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									AGENDA Mon 11/15 & Tues 11/16

   Leg Quiz Review
   RAP #27: Hail to the Chief
   HW Review
   POTUS Details
   Presidential Exhibits Part 1
   HW: POTUS Job Performance Survey
    –   Survey Results DUE: Wed 11/17 & Thurs 11/18
Examine the appointments
in the daily diary of a
modern president.
Then answer the following
1.   What observations can
     you make about the
     president’s schedule on
     this day?
2.   Why do you think the
     president has so many
3.   What qualities do you
     think the president
     needs to fulfill these
     many roles?
Which president’s daily diary do you
think this is?
This daily diary is from President Jimmy
Carter, on April 24, 1980. This is the
same day he learned that an attempt to
rescue American hostages held at the
U.S. embassy in Iran had failed.

The Presidency

       Chp 13 Sec 1 and 2
Roles of the President

                 • head of armed forces
Roles the President Plays

   Chief Executive- has power to govern given by
    the Constitution
   Chief of State- representative of the country
   Commander in Chief- in charge of military
   Chief Diplomat- in charge of foreign policy
Roles the President Plays

   Chief Policymaker (Legislator) - sets policy,
    proposes legislation and helps Congress pass
   Chief Manager of the Economy (Administrator) -
    head of the government/economy
   Chief of Party- leader of his political party
   Chief Citizen- representing and serving the
Survey Results

   Create a table to record your survey results.
   Each person you survey must print and sign their name
    on your cover sheet.
   After you survey 10 people, tabulate the results and
    write a summary including an overview/reflection of
    public opinion of the current POTUS’ job performance.
   Then include your thoughts/reflection regarding your
    public opinion survey specifically related to validity,
    reliability, accuracy and overall effectiveness in
    measuring the POTUS’ job performance.
   Conclude with a reflection about public opinion surveys
    in general related to validity, reliability, accuracy and
    overall effectiveness in measuring a specific variable.

1. Natural born Citizen
2. 35 years old (usually much older)
3. Must live in the US for 14 years (does not
  have to be consecutive)

   4 years
   22nd Amendment placed term limits on
   Only 2 terms and no more than 10 years

   $400,000 a year, a pay cut for most
   $50,000 a year allowance
   Pension (Retirement) $193,400– the same annual salary
    paid to secretaries of the Cabinet agencies
   Gets to live in the White House
   Cars, plane, helicopters
   Retreats
   Healthcare
   Entertainment and travel funds
   And they get to be the PRESIDENT
Presidential Succession

   Succession is the line of who takes office if the
    president is unable to perform his duties
   Set up in 1967 with the 25th amendment
    –   was tradition before
    –   further succession outlined in the Presidential Succession Act
        of 1947
   Vice President is first in line
   Then Speaker of the House
   Check out page 359 for a full chart
Vacancy of office of the President

   Presidents can be prevented from carrying out their
    duties by death, illness, resignation, or
   Death has been the most common reason for
    Presidential succession
   If a President is temporarily disabled… ill, goes in for
    surgery, is in an accident, goes to rehab, etc… the
    VP takes over as Acting President
   Pres must show that disability is repaired to come
    back and must be approved by VP and Cabinet as
    well as Congress
The Vice Presidency

   VP is basically an assistant or top aide to the
   They can just be a warm body or they can
    help politically
   If VP vacates office, then the President
    appoints a new VP and they must be
    approved by Congress
   Pay = $227,300
          Read Section 13.1.
          Then respond to these questions:
          • What was typical about
            President Ford’s day on April
            28,1975? What event
            occurred that was not typical?
          • What roles and
            responsibilities did the
            president perform on this
          • What qualities do you think
            modern presidents must have
            to fulfill their many roles?

  Complete the chart using 13.2
                 Chief Executives
 Level of    Title   Qualifications   How are      How can
Government                              they        they be
                                      elected?     removed
                                                 from office?




          Read Section 13.3 and follow the directions in
          Notebook Guide 13 to complete the Reading Notes.


          Read Section 13.4 and follow the directions in
          Notebook Guide 13 to complete the Reading Notes.

                                • head of armed forces

POTUS Exhibits
           You and your partner will now study
           each one of these four presidents and
           be given an envelope of materials
           about each President.

            • Franklin Roosevelt
            • Lyndon Johnson
            • Richard Nixon
            • George H.W. Bush

 Packet Contents
         A Day in the Life of President Roosevelt              The materials in your envelope include:
     Appointments in President Roosevelt’s Daily Diary
                                                                • overview
           President Roosevelt Document 1                       • daily diary
                                                                • documents
               President Roosevelt Document 2

                                                                • transcript of audio clip
                                                                • photographs
       Transcript of President Roosevelt Audio Clip

President Roosevelt Photograph 2
                            President Roosevelt Photograph 1

POTUS Exhibits

POTUS Exhibits

Homework:   POTUS Job Performance Survey
            Create and conduct an opinion
            survey to evaluate the current
            president’s job performance.
            • Your survey will have nine questions. The
              first eight questions will focus on the
              eight presidential roles. For each of these
              questions, provide a brief description of
              that role and then ask, Do you approve or
              disapprove of the way the president is
              performing in this role? Add a final
              question that assesses the president’s
              overall job performance.
            • Conduct the survey by polling at least 10
              individuals outside your class.
            • Compile your survey results for each of
              the nine questions. Then write a
              paragraph summarizing your results.
AGENDA Wed 11/17 & Thurs 11/18

   RAP #28: Diary Review
   Exhibits from Presidential Libraries: Part 2
   Executive Branch Organization
   American President
   HW: R & R
RAP #27: Diary Review

   Review Jimmy Carter’s daily diary from last class.
   Using your notes on presidential roles, identify
    one entry for each of the eight roles.
   Explain how you think each entry matches the
    description/definition for each role.

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