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					                                                                           May 2005

    CONTENTS                                    Your chance to win the
    2         News                              2005 Sternberg Award
     3        Feature                           It’s time to start thinking about your entry for this year’s £1,000
                                                Sternberg Award for Clinical Innovation
     4        Quick Look
                                                RCSLT senior life vice president Sir            and over. Each consists of user-friendly,
                                                Sigmund Sternberg established the award in      colour-illustrated printed sheets.
     6        Appointments                      1996 because, as he says, he is “a great          The aims and objectives of each group are
                                                believer in awards”.                            clearly identified and session plans are well
                                                  “I have received a great many in my time,     described, with clear and concise handouts
                                                and I believe they are a great incentive.       to use at each stage. Background
                                                  “You motivate people through giving           information is also provided for therapists
                                                prizes, and I thought it was high time the      as well as templates for letters to parents and
                                                College had one,” Sir Sigmund says.             referring therapists.
                                                  Sir Sigmund adds that it is not the             The team have trialled a number of
    Royal College of Speech                     monetary aspect of prizes that is important,    evaluations based on the aims and objectives
    and Language Therapists                     but the recognition they give.                  of the courses. Claire McNeil audited these
    2 White Hart Yard, London SE1 1NX             Claire McNeil, Clare Thomas and Beth          outcomes and her results indicated that the
    telephone: 020 7378 1200                    Maggs, a group of Swindon-based                 groups were effective and reduced the
    email:               therapists, won last year’s Sternberg Award     amount of therapy required after
    website:                    for their Swindon Fluency Packs.                completion of the residential programmes.
                                                  The group established the Fluency Trust         If you or your team have developed a
                                                in 1995 to fund residential programmes for      project that you think should be considered
    The bulletin supplement is the bi-monthly   children who stammer and, until the             for the 2005 Sternberg Award, email:
    magazine of the Royal College of Speech     development of the packs, this was a unique and send the
    and Language Therapists.The views
    expressed in the bulletin supplement are    facility in the UK. In 2004, the team drew on   following information by 27 June:
    not necessarily the views of the College.   their knowledge, experience and skills to       s name of nominee, and workplace
    Publication does not imply endorsement.     produce the Swindon Fluency Packs.                  address
    Publication of advertisements                 The resource consists of three                s why the nominee deserves the award
    in the bulletin supplement is not an
    endorsement of the advertiser or of         programmes – ‘smoothies’ for seven-to-nine          (about 500 words)
    the products and services advertised.       year olds, ‘blockbusters’ for nine-to-13 year   s names and signatures of one proposer
                                                olds and ‘teen challenge’ for those aged 14         and two seconders (all RCSLT members).                                                                                                    May 2005 bulletin supplement     1
    N ew s

                                                                                                                                           Sam Tanner
    A question of
    Shelagh Urwin looks at some of the issues for
    independent therapists
                                                                                    ASLTIP provides networking and support, but not

    I set up in independent practice in 1998,     Can SLTs see clients from their                 Are NHS SLTs who also see one or
    having worked in higher education and         previous NHS caseload when they                 two ‘private’ clients working
    in the NHS for over 20 years. However, I      leave and set up in independent                 independently?
    missed my contact with colleagues and         practice?                                       Yes. They must notify their local tax
    joined the Association of Speech and          It is likely that some of their first clients   office, keep records in locked filing
    Language Therapists in Independent            could be those SLTs treated in the NHS.         cabinets, inform clients of their data
    Practice (ASLTIP) for support,                Provided that therapists continue to            protection procedures; and if they keep
    networking and essential information.         liaise with their local NHS Service and         records/reports on a home computer
       As ASLTIP vice chair I dealt with the      remind these clients that they can              enrol with the data protection agency. If
    non-routine queries that came via our         continue to access their NHS service this       the practice is part of their home, they
    central office. Many seemed to arise from     should not be a problem. It is worth            also need to inform their building
    poor communication. Poor                      remembering that there have been                society/landlord and consider public
    communication between therapists,             problems in the past when independent           liability insurance.
    clients, departments and organisations        therapists have taken and used NHS
    can lead to misunderstanding, a great         reports when they should not have.              When is a therapist ‘non-
    deal of time wasting and ultimately does                                                      practising’ or ‘practising’?
    our profession no good at all. Here are       “Be careful if you are                          A non-practising SLT wanted to join
    answers to a some of the many                                                                 ASLTIP, “for additional insurance”. The
    frequently asked questions:                   using speech and                                therapist had been running a voice/vocal

    Should therapists work together?
                                                  language therapy                                training group at a theatre for sometime
                                                                                                  and thought voice problems encountered
    Yes. Policy guidance from RCSLT               training directly to                            could be referred to ENT. The therapist
    ‘Working in Harmony’ sets out general                                                         did not consider this as ‘therapy’, as fees
    principles to facilitate cooperation          perform a service,                              for attendance were paid to the theatre.
    between therapists, wherever employed,                                                        ASLTIP provides networking and
    to ensure a consistently high standard of
                                                  albeit without a fee.”                          support, but not insurance.
    informed care for all clients.                                                                  Be careful if you are using speech and
                                                  Can therapists working for the                  language therapy training directly to
    Can a client see an independent               NHS also see clients privately?                 perform a service, albeit without a fee. In
    SLT at the same time as accessing             Yes but proceed with caution. To avoid          the current climate of litigation and
    NHS therapy?                                  confusion; ideally, if you are working for      complaint it is advisable to think things
    The NHS Act recognises that a client          an NHS trust and have a limited                 through. If you are ‘non-practising’ on
    may also access speech and language           independent practice, your clients should       the Health Professions Council
    therapy outside the NHS and this is not       not be from the same locality in which          register you are not covered. If you are
    a reason to discharge them. When              you work. No client should be                   uncomfortable or have doubts about
    sharing mutual clients, SLTs should make      potentially or actually or your caseload        anything you are asked to do, check it
    every effort to liaise with each other, and   or that of your therapy team. Any               out.
    seek client or parental permission to         independent work should not into bring
    share assessment results and devise           you into conflict with your NHS                 Shelagh Urwin
    treatment plans. Feedback from our            employer. You should certainly not use          ASLTIP chair
    members indicates that this is already        NHS time or personnel to advertise or           Visit: for
    happening in many locations.                  develop your private practice.                  more information on ASLTP’s activities

2    May 2005 bulletin supplement                                                                                     
                                                                                                                                     Feat u re

Monitoring language targets in
Sure Start local programmes
James Law and Frances Harris report on the progress to date and future plans for
this national data collection exercise

