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					green star -
healthcare v1 rating
tool fact sheet
& Business case
Version 1 (V1) released June 2009

The Green Building Council of Australia         WHY BUILD GREEN?                                  Green buildings reduce staff turnover
(GBCA) released the Green Star –                                                                  Green buildings are healthier and happier
Healthcare v1 rating tool in June 2009          Green buildings are cheaper to operate            places for staff, reducing staff sick leave and
to support sustainable planning, design         Because they conserve energy and water,           turnover rates, and boosting morale.
and construction for high-performance           green buildings are cheaper to operate. The
healthcare facilities.                          Ochsner Health System in New Orleans, for         •	 A study from the Hackensack University
                                                example, saved:                                      Medical Center in New Jersey revealed
The Green Star – Healthcare v1 rating tool                                                           that “the cleaning products we were
can help owners and operators of healthcare     •	 $350,000 a year and reduced the                   using before caused the employees to
facilities around Australia to:                    hospital’s energy footprint by replacing          call in sick a lot.” After implementing
                                                   thousands of pump and suction motors              their Greening the Cleaning program,
•	 minimise the environmental impact of            with variable speed motors                        “it all went away, and our workers’
   their buildings                              •	 $3 million a year in electricity by using         compensation claims went down.”
•	 improve patient health outcomes and             water directly from the Mississippi River in   •	 A report by Robin Guenther, Principal at
   staff productivity                              place of traditional cooling towers for air       Perkins + Will in New York and author
•	 receive recognition for green leadership        conditioning                                      of Sustainable Healthcare Architecture,
•	 achieve real cost savings.                   •	 $1.2 million a year in electricity and            found a “consistent, positive correlation
                                                   reduced energy consumption by 20 per              between green building, staff recruitment,
The GBCA launched the Green Star                   cent by replacing 60,000 fluorescent              retention and performance.”
environmental rating system for buildings          lighting fixtures with newer energy-
in 2003. Green Star evaluates the green            efficient bulbs.                               Green buildings provide healthier indoor
attributes of building projects based on                                                          environment quality
nine categories, which address key issues       Green buildings improve patient                   Thousands of chemicals and biological
including energy and water efficiency,          outcomes                                          pollutants are found indoors. The known
indoor environment quality and resource         A number of international studies have            health effects of some of these pollutants
conservation.                                   confirmed that green healthcare facilities        include asthma, cancer, developmental
                                                enable better patient care and reduce the         defects and delays, plus effects on vision,
Green Star is an holistic tool, evaluating      length of stay required in hospital. Studies      hearing, growth, intelligence, learning and
not only environmental attributes, but also     include:                                          the cardiovascular system. Green construction
features that affect occupant health and                                                          can greatly reduce the effects of sick-building
wellbeing, such as indoor environment quality   •	 The Mackenzie Health Sciences Centre in        syndrome.
and access to transport. Green Star tools can      Canada found that depressed patients in
be used to rate the environmental merits of a      sunny rooms recovered 15 per cent faster       What’s more, green buildings can benefit from
building at the design phase as well as post-      than those in darker rooms                     better ventilation and indoor environment
construction phase (known as ‘As-Built’).       •	 The Bronson Methodist Hospital in              quality, which affects both patient and staff
                                                   Michigan found that applying green             health. For example:
                                                   design principles such as improved
                                                   ventilation, private rooms, music, light       •	 A study of 17 hospitals in Canada
                                                   and nature in its redevelopment project           examined tuberculin conversion (a positive
                                                   led to an 11 per cent reduction in                tuberculin test result) among employees
                                                   secondary infections and a decrease in            working in patient rooms. The researchers
                                                   nursing turnover rates to below 7 per cent        concluded that “tuberculin conversion
                                                •	 The Inha University Hospital in Korea             among health-care workers was strongly
                                                   found a 41 per cent reduction in average          associated with inadequate ventilation in
                                                   length of stay for gynaecology patients in        general patient rooms.” They found a 71
                                                   sunlit rooms over patients in dull rooms.         per cent reduction in risk for workers in
                                                   The study found a 26 per cent reduction           rooms with ventilation rates greater that
                                                   similarly for surgery ward patients.              two air changes per hour.

green star -
healthcare v1 rating
tool fact sheet
& Business case
Version 1 (V1) released June 2009

