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Seabees erect tent

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									                                                                          Ventura County Edition

 Seabees erect tent

                                                                                                                      Left: Seabees from NMCB 3, Headquarters Company, position the frame of a modular general-purpose
                                                                                                                      tent system. The Seabees are preparing for field training in August and an Afghanistan deployment in
                                                                                                                      November. Above: PO3 Taj Polite, left, and PO2 Christopher Davis tighten the lines.
                                                                              Navy photographs by PO1 Jesse Sherwin

Policy will allow women to serve aboard submarines
   The Department of the Navy has announced a          Mabus, Secretary of the Navy. “Enabling them to                into the submarine force increases the talent pool    would be foolish to not take the great talent, the
policy change that will allow women to serve on        serve in the submarine community is best for the               for officer accessions and subsequently the force’s   great confidence and intellect of the young women
submarines.                                            submarine force and our Navy. We literally could               overall readiness, ensuring that the U.S. Subma-      who serve in our Navy today and bring that into
   The change was considered by Congress after         not run the Navy without women today.”                         rine Force will remain the world’s most capable       our submarine force.”
Secretary of Defense Robert Gates formally pre-           On July 28, 1994, Congress was notified of                  for ensuing decades.                                     “Today, women earn about half of all science
sented a letter to congressional leaders Feb. 19,      policy changes to expand the number of assign-                    “The young women that have come up to me           and engineering bachelor’s degrees,” said Vice
2010 notifying them of the Department of Navy’s        ments available to women in the Navy. At that                  since we announced our intention to change the        Adm. John J. Donnelly, commander, Naval Sub-
desire to reverse current policy of prohibiting sub-   time, opening assignments aboard submarines to                 policy have such great enthusiasm,” said Adm.         marine Forces. “There are capable women who
marine service to women.                               women was deemed cost prohibitive and assign-                  Gary Roughead, Chief of Naval Operations.             have the interest, talent, and desire to succeed in
   “There are extremely capable women in the           ments on submarines remained closed. Currently,                “Knowing the great young women we have serv-          the submarine force. Maintaining the best subma-
Navy who have the talent and desire to succeed         women make up 15 percent of the active duty                    ing in the Navy, as a former commanding officer       rine force in the world requires us to recruit from
in the submarine force,” said the Honorable Ray        Navy - 52,446 of 330,700. Integrating women                    of a ship that had a mixed gender crew, to me it      the largest possible talent pool.”

Flooding impacts Navy personnel systems, E-8 board
   The flooding at Naval Support Ac-           Access to NMCI in Millington is un-         mal using Career Management System
tivity Mid-South in Millington, Tenn.,      available and orders cannot be issued          Interactive Detailing although detailers
caused by heavy rains in the region         due to the loss of the Navy Messaging          have no access to this system. Perform
are impacting personnel systems and         System.                                        to Serve, Fleet Rating Identification
processes.                                     The telephone system in Milling-            Engine, Enlisted Assignment Informa-
   As of May 3, all Navy Personnel          ton has been restored however phone            tion System and Officer Assignment
Command offices are closed and only         messages are not being monitored since         Information System are unaffected by
mission essential personnel are allowed     personnel do not have access to their          the flooding.
on base. Decisions regarding the rest of    office spaces.                                    According to a NSA Mid-South pub-
the week will be made as the situation         “With the events in Millington, many        lic affairs release, all base personnel
is assessed.                                services that sailors and their families       and residents have been evacuated and
   According to NAVADMIN 159/10,            have come to rely on have been tem-            there are no known casualties follow-
major systems currently down affecting      porarily affected,” said Rear Adm. Don         ing a door-to-door inspection by NSA
all Navy personnel are Bupers Online,       Quinn, commander, Navy Personnel               Security personnel.
Physical Readiness Information Man-         Command, deputy chief of naval per-               The flooding was brought on by tor-
agement System, and the Web Enabled         sonnel. “Assessments are being made            rential rains and thunderstorms that
Record Review. The NPC website,             to evaluate the damage and estimate            swept through the area and caused
www.npc.navy.mil, is also offline.          when the services will be restored. This       creeks that run adjacent to the base to
                                            may take some time so your patience is         swell beyond protective levees. In ad-
                                            greatly appreciated.”                          dition to the base, the surrounding Mil-
                                               The E-8 selection board has been            lington community, as well as parts of                                                                      Navy photograph by Mark Wilson
      May 7, 2010                           placed on hold until selection board           Tipton County to the north of the base,         An aerial photograph showing flooding at Naval Support Activity Mid-South in
   Volume 1, Issue 11                       services and access to Electronic Mili-
                                            tary Personnel Records System is re-
                                                                                           encountered similar flooding according
                                                                                           to the news release.
                                                                                                                                           Millington, Tenn. Two days of rain dumped more than 14 inches in the area, causing
                                                                                                                                           a levee to become overrun, flooding the base and surrounding community. The base
     Serving the aerospace                  stored.                                           For updates, follow NPC on Face-             is closed to all but mission-essential employees until further notice. Naval Support
                                               Sailors can continue to conduct reen-       book at NPCPAO and on Twitter at                Activity Mid-South hosts several commands, including Navy Personnel Command and
      industry since 1986                   listment and detailing activities as nor-      twitter.com/npcpao.                             Commander, Navy Recruiting Command.
Unmanned helicopter operation lands in Mesa, Ariz.                              District 837 president Gordon King says seniority, pension, health    Raytheon-Boeing team demonstrates JAGM
   The aerospace industry in Mesa, Ariz., got a boost April 29 after         care and job protection are the key issues.                                 Raytheon Boeing have completed wind tunnel testing of the Joint
Boeing announced that production of its unmanned A160T Hum-                     The current contract expires June 13. The union hasn’t been on        Air-to-Ground Missile.
mingbird helicopter has moved to Arizona.                                    strike since Boeing purchased McDonnell Douglas. The last walkout           The test proved the team’s JAGM can be flown and employed from
   The move to Falcon Field from Irvine, Calif., will bring about 40         was in 1996.                                                             the F/A-18 E/F Super Hornet’s outboard wing station.
jobs to Mesa.                                                                   Chicago-based Boeing said in a statement that it expects negotia-        “The war fighter can place a full Raytheon-Boeing JAGM missile
   Mayor Scott Smith called it “fantastic news” for the community            tions to lead to a new contract. AP                                      load on the outer wing stations, enabling the system to safely exceed
and the region.                                                                                                                                       the objective load-out requirement on the Super Hornet,” said Bob
   The Hummingbird is touted among the armed forces and defense              14 nations to participate in military exercise                           Francois, Raytheon vice president of Advanced Missiles and Un-
industry for its capacity to accomplish a wide range of missions, from          Military personnel from 14 nations plan to participate in the bien-   manned Systems.
delivering cargo to surveillance, without putting troops in danger.          nial Rim of the Pacific, or RIMPAC, exercise this summer.                   The Raytheon-Boeing offering features a Boeing body and war-
   Boeing officials said the first Mesa Hummingbird is being built              From June 23 through Aug. 1, the U.S. Pacific Fleet will host the     head combined with a Raytheon tri-mode seeker. The tri-mode
under a contract with the Naval Air Systems Command and should               exercise involving 20,000 personnel, 34 surface ships, five subma-       seeker, which leverages the same technology used on the Raytheon
be delivered by the end of the year.                                         rines and more than 100 aircraft.                                        GBU-53/B Small Diameter Bomb II, enables the weapon to attack a
   The Mesa plant also builds the AH-64D Apache Longbow attack                  U.S. military official said May 3 that RIMPAC demonstrates a          variety of fixed and moving targets in all weather conditions.
helicopter. AP                                                               commitment to working with partners in guarding the sea lanes, pro-         “Boeing has a long history of integrating weapons on platforms
                                                                             tecting national interests abroad and ensuring freedom of navigation     like the Super Hornet and the AH-64D Apache helicopter,” said Carl
Gates suggests big changes in store for US Navy                                                                                                       Avila, Boeing director of Advanced Weapons and Missile Systems.
                                                                             as a basis for global peace and prosperity.
   Defense Secretary Robert Gates has suggested that big changes
                                                                                The exercise includes units or personnel from Australia, Canada,
may be in store for the U.S. Navy’s heavy and expensive arsenal of                                                                                    General Dynamics board elects chairman
                                                                             Chile, Colombia, France, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands,
ships and submarines.                                                                                                                                    The board of directors of General Dynamics unanimously elected
                                                                             Peru, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand and the United States. AP
   While saying he “didn’t have all the answers,” Gates told an au-                                                                                   Jay L. Johnson as its chairman May 5. Effective immediately, John-
dience May 3 that the U.S. must ask itself whether it can afford its                                                                                  son will serve as chairman and chief executive officer of the corpo-
                                                                             Obama dressed down Pentagon brass
massive naval fleet at a time when the Army and Marine Corps need                                                                                     ration. Johnson succeeds Nicholas D. Chabraja, who has served as
more money to take care of troops and their families.                           President Barack Obama reprimanded top Pentagon officials last        chairman since 1997.
   In a speech before a Navy League conference, Gates said “you              year for pressing publicly for a troop increase in Afghanistan.             Johnson has been president and chief executive officer of General
don’t necessarily need a billion-dollar guided missile destroyer to             That’s according to “The Promise,” a book on Obama’s first year in    Dynamics since July 1, 2009. He had been vice chairman of the
chase down and deal with a bunch of teenage pirates wielding AK-             office by Newsweek writer Jonathan Alter. It goes on sale May 19.        board since September 2008, when he joined the company as part
47s’’ and rocket-propelled grenades.” AP                                        The book says Obama laid into Defense Secretary Robert Gates          of a board-approved succession plan in preparation for Chabraja’s
                                                                             and Joint Chiefs Chairman Mike Mullen in an Oval Office meeting          retirement as chief executive. Johnson has been a member of the
Machinists at Boeing in St. Louis authorize strike                           last October.                                                            General Dynamics board since 2003, while he was an executive of
   Machinists at Boeing’s St. Louis defense systems plant have autho-           Obama was irked by the leak of a confidential report by Gen.          Dominion Virginia Power and Dominion Resources, Inc.
rized a strike if a contract is not accepted before the current agreement    Stanley McChrystal calling for an expanded military presence in Af-         Chabraja, who will remain on the General Dynamics board of di-
expires next month.                                                          ghanistan, and by McChrystal saying he could not support a strategy      rectors, joined the company in January 1993 as senior vice president
   The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Work-           relying on special forces and unmanned drone attacks.                    and general counsel. He became executive vice president and joined
ers District 837 said in a statement that the strike authorization vote         Obama was conducting a lengthy review of operations in Afghani-       the board of directors in 1994, before serving first as vice chairman
was supported by 99 percent of the workers who attended a meeting            stan at the time. He largely sided with the generals and agreed to       and then chairman and chief executive officer from June 1997 until
May 2.                                                                       deploy 30,000 more troops. AP                                            retiring as chief executive officer in June 2009.