Speech and language therapists have been involved in Sure            assessing are speaking more in the first place.
Start since its inception. One of the key features of this radical      Indeed, Norman Glass (2005), the person credited with
programme, aimed at rejuvenating our most socially                   starting the whole scheme, recently expressed concerns about
disadvantaged communities, was the inclusion of a process to         the changing nature of Sure Start programmes. Nevertheless,
evaluate it impact.                                                  the results do suggest the programmes are moving in the right
   In addition to a formal evaluation (Ness Research Team,           direction, based on a robust measure of language development
2004), the UK Treasury set a number of public service                in young children.
agreement targets. As far as SLTs were concerned, the most              One of the critical issues is whether the children within Sure
significant of these was that relating to the language               Start programmes are developing relative to the average child
development of two-year-old children. Although the wording           in England. This is a tricky concept, particularly as when we
of the target has gone through a number of iterations                started there was no data available for English children and
it is currently: “An increase in the proportion of children          no data on the Minnesota Child Development Inventory for
having normal levels of communication, language and literacy         the full range of socio-economic groups. To address this the
at the end of the foundation stage and an increase in the            Sure Start Unit has funded a project directed by City
proportion of young children with satisfactory speech and            University’s Dr Penny Roy, which will report in due course.
language development at age two years.”                                 Data will be collected in 2005 and 2006. However, from 2005
   As part of the process, Sure Start commissioned a team at         a team from the Sure Start Unit will analyse the data instead of
City University in London to develop a measure of language           the City University team. It is important that all those involved
for two-year-olds and to ascertain whether the target for this       in the collection of the SSLM data liaise with the Sure Start
group had been reached. This, in turn, led to the development        research and evaluation team’s Kiran Sidhu. Tel: 0207 2731216
of the Sure Start Language Measure (SSLM), used as the basis         or email:
of annual returns of data from all the local programmes.                Finally, we would like to thank all those who have responded
   As an important part of this data collection exercise, the City   to our questions about the most appropriate method of data
University team put together annual reports. Those working in        collection and, in particular, for their work in contributing to
Sure Start programmes will have received the short form of           the exceptionally high return rates of the SSLM data.
these. Longer versions are accessible from: along with a booklet making specific
recommendations for programmes working towards the
                                                                       James Law
language targets (Law and Harris, 2001).
   There have now been three national data collections: in 2001,
2003 and 2004, and we have summarised the findings of the              Centre for Integrated Healthcare Research, Queen Margaret
first three years in our report this year (Harris, Law and Roy,        University College, Edinburgh
2005).                                                                 Email:
   What have we found so far? There has been a significant rise
over the three years in the percentage of children with high           Frances Harris
word count scores and in the number of parents without                 Research assistant
concerns about their child’s language development. Over the            City University, London
three years the average word count scores have been rising,
although this does not reach a statistically significant level.        References:
Interestingly, the word count scores of boys have improved             Glass, N. Surely some mistake. Society Guardian 5 January 2005; pp2-3.
significantly while girls’ scores have not.                            Harris F, Law J, Roy P.The Third Implementation of the Sure Start Language
   Results like this have to be treated with some caution because      Measure. Nottingham: DFES Publications 2005.
rises in the predicted direction do not necessarily mean that          Law J, Harris F.Promoting Language Development in Sure Start Areas.
the Sure Start interventions are directly affecting the children’s     Nottingham: DFES Publications, Sure Start 2001.
development. There are all sorts of other reasons why this             The NESS Research Team.The National Evaluation of Sure Start Local
might be the case. For example, the children entering Sure Start       Programmes in England.Child and Adolescent Mental Health 2004; 9, 1, 2-8.
programmes may be becoming less disadvantaged as the
programmes develop. This may mean that the children we are                                                                                                                May 2005 supplement    3
    Q u i c k Lo o k D ate s
         To advertise your Quick Look Date please contact Katy Eggleton on 020 7878 2344 or email

    April                                        25 and 26 May                                skills. New ideas and practical techniques   Connect, 16-18 Marshalsea Road,
                                                 Advanced laryngeal manipulation              for supporting people with aphasia to        London. Tel: 020 7367 0846, visit:
    14/15 April                                  Derby. Jacob Lieberman and Sara Harris.      express their emotions without words., email:
    Elklan Consultancy offers speech and         Includes: The relationship between           Connect, 16-18 Marshalsea Road,    
    language support in the classroom.           muscle tension and hyper function voice      London. Tel: 020 7367 0846, visit:
    Training for SALTAs. A range of              disorder; specific manual therapy   or email:                   October
    communication difficulties in children       techniques; demonstration of larynx
    are explored and practical strategies and    manipulation with flexible endoscopic                                                     4-5 October
    advice given. RCSLT London. Price £195.      monitor. £150. NCORE, tel: 01332 254679      July                                         Deep pharyngeal neuromuscular
    Contact Elklan tel: 01208 841450, email:                                                                                               stimulation (DPNS), visit:               26/27 May; 19/20 October                     4 July (10 - 4pm)                            Effective treatment for pharyngeal                             Elklan total training package for under-     SLT for deaf adults. From a mild to          dysphagia. Milton Keynes, England. Cost:
                                                 5s enables SLTs to provide accredited        profound deafness; cogential or acquired;    £325. For more information or to book a
    May                                          training to staff working in under 5s        from teenagers to the elderly-aided,         place on the workshop contact Collette
                                                 settings. Teacher therapist teams            unaided or cochlear implanted. £60 for 1     Crook. Email:
    2-Day PECS Training                          welcome. RCSLT. £395 therapist; £295         day course RNTNE, London. Email:    or tel:
    12/13 May Bristol, 26/27 May London.         teacher. Contact Elklan, tel: 01208, tel:       01908 209305
    PECS review, practice and problem            841450, email:,       020 7915 1633
    solving, 6 May, London; Incorporating        visit:                                                                   17 October, 27 May
    PECS across the day, 11 May Bristol.                                                      5 July                                       Elklan Supporting Children with ASD
    Contact Pyramid Educational Consultants      June                                         The good goal setting guide                  Training the trainers to provide practical
    for details and applications: Tel: 01273                                                  A fresh look at person-centred goals in      accredited training to staff working in
    609555, email:,          6 June                                       stroke care. New techniques for              mainstream schools, units and health
    visit:                       Maggie Johnson – Functional Language         encouraging change and listening when        settings focusing on verbal ASD children.
                                                 in the classroom and at home. A              listening is hard. Great for teams.          Elklan tutors £250, co-tutors £200. RCSLT
    24 May; 17 October                           practical course aiming to support all       Connect, 16-18 Marshalsea Road,              London. Contact Elklan tel: 01208
    Lets Talk with under-5s. Training trainers   those working with language impaired         London SE1 1HL. Tel: 020 7367 0846,          841450, email:,
    to deliver practical accessible accredited   pupils in mainstream schools. Includes       visit: or email:           visit:
    training to staff and carers working with    strategies to support listening skills,
    under-5s. Training materials extra. Open     organisational skills and social                                                          Holiday Homes
    to Elklan Tutors, SLTs. SLTAs, Elklan Co-    communication skills. Cost £80. Venue:       6 July
    tutors. RCSLT London. Price £150.            Perdiswell Young People’s Club. Contact      Autism spectrum disorders conference         Spain; luxurious, ground floor apt
    Contact Elklan tel: 01208 841450, email:     Language for Learning, tel: 01562 751866     An inspirational day with Rita Jordan        between Puerto Banus and Estepona, visit:                                                            speaking on education and health issues      (Malaga Airport) 2 bed, 2 bath, sleeps 6,                             6 June                                       and Ros Blackburn giving an inside view      fully equipped, baby cot /highchair,
                                                 Scottish SIG in Autism study day             of her experiences. The Ark, Dover. Cost     private patios, pools, garden, beach 2 mins
    24 May                                       “Shared Working Practices” at QMUC,          £50 (including lunch) non-refundable.        walk. Email:
    Social model practice: what it is and        Edinburgh, £16/13. For information           Contact Patrice Gardiner, tel: 01227
    how to do it                                 contact Marion Rutherford, tel 0131 536      284496 (Mon-Thurs 8:30-1pm). SLT             Courses
    Practical ideas for dismantling barriers     0337 or email:                               Department, Clover House, John Wilson
    and changing culture in your workplace.           Business Park, Reeves Way, Whitstable,
    Improve the ‘patient experience’ and                                                      Kent, CT5 3QZ
                                                                                                                                              ADULT DYSPHAGIA
    your job satisfaction. Two-day course.       16 June                                                                                        IRELAND SIG
    Connect, 16-18 Marshalsea Road,              Acquired Dyslexia                            11 July                                         Advanced Dysphagia Conference
    London. Tel: 020 7367 0846,                  A workshop exploring different models,       Practical use of nasendoscopy                  with Jeri Logemann July 13th-15th, email:                    underlying theories including; overview,     Venue: Royal National Throat Nose and
                                                                                                                                             Don’t miss this opportunity to attend a                    traditional classifications, distinctions    Ear Hospital, 330, Grays Inn Road,
                                                                                                                                             3 day advanced dysphagia conference
                                                 between developmental dyslexia, box and      London, WC1X 8DA Contact: Gary                  with Jeri Logemann in Dublin. Topics
    25 May, 21 October                           arrow models, revised approaches,            Wood, tel/fax: 020 7915 4180                      to include videofluroscopy, stroke,
    Elklan supporting children with unclear      assessment, interventions of pure alexias.                                                   tracheostomy, progressive neurology,
    speech training the trainers to provide      The Oliver Zangwill Centre. Cost: £110.      26 July                                           head & neck cancer and paediatric
    practical accredited training to staff       Tel: 01353 652173 or book online at:         Including people aphasia in stroke                            dysphagia.
    working in education and health. Open                               research                                       Fee:     € 250
    to Elklan tutors, co-tutors other SLTs can                                                In a research team? Learn how to               Venue: Adelaide & Meath Hospital,
                                                                                                                                                      Tallaght, Dublin 24
    deliver non-accredited training £150.        21 June                                      communicate better with people with
                                                                                                                                             Contact: Jennifer Kane
    RCSLT. Contact Elklan, tel: 01208            Creative counselling in stroke and           stroke and aphasia. Gain practical
                                                                                                                                             Phone: 00 353 1 6465727
    841450, email:,       aphasia (introduction)                       techniques to improve consent,                 e-mail:
    visit:                      Gain confidence in your own counselling      interviewing and documentation.

