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									              Nantucket Bank
                A division of Sovereign Bank
Please print application, complete and mail to:
Nantucket Bank, CALL CENTER, PO Box 988, Nantucket, MA 02554 or
FAX to 1-508-228-6449 or bring in to any Nantucket Bank office.
Select Service(s):     Online Banking____             Bank By Phone_____
Select One:            Personal____                   Business_____                     Date_____________________
Individual Accounts Print Name of Primary Account Holder
Business Accounts Print Name of Owner/Officer/Partner                           Title

Company Name ________________________________________________________________

Daytime Phone________________________________Other Phone__________________________________
Social Security Number or federal Tax ID_________________________________________________

Email Address_________________________________________________________________
Account Number for Online Banking/Bank By Phone______________________________________________ New Acct
Account Number for Online Banking/Bank By Phone______________________________________________ New Acct
Account Number for Online Banking/Bank By Phone_______________________________________________New Acct
Please Complete and Sign Agreement Below
Authorized Signers - Massachusetts customers:
Individual accounts - Each joint account holder must sign below.
Business accounts - If the business is not a DBA, but a corporation, partnership, or other business type, two signatures are
Authorization and Agreement
“I” and “me” mean each Account Holder who signs below. “You” and “your” mean Nantucket Bank. I agree that if I am a joint
account holder of an individual account, I may only access accounts that are listed with the primary applicant’s Social Security
When I use or authorize another to use Nantucket Bank’s Online Banking or Bank By Phone, I agree to the terms and conditions
stated in the Nantucket Bank Electronic Banking Agreement & Disclosure. I authorize you to obtain information about me in
connection with this application and other services, including consumer reports from consumer reporting agencies, and to pro-
vide account information to your agents, affiliates and third parties as permitted by applicable law. Please sign below:
Individual Accounts
Signature of Primary Account Holder (listed above)_________________________________________________________

Print Name of Joint Account Holder (if applicable)__________________________________________________________

Signature of Joint Account Holder ______________________________________________________________________

Joint Account Holder Social Security number______________________________________________________________
Business Accounts
Signature of Owner/Officer/Partner (listed above)___________________________________________________________

Print Name of Additional Owner/Officer/Partner____________________________________________Title_____________

Signature of Additional Owner/Officer/Partner______________________________________________________________

  (508)228-0580 Toll Free (800)533-9313 FAX (508)228-6449 PO Box 988, Nantucket, MA 02554
(This application must be completed for all new accounts opened at Nantucket Bank in order to have access to
Online Banking and/or Bank By Phone. Existing customers opening new accounts must also complete this
application to have the new account enabled for either service.)
Maarch 2007

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