        2 0 09 | 20 1 0 season at the lancaster performing arts center

                                                                       mAd                                                    Saturday, May 8, 2010 | 8 pM
                                                                Adult r all
                                                                              DOD,                                      Antelope VAlley MAster ChorAle
                                                                 M ilitary, ce and
                                                                  A e r o s p Di s t r i c t                         Antelope VAlley College ConCert Choir
                                                                  Scho oyees.*

                                                                                                 SongS of Spring
                                                                                                 The Master Chorale presents a choral concert and welcomes special guest,
                                                                                                     the Antelope Valley College Concert Choir under the baton
                                                                                                         of Music Director Mike McCullough.
                                                                                                             Dr. David Newby conducts the AVSOMC.
                                                                                                                         CurtAin-rAiser preView 7 pM
                                                                                                                               Antelope Valley Children’s Choir performs under
                                                                                                                                   the direction of Music Director Kara Slocum.

                                                                                               * Present military or company ID at box office to receive your discount. Not valid for online or phone orders.

                                     Join us for a year filled with                                    Musical Milestones
                                                antelope valley symphony orchestra and master chorale
                                                                                  david newby • artistic director
      Tickets available at www.avsomc.org or the LPAC Box Office: (661) 723-5950 • Adults: $15 | Senior & Military: $12 | Youth: $7

 2                                                                                                                                                                                                 May 7, 2010
   Kaman demonstrates
       cargo airdrop
     flight tests with
      unmanned helo
   Kaman Aerospace Corporation, a subsidiary           er, Aerial Delivery Equipment and Systems Divi-
of Kaman Corporation, has proven in recent tests       sion. “This capability will save lives, allowing us
that the unmanned K-MAX helicopter can resup-          to deliver supplies to our troops using unmanned
ply troops with cargo airdropped by parachute.         helicopters, while also avoiding the threat to the
   The tests add a new delivery method for the         delivery platform in high-threat areas.”
6,000-pound power lifter, which Lockheed Martin           In January, Kaman and Lockheed Martin suc-
and Kaman have successfully transformed into an        cessfully demonstrated to the U.S. Marine Corps
unmanned aircraft system for autonomous cargo          at Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah the capa-
delivery operations.                                   bility of the unmanned K-MAX helicopter to
   At its Bloomfield, Conn., facility in late April,   resupply troops by unmanned helicopter at for-
Kaman, in partnership with the U.S. Army’s             ward operating bases in Afghanistan. During the
Natick Soldier Research, Development and En-           demonstration, the team showed autonomous and
gineering Center, conducted 11 cargo airdrop tests     remote control sling load delivery over both line-
from 300 feet to 400 feet above ground level. Ka-      of-sight and satellite-base beyond-line-of-sight
man used its four-hook carousel for the drops, and     data links.
during one flight, demonstrated four airdrops in
                                                          Future tests may include the use of single
a single mission.
                                                       and/or multiple Joint Precision Airdrop Systems
   Kaman performed the airdrops using the Ar-
                                                       from higher altitudes. JPADS could be used in
my’s low cost low altitude cross parachute, a
                                                       higher threat environments to resupply multiple
one-time-use expendable aerodynamic decelerator
                                                       and dispersed ground forces from one unmanned
that costs about $375. Currently used to airdrop
                                                       K-MAX release point.
supplies from manned aircraft in Afghanistan, the
parachute is designed to handle 80 to 600 pound           Kaman designed the K-MAX helicopter to
payloads delivered from 150 feet to 300 feet alti-     deliver sling loads up to 6,000 pounds at sea
tudes above ground level.                              level, and 4,300 pounds at 15,000 feet. Lock-
   “These airdrop tests continue our progress to       heed Martin’s mission management and control
advance the Unmanned K-MAX helicopter as a             systems give the K-MAX helicopter unparalleled
battlefield cargo delivery system,” said Terry Fog-    flight autonomy in remote environments and over
arty, general manager of Unmanned Aircraft Sys-        large distances.
tems Product Group at Kaman Helicopters. “Air-            “Autonomous flight will enable military users
dropping cargo as an option to placing a sling load    to fly the unmanned K-MAX helicopter in day
on the ground can enhance an unmanned aircraft’s       or night conditions,” said Dan Spoor, Aviation
survivability while delivering critical supplies in    Systems vice president at Lockheed Martin’s
combat environments.”                                  Mission Systems & Sensors facility in Owego,
   The Army NSRDEC personnel collaborated in           N.Y. “Adding an airdrop capability to the sys-
the airdrops. “The demonstration exceeded our          tem gives the Army or Marines another resupply
expectations” said Richard Benney, division lead-      option.”

     Boeing creates airlift,                                                           Lockheed’s JAGM completes
       tankers division                                                                F/A-18 E/F wind tunnel tests
       Boeing announced May 4 the formation of the Airlift and Tanker divi-               Lockheed Martin has successfully       200 hours of testing ensured minimal      reported Frank St. John, director of
    sion within its military aircraft business unit.                                   completed an extensive series of wind     changes to the handling characteristics   Close Combat Systems for Tactical
       The new division will lead the company’s sustained pursuit and ex-              tunnel tests of its Joint Air-to-Ground   of the F/A-18E/F by the pilot.            Missiles/Combat Maneuver Systems
    ecution of U.S. and international tanker and fixed-wing mobility aircraft          Missile system.                              Following closely on the flying        at Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire
    business.                                                                             The tests simulated the flight envi-   qualities tests, Lockheed Martin con-     Control. “This moves the Lockheed
       The A&T division will assume program management responsibility for              ronments of the Navy’s F/A-18 E/F         cluded an equally successful series of    Martin team one step closer to F/A-
    the C-17 Globemaster III and international and U.S. tanker programs.               Super Hornet jet fighter in various       F/A-18E/F loads tests at the Arnold       18E/F flight tests later this year.”
       Chris Chadwick, president of Boeing Military Aircraft, said that the            aircraft configurations of the JAGM       Engineering Development Center               The U.S. Army’s Joint Attack
    organizational change would allow the business to “increase productiv-             and its Navy fixed-wing launcher.         wind tunnel in Tullahoma, Tenn., to-      Munition Systems Project Office in
    ity to enhance Boeing’s competitive position and offer the best available          The successful wind tunnel tests          taling 150 hours. Test data collected     Huntsville, Ala., is leading the JAGM
    capability, price and risk value proposition for its customers.”                   prepare the Lockheed Martin JAGM          during this activity was used to fur-     technology development program to
       “Aligning large, fixed-wing aircraft capabilities under one leadership          team for F/A-18 E/F flight testing        ther refine the structural requirements   replace the Hellfire, Longbow, air-
    team will intensify our focus on the warfighter’s needs and introduce effi-        later this year.                          of the launcher and JAGM.                 borne TOW and Maverick missiles
    ciencies that will result in cost savings for taxpayers,” Chadwick added.             The JAGM will provide rotary- and         Successful F/A-18 E/F safe launch      for the Army, Navy and Marine Corps.
       Boeing has named Jean Chamberlin as vice president and general                  fixed-wing pilots, as well as the un-     and separation tests were also con-       JAGM will provide the next-genera-
    manager, Airlift and Tankers, reporting to Chadwick. Chamberlin will be            manned aerial systems community,          ducted at the AEDC facility. These        tion air-to-ground missile for employ-
    responsible for providing direction and oversight for airlift and tanker           with a precision, adverse-weather,        tests validated the design of Lockheed    ment from the services’ rotary-wing,
    programs from advance program development through customer delivery.               low-collateral-damage weapon to           Martin and Marvin Engineering’s tri-      fixed-wing and unmanned platforms.
    She will continue to lead Boeing’s effort to capture the U.S. Air Force            counter both conventional and irregu-     ple-rail JAGM launcher and confirmed         “Cumulatively, our positive test
    KC-X program, also serving as program manager, U.S. Air Force Tanker               lar warfare threats of the 21st century   the JAGM could be successfully em-        results have demonstrated our ma-
    Program.                                                                           battlefield environment.                  ployed from the aircraft. Ensuing tests   ture JAGM provides the lowest-risk,
       Rick Heerdt has been named vice president of the C-17 Program - which              The successful F/A-18 E/F high-        at the Boeing Vertol wind tunnel in       best-performing and most affordable
    will continue to be based in Long Beach, Calif. - and will report to Cham-         speed flying qualities wind tunnel        Philadelphia, Penn., demonstrated and     solution for the government’s joint
    berlin. Heerdt will be responsible for working with U.S. and international         tests of JAGM were conducted at           validated low-speed flight characteris-   missile program,” said Rick Edwards,
    customers to capture new orders, as well as developing and producing               the National Aeronautics and Space        tics of the Super Hornet when loaded      vice president for Lockheed Martin
    cost-effective future airlifter capability.                                        Administration Ames Research Cen-         with JAGM.                                Tactical Missiles/Combat Maneuver
                                                                                       ter in Moffett Field, CA. More than          “All test objectives were achieved,”   Systems.