EnvironmEntal bEnEfits:                         KEY ATTRIBUTES                                      greenhouse gas emissions during operation.
•	 Protect ecosystems and biodiversity          The Green Star – Healthcare v1 rating tool
•	 Improve air and water quality                evaluates the environmental potential of            The tool has undergone a rigorous assessment
•	 Reduce solid waste                           health and aged care facilities. It also assesses   period after a pilot phase, and refinements
•	 Conserve natural resources                   major refurbishments of existing facilities. The    to the calculators and credits have already
•	 Reduce greenhouse gas emissions              tool can be used to rate the environmental          received positive feedback from industry.
                                                merits of a healthcare facility at the design
Economic bEnEfits:                              phase as well as post-construction phase            The result is a single third party certification
•	 Reduce running costs                         (known as ‘As-Built’).                              that the market can understand and trust,
•	 Save 20-30 per cent on energy                                                                    and that property developers can use to
   and water costs                              Projects are awarded a Green Star rating            demonstrate their developments’ green
•	 Enhance asset value                          based on accumulating credit points in nine         credentials.
•	 Optimise life-cycle economic performance     categories. A number of credits specific to
•	 Increase access to philanthropy and          healthcare facilities are included in the Green     Certification
   government incentives                        Star - Healthcare v1 rating tool:                   Green Star ratings will be awarded as outlined
•	 Improve staff retention                                                                          below:
•	 Demonstrate commitment to corporate          •	   Building Management Systems
   social responsibility                        •	   Maintainability                                4 star Green star certified rating
•	 Enhance investor opportunities               •	   Construction Indoor Air Quality Plan           Weighted score of 45-59
                                                •	   Sustainable Procurement Guide                  Signifies ‘Best Practice’
HEaltH and community bEnEfits:                  •	   Air Distribution System
•	 Improve patient and staff health             •	   Outdoor Pollutant Source Control               5 star Green star certified rating
   and safety                                   •	   Places of Respite                              Weighted score of 60-74
•	 Improve patient recovery times               •	   Car Park Ventilation                           Signifies ‘Australian Excellence’
•	 Reduce the psychological impact              •	   Efficient External Lighting
   on patients                                  •	   Transport Design and Planning                  6 star Green star certified rating
•	 Prevent harmful emissions from               •	   Potable Water Use for Equipment                Weighted score of 75-100
   chemicals and VOCs                           •	   Ceilings, Walls and Partitions                 Signifies ‘World Leadership’
•	 Deliver better treatment outcomes            •	   Trade Waste Pollution
•	 Improve air, thermal and acoustic                                                                The rating tools have been developed to be
   environments                                 The Green Star – Healthcare v1 rating tool          equitable across building sectors. This means
•	 Minimise strain on local infrastructure by   also includes a customised greenhouse gas           a 5 Star Green Star – Healthcare v1 project
   providing access to transport                emissions calculator. While the Green Star          will demonstrate a similar level of industry
•	 Generate a positive impact on broader        – Office suite of rating tools incorporates         leadership as 5 Star Green Star – Office v3
   community through implementation of          energy modelling consistent with the NABERS         project.
   green practices.                             energy tool, an equivalent modelling protocol
                                                did not exist for the healthcare sector. The        Projects cannot achieve ratings of 1, 2 or 3
                                                customised greenhouse gas emissions                 Stars at certification, as these ratings represent
                                                calculator was developed in consultation with       minimum, average and good practice,
                                                tool sponsors, the Technical Working Group          whereas Green Star aims to recognise and
                                                and other industry stakeholders, and assesses       reward best practice and above.
                                                all healthcare facilities equitably - independent
                                                of size or location - on their predicted

green star -
healthcare v1 rating
tool fact sheet
& Business case
Version 1 (V1) released June 2009


Management                            •	   High Frequency Ballasts       Water                               •	 Reuse of Land
•	 Green Star Accredited              •	   Electric Lighting Levels      •	 Occupant Amenity Water           •	 Reclaimed Contaminated Land
   Professional                       •	   External Views                •	 Water Meters                     •	 Change of Ecological Value
•	 Commissioning - Clauses            •	   Individual Thermal Comfort    •	 Landscape Irrigation
•	 Building Tuning                         Control                       •	 Heat Rejection Water             Emissions
•	 Independent Commissioning          •	   Exhaust Riser                 •	 Fire System Water                •	 Refrigerant ODP
   Agent                              •	   Air Distribution System       •	 Potable Water Use for            •	 Refrigerant GWP
•	 Building Guides                    •	   Outdoor Pollutant Source         Equipment                        •	 Refrigerant Leaks
•	 Environmental Management                Control                                                           •	 Insulant ODP
•	 Waste Management                   •	   Places of Respite             Materials                           •	 Watercourse Pollution
•	 Building Management Systems                                           •	 Recycling Waste Storage          •	 Discharge to Sewer
•	 Maintainability                    Energy                             •	 Building Reuse                   •	 Light Pollution
•	 Construction Indoor Air Quality    •	 Energy - Conditional            •	 Recycled-Content & Reused        •	 Legionella
   Plan                                  Requirement                        Products and Materials           •	 Trade Waste Pollution
•	 Sustainable Procurement Guide      •	 Greenhouse Gas Emissions        •	 Concrete
                                      •	 Energy Sub-metering             •	 Steel                            Innovation
Indoor Environment Quality            •	 Peak Energy Demand              •	 PVC Minimisation                 •	 Innovative Strategies and
•	 Ventilation Rates                     Reduction                       •	 Sustainable Timber                  Technologies
•	 Air Change Effectiveness           •	 Lighting Zoning                 •	 Design for Disassembly           •	 Exceeding Green Star
•	 CO2 Monitoring and Control         •	 Car Park Ventilation            •	 Dematerialisation                   Benchmarks
   and VOC Monitoring                 •	 Efficient External Lighting     •	 Flooring                         •	 Environmental Design
•	 Daylight                                                              •	 Joinery                             Initiatives
•	 Thermal Comfort                    Transport                          •	 Loose Furniture
•	 Hazardous Materials                •	 Provision of Car Parking        •	 Ceilings, Walls and Partitions
•	 Internal Noise Levels              •	 Fuel Efficient Transport
•	 Volatile Organic Compounds         •	 Cyclist Facilities              Land Use & Ecology
•	 Formaldehyde Minimisation          •	 Commuting Mass Transport        •	 Ecology – Conditional
•	 Mould Prevention                   •	 Transport Design and Planning      Requirement
•	 Daylight Glare Control                                                •	 Topsoil