4   May 2005 bulletin supplement                                                                                                                         
                                                                                                                               Co u r s e s

                                                                                     Faculty of Medical Sciences
                                                                                       University of Newcastle
                Profound Learning Disability &                                      Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England
                  Multi Sensory Impairment
                (A Distance Learning Programme)                MSc Speech & Swallowing Research
  The University of Manchester offers courses at MSc and          (Dysphagia) or (Dysphonia)
        Postgraduate Diploma in this area. These are
    established two/three year courses, combining study                                         Format
  schools, on-line and telephone tutor support, printed &      x Interdisciplinary, part time research degreee
   video materials. Subjects include communication and         x 7 one-week periods of intensive research methodology and
      cognition, behaviour issues, sensory impairment,           clinical skills training over a 2 year study period
   education, social inclusion, families, inter-disciplinary   x Work place application of new skills including specialist clinical
     working, epilepsy, leisure & the arts and advocacy.         expertise, evidence based literature appraisal, research methods,
      (Bursaries and other financial assistance schemes          writing for publication, scientific oral presentations

     available). Application forms can be obtained from        x Implementation of home based research project supported by
                                                                 specialist clinical specialist clinical supervisors at Newcastle
            Mrs L Oake and must be returned by                   University
                     1st September 2005.
                                                                                        Course Directors
       Mrs L Oake, The Programme Secretary,                                         Paula Leslie BSc MRCSLT
                                                                       Professor Janet A Wilson BSc MD FRCSEd FRCSEng
         Educational Support & Inclusion,                                      Professor Paul Carding PhD MRCSLT
                School of Education,
       University of Manchester, Oxford Road,                                                   Contact
                                                                     Fax: +44(0) 191 222 8988
                Manchester. M13 9PL                                           School of Surgical and Reproductive Sciences,
               Tel: 0 1 6 1 2 7 5 3 3 3 7                                                 The Medical School,
                                                                         University of Newcastle, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE2 4HH

                                                               Multidisciplinary MSc/Postgraduate
                                                               Diploma Course in Ageing, Health
                                                               and Disease (Two years part-time)
                                                               Department of Geriatric Medicine

                                                               The course will commence in October 2005 and will provide an advanced
                                                               course of study suitable for graduates in medicine, nursing, the professions
                                                               allied to medicine, social care practitioners, other professionals and managers
                                                               who work with older people. Applicants without a degree, but with vocational
                                                               qualifications and related work experience may also be considered.
                                                               The course is offered on a multidisciplinary, multi-agency basis providing the
                                                               opportunity for health and social care professionals, together with people
                                                               working for voluntary agencies to study and learn together. Assessment of
                                                               student progress will be by continuous assessment, and for the award of the
                                                               MSc, successful completion of a dissertation will be necessary.
                                                               A limited number of places have been made available on each of the
                                                               MSc modules for those not wishing to pursue a full MSc. This will facilitate
                                                               attendance to undertake an update in one aspect of geriatric medicine as a
                                                               stand alone educational event.
                                                               MSc Course Fee 2005/2006: To be agreed
                                                               Singular Module Fee 2005/2006: £200 per module

                                                               Further details and application forms available from:
                                                               Mrs Shirley Green, Course Administrator, Department of Geriatric
                                                               Medicine, Cardiff University, 3rd Floor, Academic Centre, Llandough
                                                               Hospital, Penarth, Cardiff CF64 2XX. Tel: 029 2071 6962/6986.
                                                               Email:                                                                                               May 2005 bulletin supplement         5

6   May 2005 bulletin supplement

                                                     With a global network spanning across five continents including over 20
                You can count on us                  offices across the UK and Ireland, we are always ideally located to find
                                                     you the best job opportunities. Our excellent reputation for providing a
                ...for excellent job opportunities
                                                     high standard of service, as well as recently acquiring a range of new
                and excellent rates of pay.          clients, has resulted in even greater job and pay opportunities across
                                                     the UK and Ireland.

                                                     We carry a wide range of both permanent and temporary Speech and
                                                     Language Therapy positions from Basic Grades to Head 2. We also have
                                                     positions across the following fields

                                                     • Pharmacists                          • MLSO's                          • OT's
                                                     • Podiatrists                          • Radiographers                   • Dieticians
                                                     • Physios                              • Dentists
                                                     So, whether you are looking to further your career, for flexible hours or the
                                                     chance to work closer to home or to simply achieve the work/life balance
                                                     without breaking the bank, call our highly trained consultants today.

                                                     Call our freephone to be put through to your nearest BBT office.

                                                     t. 0800 032 1879 e.
                                                     (For Global vacancies, please call 020 7881 2799)

                                                     BBT operate as both an Employment Agency and an Employment Business.                                                                                                               May 2005 bulletin supplement   7
                                                                                                                   MADE OUR
                                                                                                                   EVEN BETTER

                                                                                                                                       Are you getting enough?
                                                                                                                                       Reed Health is one of the leading suppliers of locum
                                                                                                                                       and permanent Speech and Language Therapists
                                                                                                                                       to the NHS and independent sector. We need more
                                                                                                                                       candidates across the profession and to attract the
                                                                                                                                       best staff, we believe in offering the best rewards.
                                                                                                                                       Reed Health:
                                                                                                                                       q are an approved supplier to the national framework
                                                                                                                                         agreements in England & Wales and Scotland
                                                                                                                                       q manage all temporary staff bookings for Speech
                                                                                                                                         and Language Therapists in North West London
                                                                                                                                         NHS Trusts
                                                                                                                                       q have preferred provider agreements with
                                                                                                                                         NHS Trusts across the UK
                                                                                                                                       q work with independent health care organisations,
                                                                                                                                         helping to meet their staffing needs
                                                                                                                                       Not enough? How about CPD, travel benefits,
                                                                                                                                       pension schemes, discounted car hire,
                                                                                                                                       NI holidays for certain overseas workers and
                                                                                                                                       preferential rates on insurance? You can save
                                                                                                                                       money on everything from your car to your cat!
                                                                                                                                       If you’re not getting enough, call our team today.
                                                                                                                                       t: 0800 068 1114