May 7, 2010                                                                                                                                                                                                  
ATK awarded follow-on contracts for                                                                                                                 Pentagon wants
Hellfire II rocket motors, warheads
   Alliant Techsystems has received follow-on production contracts
valued at $32 million to produce rocket motors and warheads for
                                                                           and the reliable performance of the ATK motor is a major contribu-
                                                                           tor to achieving that level of mission success,” said Ken Musculus,
                                                                                                                                                     tanker bidders
the precision-strike laser-guided Hellfire(r) II missile.
   ATK will manufacture approximately 7,100 rocket motors and
2,200 metal augmented charge warheads at its manufacturing facil-
                                                                           Air-to-Ground Missile Systems director at Lockheed Martin Mis-
                                                                           siles and Fire Control. “At a recent users’ conference, war fighters
                                                                           from all four U.S. services told us how the Hellfire missile has en-
                                                                                                                                                     ready Nov. 12
ity in Rocket Center, W.Va.                                                hanced their ability to minimize collateral damage during Operation          The Pentagon is telling bidders for a major tanker project
   The contracts were awarded by Lockheed Martin, the prime con-           Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.”                            to be ready to start the contract on Nov. 12.
tractor for the Hellfire II missile.                                          Dating back to Hellfire I in the 1980s, ATK has produced nearly           The contract is worth at least $35 billion to build 179 re-
   ATK was awarded the Hellfire II baseline contract in November                                                                                     fueling jets. Bids are expected from Boeing and European
                                                                           80,000 Hellfire rocket motors and over 6,400 MAC warheads.
2008 to produce and deliver rocket motors and warheads. The most                                                                                     Aeronautic Defence and Space Co.
                                                                           In addition, ATK manufactures the copper liner for the main
recent follow-on contracts represent the first option to the baseline,                                                                                  Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell said May 4 that the
with deliveries scheduled to begin in April, 2011, and completed by        shaped-charge warhead for the high-explosive anti-tank Hellfire,
                                                                                                                                                     Pentagon still hopes to award the contract in the fall, but
July, 2012. A second option could be awarded in late 2010.                 the AGM-114K.
                                                                                                                                                     that it set the Nov. 12 start date so that bidders could plan
   “This order builds on ATK’s Hellfire heritage of reliability and           The Hellfire II can be launched from several rotary-wing air-          around it.
effectiveness. Our goal is to provide our war fighters with the            craft, special mission fixed-wing aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles,        The request for proposals calls for the contract to be award-
highest quality rocket motors and warheads possible to ensure mis-         ground-based tripods and boats. HELLFIRE is effective against a           ed on Aug. 12. That has appeared unlikely since the Pentagon
sion success,” said Bart Olson, interim President of ATK Missile           wide variety of targets, including tanks, ships, bunkers, caves and       extended the bidding deadline by two months, until July 9, so
Products Group.                                                            buildings. Its precision-strike semi-active laser guidance system         that EADS could bid.
   “The Hellfire II missile’s in-theater reliability exceeds 95 percent,   minimizes collateral damage on the battlefield.                              The Nov. 12 date was set in an update on the tanker posted
                                                                                                                                                     on a federal procurement website April 29. It includes a ques-

Raytheon’s Standard Missile-6 program                                                                                                                tion about the estimated date the contract will be awarded. The
                                                                                                                                                     answer says bidders should “prepare their proposals assuming

    begins sea-based flight testing
                                                                                                                                                     a contract start date” of Nov. 12. Morrell said the contract start
                                                                                                                                                     date is not the same as the date it will be awarded.
                                                                                                                                                        The Pentagon has said it will try to compress the time be-
   Raytheon’s Standard Missile-6 begins sea-based flight testing this      signal processing and guidance control capabilities of Raytheon’s         tween when the bids come in and when it picks a winning
month, paving the way for initial operational capability in 2011.          Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile. The merger of two               bidder.
   “With its over-the-horizon protection, SM-6 increases the surface       proven technologies enables SM-6 to employ both active and semi-             “We’ve always said it would be in the fall, and that still
Navy’s battlespace against air and cruise missile threats and offers       active modes.                                                             remains the case,” Morrell said. The Pentagon wants to “keep
protection for coalition forces ashore,” said Frank Wyatt, Raythe-            “Since Raytheon began SM-6 development five years ago, the             the overall program on schedule and get our war fighters this
on’s vice president of Air and Missile Defense Systems product line.       on-time and on-budget program has completed five successful land-         much-needed capability.”
“These sea-based flight tests clear the way for Raytheon to deliver        based flight tests and moved to low rate initial production,” said           The Air Force needs to replace its KC-135 refueling tank-
a critical capability to the warfighter by 2011.”                          Wyatt. “With the hard work of Raytheon’s employees, our dedicated         ers, which date to the 1950s. It has been trying to pick some-
   SM-6 takes full advantage of the legacy Standard Missile air-           suppliers and our U.S. Navy customer, we are on track to achieve          one to make the new tanker since 2003. AP
frame and propulsion elements while incorporating advanced                 the IOC milestone in 2011.”

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 4                                                                                                                                                                                               May 7, 2010
Northrop, Bell Helicopter to develop, demonstrate
new medium-range vertical unmanned system
   U.S. war fighters will be able to keep tabs on their      the full rotary-wing aviation mission spectrum,
enemies for longer periods of time, communicate              including armed reconnaissance, attack, utility,
more easily with their commanders, and deliver               and MedEvac,” said Jeff Lowinger, executive
more cargo to more remote locations using the new            vice president of engineering for Bell Helicopter.
Fire-X medium-range vertical unmanned aerial sys-            “We’re also backing this new offering with Bell’s
tem unveiled May 3 by Northrop Grumman and Bell              unmatched global logistics support, training, and
Helicopter, a Textron Company.                               industry-leading customer service.”
   The two companies have joined forces to devel-               Fire-X will incorporate Fire Scout’s modular,
op and demonstrate the new rugged, high-capacity             field-proven architecture that accommodates a va-
unmanned aerial system based on the four-blade,              riety of intelligence, surveillance and reconnais-
single-engine Bell 407 helicopter. First flight of           sance (ISR) and communications payloads. It also
Fire-X is expected by the end of 2010. The new               provides complementary capabilities for missions
system also represents Northrop Grumman’s entry              that demand larger payloads (up to 3000 pounds),
in an anticipated U.S. Navy competition in 2011 to           longer endurance (more than 14 hours) and robust
demonstrate a new medium-range UAS.                          cargo hauling (up to 2646 pounds external).
   “The Fire-X system integrates Northrop Grum-                 Fire-X is being designed to operate with nearly
man’s proven unmanned systems know-how with                  any type of current or future military standards-
a proven, FAA-certified helicopter airframe that’s           based control segment. It will communicate as
been in service since 1996,” said Gene Fraser,               easily with shipboard controllers using the Navy’s
sector vice president and general manager for the            Tactical Control Station (TCS) as field commanders
Advanced Programs and Technology division of                 using the U.S. Army’s field-proven One System(r)
Northrop Grumman’s Aerospace Systems sec-                    ground control station.
tor. “The result will be an affordable, fast-fielding           Fire-X is the latest in a long line of tactical UASs
system that delivers the maturity of the unmanned            from Northrop Grumman, a leader in developing,
systems architecture developed by the U.S. Navy’s            integrating and testing unmanned systems for more
MQ-8B Fire Scout program, while giving military              than 60 years. In addition to using Fire Scout’s un-
services the extra UAS cargo, payload and endur-             manned systems architecture, it will draw on the
ance they seek.”                                             company’s systems integration and testing exper-
   Reporters got their first look at the new VUAS            tise acquired through developing targets for the              vehicle pilot with the appropriate avionics, soft-   studios and law enforcement agencies worldwide,
concept today in Northrop Grumman’s booth at                 Navy, the Army’s MQ-5A Hunter fixed wing UAS,                 ware and ground control station to accurately and    with nearly 1,000 systems in service and more than
the Navy League Sea-Air-Space Exposition in                  and the company’s new line of scalable Bat(tm)                reliably duplicate the behavior and performance of   2.5 million accumulated flight hours. Bell’s cus-
National Harbor, Md.                                         unmanned aircraft systems.                                    the air vehicle.                                     tomer service has been rated number one for the
   “Bell Helicopter brings to the Fire-X develop-               Fire-X also takes full advantage of Northrop                  The Bell 407 helicopter currently serves the      last 16 years running.
ment more than 50 years of experience producing              Grumman’s proven ability to “unman” or option-                commercial human transportation requirements of         Bell Helicopter is a wholly owned subsidiary of
and supporting U.S. military helicopters across              ally man a manned helicopter - i.e. replace the in-           corporations, hospitals, news organizations, movie   Textron Inc.

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May 7, 2010                                                                                                                                                                                                                       5
Northrop Grumman to bid for RRRP competition
   Northrop Grumman announced May            stone Test Center, Ala. These ranges        to enhance the test effectiveness of     provider of radar systems and is ex-       range radars for the U.S. Navy and
5 that it intends to bid as prime con-       are used for testing U.S. Department of     its test ranges and lower the cost of    pert in their design, hardware and         has been responsible for operating and
tractor for the U.S. Army Range Radar        Defense weapons systems, and much           radar operation and maintenance,”        software development, manufactur-          maintaining the radars at Cape Canav-
Replacement Program competition.             of the range radar inventory consists       said Karen Williams, vice president      ing, operations and maintenance. The       eral for the NASA debris monitoring
   The RRRP procurement will be              of 1950s and 1960s-vintage radars that      of Air and Missile Defense Systems       company’s core competencies include        system since its inception.
managed by the Army Program Exec-            no longer adequately meet current and       for Northrop Grumman’s Information       radar data processing, algorithm de-
                                                                                                                                                                               Further, Northrop Grumman will le-
utive Office for Simulation, Training        emerging test requirements. The RRRP        Systems sector. “Northrop Grumman        velopment and modeling and simu-
                                                                                                                                                                             verage its extensive net-centric, large-
and Instrumentation.                         will focus on implementing modern           will draw upon its decades of experi-    lation. Northrop Grumman has more
   The program will replace aging and        radar technologies and developing a         ence pioneering radar technology and     than 40 years experience fulfilling        scale systems integration expertise to
outdated radar systems at four test          common architecture to significantly        open architecture, system-of-systems     range radar requirements such as ra-       ensure a comprehensive, interoperable
centers: White Sands Missile Range,          improve performance while reducing          solutions to meet the Army’s objec-      dar design, pre-mission planning and       solution that addresses the broad range
N.M.; Yuma Proving Ground, Ariz.;            the overall life cycle costs.               tives.”                                  post-mission analysis. The company         of performance requirements for this
Aberdeen Test Center, Md.; and Red-             “The Army has a critical need               Northrop Grumman is a leading         led a team to design and manufacture       competition.

