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									                                        Career Experience

                        Instruction for Assignment #4, Interest Inventory

     This assignment may take as long as one hour, but can be saved if you do not finish in one
     sitting. Remember to write down your passwords and log-ins!

                                               Part 1
     1. Type in your internet Browser.

     2. For the purposes of completing the assignment, instructions for college opportunity fund
        are FOUND at the end of the assignment.

     3. Click on the “high school student” tab to begin.

     4. Locate “Explore Careers”.

Interest Inventory Assignment Instructions                             Page 1 of 12
     5. Then select on the right side of the page “Interest Profile”.

     6. Follow the instructions to “Create an account” (first time users must create log-in and
        password). Make certain you save the log-in and password. You have a form in the front
        of your notebook for that purpose.

     7. Select “High School Student” button and continue through process to enroll. Again,
        make certain you save your log-in and password.

Interest Inventory Assignment Instructions                              Page 2 of 12
     8. Follow the instructions to complete the quiz by answering if you like, dislike or have no
        preference or opinion.

Interest Inventory Assignment Instructions                              Page 3 of 12
     9. When you have completed the quiz, you will get a screen like this one. Select “View

     10. Do not print anything yet!!! There will be many pages of careers for you to look at or you
         can insert a career of your choice.

Interest Inventory Assignment Instructions                              Page 4 of 12
     11. Find three careers that look good for you. You will include them in your assignment.

                                           Part 2
     1. Open up a Word document on the computer. Create a list of the three (3) careers you
        selected from those that matched your interests. You only need give the names of the
        careers. (See assignment sample)

Interest Inventory Assignment Instructions                             Page 5 of 12
     2. Select one career choice that you really like. Click on that career and follow the link to
        view the results to turn in with this assignment.

     3. For the purpose of this assignment, you can either cut and paste this information into the
        Word document along with your 3 choice careers and the one career choice you selected;
        it can then be sent as an attachment or you can paste into an e-mail message. I will print

                                                 Part 3

     1. Write a paragraph about why you chose the one career that interests you. Include why
        you chose that career, what about it interests you, how you will find out if it is a good
        career for you (possibly internet research or talking with someone in that field), and
        what kind of education is required for this career.
     2. You must complete the journal entry as you do each month. Some suggestions are
        included at the end of the assignment.
     3. Are there any safety issues or concerns you are aware of after the previous assignment
        or workshop?
     4. Begin the budget assignment for December by completing column 1 of guesses of income
        and expenses and start saving receipts in the enclosed envelope or on the tablet you were
                                        Part 4 – Optional

     1. Type in your internet Browser. Go to the “Financial Aid
        Planning” page.

Interest Inventory Assignment Instructions                              Page 6 of 12
     2. If you would like to sign up for in-state tuition for community college or college, you must
        again create a log-in and password. Remember to save your password and log-in as you
        will need it in the future. This may be the same log-in or password you used for the
        assignment or it may be different.

         In-state tuition is called a stipend. You can apply for the stipend on line or print the
         application and mail it.

Interest Inventory Assignment Instructions                               Page 7 of 12
      3. Ask instructor for help if needed.

                                        Sample Assignment:

Private Detectives and Investigators, Forensic Science Technicians, Architects, Except
Landscape and Naval

Architects, Except Landscape and Naval


Plan and design structures, such as private residences, office buildings,
theaters, factories, and other structural property.


A minimum of two to four years of work-related skill, knowledge, or experience is needed for these
occupations. For example, an accountant must complete four years of college and work for several
years in accounting to be considered qualified.


Most of these occupations require a four-year bachelor's degree, but some do not.


Interest Inventory Assignment Instructions                                  Page 8 of 12
Employees in these occupations usually need several years of work-related experience, on-the-job
training, and/or vocational training.


       Prepares information regarding design, structure specifications, materials, color, equipment,
        estimated costs, and construction time.
       Prepares scale drawings.
       Plans layout of project.
       Integrates engineering element into unified design.
       Consults with client to determine functional and spatial requirements of structure.
       Directs activities of workers engaged in preparing drawings and specification documents.
       Conducts periodic on-site observation of work during construction to monitor compliance
        with plans.
       Prepares operating and maintenance manuals, studies, and reports.
       Administers construction contracts.
       Represents client in obtaining bids and awarding construction contracts.
       Prepares contract documents for building contractors.

National Average Salary


Average Entry Level Salary in Colorado


Average Salary in Colorado


Important Abilities

 1. Visualization
 2. Deductive Reasoning
 3. Written Expression
 4. Fluency of Ideas
 5. Oral Comprehension

General Work Activities

 1. Thinking Creatively
 2. Drafting & Specifying Technical Devices, etc.
 3. Getting Information Needed to Do the Job

Interest Inventory Assignment Instructions                               Page 9 of 12
 4. Communicating With Persons Outside Organization
 5. Implementing Ideas, Programs, etc.