        M I N I S T RY O F D E F E N C E

                                           SPEECH AND LANGUAGE THERAPIST BAND 2
                                           AKROTIRI/EPISKOPI, CYPRUS
                                           Spine points 26-31 (depending on experience and responsibilities) £23,026 - £28,016 per annum.
                                           The MOD is in the process of implementing the NHS Agenda for              accommodation and utilities (within locally agreed limits), free
                                           Change. This post will therefore eventually be allocated an               passage, a non-taxable cost of living allowance (COLA) for those
                                           appropriate banding, using NHS guidelines.                                domiciled in the UK and recruitment and retention allowance.
                                           Are you a dynamic and innovative therapist who is looking for a           Annual leave dependant on NHS length of service to maximum of
                                           challenge in a new environment?                                           31 days a year plus 10.5 days Public Holidays. Conditioned hours
                                                                                                                     are 37.5 hours per week excluding meal breaks. The successful
                                           An exciting opportunity has arisen for an enthusiastic therapist to       candidate will be on a MOD contract with NHS Terms and
                                           develop and broaden his/her skills in a variety of settings with          Conditions. Membership/Registration with RCSLT and HPC
                                           Military Personnel, Service Children and their families.                  required. Current driving licence essential. Appointment to the
                                           If you are:                                                               post is subject to Security Clearance and completion of an
                                           • flexible and enjoy the challenge of diversity                           Enhanced Disclosure Check with the Criminal Records Bureau.
                                           • interested in developing Early Intervention policy and initiatives      We actively encourage on line applications, by applying on line at
                                                                                                            you can be sure that your application has been
                                           • committed to multi-agency collaborative working                         received on time. If however you are unable to apply on line please
                                           • able to develop & deliver training for parents/professionals            telephone 01225 449631 quoting reference no.......... for an
                                           • experienced in developing/working in a consultative                     application form.
                                             mainstream service                                                      Closing date for applications is 23 May 2005.
                                           • enthusiastic about partnership working                                  Interviews will be held 2nd/3rd June 2005.
                                           then this post offers you the chance to be proactive and share your       Informal enquiries welcomed, please contact Jenny James,
                                           ideas for service development in line with recent Government              Principal Speech and Language Therapist on 00357 25963746
                                           initiatives and directives.                                               or e-mail
                                           The Speech and Language Therapy Department forms part of                  This is an established post, available from October 2005.
                                           Education and Training Services in Cyprus. This post is currently         This is a non-reserved post open to UK, British Commonwealth or
                                           based in the Child Guidance Centre. However, the work is                  nationals of other European Economic Area countries. Candidates
                                           predominantly carried out in the schools and nurseries working as         would normally be expected to have a minimum of 3 years UK
                                           a member of the Inclusion Team. Regular liaison and support is            residency and preferably 5 years. Certain family members of EEA
                                           provided. There are excellent personal and professional                   nationals, resident in UK are also eligible for non-reserved posts.
                                           development opportunities linked to PDR. The facilities are well
                                           resourced with access to IT and clerical services.                        The MOD is an equal opportunities employer
                                                                                                                     and seeks to reflect the diverse community it
                                           Cyprus offers a friendly and relaxed environment with numerous            serves. Applications are welcome from
                                           sporting, social and cultural activities. Additional benefits include     anyone who meets the stated requirements.

8   May 2005 bulletin supplement                                                                                                                                       

                You never forget
                your first.

                If you’re looking for a great first job, you couldn’t do much better   Clinic Team
                than joining us: one of the UK’s biggest paediatric speech therapy     Based in local health clinics and working closely with colleagues in
                teams, we’re well known as a centre of excellence in our field.        SureStart teams, we undertake a lot of early language work, all of
                As part of our lively, innovative and non-hierarchical team,           which is supported by assistants and technical instructors, and deals
                                                                                       with dysfluency (all our therapists in this area are Lidcombe trained),
                you’ll have the chance to contribute from the word go, as you
                                                                                       dyspraxia, and pre-school phonological problems.
                enjoy exceptional support from peers and managers alike.
                                                                                       Schools Team
                Thanks to our size and scope, we’re able to offer you plenty of        We provide a well-established service to both mainstream and special
                variety in terms of your career. Our therapists also benefit from      schools, working with children who have significant speech and
                well-developed care models, exceptional training and hands-on          language problems. Our work also covers hearing impairments,
                                                                                       autism, EBD, learning difficulties and physical disability.
                learning, as well as our commitment to flexible working and our
                position at the forefront of clinical practice. Join us and you’ll     To find out more about the specific roles available and
                have every opportunity to make the most of your future in the          arrange a visit, please call Ann Clemence or Tania Allen on

                following teams:                                                       01843 229073.

                                       We operate a non-smoking policy
                                     Working Towards Equal Opportunities

                                                                                                                                   May 2005 bulletin supplement   9

         Formed in April 2002, Southwark PCT is a bright, friendly and energetic organisation at the forefront of NHS innovation.
         Dedicated to providing the best healthcare services to our local population, we are successful because we work together.
         We are committed to ensuring that primary and community services are integrated and are working closely with our local social
         services to ensure we provide care that is responsive and inclusive.

         Children’s Speech and Language Services
                     Come and join the Speech and Language Therapy team in Southwark. We have a group of innovative, enthusiastic clinicians, delivering a range of Speech
                     and Language Therapy services in partnership with parents, Education and Social Services. We have a number of ongoing initiatives as a result of successful
                     development bids. Southwark Borough in South East London stretches from London Bridge in the North and West to Surrey Docks in the East and Dulwich
                     in the South. It is London’s oldest borough, with a diverse population, with easy access to The South Bank and Central London.
                     We offer professionally lead service, excellent supervision and support, commitment to CPD through personal development planning, a team of
                     administrators and support staff, support from a friendly and sociable team, as well as a wide range of resources-Digital cameras/video,
                     Boardmaker/Widgit, following successful work within the Modernisation programme and an accessible, networked IT system.

         Sure Start                                                                                        Pre-School Complex Needs
         Highly Specialist Speech & Language Therapists                                                    Highly Specialist Speech & Language Therapists
         0.4 wte spine points 34-35 Ref: SOU2796                                                           1.0 wte spine points 31-33 Ref: SOU2895
         (£31,514 - £32,772 p.a. plus ILW)                                                                 (£28,016 - £30,302 p.a. plus ILW)
         2.0 wte spine points 31-33 Refs: SOU2897 & SOU2801
                                                                                                                   This full-time post is part of a team of five therapists who have highly
         (£28,016 - £30,302 p.a. plus ILW)                                                                         specialist skills in ASD, dysphagia and AAC. As a flexible and innovative
                                                                                                                   therapist, you will work with a wide range of pre-school children with
         Specialist Speech & Language Therapists                                                                   complex needs. You should be able to work creatively in collaboration
                                                                                                                   with parents, nursery staff and other health professionals to deliver a
         0.4 wte spine points 27-29 Ref: SOU2896
                                                                                                                   service to children with complex needs under 5, offering intervention
         (£23,947 - £25,901 p.a. plus ILW)                                                                         within the home, nursery or groups. You should also enjoy developing
                     We are currently involved in 7 Sure Start programmes across the                               training and sharing skills with parents and other practitioners. As a
                     borough - working to promote communication development in children,                           team, we are keen to provide on-going support through skill-sharing,
                     under 4 years old, through advice, intervention, education and health                         training and clinical discussions. We welcome an innovative approach
                     promotion. Due to internal promotion, there are a range of sessions                           to service delivery.
                     available in different Sure Start programmes.                                                 For an informal discussion, please contact Sarah Le Quesne, Pre- School
                     You should be able to bring imagination, creativity and flexibility to                        Special Needs Team Leader on 020 7771 3483.
                     developing this initiative. You will be working with partners across                          As well as the benefits below, we also offer sports facilities, employee
                     local agencies to promote the health and well-being of young children                         counselling programme, access to accommodation, interest free season
                     and their families within the Sure Start Programme. At the higher spine                       ticket loan, bike loan and NHS holiday club.
                     points, you will have responsibility for co-ordinating the SLT input, of
                                                                                                                   All Sure Start posts are fixed term to March 2006, applications for
                     yourself and a junior colleague, into the programme. There is also an
                                                                                                                   secondment would be welcome.
                     opportunity to maintain clinical skills through work with a small
                     caseload. The Southwark-wide Sure Start SLT team of 10 provides                               To apply on-line, please see our website or
                     opportunities for joint working, skill sharing and support.                                   contact our 24-hour recruitment line on 020 7717 4072 quoting the
                                                                                                                   appropriate reference number.
                     For an informal discussion, please contact Lindsay McLelland,
                     Sure Start Speech and Language Therapy Team Leader                                            Closing date for all posts: Midday, 16th May 2005.
                     on 020 7771 3418.                                                                             Interview dates: 26th and 27th May 2005.