Lockheed demonstrates future of net-enabled warfare at JEFX 10
   A Lockheed Martin F-16 demonstrated en-              demonstrated the capability of the Lockheed Mar-     field Air Operations Kit, subscribed to the F-16’s    the pilots is vital,” said Colonel Tim Forsythe,
hanced networked-enabled capabilities during            tin Sniper SE advanced targeting pod’s enhanced      network to display the vehicles’ real-time location   chief of Air Combat Command’s combat aircraft
the U.S. Air Force’s Joint Expeditionary Force          resolution sensor suite for improved combat iden-    on each SOF ground operator’s map display. Full       division. “If we can pump data into those cockpits
Experiment 2010, April 13-23, at Nellis Air Force       tification of ground targets. Sniper SE’s ability    motion video from Sniper SE was simultaneous-         before we launch or even update it while we’re on
Base, Nev.                                              to simultaneously track multiple ground vehicles     ly streamed over the network as pilots and SOF
                                                                                                                                                                   the fly via IBS it will generate more awareness for
   JEFX, planned and executed by the Global Cy-         moving through a complex urban environment           teams coordinated attacks using simultaneous text
berspace Integration Center, is a venue for innova-     lowers the pilot’s workload while increasing mis-    messaging, chat and annotated imagery.                the pilot arriving in the collaboration airspace of
tive command and control and targeting technolo-        sion effectiveness.                                     In addition to exploring ANW2 capabilities,        CAS and IW.”
gies. This year’s event focused on improving the           Using Cursor on Target protocol, continuous       Lockheed Martin also demonstrated the use of             “Partnership with the war fighter is absolutely
U.S. forces’ ability to conduct irregular warfare.      targeting information on moving ground vehicles      the Rockwell Collins-developed Tactical Tar-          essential in developing robust product roadmaps,”
Lockheed Martin’s participation, under the spon-        was automatically transmitted to Special Opera-      geting Network Technology to collaborate with         said Mark Jefferson, director for Lockheed Martin
sorship of Air Combat Command, centered on              tions Forces teams via a Harris Corporation Fal-     a wide group of airborne and ground C2 nodes.         Aeronautics Horizontal Integration. “Our ability to
the potential benefits of Internet Protocol-based       con III® AN/PRC-117G radio using the Advanced        Acting as a gateway and using the space-based         integrate advanced capabilities and new technolo-
applications in an irregular warfare context while      Networking Wideband Waveform capability. The         Integrated Broadcast Service, air crews received
                                                                                                                                                                   gies into current and challenging environments,
conducting close air support missions. Lockheed         wideband networking allowed the formation of         current intelligence information on friendly and
Martin’s efforts tied in with Air Force Special         mobile ad-hoc radio networks and enabled the         enemy forces, then automatically translated and       such as the irregular warfare operations developed
Operations Command enhanced capabilities in             transmission of high-bandwidth data and stream-      republished the information via TTNT, ANW2            for JEFX 10, allows us to experiment with the
an integrated operational thread.                       ing video. Ground teams, each using the U.S.         and Link 16.                                          fundamental elements necessary for tomorrow’s
   During the two-week experiment, F-16 pilots          Special Operations Command developed Battle-            “Improving the SA (situational awareness) of       net-enabled war fighting.”

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                                                                                                                                                                                             May 7, 2010
National Guard chief notes pain of transformation    ready to deploy to Afghanistan,” he said. “I don’t               Iraq and Afghanistan,” McKinley said. “With          recruiting, because we have already met our
by Jim Garamone
American Forces Press Service                        think we could have done that 15 years ago.”                     an overall force of 358,000, we believe we can       goals, and I believe it is sustainable.”
                                                        Times have changed, the general said, and                     sustain this indefinitely.”                             The Guard is a joint force, especially in the
   The National Guard is transforming itself         so has the National Guard. “We have to be a                         Army Guard troops are in a 1-to-3 ratio of        United States, McKinley said.
to meet the threats of the 21st century, but the     more agile and quick response force,” he said.                   years deployed to years at home, the general            “The fact that we have an Army Guard and an
transition is hard and will be painful for units,    “The old rules of the 20th century are just not                  said, and he would like to see that ratio at 1-to-   Air Guard sometimes is irrelevant when you’re
the chief of the National Guard Bureau said in       relevant.”                                                       5. “The Army Guard worked as it was supposed
                                                        The transition will be especially painful in the                                                                   fighting a flood or doing things in the Gulf of
Washington, D.C., May 4.                                                                                              to,” he said. “[The United States was] confronted
   Air Force Gen. Craig R. McKinley spoke dur-       Air National Guard, where new missions, new                                                                           Mexico,” he said. Governors use the highly
                                                                                                                      with two land wars and used the Army National
ing a breakfast meeting of the Defense Writers       equipment and new threats drive the process,                                                                          trained and highly skilled Guardsmen as needed,
                                                                                                                      Guard as a shock absorber, because the U.S.
Group.                                               the general said. The Air Guard still operates at                                                                     he added.
                                                                                                                      Army wasn’t big enough. And it still may not
   “We are in transition to a new type of force      bases they started using at the end of World War                 be big enough.”                                         “There are 66,000 Guardsmen working around
to be more relevant in today’s wars,” McKinley       II, he explained, and many units are fighter units                  Even with the high deployment rate, National      the world in various capacities - mostly Army
said.                                                flying aircraft that are ending their operational                                                                     Guardsmen in Iraq and Afghanistan, but also
                                                                                                                      Guard recruiting and retention numbers “defy all
   Balance is the operative word in the Defense      lives. Now, he said, the country needs units that                                                                     a large number of Air Guardsmen,” McKinley
                                                                                                                      logic,” McKinley said.
Department this year, the general said.              can operate unmanned aerial vehicles and man-                                                                         said. “We are proud of what we are, and proud
                                                                                                                         “They are the highest they’ve ever been,”
   “How do we make a balanced force - both           age intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance
                                                                                                                      he said. “Our retention in the Army Guard ap-        of what we’ve become. We’ve transformed our-
Army and Air Guard - that allows us to do the        assets, McKinley said. Other personnel will be
                                                     needed in command and control and intelligence                   proaches 100 percent. We’ve had to shut down         selves.”
services’ requirements, but still gives the gover-
nors flexibility and capability at home?” McKin-     functions.
ley asked. “The National Guard is adapting to           “We are transitioning to a new place,” he said.
the changing styles of warfare. I couldn’t have      “But it’s going to be painful for many of our                    The transition will be especially painful in the Air National Guard,
predicted 15 years ago that we would have used       units.”                                                             where new missions, new equipment and new threats drive the
more that 80 percent of our Army Guard in full          The Army National Guard went through a
rotation fighting over a period of almost nine       modernization effort after the Sept. 11, 2001, ter-               process. The Air Guard still operates at bases they started using at
years. But we were able to adapt.”                   rorist attacks. The Army equipped Guard units
   In the mid-1990s, McKinley said, it was dif-      with the latest equipment and integrated them
                                                                                                                       the end of World War II and many units are fighter units flying
ficult to train up Guard formations for operations   into the larger force.                                                      aircraft that are ending their operational lives.
in the Balkans. “Now, we can take of formation          “It’s produced a force that is on average be-
of 2,000 people and within 90 days have them         tween 50,000 and 60,000 soldiers fighting ... in

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May 7, 2010
May 7, 2010                                                                       Aerotech News and Review                                                                                                               7
Defense Department acquisition is a contact sport       workforce out of balance and ill-equipped to deal                                                                      els to enable low-risk development and produc-
by Derek Kaufman
Dayton, Ohio                                            with a concurrent significant increase in oversight,                                                                   tion to proceed quickly at efficient economies of
                                                        documentation requirements and dollar value of                                                                         scale was universally preferred to stretching out
   The Defense Department’s journey to recap-           contracts written.                                                                                                     weapons buys in tiny lots over many years. Com-
ture acquisition excellence took a big step forward        The government must stop the trend of hollow-                                                                       petitive prototyping up front to reduce risk later
during two days of discussions and workforce            ing out DOD’s in-house technical capability and                                                                        was another lauded approach.
training held at the Sinclair Community College         then attempting to compensate by adding burden-                                                                           “The only leverage you have in Air Force ac-
in Dayton, Ohio, April 20-21.                           some oversight, said Dr. Ashton Carter, Under-                                                                         quisition is to say no,” Payton opined, noting that
   That was the assessment made by several se-          secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology                                                                       programs with prioritized, stable requirements
nior leaders at the DOD Acquisition Insight Con-        and Logistics.                                                                                                         and realistically funded for block upgrades, are
ference, which assembled more than 700 military,           The DOD acquisition workforce improvement                                                                           preferred to attempts to go from zero to hero in
civilian and contractor acquisition professionals       plan, currently in execution, includes a number                                                                        fielding the perfect weapon system straight out of
and defense industry partners.                          of concurrent efforts to increase the size of the                                                                      the starting block.
   Sponsored by the Defense Acquisition Univer-         Department’s in-house acquisition workforce                                                                               “This is a contact sport,” said Lt. Gen. Ted
sity (Midwest Region), the conference focused           through recruitment of people into newly created                                                                       Bowlds, commander of the Electronic Systems
principally on providing acquisition experts from       positions and “in-sourcing” or conversion of con-                                                                      Center at Hanscom Air Force Base, Mass. It re-
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base with a forum to         tractors to government positions. Gen. Hoffman                                                                         quires active leadership and personal contact, ear-
exchange ideas and discuss how to best imple-           said for his command, AFMC plans to in-source                                                                          ly and often, between acquirers, testers, sustainers
ment the Weapon Systems Acquisition Reform              about 4,000 positions.                                                                                                 and industry producers, he added.
Act of 2009.                                               Enhancing skills of acquisition, technology and                                                                        Transparent, open communication between
   “In my mind, it’s about continuous process           logistics workers through education and training                                                                       these communities and sharing detailed analyses
improvement,” said Lt. Gen. Tom Owen, com-              and establishment of a clear path for their profes-                                                                    using various information technology tools en-
mander of the Aeronautical Systems Center and           sional development are also key components of                                                                          hances trust and credibility, Owen said.
the Air Force’s program executive officer respon-       the improvement plan. Rebuilding skills in the                                                                            Gary Bliss, the director of the Pentagon’s Per-
sible for buying and modernizing aircraft systems.      workforce which have atrophied, like those of                                                                          formance Assessment and Root Cause Analysis
“We know that what we do is vitally important, so       budget estimators and system engineers, will take                                                                      office, agreed, noting the one unifying theme he’s
we should work hard to improve our processes.”          time, but the effort is necessary and worthwhile,                                                                      learned in his reviews of acquisition programs
                                                                                                                                              DOD photograph by Erica Kobren
   Owen’s boss, Gen. Donald Hoffman, com-               senior panel experts said.                                                                                             that encountered serious problems was a need for
mander of Air Force Materiel Command, said it’s            “It takes about 10 years to [develop] a good          Gen. Donald Hoffman speaks to attendees of the                “greater transparency of programs throughout the
                                                                                                                 DOD Acquisition Insight Conference April 20,
important for weapon system program managers            fighter pilot,” retired General and former Air                                                                         acquisition chain of command.”
                                                                                                                 2010 at Sinclair Community College in Dayton,
to think carefully about program scope. They need       Force Systems Command commander Lawrence                 Ohio. The conference, sponsored by the Defense                   Bliss also said there is no substitute for knowl-
to be willing to say no when nice-to-have, emerg-       Skantze said, adding the same is true for a good         Acquisition University, focused on challenges                 edge of the complex series of rules and policies
ing weapon systems requirements are proposed            acquisition professional.                                faced by the Department of Defense acquisition                that drive acquisition decisions.
late in the game because these ideas lead to cost          Additionally, a soon-to-be announced major re-        workforce. Hoffman is commander of the Air Force                 “Everyone in this room must understand
overruns and delivery delays.                           structure of major AFMC acquisition centers was          Materiel Command at Wright-Patterson Air Force                WSARA (the Weapons System Acquisition Re-
   Hoffman created the word “pugnacity” to de-          previewed. In part, it will increase the number of       Base, Ohio.                                                   form Act of 2009),” he said to the conferees in
scribe the attitude he wants to see in program          program executive officers or PEOs to enable bet-                                                                      attendance.
managers. They must be hard-nosed enough                ter senior officer-level focus on high-dollar, high-     and Mobility.                                                    Despite its difficulties, when really tested, the
to ensure well-intentioned but disruptive ideas         risk programs that warrant additional scrutiny.             Sue Payton, former Assistant Secretary of the              acquisition community can perform with incred-
don’t derail the process. They must defend the             Owen — who currently serves are the PEO for           Air Force for acquisition, said across AFMC, the              ible agility, Owen noted.
boundaries of their program and aggressively            aircraft systems — said that will mean five new          number of PEOs will go from five to 15.                          “Some of our most successful programs [came
execute the agreed plan with their industrial           PEOs at Aeronautical Systems Center, for a total            Payton, Hoffman and others extolled the value              about from being] challenged with doing some-
partners or schedule delays and cost increases          of six. He will remain PEO for B-2, C-17 and             of solid systems engineering, as well as incen-               thing really quickly,” he said. The MC-12 Liberty
will creep in.                                          F-22 aircraft, but will be joined by PEOs for Ag-        tive-based contracting with industry to move to               is a notable ASC example, with an entire squad-
   Virtually everyone acknowledged that years of        ile Combat Support; Fighters & Bombers; Intel-           firm-fixed price contracts as early as feasible.              ron of ISR aircraft being fielded in less than 10
downsizing and outsourcing left the acquisition         ligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance; KC-X;            Funding fewer programs at high confidence lev-                months from concept to combat.

