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									      OFFICE USE ONLY                                      MEMPHIS CITY SCHOOLS
   ______ - ______                                      Student Enrollment and Records
        LS                GS

                 APPLICATION FOR SCHOOL TRANSFER 2010-2011
                                      Including Open Enrollment and No Child Left Behind Transfers
Instructions: If possible, we strongly encourage you to use our online application at Online applications will help us respond
more quickly. You must have a working e-mail address to use the online application, and you will receive an e-mail confirmation that your application has been received. If
you need to use this paper application, please pay careful attention to all information on both pages.
All applications received between April 14 and 30 will be sorted by priority category (NCLB, Sibling, etc.) and processed “first come, first served” within priority category. All
applications submitted after April 30 will be processed in order of receipt. Applications will be accepted between April 14 and June 30, and may be submitted online at; in person (weekdays from 7:30 a.m. until 4:45 p.m.); or by mail to the Office of Student Enrollment & Records, Memphis City Schools, 2597 Avery Ave.,
Room 104, Memphis TN 38112.
                 Please call (901) 416-5830 if you have questions. No Open Enrollment applications will be accepted after June 30, 2010.
Also, please note: If an Optional transfer has been granted, that transfer must be withdrawn before applying for another transfer.

  Please select the appropriate legal residency of the Parent/Legal Guardian:
  I City of Memphis I Non-City Shelby County Resident* I Other TN County* I State other than TN*
  * All non-city residents, except MCS employees who reside within Tennessee, are required to pay tuition and to present receipt at
  registration. Please see the back of this application for tuition information.

  Name of Student _____________________________________________________________________ Date of Birth _____/_____/_____ Race ___________ Sex _______
                               LAST                    FIRST                          MIDDLE                              MONTH    DAY   YEAR

  Name of
  Parent/Legal Guardian _________________________________________________________________________ Home Phone (                              ) ____________________________
                                  LAST                   FIRST                     MIDDLE

  Work Phone (         ) ___________________________________________________ Cell Phone (                     ) __________________________________________________

  Parent/Legal Guardian’s Address _____________________________________________ City ____________________________ State______ Zip ________________

  Parent/Legal Guardian’s E-mail Address ________________________________________________________________________
  We must have current and accurate contact information. Any inaccurate information at the time of processing may result in the inability to process your
  request. If any contact information changes, you must call the Office of Student Enrollment and Records at 416-5830.

  School currently attending 2009-2010 ____________________________________________________________ Grade Entering 2010-2011 _____________________

  Schools Requested 2010-2011: First Preference _____________________________________________ Second Preference ______________________________________
  Type of Transfer Requested (Please see the back of this application for details.)
      I Open Enrollment (NCLB, Sibling, etc.)              OTHER:         I Sp Ed Sibling           I Board Employee           I Senior/Final          I Pysch/Med
  For Sibling Transfer: Brother/sister must have been enrolled in the sibling’s requested school for 2009-2010 and must be returning for 2010-2011.
  Sibling Name_______________________________________________________________________________ Grade ___________ Date of Birth ______/______/________

  Sibling’s Current School 2009-2010 _____________________________________________________________________________________
  Please sign and date.
  Signature of Parent/Legal Guardian ** ___________________________________________________________________                       Date ______________________________
  **Please read the front and back of this application carefully. Your signature indicates understanding and acceptance of transfer guidelines and

                                                FOR SCHOOL AND OFFICE USE ONLY
 Student PIN Number _________________________                                    Previous PIN ___________________________________________