                                 In return we offer first class career development, flexible working and a range of staff benefits including final salary pension.
                                         In line with the national NHS new pay framework, all posts have been amended with effect from 1st October 2004.
                                                                    All salaries/terms & conditions are pending the outcome of Agenda for Change.

       The Trust is committed to equal opportunities and welcomes
       applications from all sections of the community.

              Visit and access
                     the RCSLT online
10   May 2005 bulletin supplement                                                                                                                                   
                  Appointments   May 2005 bulletin supplement   11

                        228 Walm Lane, London, NW2 3BS

                   Speech and Language Therapist
               Band 2 (spine points dependent on experience)
                           Part time – 6 sessions
               Paid school holidays/Company Pension Scheme
        We have an exceptional opportunity for an experienced and innovative
       Speech and Language Therapist to join our dynamic team of teachers and

      The Hope Centre provides education and therapy for students aged 3-19 years, with
      a range of special needs, using Professor Reuven Feuerstein’s methods of Cognitive
         Education. Our team has a range of specialists including cognitive mediation,
                    occupational therapy and movement and play therapy.

        You will have a minimum of two years experience working with a wide range of
          children with special needs and their parents. You will preferably have some
                     experience working with teenagers and young adults.

       We provide an induction programme, ongoing training in Cognitive Education, and
        exciting opportunities for external training, regular supervision and a supportive
                team environment. The caseload is small, varied and challenging.

         For further information or an application pack please contact Cheryl Hanshaw
         (Educational Administrator) or Luci Austin (Speech and Language Therapist) on
                        020 8450 1121 or e-mail

                                Closing Date 14th May 2005

                     For further information visit
                                Registered Charity No. 1056674

12   May 2005 bulletin supplement                                                  

                              SPEECH AND LANGUAGE
                           Acquired Brain Injury Slow Stream
                          Rehabilitation Centre in Southampton

                     We are seeking a confident team member, preferably with a
                                 minimum of two years experience.

                     Peartree House has a commitment to flexible working, and
                   applications will be considered for part/full time or term time
                    only contracts. Salary, up to £32,000 per annum, depending
                        on experience. Adjacent subsidised accommodation
                                        immediately available.

                               Alternatively, are you considering an MSc?

                       Work for us at Peartree House for two years and we will
                                   sponsor the cost of your MSc.

                     For a job description or to arrange an informal visit, please
                               contact the Manager on 023 80 448168.

                                         Closing date 27 May 2005.

                Speech and Language Therapist
                Bexhill Hospital
                Spine point 19-25 depending upon experience
                You will be part of the East Sussex Speech and Language Therapy Service,
                which consists of 17 therapists and is professionally managed.
                Are you interested in:
                • Protected time for funded professional development?
                • Clinical support from expert practitioners across a range of disorders such
                  as voice/head and neck cancer/stroke/neuro-degenerative disorders/
                • Working in a flexible and supportive environment?
                • Dedicated time per month to develop your competence and confidence?
                You will provide input into the Bexhill Irvine Unit and to the community of
                Bexhill. You will also have the opportunity to work within the day hospital,
                giving you a breadth of experience.
                Bexhill is located on the south east coast surrounded by the picturesque
                South Downs. London, Brighton, Canterbury and the continent are within
                easy reach.
                We are a dynamic, forward thinking team, working inclusively and valuing
                the input of all our therapists. Our objectives are shared and owned by the
                whole team and our vision is to enjoy working cohesively, creating the best
                possible care for our clients, sharing our successes and challenges.
                If you share our vision, please contact Anita Smith on 01424 755470
                ext. 8639 ( or Rosemary Hunt on
                01424 710129.
                Closing date: 13 May 2005.
                This post will be subject to review under the new NHS pay and
                conditions of employment scheme.
                Working towards equal opportunities. A No Smoking Policy
                applies. Flexible working and job share will be considered.
                Final salary pension scheme.

                                   w w w. e a s t s u s s ex n h s j o b s. o rg                                                   May 2005 bulletin supplement    13

                                                                                a lifestyle choice
          Brighten your day                                                                                                                 Awarded three stars for quality from the
                                                                                                                                    Department of Health, St Mary’s NHS Trust is one of
          It’s not hard to change your life. A career at the RUH Bath                                                            London’s leading NHS hospitals, with a world-class
          offers professional development and day-to-day rewards that                                                            reputation for teaching and research. We provide a wide
          are hard to match.                                                                                                     range of general and specialist services, and play a central
                                                                                                                                 role in the local community. We’re based in the heart of
                                                                                                                                 Paddington, west London, which means we’re easy to reach
          SureStart Speech and Language Therapist                                                                                and have immediate access to all that the capital has to
                                                                                                                                 offer. And with the forthcoming regeneration of the
          £28,920 - £31,279 per annum/pro rata              Ref: AHP3070B                                                        Paddington Basin, our future looks brighter than ever!