Navy, Marines need adaptable people, Gates says                            tracking down America’s most lethal enemies in Afghanistan and               modern militaries using asymmetric tactics to terrorist groups with
by Jim Garamone
American Forces Press Service                                              elsewhere around the world.                                                  advanced weapons.
                                                                              “The reason I wanted to talk to midshipmen about these leaders ...            “Our officers will lead an American military that must have the
   The types and numbers of Navy ships will change, but the quality        is not that they were always right, nor that they should be emulated         maximum flexibility to deal with the widest-possible range of sce-
of the sailors and Marines aboard those ships and serving ashore           in every way - to put it mildly,” Gates said. “What is compelling            narios and adversaries,” Gates said.
must endure, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said in National            about each of these leaders is that they had the vision and insight to           The emphasis in the Navy and the Marine Corps has to be on
Harbor, Md., May 3.                                                        see that the world and technology were changing, they understood             their people, the secretary told the group.
   Gates spoke at the Navy League’s annual Sea-Air-Space Conven-           the implications of these shifts and then they pressed ahead in the              “Over the past three-and-a-half years, in the fury of two wars, I
tion at the Gaylord Convention Center.                                     face of often-fierce institutional resistance.”                              have seen the future of the Navy and Marine Corps onboard ships,
   Sailors and Marines “must have moral, as well as physical cour-            These qualities would come to the fore in any era, Gates said, but        on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan, at Navy bases and Marine
age; they must have integrity; they must think creatively and bold-        they are especially important today, given the pace of technologi-           camps, and at the Academy,” he said. “These young men and women
ly,” the secretary said. “They must have the vision and insight to         cal changes and the agile and adaptive nature of the most-likely             fill me with confidence that the future of our sea services is incred-
see that the world and technology are constantly changing and that         and lethal U.S. adversaries. The enemy could run the gamut from              ibly bright and that our nation will be secure in their hands.”
the Navy and Marine Corps must therefore change with the times
- ever flexible and ever adaptable. They must be willing to speak
hard truths, including to superiors.”
                                                                           Joint F-35 electronic warfare squadron stands up
   How the United States handles the increasingly complex security            The squadron serving as the sole Department of Defense provider           consist of Navy and Marine members.
challenges of the future will depend less on the quality of its hard-      of electronic warfare support for the F-35 joint strike fighter activated       Electronic warfare is “any military action involving the use of
ware than on the quality of the leaders, the secretary said, noting that   April 23 in a ceremony at Elgin Air Force Base, Fla.                         electromagnetic and directed energy to control the electromagnetic
he spoke about this at some length with midshipmen at the Naval               Surrounded by artifacts from the history of airpower in the Air           spectrum or to attack the enemy,” as described in Air Force Doctrine
Academy last month.                                                        Armament Museum, the 513th Electronic Warfare Squadron stood                 Document 2-5.1. Mission data is the descriptions the aircraft needs
   As examples, he used Marine Corps Lt. Gen. Victor Krulak, the           up as a first step toward preparing Airmen, Sailors and Marines with
visionary behind the Higgins boat who later contributed greatly to                                                                                      to identify both enemies and allies on the battlefield.
                                                                           the latest electronic warfare data for all three variants on the 5th
U.S. understanding of counterinsurgency in Vietnam. He also cited                                                                                          The laboratory is still under construction with a projected comple-
                                                                           generation aircraft.
Navy Fleet Adm. Chester Nimitz, who as a young officer helped                                                                                           tion date of summer 2010 and hardware will arrive a year from now,
                                                                              “We are not supporting only one variant of the F-35, we are sup-
to develop the circular formation for carrier escorts, used to great                                                                                    the colonel said. Until that time, the squadron is performing a plethora
                                                                           porting all,” said Col. Kevin J. McElroy, the 53rd Electronic Warfare
effect in World War II and for decades after.                                                                                                           of tasks as they become the “one-stop organic shop” for F-35 data.
   The secretary mentioned Navy Adm. Hyman Rickover, whose ge-             Group commander. “One team, one fight, one guidon.”
                                                                              The squadron, currently manned by 32 technicians and engineers,              “Our engineers are currently developing threat models and 5th
nius and persistence overcame the conventional wisdom that nuclear
                                                                           will grow to 130 members at full strength. Squadron members will             generation mission data for the F-35,” said Lt. Col. Tim Welde, the
reactors were too bulky and dangerous to put on submarines.
   Finally, he spoke of Navy Lt. Cmdr. Roy Boehm, who after World          operate the $300 million United States Reprogramming Laboratory,             513th EWS commander. “Our technicians are undergoing mainte-
War II designed and led a special new commando unit that became            that tests all aspects of the joint strike fighter’s electronic warfare      nance training as well as prepping the lab with power supplies, net-
the Navy SEALs. Boehm’s legacy is at work every night, he said,            capability. Half of the staff will be airmen, while the other half will      work connectivity and data storage devices.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                         May 7, 2010
Green Hornet team wins environmental excellence award
  For the fifth consecutive time, the        Winning the CNO award auto-                    and awareness. Winning this award       sions up to 80 percent compared to        tactical Navy aircraft.
F/A-18 & EA-18G program office’s          matically placed the Green Hornet                 advances the acquisition team to the    its petroleum-based counterpart, ac-         “It is imperative that acquisition
Green Hornet team has won the             team in nomination for the 2009                   Department of Defense-level com-        cording to recent studies.                programs seek ways to reduce the
Chief of Naval Operations Envi-           Secretary of the Navy Environ-                    petition in the same category.             Biofuel is one of several envi-        noise levels,” Rudy said. “The F/
ronmental Excellence Award.               mental Award. Recently, SECNAV                       The CNO and SECNAV awards            ronmental projects managed by the         A-18 program has embarked on a
  The team is being recognized            named the team the winner of fiscal               are scheduled to be presented to the    NAVAIR Propulsion and Power               robust research and development
for its efforts in developing suc-        year 2009 SECNAV Environmen-                      team this summer at the U.S. Navy       team and supported by the Green           program to determine the best so-
cessful environmental protection                                                            Memorial and Naval Heritage Cen-        Hornet team under the leadership of       lution to make our jets quieter.”
                                          tal Awards competition in the en-
                                                                                            ter in Washington, D.C.                 Mike Rudy, PMA-265 environment,              According to Rudy, studies show
and awareness initiatives, includ-        vironmental excellence in weapon
                                                                                               “The consistent recognition ac-      safety and occupational health man-       the chevron project is a viable de-
ing collaboration with the Naval          system acquisition team category.                 knowledges the many innovative          ager.                                     ployable solution with demonstrat-
Air Systems Command Propulsion            The award recognizes individuals,                 initiatives put in place by the gov-       Comprised of government and            ed reduction in noise levels and
and Power team to develop and use         teams, ships and installations within             ernment/industry team to ensure the     industry partner experts, the team        will not affect performance of the
biofuel in the F/A-18E/F Super            the Department of the Navy for pro-               F/A-18 and EA-18G platform and          manages all environmental, safety         aircraft.
Hornet.                                   moting environmental excellence                   support systems comply with DOD         and occupational health compliance           The F414 engine is also becom-
                                                                                            guidance to integrate environmen-       guidelines in manufacturing of the        ing more efficient through the in-
                                                                                            tally sound capabilities whenever       aircraft, testing and evaluation,         corporation of new technologies.
                                                                                            possible,” said Capt. Mark Darrah,      maintenance, operations, training         Air emission and fuel consump-
                                                                                            PMA-265 program manager.                — and eventually, disposition of the      tion reductions are the goal of the
                                                                                               “Our goal is to inspire others       aircraft at the end of its life-cycle.    trapped vortex combustor technol-
                                                                                            to see the opportunity the biofuel         Meeting ESOH guidelines and re-        ogy, where partially combusted air
                                                                                            initiative offers to look at alterna-   ducing the carbon footprint on the        from the cavities mixes with the
                                                                                            tive fuels for high performance jet     environment also means reducing           main air flow resulting in reduced
                                                                                            power plants. SECNAV has made           jet noise for the aircrew, mainte-        greenhouse gas emissions without
                                                                                            energy efficiency a top priority, and   nance personnel and the surround-         compromising the engine’s perfor-
                                                                                            we are taking that very seriously,”     ing communities.                          mance.
                                                                                            Darrah said.                               In a combined effort, PMA-265             The F/A-18 and EA-18G program
                                                                                               The Super Hornet is the first        and Office of Naval Research have         office estimates that its carbon foot-
                                                                                            Navy aircraft to demonstrate alter-     invested in a project with industry       print will be reduced with all of the
                                                                                            native fuel capability using a 50/50    partner General Electric Aircraft         energy initiatives. The program of-
                                                                                            blend of camelina biofuel and the       Engines to reduce noise levels. This      fice expects to reduce fuel consump-
                                                                                            Navy’s primary jet fuel, jet propel-    project involves using mechanical         tion by 27 million gallons per year
                                                                                            lant (JP)-5.                            chevrons or extensions on the F414        and reduce greenhouse gas emis-
                                                            Navy photograph by Liz Goetee
                                                                                               The blend of camelina, a U.S.-       engine nozzle of the Super Hornet.        sions by 300,000 metric tons an-
The PMA-265 Green Hornet team is being recognized for its efforts in developing             grown, renewable flax type grain           The project is still in the testing    nually. Use of the camelina biofuel
successful environmental protection and awareness initiatives, including                    normally used for feedstock that is     and development phase; when im-           also reduces conventional aviation
collaboration with the Naval Air Systems Command Propulsion and Power team to
develop and use biofuel in the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet. Pictured here is the Green
                                                                                            low rainfall tolerant and does not      plemented, it will be the first instal-   fuel use by 50 percent and reduces
Hornet taking off at Patuxent River, Md.                                                    compete with food crops, and JP-5       lation of jet noise reduction tech-       carbon emissions by 84 percent on
                                                                                            is estimated to reduce carbon emis-     nology on any high-performance            a life-cycle basis.

