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									 Office of Real Property
Appraisal Programs and Contracting
 Asset Management

                                     January 2009
 GSA – Federal Agency Update

      U. S. General Services Administration
         Public Buildings Service (PBS)
One of the largest and most diversified
public RE organizations in the world.
        •In 2,100 communities
           •6,197 employees
         •About 30 appraisers
GSA – Federal Agency Update

1,513 Owned Buildings; 176 million RSF
7,106 Leased Bldgs; 175 million RSF
Over 1,000,000 workers in PBS space

                             420 historic buildings,
                             including 63 National
                             Historic Landmarks
GSA – Federal Agency Update

PBS in your community
 Good Neighbor Program        Customers (major)
  Arts in Architecture                Justice
   Design Excellence                Judiciary
       Day Care                     Treasury
                                Homeland Security
                                 Social Security
                                Health and Human
                              EPA……and many more
 GSA – Federal Agency Update`

Real Property Asset Management

                                       $2 to 3 Million
                                          annually for
                                      individual contracts
                                     for appraisal services

           3 Appraisal Programs:
                  •Fair Market Value (FMV) and Acquisition
                  •Fair Annual Rent (FAR)
                  •Property Disposition, Utilization
GSA – Federal Agency Update

  FMV Appraisal Program
    – Managed by Central Office
        • Approximately 150 assets appraised in 2008
        • Included major complexes; high profile
          properties, Federal office buildings and
        • Self-contained, complete, extensively reviewed
        • Cycles through the entire owned inventory
GSA – Federal Agency Update

 FAR Appraisal Program
    – Managed by 11 GSA Regions
       • Approximately 250 appraisals for 2008
       • Federal office buildings, courthouses,
       • Summary reports; Fair Annual Rent appraisals
           – Market Rent and rental market analysis
           – GSA supplies tools
               » Instructions (requirements and guidelines)
               » Spreadsheets
               » Report Template
        • Extensively reviewed (Regionally and Central
        • Cycles through the entire owned inventory
GSA – Federal Agency Update

Disposal Appraisal Program
   – Managed by 5 Disposal Offices
      • GSA Disposal offices manage disposal for PBS
        and many other Federal agencies
      • Properties can be
         – Transferred to other Federal agencies
         – Transferred to Cities, States or local government
             » Discounted Conveyance
         – Sold to Cities, States or Local Government
             » Negotiated Sale
         – Sold to the general public
             » Verbal, sealed bid, or online auction
GSA – Federal Agency Update

Disposal Appraisal Program
   – Challenging appraisals; complex properties
   – A wide variety of property types for various
   – Many unusual conditions:
      •   Environmental
      •   Historic
      •   Seismic
      •   Functional obsolescence, Structural deficiencies
      •   Market difficulties
   – Generally Fee Simple, vacant
      • Analysis of HIGHEST AND BEST USE
      • Alternative uses; zoning; lease-up or retrofit time
      • Extensive review process
GSA – Federal Agency Update

       Disposal Appraisal Program
      Recent Disposal Appraisal assignments:
                                  Forest Service
                                     administrative buildings
                                  Industrial X-Ray building
                                  Single family house
Missile site                      Army Depot
Social Security Building          Helium plant
Remote Land and Improvements Antenna site
Historic Federal office building
Former military installations
   GSA – Federal Agency Update

                                                                              Old Post Office

                             Dwight D. Eisenhower Executive Office Building

U.S. Department of Justice
   GSA – Federal Agency Update

Center for Drug Evaluation and
Research, FDA, White Oak, MD

                                                       Oklahoma City Federal Building

         SSA Call Center; adaptive reuse, Auburn, WA

                                                       Kansas City IRS; Lease construction
 GSA – Federal Agency Update

GSA National Appraisal Program Contacts:

   Acting Chief Appraiser and
   Disposal Appraisal Program
   Nicholas S. Hufford, MAI, CAE         Fair Annual Rent Program
   202-501-2055                     Jay Koepf
                                    Also see Regional Contacts list

  Market Value Appraisal Program:
  John N. Libeg, MAI, SRA
GSA – Federal Agency Update

Web Resources:
USA website                    
GSA website                    
Central contractor registration
Federal contracting opportunities
Get DUNS number                
GSA Online Real Estate auction 
More government sales          
Federal Jobs (Appraiser - 1171 series)
GSA – Federal Agency Update
GSA – Federal Agency Update

                              Nicholas S. Hufford, MAI, CAE
                              Acting Valuations Director and
                              National Appraiser for Property Disposition
                              General Services Administration
                               Public Buildings Service
                               Office of Real Property Asset Management
                               Valuations Division
                              1800 F Street NW, Suite 7300
                              Washington DC 20405

           THANK YOU!         202.501.2055
                              202.631.2751 cell
                              202.219.9166 fax


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