          Full or part-time hours considered. Fixed term contract
          Six months to cover maternity leave
                                                                                                                                 Specialist Speech
          This is an exciting post working within the beautiful city of Bath.
          SureStart has only just come to Bath and the Speech and Language
                                                                                                                                 and Language
          projects are innovative and challenging. You will work closely with
          a speech and language therapy assistant, parents, play leaders
          and SureStart staff in order to promote language and speech
                                                                                                                                 Therapist 0.6WTE
          development to preschool children within a less affluent area                                                           Neuro-Rehabilitation (Adults)
          of the city.
                                                                                                                                 Spine point 33-35
          You will need:
          q at least three years’ experience of working with a paediatric
                                                                                                                                 £34,130 - £36,680 p.a. inc.
                                                                                                                                 Fixed-term contract for six months
          q ability to work as part of a multi-disciplinary team
          q confidence to mentor and work collaboratively with a speech
                                                                                                                                 This is an exciting opportunity to further develop your
            and language therapy assistant
                                                                                                                                 clinical skills in neuro-rehabilitation whilst at the same
          q good organisational skills
                                                                                                                                 time developing supervision skills.
          q ability to work flexibly
          q enthusiasm, imagination and initiative.                                                                              Although employed by St. Mary’s NHS Trust, you will work
                                                                                                                                 in a 15 bedded, Neuro-Rehabilitation Unit at St. Charles
          You will have:                                                                                                         Hospital which is situated in Ladbroke Grove.
          q excellent support and supervision
                                                                                                                                 You will manage a caseload of inpatients with acquired
          q continuing professional development
                                                                                                                                 neurological disorder alongside a junior SLT colleague and
          q regular team meetings and strong links with Bath and North East
                                                                                                                                 the multi-disciplinary team. You will contribute to service
            Somerset PCT Speech and Language Therapy Service
                                                                                                                                 developments on the Unit, and extend and maintain good
          q personal and professional development reviews.
                                                                                                                                 links with our PCT colleagues who also provide on-site
          For further information regarding the post please contact Marina                                                       services.
          Sloan on (01225) 821440/824220 or Jill Lambert on (01225) 824220.
                                                                                                                                 You will have at least four years’ post-qualification
          Closing date: 19 May 2005.
                                                                                                                                 experience with a specialism and interest in this area. We
                                                                                                                                 will offer you line management, in-service training and the
                                                                                                                                 support of a friendly and dynamic Speech and Language
          Benefits include:
                                                                                                                                 Therapy Team.
            Flexible hours considered        Subsidised meals
                                                                                                                                 For further information, please contact Eileen Walshe,
            Carer’s leave                    On-site sports facilities
                                                                                                                                 Speech and Language Therapy Manager on 020 7886 6073.
            Crèche facilities                Career development and
                                             support                                                                             St Mary’s NHS Trust is implementing the new NHS national
            Career breaks                    Reduced membership rates at                                                         pay system called Agenda for Change - this job is subject to
            Quality pension scheme           YMCA Gym, Bath                                                                      assimilation to Agenda for Change terms and conditions.

                                                                                                                                 For an application form and job description, please contact
          “RUH 2010 – The best staff, working together to give                                                                   the Human Resources Department, St Mary’s Hospital,
           excellent care”                                                                                                       Praed Street, London W2 1NY or telephone 0870 990 1963,
                                                                                                                                 quoting reference number 5208-24 or
                                                                                                            Working Towards
                                                                                                        Equal Opportunities      Minicom Textphone for deaf people only: 020 7886 7599.
                                                                                                             Applications are
                                                                                                       welcome from people       Closing date: 11th May 2005.
                                                                                                        wishing to adopt job
         Act now. For full details of our current vacancies,                                         sharing or other flexible   Interview date: w/c 14th May 2005.
                                                                                                      working arrangements
         an insight into working life at the RUH and to apply, visit: or telephone:
         (01225) 824018 (24 Hour)                                                                                    Why not visit our website at
         We consider flexible working arrangements wherever
         possible and welcome applications for job share.
         We are committed to eliminating discrimination                                                           Got a new job? Congratulations
         from employment practices.                                                                             Don’t forget to tell College when you
                                                                                                                    change your email address:
         Visit and access                                                                      email: with your
                the RCSLT online                                                                                         new details

14   May 2005 bulletin supplement                                                                                                                                      

                                 Healthcare Governance Directorate
                                 Senior Speech and
                                 Language Therapist
                                 Older People & Rehabilitation
                                 Grade 3 Spine points 36-38
                                 £36,848 - £39,629 pa inc

                                 We have an exciting opportunity to join one of the
   Bringing excellence to life

                                 biggest hospital Speech and Language Therapy teams
                                 in London.
                                 We require a Therapist with special qualities. With at least
                                 six years’ experience working with adults with acquired
                                 neurological disorders, you will provide clinical expertise
                                 and leadership to the Older People’s and Rehabilitation
                                 SLT service based at Mile End Hospital, East London.
                                 You will be employed by the SLT service of Barts and
                                 The London NHS Trust, but will be an integral member
                                 of the Older People’s and Rehabilitation team of Tower
                                 Hamlets PCT. Our recently audited stroke services are
                                 performing extremely well.
                                 As the lead SLT for older people, you will be working
                                 in a multi-disciplinary setting providing input to a
                                 successful and well-established stroke unit, as well
                                 as wards for older people.
                                 You will have line management responsibilities and will
                                 also be Research Lead for the SLT service. Clinical
                                 Governance will form an integral part of your role.
                                 The department has a rich research pedigree and we
                                 have strong links with City University. We are a dynamic,
                                 supportive team of 19.55 wte, working in a friendly and
                                 well-resourced department. The Trust provides excellent
                                 local facilities for professional and leisure pursuits.
                                 For further information or to arrange a visit please contact
                                 Matthew Hardwick, Head of SLT, on 020 7377 7177.
                                 To apply for this position please download an
                                 application pack from,
                                 or email us at
                                 quoting reference number 110SL, alternatively contact
                                 Recruitment Services on 020 7377 7745 (24 hour).
                                 Closing date 13th May 2005.
                                 Interview date: 26th May 2005.
                                 37.5 hours per week in accordance with Agenda for Change.
                                 Please note that for NHS staff in post at 30 November
                                 2004, the hours protection arrangements will continue
                                 to apply where staff move to a post with the same hours
                                 under the old pay system during the protection period.

                                 Committed to equal opportunities.

                                 Staff benefits are a priority at Barts and The
                                 London. They include interest free season ticket
                                 loans, excellent pension scheme, sports and leisure
                                 facilities, flexible working, on-site nurseries,
                                 holiday play schemes, childcare vouchers and free
                                 counselling with many more to follow.
                                 Accommodation is available – the first month is rent-
                                 free to assist you in relocating to your new job.

                                                                                                          May2005 bulletin supplement   15

                                              Primary Care Trust

        Paediatric Speech &
        Language Therapist
        Spine Points 18 - 22 (Agenda for Change pending)
        Solihull Primary Care Trust is an established Trust servicing a
        population of over 214,000. The Speech and Language Therapy
        Department is stable and friendly with regular departmental and
        team meetings as well as a formal system of non-managerial clinical
        supervision. We also have a support programme for new graduates
        and ample training opportunities. All flexible contracts will be
        considered, eg. term-time only, part-time or job share.
        We are looking for an enthusiastic and flexible newly/recently
        qualified therapist who would like to work in community paediatrics
        including clinics and mainstream schools. We work with all ages of
        children and locality teams of therapists and assistants share
        caseloads across a geographical area. We have recently developed
        our services to include a Triage system and parent workshops.
        For more information contact Cathy Evans, Team Leader,
        Paediatrics on 0121 744 2516 or Carole Davies, Clinical Leader
        on 0121 712 8497.
        For more information about this post or to apply online please
        visit or If you are
        unable to access these websites please contact the recruitment
        line on 0121 711 4819 (answerphone) for an application pack,
        quoting job reference P986.
        Closing date: Wednesday 18th May 2005 at 12 noon.

        We are committed to Improving Working Lives and as an equal
        opportunities employer value the strength
        a diverse workforce brings, therefore
        we positively encourage applications
        from all areas of the community.

         Towards a Healthier Horizon
           Visit and access
                  the RCSLT online

      £27,989 – £42,573
      You will contribute principally to the BSc in Speech and Language
      Pathology, will have a higher degree and will ideally be qualified to
      teach phonetics, and/or the clinical specialisms of clinical education,
      stammering or voice disorders, and be capable of research in these
      areas. You will also have a record of professional writing and/or
      publications in the field. If applying to teach clinical specialisms, you
      should be eligible to register with the Health Professions Council.
      Applications are welcome from full or part time applicants.
      For application form and further particulars (available on request
      in alternative formats for applicants with a disability) visit
                                                                                                  To access the Bulletin and
      Vacancies at our website or contact the
      Personnel Office, University of Strathclyde, Jordanhill                                    Bulletin Supplement online
      Campus, Glasgow G13 1PP,Tel: 0141 950 3263 (24 hour
      Voicemail Service) quoting Ref: J24/05.
      Applications closing date: 13 May 2005.
                                                                                                 bulletin.shtml and use the
                                                                                                      password: whyme
                We value diversity and welcome applications from all sections of the community

16   May 2005 bulletin supplement                                                                            

               Darchei Noam Centre, Menorah Grammar School
               Abbots Road Edgware HA8 OQS

               September 2005
                                                                                                    Secondary Language Specialist Resource
               Salary in the range £29,000 - £34,000 depending on                                                 Provision
               qualifications and experience Term –time only.                                                Mellow Lane School
               Part-time considered.