        2009 | 2 0 1 0 season at the lancaster performing arts center

                                                                   mAd                                                      Saturday, May 8, 2010 | 8 pM
                                                            Adult r all
                                                                          DOD,                                        Antelope VAlley MAster ChorAle
                                                             M ilitary, ce and
                                                              A e r o s p Di s t r i c t                           Antelope VAlley College ConCert Choir
                                                              Scho oyees.*

                                                                                                SongS of Spring
                                                                                                The Master Chorale presents a choral concert and welcomes special guest,
                                                                                                    the Antelope Valley College Concert Choir under the baton
                                                                                                        of Music Director Mike McCullough.
                                                                                                            Dr. David Newby conducts the AVSOMC.
                                                                                                                       CurtAin-rAiser preView 7 pM
                                                                                                                            Antelope Valley Children’s Choir performs under
                                                                                                                                the direction of Music Director Kara Slocum.

                                                                                              * Present military or company ID at box office to receive your discount. Not valid for online or phone orders.

                                   Join us for a year filled with                                     Musical Milestones
                                             antelope valley symphony orchestra and master chorale
                                                                                david newby • artistic director
      Tickets available at www.avsomc.org or the LPAC Box Office: (661) 723-5950 • Adults: $15 | Senior & Military: $12 | Youth: $7

May 7, 2010                                                                                                                                                                                                     
Tests of Army dirigibles to use drones, missiles
by Mike Stark                            give field commanders a bird’s-eye         technologies,” said Lt. Col. Steve        ed earlier this month about 80 miles        thing that’s unsafe out there,” Will-
Associated Press                         view of cruise missiles and other          Willhelm, manager of the program          west of Salt Lake City. The more            helm said.
                                         threats.                                   known as the Joint Land Attack            intensive tests will get under way in          The dirigibles are tethered to pro-
   Proving the capability of high-tech      Balloons have been used for mili-       Cruise Missile Defense Elevated           March 2011 and last through the end         cessing stations on the ground, with
military balloons will require that      tary surveillance in the U.S. at least     Netted Sensor System.                     of 2013.
                                                                                                                                                                          each aircraft capable of staying aloft
they can detect and intercept drones,    since the Civil War. Today’s version          The aerostats, which are 242 feet         To test the radar capabilities, the
                                         uses the same basic concept - teth-        long, were flight-tested in North Car-    military plans to fly up to 50 drone        for a month.
jets and an occasional unarmed sur-
face-to-air missile.                     ered balloons flown high to provide        olina last year but limited to a height   missions as well as tow targets be-            Officials said the aerostats will be
   Most of the tests will be conducted   intelligence to troops on the ground -     of 3,000 feet.                            hind jets.                                  less expensive to maintain and oper-
in military air space above the Snake    but with a few high-tech additions.           The program moves to western              The military plans up to six live-       ate than conventional aircraft-based
Valley in Utah during the next sever-       From more than a mile above the         Utah where Dugway Proving Ground          fire intercepts of drones over Snake        radar while providing battlefield
al years. Some test flights are sched-   ground, radar-equipped aerostats will      and the Utah Test and Training            Valley.                                     commanders a comprehensive aerial
uled over the northern part of Great     provide sweeping 360-degree views          Range provide nearly 4,000 square            It said ground-fired missiles won’t      view of threats.
Salt Lake.                               of the landscape for more than 100         miles of remote, sparsely populated       have warheads, and the drones will             They’ll be particularly important
   The military held a series of pub-    miles.                                     landscape. There’s also restricted        break up upon contact and fall to the
                                                                                                                                                                          for picking up cruise missiles, which
lic meetings this week about the            The information will be fed to a        military airspace up to 58,000 feet.      ground. The exercises will be done
project.                                 ground station and quickly integrated         The military plans to fly the he-      at Dugway in an area already used           fly low and slow, Willhelm said.
   The work is an effort to prove the    into battlefield decisions, the military   lium-filled airships up to 10,000 feet    for training operations, the military          Raytheon, based in Waltham, Mas-
abilities of unmanned radar-bearing      said.                                      above the ground.                         said.                                       sachusetts, was awarded the develop-
dirigibles - known as aerostats - to        “It’s a great mix of old and new           The first Utah flight was conduct-        “We’re not going to be do any-           ment contract for the system.

                                                                                                                                                               asm with the 80-member unit.
          New ISR unit                             by TSgt. Renni Thornton                               ary Operations Group and host of the ceremony.
                                                   Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan                          “It started in 1943 in World War II when the           “This is a tremendous team perfectly suited for
                                                                                                         members of the unit flew B-17 (Flying Fortresses)     the challenges ahead,” Halford said.
           activated at                              Officials activated the Air Force’s newest MC-
                                                   12 Liberty squadron in a ceremony at Kandahar
                                                                                                         and B-24 (Liberators),” he said. “Later, they were
                                                                                                         reactivated during Vietnam when they flew EC-
                                                                                                                                                                  “The MC-12 is a critical capability, fielded at a
                                                                                                                                                               critical time,” he said. “Your actions will drasti-
             Kandahar                              Airfield, Afghanistan, May 1.
                                                     The 361st Expeditionary Reconnaissance
                                                                                                         47s and did a lot of work with a special operations
                                                                                                         wing back then. In 2002, the unit was reactivated
                                                                                                                                                               cally improve joint and combined counterinsur-
                                                                                                                                                               gency capabilities, assist Afghanistan with defeat-

                Airfield                           Squadron has been reactivated many times in the
                                                   squadron’s fairly unique history, said Col. John A.
                                                                                                         again, flying other aircraft.”
                                                                                                           The commander of the newly-activated squad-
                                                                                                                                                               ing the insurgency, and ultimately save American
                                                                                                                                                               and coalition lives.”
                                                   Cherrey, the commander of the 451st Expedition-       ron, Lt. Col. Darren Halford, shared his enthusi-

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10                                                                                                                                                                                        May 7, 2010
Six names added to Vietnam Veterans Memorial
                                           rial. The main part of the memorial was      the newly engraved names match the       Force, will be modified to reflect that    who were killed or remain missing in
by Ian Graham
Washington, D.C.                           completed in 1982.                           older ones in shape, size and depth.     they’re no longer considered missing       action. The six new names will become
                                              Cummings said a space on the wall            “Every name that we add to the me-    in action.
                                                                                                                                                                            official when they are read aloud dur-
   This week, the names of six Ameri-      allows Taylor’s name to fit the chrono-      morial further completes it,” he said.      The changes will bring the total num-
can service members will join the list     logical scheme as if his name had been          The engravings for 11 other ser-      ber of names on the Vietnam Veterans       ing the annual Memorial Day ceremony
of other departed or missing troops fea-   in the database of fallen soldiers when      vice members, from the Army and Air      Memorial to 58,267 men and women           May 31 at 1 p.m.
tured on the intersecting black-granite    the wall was first built. Of the six names
walls of the Vietnam Veterans Memo-        being added to the wall this week, three
rial.                                      of them can be placed as such, he said.
   Army Lt. Col. William Taylor’s name        “When these young men were over
was engraved at a ceremony May 4 at        there, their units became a family,
the memorial on the National Mall in       a military family,” Cummings said.
Washington, D.C. The names of Marine       “We’re lucky because we can put the
Corps Lance Cpls. John Granville and       name where it belongs, with their broth-
Clayton Hough Jr., Marine Corps Cpl.       ers and sisters in arms.”
Ronald Vivona, Army Capt. Edward              Taylor’s nephew, Thomas Carpenter,
Miles and Army Sgt. Michael More-          was in attendance today, along with
house will be added later this week.       family members of the five other ser-                                                                                                                    DOD photograph by
   The new additions are veterans who      vice members whose names are being                                                                                                                          William D. Moss
survived serious injury in the war but     added to the wall. Photos of each man                                                                                                               Expert stoneworker
were determined by Defense Depart-         were shown as each family gave a small                                                                                                              James Lee cleans
ment officials to have “died as a result   tribute to their lost relative.                                                                                                                     t he w o r k a f t e r
of wounds [combat or hostile related]         “I’m humbled in front of this wall,”                                                                                                             engraving the
sustained in the combat zone” that re-     Carpenter said, “where they are forever                                                                                                             name of U.S. Army
quired drastic measures, such as ampu-     young, strong and brave.”                                                                                                                           Lt. Col. Taylor to
tation.                                       James Lee, a stoneworker whose                                                                                                                   Panel 7W, Line 81
   “It’s an important honor to pay trib-   Colorado-based company has worked                                                                                                                   of the Vietnam
                                                                                                                                                                                               Veterans Memorial
ute to our nation’s veterans — of Viet-    at the wall since 1987, said each name
                                                                                                                                                                                               in Washington,
nam, especially,” said J.C. Cummings,      takes at least a few days to prepare.                                                                                                               D.C., May 4, 2010.
the architect of record for the memo-      Multiple test stones are used to ensure

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May 7, 2010                                                                                                                                                                                                    11
NSWC Port Hueneme hosts international VLS forum
   Naval Surface Warfare Center Port       Shinya Akao, Japanese Maritime Ser-
Hueneme hosted an international fo-        vice Defense Force Technical Liaison
rum on the MK 41 Vertical Launching        officer.
System with nine allied nations March         NSWC Port Hueneme has hosted
23-25.                                     similar events for 20 years. This year’s
   During the event, NSWC Port Hue-        forum marked the thirteenth year in-
neme, a field activity of Naval Sea        ternational VLS system users have
Systems Command, expanded on ex-           participated.
isting cooperative relationships with         Foreign Navy participants included:
international partners by providing al-    Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan,
lied VLS users with access to the latest   Korea, Netherlands, New Zealand,
technology in logistics and in-service     Norway, and Turkey. Denmark was not
engineering.                               in attendance, but has procured the sys-
   “This forum allowed VLS users to        tem and is currently building ships.
focus on their current issues, and dis-       In addition to the hosting warfare
cuss lessons learned with our system       center, other Navy participants included
experts,” said Gerald Stutts, NSWC         Program Executive Office, Integrated
Port Hueneme Launching Systems             Warfare Systems, Surface Ship Weap-
Project Office manager. “Having these      ons Launchers Program Office (PEO
annual discussions should result in        IWS 3L) and International Programs
more efficient, effective ways to con-     Office (PEO IWS 4); NSWC Dahl-
trol VLS total ownership costs, and        gren; NSWC Indian Head, Detachment
maintain the system to the highest ca-     Earle, N.J.; NSWC Corona; SEA21’s
pability level.”                           International Fleet Support Program
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Navy photograph
   “This conference helps us all work      Office (PMS 326), and Naval Educa-
together to share the latest information   tion and Training Security Assistance              A file photograph shows sailors aboard the guided missile destroyer USS Fitzgerald (DDG 62) inspect the MK 41 Vertical Launching
for maintenance issues,” said Cmdr.        Field Activity.                                    System.

