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Gain insight into your marketing programme.

Businesses today are challenged with Features and Benefits
how best to understand their
                                     • Fast, Measurable Results: Off line
customers, learn more about their
                                       customer information is captured and
purchasing decisions, develop long-    available to you within just 10 days;
                                                                                                    Our commitment to data quality
                                                                                                    Delivering the highest quality data to our
term customer loyalty and increase     online data is ready for use and fully                       clients is vital to Acxiom’s corporate mission.
sales through cost-effective           validated in just 48 hours, ensuring that                    We believe that accurate, timely consumer
communications.                        you can identify trends quickly and react                    information is a critical component of
                                                                                                    successful Customer Relationship
InContext provides the solution with a                                                              Management. To that end, Acxiom employs a
                                                                                                    unified, company-wide data quality
dynamic customer database, built to suit your •    Sales Tracking: Build key account                management system for evaluating each of our
industry and specific business requirements.       customer profiles and generate                   individual data products. Our best practice
InContext delivers a complete, highly              customer satisfaction scores at                  include complex methodologies for the
subsidised, customer database solution to          individual retail outlets or service points.     continuous measurement, analysis,
product manufacturers, travel companies,                                                            benchmarking, trending, and improvement of
                                                   Differentiate between model and product
                                                                                                    data quality. In addition, Acxiom is committed to
telecommunications and utilities companies         purchasers to gain better understanding          researching and creating new technologies that
and other service providers.                       of the customers’ buying decision                enhance information quality and sharing these
                                                                                                    innovations throughout our enterprise and
Eliminating the need to invest in costly        • Product Development: Evaluate                     industry.
systems or undertake database population           customer perceptions of your brand and
and maintenance, InContext manages the             products over time, and help identify
entire process, working hand in hand with          opportunities for new product                    Acxiom’s view on privacy
you to ensure your system, and the data                                                             Acxiom is a global thought leader in addressing
                                                   development                                      consumer privacy issues and earning the public
within it, delivers real business benefits.
                                                                                                    trust. We build great relationships with our
                                                • Marketing: Obtain a clear picture of              clients and help them build great relationships
InContext provides customers with a fail-safe
                                                   your customers and group them into               with their customers by turning compliance
and privacy-compliant way of recording                                                              challenges into opportunity. Acxiom fosters
                                                   segments; recognise who your most
warranty details, lifestyle details and                                                             trust-based relationships by delivering
                                                   valuable customers are; increase store
interests, communication preferences and                                                            customer and information management
                                                   traffic using direct marketing; increase         solutions that facilitate privacy compliance and
other pertinent consumer information.
                                                   customer value using cross-selling               preference management.
Information can be collected in a variety of
ways. The InContext programme starts with                                                           Acxiom was the first company in the data
                                                                                                    services industry to appoint a chief privacy
a tailored customer survey for the collection   • Reporting and Analysis: InContext’s               officer to advance policies and oversee
of valuable customer information; purchasing       reporting system, a secure, 24/7 Online          compliance. Acxiom has a team of privacy
motivations and preferences, lifestyles and        Reporting facility, providing complete           specialists dedicated to understanding the
attitudes. These are distributed as product        access to your data. User-friendly analy-        complex issues of information flow and
                                                                                                    consumer choice, as well as crafting and
registration cards, online web forms,              sis tools can output fast counts, tables
                                                                                                    enforcing responsible privacy best practices.
customer satisfaction questionnaires,              and graphics wherever and whenever               We continually educate consumers, our clients
membership surveys or a combination of             you need them                                    and every Acxiom associate about proper
all four.                                                                                           privacy policies and conduct.
                                                • Security: All customer information is
                                                   stored securely in one database and
                                                   managed, on your behalf, by an expert
                                                   team at Acxiom

Acxiom Australia            Phone: 1300ACXIOM            Website: www.acxiom.com.au     Email: infoau@acxiom.com
Acxiom New Zealand          Phone:   +64 (0)9 337 0521   Website: www.acxiom.co.nz      Email: infonz@acxiom.com

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