Important Skills

 1. Coordination
 2. Mathematics
 3. Idea Generation
 4. Active Listening
 5. Reading Comprehension

Frequent Work Context

 1. Consequence of Error
 2. Importance of Being Exact or Accurate
 3. Importance of Being Sure All Is Done
 4. Objective or Subjective Information
 5. Job-Required Social Interaction

Related Careers

      Civil Engineering Technicians
      Civil Engineers
      Electrical Drafters
      Exhibit Designers
      Industrial Safety and Health Engineers
      Landscape Architects
      Marine Architects
      Mechanical Engineers
      Mining and Geological Engineers, Including Mining Safety Engineers

Related Majors                                      Technology
                                                        Architectural Design/Drafting
                                                        Architectural Technician
   Architectural Construction Technology
                                                        Architectural Technologies
   Architectural Construction Technology
                                                        Architectural Technologies
   Architectural Design
                                                        Architectural Technology
   Architectural Design Technology
                                                        Architectural Technology
   Architectural Design/Construction
                                                        Architectural Technology
                                                        Architectural Technology/Media
   Architectural Design/Construction

Interest Inventory Assignment Instructions                           Page 10 of 12
   Architectural/Building Construction                           Architecture/Environmental Design
    Architectural/Civil CADD
                                                                 Design of Environment
                                                                 Engineering Graphics/Architecture
                                                                 Engineering Technology/Architectural
    Architecture Specialization
                                                                 Engineering Technology/Architectural
    Architecture/Building Technology
                                                                 Environmental Design
                                                                 Environmental/Interior Design
Institutions Offering Related Majors

    Aims Community College - Greeley Campus
    Arapahoe Community College
    Community College of Denver
    Delta-Montrose Technical College
    Front Range Community College - Larimer Campus
    Front Range Community College - Westminster Campus
    Mesa State College
    Pikes Peak Community College

The majors and institutions listed here are based on the current information in our database. Please be aware this
information may be subject to change. We strongly encourage you to consult with your career counselor.

    I chose an architect as a possible career. I have always been interested in how buildings go
    together and how a building starts out on paper and ends up solid. I really like math also.

    To be an architect, you must be able to visualize what the end product is supposed to look like.
    You must prepare initial scale drawings that can be used to produce plans to layout the project.
    For a project to be successful, it must be built in appropriate steps which require many layers of
    plans. This is done with the assistance of an engineer.

    Some of the required plans include a foundation, electrical, plumbing, spatial design, all the way to
    completion. Each subcontractor must have a separate layer of the same plans and everything must
    fit together.

    Someone is also responsible for running crews and making certain schedules are being met. Each
    step must be completed before the next and subcontractors have to be scheduled and paid
    whether or not the job is ready for them.
Interest Inventory Assignment Instructions                                       Page 11 of 12
   I would enjoy meeting with clients and seeing their final dreams come to fruition.

   I will talk with architects and builders who are currently in the business. I know that the salary is
   fine from the assignment. I am willing to spend four-years to earn a bachelor's degree. I have
   already accomplished one year at Front Range Community College in the architectural technology
   program. I am willing to get two to four years of work-related skill, knowledge, or experience.

   Journal Entry: Work has been getting busier as we get closer to the holidays. People are
   beginning to look at holiday gift items and asking for assistance and suggestions. I really like this
   time of year because work is far less boring now that there are more customers. This was one of
   my goals I had when I entered career experience. I felt like the job was becoming old and
   repetitive. I get really antsy when I am bored. I enjoy using my customer service skills. In
   meeting with my instructor, I realize that I am on the road to graduation because I have enough
   hours to earn the required credits! I like the idea of tying in my graduation with the results of
   the interest inventory I did. I now know that I can work part-time and go to school part-time and
   achieve my dreams for the future or attend college full-time with the help of scholarships.
   One example of what is going well at work is that my boss has noticed by interest in getting
   promoted and has suggested ways to become a shift manager. I think she sees that I am really
   trying hard and I have offered to train new employers.
   An example of what is not going well is that I forgot to ask off for the workshop. I had to really
   work to find somebody to take my shift. I ended up working on Saturday and had to miss my
   brother’s hockey game. Next time I will write in my Day-Timer in advance to inform my employer.

   I discussed with my employer my concern about making certain there are always two people in the
   store when we close at night. I believe this is a real safety issue because if one person should
   become sick or not show up, we need to know who to call. We need to know if someone will be able
   to collect the receipts from the day’s sales so they are not left over night.

   I realized this from the assignment on safety and from the workshop. This was something I had
   not thought of before. I feel better now knowing that I am prepared in case of this happening.

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