                                                     Armed forces boxing
  SN Justin Diaz of the Navy
  is announced the winner
  of the 141-pound weight
  class as the defeated
  Cpl. Jamel Herring of
  the Marine Corps drops
  to a knee during the
  Friday night finals of
  the Armed Forces Boxing
  Championships at Naval
  Base Ventura County.

                                                                                                                                                                                                   A boxer exits the tunnel on the
                                                                                                                                                                                                   last night of the Armed Forces
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Boxing Championships at Naval Base
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Ventura County.
                                                                                                         Navy photograph by PO1 Aaron Peterson         Navy photograph by PO1 Aaron Peterson

                                                                                                                                                                                                    SrA. Matthew McCoy, assigned
                                                                                                                                                                                                    to Lackland Air Force Base, San
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Antonio, Texas, takes a hit from
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Seaman Justin Diaz, assigned to
                                                                                                                                                                                                    the guided-missile destroyer USS
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Pinckney, at the Armed Forces
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Boxing Championship at Naval Base
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Ventura County, Port Hueneme. Diaz
                                                                                                                                                                                                    won the bout by decision.
   HN Brandon Wicker of the
   Navy lands a punch to
   civilian Dorian Anthony
   in one of the two 178-                                                                                                                              Navy photograph by PO3 Christopher Carson
   pound light heavyweight
   fights Friday night.

                                                      Navy photograph by PO1 Aaron Peterson

 12                                                                                                                                                                                                              May 7, 2010
The Holocaust, a time to remember             humanity, because unlike the battle hard-       Pierce says there was no court system
by Jeana Diacono
editor                                        ened soldiers that liberated the camps and   at that time, so people were shot in the
                                              brought freedom to Europe, we know           streets for no reason.
   For some, you learned about it in          now that the unthinkable is thinkable,”         He says people were thrown into ghet-
school, but you can’t even imagine going      McHugh said. “We know all too well           tos with no bathrooms and little to no
through it. For others, you fought hard       the human capacity for evil and the cata-    food. Many of them died from hunger
to survive it, and your life was altered      strophic consequences of indifference in     and disease.
forever.                                      the face of evil. And we do now realize,        From the ghetto, he says people were
   It is hard to believe that over 60 years   that to preserve human freedom, what we      transferred from camp to camp on trains.
ago approximately six million Jews were       do matters.”                                 According to him, approximately 75
brutally tortured and murdered during the        Charles Pierce, 89, was the event’s       percent of them didn’t survive the lime
Holocaust.                                    guest speaker. He is a Holocaust and         and chlorine sprays they received along
   It is a period of time that drastically    concentration camp survivor who was          the way.
opened our eyes and should never be           born in Poland in 1920.                         When the survivors arrived at the
forgotten.                                       He arrived in the United States in        camps, he says mothers and babies were
   With that idea in mind, Naval Base         1949 and became a citizen in 1954. For       shot, and all of the women were raped.
Ventura County Port Hueneme held a            the last 16 years he has been a resident        Pierce says some of the camps were
special Holocaust Remembrance Day             of Camarillo. He has a wife and three        even experimental camps where ap-
event April 27.                               children.                                    palling experiments were performed on         Charles Pierce, a Holocaust survivor, and his wife at the recent Holocaust Remembrance
   The event opened with a powerful              From 1939 to 1945, Pierce survived a      people.                                       Day held at Naval Base Ventura County Port Hueneme, April 27.
video portraying the lives of several Ho-     number of concentration camps and the           The camps he stayed in had no bath-
locaust survivors. They talked about how      murder of most of his family. His parents    rooms, no showers and no running water.
important it is to remember and carry on      and two of his brothers were murdered        They were given barely any clothes and        the world what happened,” Pierce said.          He says he would truly like to believe
their stories.                                by the Nazis.                                only a piece of bread and soup to last        “There were no newspapers, no television     that the world learned something from
   NBVC Commanding Officer Capt.                 Pierce has only recently started shar-    them all day.                                 and no computers. There was nothing. It      the Holocaust, but looking at the news,
James McHugh says in order to better          ing his experience with others and finds        Pierce says there was constantly so        was a completely different world.”           he knows that is not the case.
honor the survivors, the U.S. Congress        it easier to have his words read by his      much death around them, they could               Pierce says the first thing he did when      He says there is something we can all
has created the United States Holocaust       son. So, his wife and son accompanied        smell the burning bodies all day and          he arrived in the United States was kiss     do to get involved. “Learn what actions
Memorial Museum. It is a permanent liv-       him. His son first read Pierce’s Holocaust   all night.                                    the ground in gratitude.                     you can take to increase awareness,”
ing memorial to the victims.                  memoirs, and then the entire family took        In 1945, when it looked like things           He says thanks to America the beauti-     Zaiger said. “The burden is on all of us
   He says the museum was created in          questions.                                   would never get better, the camps were        ful, he was given a new life. He not only    to remember ... and help stop.”
honor of the 55th anniversary of the lib-        In Pierce’s words, his family was         overtaken be American soldiers and he         thanked the military of 60 years ago, but       If you would like to read a copy of
eration of the Nazi concentration camp,       given 15 minutes to vacate their apart-      was saved. He only weighed 60 pounds,         also the military of today.                  Pierce’s story, his Holocaust experi-
and the theme for the 2010 observance         ment when the Holocaust first started.       and he was filled with pain.                     After questions, NAVSEA Chief Staff       ences will soon be available in his auto-
is “Stories of Freedom. What you do           They were told they would be killed if          He says he survived in order to tell his   Officer Kimo Zaiger brought the mov-         biography, “The Art of Survival.” You
Matters.”                                     they didn’t hand over all of their jewels    story. “The power of my body said to          ing event to a close with a few words of     can also visit his website, the survival-
   “Holocaust memories belong to all of       and money.                                   me you have to live through this and tell     advice.                                      station.com.

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May 7, 2010                                                                                                                                                                                                             13
AV College student preparing to live his dream
by Diane Betzler                                 tian surface,” Tashman said, explaining that         Quarry will also be programmed to evalu-
staff writer                                     the mission is being planned as a real mis-       ate the planet’s magnetic fields as well as
                                                 sion and as if Quarry is actually being sent      its atmospheric and weather conditions and
   When Lancaster resident Kevin Tashman         to Mars.                                          search for potential landing and colonization
was just a boy, his parents sent him off to         He said NASA’s goal is to one day send         positions for human missions that will some-
Space Camp in Huntsville, Ala. - an experi-      astronauts to Mars but for now the plan is to     day follow.
ence, he says, that influenced and formed his    use robots for researching the planet’s ele-         The three-day visit to the Johnson Space
professional aspirations.                        ments. “There could be resources under the        Center is a chance for the college students
   “I knew from then on I wanted a career in     Martian soil that we can use,” Tashman said       to learn more about careers in science and
aviation and space exploration,” Tashman,        explaining the purpose of the mission.            engineering.
now 31, said.                                       He said past NASA missions have provid-           Each team will establish fictitious compa-
   The Antelope Valley College engineering       ed valuable information over the years, but       nies interested in Mars exploration during the
student is on his way to fulfilling his career   says that information has lead to many more       event and will be responsible for developing
goals and was recently selected by NASA as       unanswered questions.                             a prototype rover, design a line drawing of
a contestant for the National Community Col-        In a written proposal for the Inquisition      their rover and form a company infrastructure
lege Aerospace Scholars program. Tashman         mission, Tashman says the Martian subsur-         that will include a budget, communications
will be competing with other students from       face matter is still vastly unidentified and      and presentations, according to the program
community colleges throughout the United         has not been cataloged. He said Mission In-       outline.
States who were chosen to develop robotic        quisition has been conceived with the pur-           The three-day experience includes a tour
explorers that will explore the surfaces of      pose of broadening scientists’ knowledge of       of the Johnson Space Center facilities and
other planets.                                   Martian lithosphere.                              briefings from NASA employees and astro-
   Of the 75 students chosen by NASA to             “Its primary interest will focus on subsur-    nauts according to Joyce Winterton, asso-
join the program, Tashman is one of 60 who       face matter composition, while continuing to      ciate administrator for Education at NASA
will travel to NASA’s Johnson Space Center       seek and explore the potential risks and pro-     Headquarters in Washington, D.C.
in Houston, Texas, May 20, where he will         cedures for a human exploration of Mars.”            The National Community College Aero-
spend three days creating line drawings of a        He said the significance of the mission’s      space Scholars is a pilot program based on
robot, that he’s already named Quarry. The       name “Inquisition” was founded by the need        the Texas Aerospace Scholars, a program
robot will perform during a mission called       to inquire further, or in this case, deeper       created by the state of Texas in partnership                                Photograph by Diane Betzler

Inquisition. The other 16 chosen students are    than scientists have in previous missions to      with the Johnson Space Center and the Texas      Kevin Tashman
serving the program as alternates.               Mars.                                             education community.
   Once he arrives at the space center, Tash-       “Inquisition will use a rover to ascertain a      Both programs are designed to encour-            “It will be my honor to serve our great
man and the others will be divided into five     better understanding for human occupation         age community and junior college students        country in an engineering or aerospace func-
teams, which are named by colors. Tashman        on the Martian surface,” Tashman said.            to enter careers in science and engineering,     tion. Our country and our brave war fighters
has been assigned to the Red team.                  He said his robot’s primary directives         said Deborah Hutchings, program manager          are depending on future engineers to provide
   “My rover is going to Mars and will be        would be to evaluate and catalog subsoil,         at Johnson Space Center.”                        the technical innovations and milestones that
programmed to dig and sample the soil in         substratum and interior Martian surface              It’s no secret that the government is in      will usher us into the future as the dominant
an effort to discover what is below the Mar-     matter.                                           need of engineers,” said Tashman.                superpower we are today,” he said.

