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Jack Oughton - 05.04.11 - Cyberwar Short Cut


									Jack Oughton – 05.04.11 – Cyberwar Short Cut

The cyberwar is heating up. The world is starting to read like a William
Gibson novel. Notorious internet collective Anonymous has shown that
'electronic civil disobedience' can cause real political change. The
Stuxnet worm (described as the ‘cyber weapon prototype’) has targeted
Iran, hindering its nuclear program.

Who's behind it all? Hard to say. Broadly speaking, people with
advanced computer skills. But being a tech wiz doesn't guarantee
power. Legit career prospects? PC repair guy, web design or being a
network technician. Hardly glamorous and probably not challenging if
you can hold a conversation in MySQL and are more interested in
256bit encryption than customer service.

The hacker stereotype is ubiquitous, the idea of the 'wired' computer kid,
typing unbelievably quickly, his pimpled, ghostly face illuminated by
multiple computer monitors. And these hackers have a lot of power
today, since we're all doing our banking online, being addicted to
Facebook and working remotely. It’s dangerous for the electronic
layman out there. Hell, I'm even being told to get antivirus software for
my Mac now. Bill Gates is retired but the nerds are still powerful indeed.

So, instead of sabotage, what can all these bored computer geniuses
do? Think of that untapped, frustrated talent just waiting for a productive
Maybe a government department that hacks IPhones and forces
children to pay attention in class? Or we could have them writing useful
software alternatives to buggy office software. Imagine a day at work
with no technical hitches? Wonderful.
Either way we’ve got to do something before a nonchalant I.T tech
hacks your Facebook.


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