 Category Weightings                                                                                         PLATINUM SPONSOR

                         ACT         NSW       NT        QLD      SA     TAS      VIC      WA                the development of Green star
                                                                                                             – Healthcare v1 rating tool was
 Management              9%          9%        9%        9%       9%     9%       9%       9%                sponsored by the Government
 IEQ                     20%         20%       20%       20%      20%    20%      20%      20%               of south australia,
                                                                                                             department of administrative
 Energy                  24%         24%       24%       24%      24%    19%      24%      24%               and information services.
 Transport               7%          7%        7%        7%       7%     7%       7%       7%
 Water                   12%         12%       10%       10%      15%    15%      15%      12%
 Materials               17%         17%       17%       17%      17%    17%      17%      17%
 Land Use & Ecology      8%          8%        10%       10%      5%     10%      5%       8%
 Emissions               3%          3%        3%        3%       3%     3%       3%       3%

 TOTAL                   100%        100%      100%      100%     100%   100%     100%     100%

green star -
healthcare v1 rating
tool fact sheet
& Business case
Version 1 (V1) released June 2009


•	 Download the Green Star – Healthcare v1               actively influence the future direction           or advanced class on the Green Star –
   rating tool. This is freely available for self-       of green healthcare and gain access to            Healthcare v1 rating tool, register online:
   assessment and can be downloaded from                 green building education, training and  
   the GBCA website:                     resources. Find out more at:
                                                                  •	 Train your entire project team on the tool.
•	 Register your project for independent                                                                  The GBCA can organise in-house training
   third party accredited assessment. This           •	 Purchase a technical manual. You’ll find          so that all your project team and sub-
   process costs between $5,000 and                     detailed information about the Green Star         contractors are aware of the implications
   $30,000, depending on the project. Find              – Healthcare v1 rating tool, which can be         of developing a Green Star project. To
   out more about the certification process             purchased from our online store:                  obtain an in-house quote please email
   and how to register:                         
                                                     •	 Attend a workshop. The GBCA holds
•	 Join the GBCA. Demonstrate your                      regular workshops on the Green Star
   company’s commitment to sustainability,              rating tools. To take an introductory


The Boulder Community Foothills Hospital             an active reduce, recycle, reuse program that     construction waste diverted from landfill, and
(BCFH) in Colorado was the first healthcare          has saved more than 17 million litres of water    recycled content materials were chosen where
facility to achieve Leadership in Energy and         and 2,848,400 kilowatt hours of electricity       possible.
Environment Design (LEED) certification from         since 1990.
the US Green Building Council. LEED is the                                                             Indoor environment quality (IEQ) was a
equivalent of Australia’s Green Star.                The hospital also provides free bus passes to     priority, including formaldehyde-free MDF
                                                     all its 3,000 employees, has purchased wind       casework and insulation, low-VOC wood
BCFH is a 20,624-m², comprehensive 60-bed            power for its facilities and has a full-time      stains, paints and adhesives and a two-week
hospital that includes 24-hour emergency             environmental coordinator on staff. During        building ‘flush-out’ to ensure the hospital had
care services, an intensive care unit, as            May 2001, the BCFH board of directors             high IEQ before occupation.
well as surgery, radiology and laboratory            recommitted itself to a set of environmental
services. Maternity care and paediatrics also        principles that include actions to “protect and   The overall project cost, excluding land costs,
are major components of the new facility,            preserve the environment.”                        was $45.6 million (or $452 per square metre),
and two medical office buildings adjoin the                                                            and the outlay for achieving LEED certification
hospital. The hospital opened to the public in       The new BCFH facility certainly reflects the      was estimated at 2 per cent of construction
September 2003.                                      Board’s commitment. The hospital’s energy         costs. With an expected development life
                                                     efficiency features alone have reduced energy     of 50 to 75 years, the hospital’s 12-year
The decision to pursue a high standard of            consumption by 30 per cent when compared          payback for green features is well and truly
green building for the new hospital was              with traditional buildings, saving around         worthwhile.
in line with a long-term commitment to               US$95,000 year. Waste was minimised
environmental sustainability. The hospital has       during the building phase with 62 per cent of


Green building council of australia
Phone: (02) 8239 6200