                Menorah Grammar School is an independent secondary school for orthodox Jewish
                                                                                                Highly Specialist Speech
               boys aged 11-18.The Darchei Noam Centre supports the learning of up to 30
             pupils who have a range of moderate and sometimes complex learning difficulties    and Language Therapist
           that include dyslexia, dyspraxia and Asperger’s Syndrome. It has a mix of LEA and
          privately funded pupils, a number of whom have Statements.                                             Spine Points 35 - 38
      We are looking for an experienced Speech and Language Therapist who will:
                                                                                                       plus Outer London Allowance 1.0 wte
      s   be a member of our team which works in partnership with parents and                           £35,525 - £39,752 p.a. inc. pro rata
          professionals from other disciplines and agencies (e.g. Ed Psych., OT,
          Physio., Psychiatry)
                                                                                                          Full/term-time only considered
      s   conduct assessments                                                                   This newly funded post is a result of an exciting and novel
      s   identify pupils’ speech and language needs                                            collaborative initiative between Mellow Lane School and Hillingdon
      s   provide individual and small group therapy                                            Primary Care Trust.
      s   link language and literacy
      s   advise teacher colleagues on Speech and Language issues                               Essentially based in the Specialist Resource Provision (SRP);
                                                                                                a provision for up to 12 secondary age pupils with severe speech
  CV and letter of application by 15 May to Michael Zimmer, Head of Darchei Noam                and/or language impairments, you will take the lead in designing
  Centre. e-mail                                                     and delivering an innovative, creative and quality service. The role
  For an informal discussion and further information contact Michael Zimmer on 0208             will be both clinical, with a capped caseload of students with SLI
  959 8110 or 0797 1072219                                                                      and consultative; an important part of this role will be to develop
                                                                                                training packages to be delivered within both the SEN Team and the
                                                                                                wider school. Mellow Lane is strongly committed to supporting and
                                                                                                delivering whole school systemic approaches to speech and
                                                                                                language therapy.
                                                                                                As this is a joint initiative you will be based in Mellow Lane full time
                                                                                                but will enjoy all of the usual benefits of belonging to a NHS Speech
                        Ashton, Leigh and Wigan                                                 and Language Therapy Department. At Hillingdon you can expect:
                                                      Primary Care Trust
                                                                                                • clinical supervision from the Language Disorder Team Co-ordinator
                                                                                                • half termly team meetings
  Specialist Speech & Language Therapist                                                        • peer support meetings
  - Neurosciences Rehabilitation                                                                • 10 Reading Days a year
  £28,016 - £30,032 p.a. pro-rata, Band 2 (Spine Points 31-33)                                  • commitment to CPD.
  Subject to Agenda for Change
                                                                                                For an informal discussion, please contact Victoria Rutter, Language
  An exciting opportunity has arisen for an experienced Speech & Language
                                                                                                Disorder Team Co-ordinator on 020 8569 1939.
  Therapist with a commitment to inter-disciplinary team working.
  The post is based in the Taylor Rehabilitation Unit, Leigh Infirmary, a well-                 Information packs are available from the Human Resources
  established Intermediate Neuroscience-Rehab Unit within the Greater Manchester                Department, Hillingdon Primary Care Trust, Kirk House,
  Neurosciences Network. A highly motivated and strong team player, you will need               97-109 High Street, Yiewsley, West Drayton UB7 7HJ,
  to share your skills with other team members and carry out joint planning and
  working to ensure maximum benefits for clients with complex neurological                      telephone 01895 452008 (24 hour answerphone) or email
  conditions. Opportunity to work with the associated Community Neuroscience           quoting reference LJ/384.
  team will also be possible.
                                                                                                Closing date: 20th May 2005.
  ALWPCT can offer you a supportive environment to meet the challenges of this
  post. There are regular team, peer and departmental meetings. A well-developed                               Working Towards Equal Opportunities
  Support System in the Speech & Language Therapy Department allows
  individuals the flexibility to meet their support needs. This post can be full-time
  or part-time and applications Job Share will be considered.
  Informal enquiries and visits are welcomed, please contact Helen Mee,
  Co-ordinator of Adult Service on 01942 264330.                                                  Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists
  Application forms and job descriptions are available from Carol Jones, SLT Secretary,
  Management Block, Leigh Infirmary on 01942 264807 quoting ref: PC05/14P     .
                Closing date: 11 May 2005.                                                                      Notice to all Bulletin
                  Provisional Interview date: 18 May 2005.
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                   We operate a No Smoking Policy
                                                                                                 Advertisements to be published in the Mid May issue
                                                                                                should be received by Midday 16th May. This issue is to
                                                                                                              be distributed on 1st June.
            Got a new job? Congratulations
          Don’t forget to tell College when you                                                 All enquiries relating to classified advertising should be
              change your email address:                                                           directed to: Katy Eggleton at TG Scott Healthcare,
                                                                                                          9 Savoy Street, London WC2E 7HR
      email: with your                                                              Tel: 020 7878 2344 Fax: 020 7379 7155
                  new details                                                                               Email:                                                                                                                            May 2005 bulletin supplement      17

                                         Chafford Hundred Campus Primary School
                                               Mayflower Road, Chafford Hundred
                                                          GRAYS, Essex RM16 6SA           Speech and Language Therapists (3 Posts)
                                             Tel: 01375 484580 Fax: 01375 484581          Based at St Thomas’s Hospital and Mainstream Schools
                                                      Headteacher: Mrs Lisa Fergus        Post 1) Spine Point 30-32 £27,808 - £30,074 pa (AFC pending)
                                                                                          Ref: CS/038/05 Full time, fixed term until June 2006
                                                                                          Post 2) Spine Point 26-28 £23,769 - £25,709 pa pro rata (AFC pending)
                                                                                          Ref: CS/037/05
         Speech and Language Therapist                                                    6 sessions per week, Fixed term to cover Maternity Leave
                                                                                          Don’t miss this opportunity to join the dynamic, enthusiastic team in Stockport,
         Grade 1- 2 Spine Point 25 to 33                                                  which provides Speech and Language Therapy to children across the borough.
                                                                                          The team is part of the Children’s Therapy Services within Stockport Primary
                                                                                          Care Trust and works in collaboration with a range of professionals and organisations
         35 hours per week full time or term time only available.                         to provide quality care to the children of Stockport.
                                                                                          You will work with, and be supported and developed by, a team with a wealth
                                                                                          of experience, who engage in a range of innovative practice and training for their
         A unique opportunity has arisen for a speech and Language therapist to           client groups.
         work as part of a team in a school nursery which has I CAN provision for 15      You will work with children who have a range of speech and language difficulties
         children. Ideally we would like someone to start as soon as possible, howev-     predominantly in school settings.You will work mainly to consultative models
                                                                                          providing advice, programmes and training.
         er, we are prepared to wait for the right person.                                With a Qualification in Speech and Language Therapy, a licence to practice and
                                                                                          a member of Royal College Speech and Language Therapists and Health Professionals
         The team consists of 1.5 teachers, two Nursery Nurses and a learning Support     Council, you will have positive views of inclusive education and a commitment to
         assistant and you (the speech therapist)                                         working in collaboration are essential for the post.