                         Approved                                Transfer is denied due to:                                          Transfer Type
                                                                 I No Space Available
 By: ________________________________
                                                                 I Behavior
 Date _____________________                                      I Attendance
                                          TRANSFER INFORMATION AND GUIDELINES
Memphis City Schools (MCS) makes school assignments based on the address of the              (8) Tennessee residents – Students not currently enrolled in MCS who reside in
parent or legal guardian and requires proof of residence before enrollment. However,         Tennessee, but not in Memphis or Shelby County, may apply for a transfer to a
MCS does offer parents an Open Enrollment and No Child Left Behind (NCLB)                    school within MCS.
process that allows them to choose a school other than the one assigned by address,          (9) Out-of-state residents – Students who reside outside the state of Tennessee
provided the school they choose has spaces available.                                        may apply for a transfer to a school within MCS.
The Division of Optional Schools (416-5338) administers Optional transfers. If a
                                                                                             After the priority period (April 14 - April 30), MCS orders applications as “first come,
student has an Optional school transfer, the parent or legal guardian must withdraw
                                                                                             first served” but places them behind the ones ordered during the priority period.
that transfer before the Office of Student Enrollment & Records can process this
                                                                                             Priority categories no longer apply after April 30, except that city residents always
                                                                                             receive preference over non-city residents.
A parent or legal guardian’s signature on this application constitutes agreement that
this transfer request has nothing to do with athletic recruitment. Furthermore, MCS          If neither your first nor second preference of school has space available, regardless
may deny the renewal of a transfer if a student exhibits inappropriate behavior and/or       of category, the Office of Student Enrollment & Records will automatically place
does not comply with attendance requirements for any of the reasons stated below:            your application on the waiting list for your first preference only. You will receive a
                                                                                             notice through the mail that we have placed your child’s name on a waiting list,
• Any combination of 15 or more unexcused absences from school or class, tardies             and you will have the option to either remain on the waiting list or apply for another
  to school or class, or early dismissals from school or class;                              school that has space. When you apply for another school, we will remove your
                                                                                             child’s name from the waiting list. MCS will maintain the waiting list until
AND/OR                                                                                       September 3, 2010.
• A combined total of four in school suspensions, suspensions of one to three days           OTHER TRANSFER TYPES (Subject to Space Availability, Review, and
  (1-3), or disciplinary referrals to the office;                                            Administrative Approval):
• At least two suspensions of four to ten days (4-10) for any reason;                        SPECIAL EDUCATION SIBLING: One sibling may apply to transfer to the same
                                                                                             campus to accompany a student assigned by the Division of Exceptional Children
• Expulsion; or                                                                              EXCEPT those students assigned to CLUE or RESOURCE. However, the sibling
• A statement from the Pupil Services Center that they returned the student to the           accompanying the exceptional student will not qualify for yellow bus transportation.
  school on probation and he/she has not met the terms of his/her probation.                 BOARD EMPLOYEE: Children of Board employees may transfer to the same
                                                                                             campus or to the adjacent campus where the parent or legal guardian works with
Parents must provide transportation to the school of choice, with the possible               the approval of the principal. MCS exempts Board employees from paying tuition if
exception of “No Child Left Behind” transfers. Refer to the transfer clusters for specific   they reside within Tennessee. The Office of Student Enrollment & Records has a
transportation provisions of NCLB.                                                           list of recognized adjacent campuses.
Parents must register students at the school of choice on the first day of school
                                                                                             SENIOR/FINAL: With approval of the principal, students may return to the same
(August 9, 2010) to use an approved transfer, or MCS will void the transfer.
                                                                                             school for their final grade provided they completed the 2009-2010 school year at
MCS expects to fill the majority of spaces available during the priority period (April 14    that school.
through April 30). The Office of Student Enrollment & Records will sort the
applications by priority category and process them on a “first come, first served” basis,    PSYCHOLOGICAL OR MEDICAL: A letter from a clinical psychologist or medical
placing students who do not receive a space on a waiting list. Note that city residents      doctor (M.D.) must accompany this transfer request. The Office of Student
always take priority over non-city residents, and MCS will not process the applications      Enrollment & Records will not process applications without supporting
for non-city residents until after June 30.                                                  documentation. Call 416-5830 for details.

Priority categories for transfers:                                                           PAYMENT OF TUITION AGREEMENT BETWEEN PARENT/LEGAL GUARDIAN
                                                                                             AND THE MEMPHIS CITY SCHOOLS
(1) No Child Left Behind – In accordance with Federal law, students assigned to
High Priority Memphis City schools (schools not in good academic standing as                 Memphis City Schools has established a tuition rate for students whose
defined by the State Department of Education) can transfer to schools in good                parents/legal guardians do not live in Memphis (TCA 49-6-3003; 49-6-3104 and
standing.                                                                                    Board Policy 6.204). MCS exempts Board employees from paying tuition if they
                                                                                             reside within Tennessee.
(2) City siblings – The sibling of a city student currently enrolled in MCS who will
                                                                                             Depending on the plan selected (see below), parents must pay tuition in full by the
return to the same school in 2010-2011 receives priority for enrolling in the same
                                                                                             due date for their child to enroll/continue in a Memphis City school. Mail or bring
                                                                                             payments to the MCS Office of Student Enrollment & Records, 2597 Avery Ave.,
(3) City residents – Students who reside in the City of Memphis with their parent(s)         Room 104, Memphis, TN 38112. Parents must present the receipt to the school of
or legal guardian(s) receive priority.                                                       enrollment as proof of payment. The Office of Student Enrollment & Records
                                                                                             expects the following tuition rates to remain in effect for 2010-2011, pending final
(4) County students currently enrolled in MCS with a sibling currently enrolled              approval of the district’s budget by the MCS Board of Education.
in MCS – Students currently enrolled in different schools within MCS who will enroll
in the same school in 2010-2011 receive the highest priority among non-city, county          TUITION PLAN
                                                                                             FULL YEAR: Payment due on or before registration
(5) County students currently enrolled in MCS – County students currently                    Out-of-City (in Shelby County) - $600.00
enrolled in MCS receive priority to return to MCS in 2010-2011.                              Out-of-County (another TN County) - $2,600.00
                                                                                             Out-of-State - $5,300.00
(6) County siblings who would like to enroll in MCS with a sibling already
enrolled in MCS – County siblings who would like to enroll in MCS with a sibling             SEMESTER: First semester tuition is due on or before registration. Second
already enrolled in MCS receive priority to enroll in the same school as the sibling.        semester is due on or before second semester.
                                                                                             Out-of-City (in Shelby County) - $300.00
(7) County residents – Students not currently enrolled in MCS who reside in                  Out-of-County (another TN County) - $1,300.00
Shelby County with a parent(s) or legal guardian(s) may apply for a transfer to a            Out-of-State - $2,650.00
school within MCS.
Memphis City Schools does not discriminate in its programs or employment on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, disability, sex, age or genetics.
For more information, please contact the Office of Equity Compliance at (901) 416-6670.

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