
                                                                                                                                     rate is quite high.
                                                                                                                                     Our primary challenge has always been
 Why has Concern India chosen                Show, Pause for a Cause and Khel Khel      too high and reduce substantially the        getting sponsorship. There have been
 raising funds from events as one of         Mein.                                      amount raised for the charity                incidents of well-known organisations
 the primary sources of income?                                                         programme. Moreover, it also creates an      backing out of sponsorship at the last
                                             The normal process we adopt in             impression among prospective sponsors
 Events are not really our primary source    organising any event is to work on its                                                  moment and that too after confirmation.
                                                                                        and donors that we are wasting the           Now, as a precaution we try and take
 of income. However, we have                 feasibility. The usual turnaround period   donor's precious money by hiring an
 successfully developed certain proprietor   for any successful event is 3-4 months.                                                 everything in writing and also take
                                                                                        event-management company. You also           advance money from sponsors.
 events across India like Art for Concern,   We prepare the budget and give some        tend to lose control over the event.
 Pause for a Cause and the recent Khel       time for scouting for sponsors. We go                                                   It is worth it to add events to your
 Khel Mein. Events help us connect with      ahead with events only if our costs are    Give us an example of how you make           fundraising initiatives. It not only helps in
 different target audiences... companies,    completely covered. There are various      an event a fundraiser.                       raising funds but enhances your brand
 high net-worth individuals and the          aspects in organising an event. On the                                                  image and helps you in building an
 general public.                             one hand is identifying sponsors and in    Take our Art Show. We tie-up with
                                                                                        prominent and promising artists and          effective database.
                                             case the event involves sale of tickets,
 Our events are designed for various         then working on that. On the other hand    persuade them to allow us to sell their      Concern India Foundation is a non-profit
 types of audience. We feel that all you     is the implementation per say of the       work at a price less than they would sell    organisation that provides financial and
 require is a heart to give - whatever may   event. Sponsors, especially companies      at an art gallery. Buyers thus will be       non-financial support to development-
 be your level of income. We design          support us not just for philanthropic      more willing to buy their work from us.      oriented organisations working at the
 events catering to all segments of          reasons but for the fact that our events   We ensure that we get sponsors to cover      grassroots level to bring about positive
 people. Our art show caters to the HNIs,    are a marketing opportunity and brand-     the event costs; like for hospitality and    change, across the country. It works in
 whereas our Corporate Quiz caters to        visibility platform. We have to ensure     to showcase the work we approach a 5-        the field of education, health and
 young professionals.                        that whatever we promise is ultimately     star hotel. We print and distribute the      community development and reaches out
                                             delivered. We handle all our events very   catalogue of the paintings to art buyers     to more than 150 programmes through
 How do you organise events?                 professionally.                            so that we get maximum mileage out the       its offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad,
                                                                                        event; the printing costs, again, are        Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata and Pune.
 We usually plan our events in the           You organise events by yourselves          covered through sponsorship.
 beginning of the year. However, events      and do not engage event-                                                                For more information, please visit
 that are dependent on sponsorship may       management companies. Why?                 The sale proceeds are equally divided
 or may not take off. But in our calendar,                                              between the artists and Concern India
 we mark certain events that will happen     Yes, we do not engage any event-           Foundation. For us, it is the artists who
 regardless of sponsorship - like our Art    management company as their fees are       do the charity, not the buyers. Of course,
Raisers’ Ask – December 2010                                                                                                                                                        18

                                                                                             Mission in Nepal (UNMIN). After the long     perturbed with this because the process
 Importance of raising local support                                                         national and international debate, the       is funded by the World Bank, United
                                                                                             Government of Nepal decided to extend        Nations and some European agencies.
 and involvement for a cause                                                                 their stay by only four months, even         This attitude further stresses the need
                                                                                             though UNMIN has billions of US dollars      for local ownership and participation.
                                                                                             in their budget for Nepal.
  Helping others is a culture, which comes with                                                                                           Local fundraising helps develop
                                                                                             In a bid to improve the traffic system in    ownership amongst the giving public.
  expectation. If you expect something from                                                  urban areas, the Government of Japan         This increases their responsibility
  somebody, it means you are ready to pay for                                                donated millions of dollars to road          towards the cause they are giving for. In
                                                                                             projects in Nepal. The results were not as   a country like Nepal, where NGOs have
  that; either in cash or kind. Tap this human                                               good as expected. Medians were put up        more financial strength than either the
                                                                                             on roads to make them safer to use, but      private sector or the government, it only
  tendency but do it locally, says Manish Jha                                                people did not respect the rules. Now,       results in dependency on the voluntary
                                                                                             when a local organisation started            sector. This is a deterrent to real
                                                                                             collecting Re1/- per day to regularise       development. People are not interested
 In Three Cups of Tea, Greg Mortenson          was a challenge to encourage them to          traffic, participation as also road sense    in entrepreneurship; they are interested
 wrote that the 9/11 incident and              support an enterprise building Nepal. It      has increased. This is evidence of           in NGOs. They do not want to take up
 consequent greater negative perception        was, after all, one of our core               international participation losing out to    high-profile business; they are more
 of the Muslim community and                   organisational objectives. It was a           local ownership.                             interested in social issues for which they
 international political instability forced    difficult task, but we had to do it for the                                                depend on foreign aid. Foreign aid is not
 him to take a different approach to           country's prosperity.                         In Nepal, we are going through a             helping to make people more
 fundraising... and he raised more. It goes                                                  Constitution-making process and we           responsible; it is only giving them
 to show that nothing can nor should           When a country is going through political     have 601 Constitution Assembly (CA)          lessons in sustainability. Only when we
 deter you from achieving your objective.      changes but the end-result is not             members working at it. The allotted time     ourselves contribute, will we gain
                                               development brought about by these            for the process was two years. Even after    ownership and consequent responsibility;
 A decade-long civil war and political         changes, international funds create more      28 months a mere 25 per cent of the job      which is when there will be development
 instability in Nepal and the resultant        negative impact. Also, people become          is done. This is the result despite a good   and hope of sustenance.
 sense of insecurity among the people          more dependent. International NGOs            remuneration (highest in Nepalese
 brought about a huge political change in      have been in Nepal since long. They           political history) being paid to the CA
 2006. It resulted in bringing about           certainly have worked towards making          members. Nepalese people are not
 political awareness in the Nepalese           Nepal a better country. But the people of                                                   Manish Jha is Coalition Relations
 people. The Nepalese people learnt to         Nepal are not sure that the growth rate                                                     Manager at Samriddhi. Samriddhi is a
 support political parties on the basis of     matches with their long participation.                                                      Nepal-based human rights' group. It
 their principles. During this time, the       They feel that involvement of these                                                         promotes ideas of freedom - civil,
 country also went through an economic         NGOs is actually resulting in less                                                          political and economic - through
 crisis as the focus was on politics.          ownership of local public in                                                                public policy recommendations (based
                                               developmental work and have started                                                         on independent research),
 Regular as well as potential donors were      raising questions about their benefits.                                                     educational programmes and public
 going through hard times, and were not                                                                                                    participation for a free and
 in a position or mood to support social       In October, there was a debate on                                                           prosperous Nepal.
 causes. For us, in the voluntary sector, it   extending the stay of the United Nation

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