         Your job will be to provide specialist assessment and therapy to the children,   Post 3) Spine Point 30-32 £27,808 - £30,074 pa pro rata (AFC pending)
                                                                                          Ref: CS/036/05
         and training and advice to parents/carers and the other staff in the nursery.    3 days per week per week
                                                                                          term time only fixed term until 14 April 2006
         You will be promoting a language rich supportive environment providing           Speaking and Listening Project (CLIP Project)
         integrated speech and language therapy to preschool children.You will also       This innovative project is an exciting collaboration between Health and Education
         have the opportunity to access the I CAN study and training days as well as      and is aimed at improving the speaking and listening skills of children across
         contribute to research as part of the I CAN early years development pro-         Key Stages 1 and 2.
                                                                                          Ten Stockport primary schools are involved and the project is currently close to
         gramme.You will also be given the opportunity to engage in outreach work.        completing its second year. The focus has been on Speech and Language Therapists
                                                                                          and Teachers, jointly planning and delivering the curriculum with a strong speaking
         Your clinical support and supervision will be provided by the Primary care       and listening focus.The third year of the project aims to extend the current focus
         team in Basildon and Thurrock.                                                   to Key Stage 2.
                                                                                          An understanding of the curriculum is essential, as is an ability to think creatively
         The post is flexible and can be full time or term time only to suit you.         around how speech and language therapy principles can be applied to whole class
                                                                                          teaching situations.This is an exciting opportunity for a therapist who has significant
         This is an exciting project where you can make a real difference.                experience of working in mainstream schools and is looking to further develop
                                                                                          their skills and enjoys working in a highly collaborative way.
         Please contact the school for more details or better still come and have a       Integral to the project is protected planning time for write up and
         look.                                                                            dissemination of outcomes which have the potential to influence
                                                                                          future service delivery.
                                                                                          For a recruitment pack for all posts please contact
         Closing date:            Friday, 13th May 2005
                                                                                          HR Recruitment, on 0161 426 5588 (24hr answerphone)
         Interviews:              Friday, 20th May 2005                                   or e-mail: providing your
                                                                                          full name, address and quoting the appropriate job reference.
                                                                                          Closing date for all posts: 17th May 2005.

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18   May 2005 bulletin supplement                                                                                                                      

                                     Specialist Speech and
                                     Language Therapist
                                       Wokingham Community Hospital
                                     Ref: WK418/STB
                                     Grade 2 - Spine points 28 - 33 depending on experience
                                     £24,954 - £30,360 p.a. pro rata
                                     Three sessions mainstream Primary Schools
                                     Two sessions mainstream Secondary Schools
                                     Four sessions specialist support for ASD children in
                                     mainstream schools and a developing resource.
                                     Due to increase in funding from our local Education Authority
                                     we have sessions available in our mainstream schools service.
                                     We are a dynamic team with well-established links with
                                     education. You will be a member of the mainstream team,
                                     which has access to CPD and peer support. We have a lead
                                     Speech and Language Therapist for Autistic Spectrum Disorder.
                                     The Speech and Language Therapy service is integrated across
                                     West Berkshire and professionally led. It offers a friendly
                                     environment with regular contacts with Speech and Language
                                     Therapy colleagues and established multi-disciplinary teams.
                                     The department has close links with the School of Linguistics at
                                     the University of Reading and there are commitments to
                                     student supervision, training and research, with an established
                                     framework for clinical governance, including peer review,
                                     outcome measurement, research and audit.
                                     We welcome enquiries from prospective graduates/recent
                                     graduates as we are able to offer some positions as supported
                                     development posts. We would also be able to split the sessions
                                     in this post.
                                     For further information, please contact Liz Pitts, SEN Lead or
                                     Penny Carter, Wokingham Locality Manager on 0118 949 5091.

                                         HOW TO APPLY
                                         ¤    0118 982 2912 (24 hour answerphone).
                                         Please quote the above reference number.
                                         For all other enquiries contact the Human Resources
                                         Directorate on 0118 982 2759.
                                         Closing date: 13th May 2005.

                                    Applicants should note that Pay Modernisation under Agenda for Change was
                                    implemented from 1st December 2004. All posts will be subject to review and
                                                 transfer to new pay bands from the effective date.

                                         Working towards equal opportunities & a smoke free environment.

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                      Contact Katy Eggleton on
                         020 7878 2344                                                                  May 2005 bulletin supplement       19
        Swansea NHS Trust

        Speech and Language Therapy Department
        We have two attractive posts to offer experienced Therapists wishing
        to join the supportive and enthusiastic Adult Team. Both posts are
        based at Morriston, Wales’ second largest teaching hospital, providing
        regional and sub-regional specialist services.
        You will work in a supportive environment with regular staff
        meetings, excellent peer and clerical support, excellent library and
        modern facilities.

        Clinical Lead in Neurosciences
        Spine Points 36 - 38 (1.0 WTE)
        This is an exciting opportunity for a skilled practitioner to lead and
        develop the neurology service offered to clients within the Trust. You
        will provide a specialist dysphagia and communications service to the
        sub-regional neurology and neurosurgery wards and critical care and
        tracheostomised patients. You will work within multi-disciplinary
        teams and be involved in developing policies, setting priorities and
        initiating developments and audits.
        You will also be responsible for supporting and developing a small
        team of Therapists working within this speciality and carrying out
        administrative tasks associated with the day to day management of
        the Morriston Hospital site.

        Specialist Speech and Language Therapist
        Head and Neck Cancers, Critical Care and
        Tracheostomy management
        Spine Points - up to 33 (1.0 WTE)
        An enthusiastic, innovative Therapist is required to be the lead
        clinician for the sub-regional maxillofacial/plastics, critical care and
        cardiac units, providing a specialist communication and dysphagia
        service to these clients, including those with a tracheotomy. You will
        have the support of the clinical lead in this specialism and will actively
        develop team objectives and care protocols and participate in audit
        and research on a uni/multi-professional basis. You will also provide
        a service to the general acute wards and support junior colleagues.
        For further information contact Mrs Ailsa C Rees on 01792 703855.
        Application forms from the Recruitment Team on 01792 703386.
        Closing date: 20 May 2005
        These posts are subject to a disclosure check by the Criminal Records Bureau
        These posts will be subject to the new terms and conditions of service introduced
        in accordance with the Agenda for Change Agreement. Further information will
        be supplied on application.

                                                                                            School of Allied
                                                                                            Health Sciences
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         Department of Language and Communication Science
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         PhD Research Studentship                                                                                   Contact Katy Eggleton
         Full time 3-year PhD research studentship: The role of syntactic and                                  Tel: 0 2 0 7 8 7 8 2 3 4 4 or email
         semantic awareness and phonological awareness training in literacy in
         poor readers.                                                                                  
         This research investigates the effectiveness of syntactic and semantic and
         phonological awareness training on literacy in poor readers. It has important
         implications for our understanding of the relationship between language and
         literacy and the subject area attracts national and international interest.
         The project involves an interdisciplinary approach incorporating speech
         and language therapy, linguistics, education and psychology.
         This project will ideally suit a Masters graduate with a background in speech
         and language therapy, psychology, education or linguistics. The candidate
         should have an interest and/or previous research or clinical experience in
         working with children with language and reading impairments.
         For an informal discussion about the post or the project, contact
         Dr Victoria Joffe, Department of Language and Communication
         Science, City University, London. Alternatively e-mail:
         or call 020 7040 4629
         For an application form for PhD studies and a synopsis of the
         research project, contact Stephen Bunting on 020 7040 8623 or visit
         Closing date: Monday 6th June 2005.
         The University for business and the professions

20   May 2005 bulletin supplement                                                                                                  

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