14                                                                                                                                                                          May 7, 2010
Lockheed delivers next-to-last shuttle tank to NASA
   External Tank-137 is scheduled to depart the
NASA Michoud Assembly Facility at 8 p.m., May
3 bound for Kennedy Space Center.
   Lockheed Martin completed the build of ET-137
for NASA April 30 and rolled the tank into the en-
closed barge, Pegasus, May 1. However, high winds
in the New Orleans area delayed earlier plans to de-
part Michoud.
   The voyage to Kennedy Space Center is 900
miles and will take approximately six days. Two
tugs will escort Pegasus and ET-137 due east in the
Intracoastal Canal to the Port of Gulfport where
Solid Rocket Booster retrieval ship Freedom Star is
waiting to tow the tank across the Gulf of Mexico,
around Key West and up the eastern side of Florida
to Kennedy Space Center. Freedom Star is expected
to arrive at KSC on May 9.
   Lockheed Martin has built 133 flight tanks for the
Space Shuttle program, which is scheduled to end
later this year after 29 years. ET-137 is the next-to-
last flight tank that will be delivered to KSC and is
currently scheduled to propel shuttle Endeavour to
orbit in mid-November for its flight to the Interna-
tional Space Station - the final shuttle mission.
   Lockheed Martin is also building ET-138, which
is scheduled to be finished next month and will fly
with shuttle Discovery Sept. 16. In addition, the
company is constructing ET-122, a spare launch-on-
need tank that was damaged in Hurricane Katrina,
but is not scheduled to fly.
   Too large to travel by rail or interstate highway,
the External Tank stands 15 stories tall (154 feet)
and is almost 28 feet in diameter. ET-137 will
weigh close to 1.7 million pounds when loaded with
535,000 gallons of propellant prior to launch.

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May 7, 2010                                                                                     15
 Lockheed delivers communications system module
 for second Mobile User Objective System satellite
   Lockheed Martin has delivered a cutting-edge        technologies will support new mobile satellite ter-   look forward to successfully executing the criti-    ing will characterize the overall performance of
communications system module for the second            minals that are under development for the Joint       cal integration and test work ahead and achieving    the fully integrated MUOS spacecraft and estab-
satellite in the U.S. Navy’s Mobile User Objective     Tactical Radio System.                                mission success for our Navy customer.”              lish a performance baseline prior to entering the
System program.                                           The module also includes a legacy UHF pay-            Over the next few months, Lockheed Martin         environmental test phase, which includes acoustic
   Supporting ultra-high frequency satellite com-      load provided by Boeing Defense, Space and            will complete the final test verification phase on   and thermal vacuum testing.
munications, MUOS will provide assured com-            Security, El Segundo, Calif., that is compatible      the system module, integrate it with the space-         The first MUOS satellite, along with the associ-
munications, including simultaneous voice, video       with more than 10,000 deployed UHF SATCOM             craft propulsion core module and other space ve-     ated ground system provided by General Dynam-
and data, for mobile warfighters.                      terminals that will transition to MUOS as existing    hicle components, and begin environmental and        ics C4 Systems, Scottsdale, Ariz., iss scheduled
   Designed and built by Lockheed Martin in            UHF Follow-on satellites reach the end of their       acceptance testing of the fully integrated space     for on-orbit hand-over to the Navy in 2011.
Newtown, Penn., and delivered to the company’s         on-orbit life.                                        vehicle.                                                Lockheed Martin Space Systems, Sunnyvale,
facilities in Sunnyvale, Calif., the module features      “Delivery of this high-performance system             The first MUOS satellite has completed Passive    Calif., is the MUOS prime contractor and system
a wideband code division multiple access payload       module reflects the entire team’s commitment          Intermodulation testing and is currently undergo-    integrator. The Navy’s Program Executive Office
that incorporates advanced technology to provide       to successful program execution with a focus          ing electromagnetic interference/electromagnetic     for Space Systems, Chantilly, Va., and its Com-
a 10-fold increase over legacy UHF SATCOM in           on quality and timeliness,” said Mark Pasquale,       compatibility testing in support of the Spacecraft   munications Satellite Program Office, San Diego,
the number and capacity of satellite links. These      Lockheed Martin’s MUOS vice president. “We            Level Baseline Integrated System Test. BIST test-    Calif., are responsible for the MUOS program.

       NASA opens
                                                                   High school students in the United States are invited to participate    for unique grade-appropriate experiences during the summer of 2011
                                                                in NASA’s Interdisciplinary National Science Program Incorporating         at NASA facilities and participating universities. INSPIRE is designed
                                                                Research Experience, or INSPIRE, through the program’s online learn-       to encourage students in ninth through 12th grades to pursue careers

  applications for                                              ing community.
                                                                   Applications are being accepted from May 3 through June 30. NASA
                                                                will make selections for the program in September. Selectees and their
                                                                                                                                           in science, technology, engineering and math, or STEM. The summer
                                                                                                                                           experience provides students with a hands-on opportunity to investi-

    ‘inspired’ high
                                                                                                                                           gate education and careers in those disciplines.
                                                                parents will participate in an online learning community with opportu-
                                                                nities to interact with peers, NASA engineers and scientists. The online      INSPIRE is part of NASA’s education strategy to attract and retain
                                                                                                                                           students in the STEM disciplines critical to NASA’s missions. For in-

  school students
                                                                community also provides appropriate grade level educational activities,
                                                                discussion boards and chat rooms for participants to gain exposure to      formation about INSPIRE, visit www.nasa.gov/education/INSPIRE.
                                                                careers and opportunities available at NASA.                                  To apply for the program, visit https://inspire.okstate.edu/index.
                                                                   Students selected for the program will have the option to compete       cfm?liftoff=login.LoginForm.

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 16                                                                                                                                                                                          May 7, 2010
For more than 125 years, we’ve put ourselves in dire
situations because that’s where we’re needed. In the
  face of often impossible conditions we’ve pressed
  tirelessly on. We are the American Red Cross, an
 organization of volunteers who give our time, talent
and strength to relieve the suffering of our neighbors
          in over 70,000 disasters each year.

        Serve at our side. Contact your local
               American Red Cross.
Improving UAVs using holographic adaptive optics      tional, computer-based technology has been in use     said. “Such a system would be orders of mag-
by Maria Callier
                                                      for over two decades, but is not suitable to some     nitude faster than anything else available, while
Arlington, Va.
                                                      military applications, including UAVs because         being much more compact and lightweight.”
   Air Force Office of Scientific Research-sup-       of its required calculations and high computing          It is hoped that HALOS will become the stan-
ported holographic, adaptive, optics research may     costs.                                                dard in adaptive optics of the future. It may also
help transform software into computer-free, elec-        The new technology will be able to be incor-       create entirely new markets for sharper telescopes
tronics for unmanned aerial vehicles, high energy     porated on unmanned aerial vehicles because it is     and camera images that will be used for military
lasers and free-space optical communications that     very compact and lightweight.                         purposes.
will enable each to run faster and more efficiently      “We will see hugely improved images from              The Air Force Office of Scientific Research,
than before.                                          these new surveillance platforms that holographic     located in Arlington, Va., continues to expand the
   Dr. Geoff Andersen, senior researcher at the       adaptive optics will make possible,” said Ander-      horizon of scientific knowledge through its lead-
Laser and Optics Research Center at the United        sen.                                                  ership and management of the Air Force’s basic
States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, is         “The current system for UAV imagery, lasers        research program. As a vital component of the
leading a team of researchers who have success-       and optics is computer software driven, but the       Air Force Research Laboratory, AFOSR’s mission
fully demonstrated the latest new type of adaptive    next phase is to replace that with an electronics     is to discover, shape and champion basic science
optics, which incorporate holograms. The conven-      system called High Altitude Large Optics,” he         that profoundly impacts the future Air Force.

Treating battlefield injuries with light-activated technology
by Maria Callier                           sutures, staples and glues in repairing    duces better healing and functional        is formed between the tissue surfaces        us how to improve the efficiency and
Arlington, Va.                             skin wounds, reconnecting severed pe-      outcomes than the same wounds that         leading to reduced inflammation in the       effectiveness of the nanosuturing tech-
                                           ripheral nerves, blood vessels, tendons    were treated with conventional materi-     near term and better scar formation in       nology on the battlefield.”
   Airmen’s traumatic battlefield inju-    and incisions in the cornea.               als,” she said.                            the long term.”                                 The Air Force Office of Scientific
ries may be more effectively treated          Harvard Medical School professor           The process of creating the bonding        The researchers are planning to con-      Research, located in Arlington, Va.,
by using a new light-activated tech-       and Massachusetts General Hospital         or nanosutures is accomplished by ap-      tinue to evaluate the effectiveness of the   continues to expand the horizon of
nology developed as a result of re-        Wellman Center researcher, Dr. Irene       plying a dye to the wound or damaged       new technology and how it can be even
                                                                                                                                                                              scientific knowledge through its lead-
search managed by Air Force Office         Kochevar and her colleague at Well-        tissue and then exposing it briefly to     more effective in theater. Currently, they
                                                                                                                                                                              ership and management of the Air
of Scientific Research and supported       man, Associate Professor Robert Red-       green light. The dye absorbs the light     are seeking a shorter treatment time that
                                           mond are both pleased with the initial     and that helps it to molecularly bond      yields an even stronger bond.                Force’s basic research program. As a
by funds from the Office of the Secre-
tary of Defense.                           lab bench experiments that led to a        proteins on the tissue surface.               “We are approaching this challenge        vital component of the Air Force Re-
   This new treatment for war injuries     pilot clinical study.                         “No glues, proteins or other mate-      by identifying the basic molecular           search Laboratory, AFOSR’s mission
includes using a process or technology        “We have demonstrated that this         rials are used that might stimulate an     mechanisms responsible for light-ac-         is to discover, shape, and champion
called Photochemical Tissue Bond-          technology is very helpful in medi-        inflammatory response,” said Koche-        tivated crosslinking,” she said. “We         basic science that profoundly impacts
ing, which can replace conventional        cine for the Air Force because it pro-     var. “An immediate, water-tight seal       believe that this information will show      the future Air Force.

 Students apply science, NASA sensor technology
 imagination in NASA tilt-  helps recreational
   rotor design contest    boaters make waves
   Some helicopters of the future will look very      ing Aircraft.” This is the third year in a row that
different from today’s, at least as imagined by       San Miguel has placed in a NASA aeronautics                As summer approaches, NASA-developed              pieces of conducting material located in the
high school students for a NASA aeronautics           student contest and the second time he has won          wireless sensor technology is giving recre-          fuel, connected to an inductor on the outside
competition.                                          first prize.                                            ational boat owners safer and more accurate          of the tank.
   NASA challenged students to write a paper             The second and third place U.S. teams were           readings of how much fuel is in their tanks.            A unique safety feature of the system al-
about a civilian aircraft that could hover, res-      from Linwood Holton Governor’s School in                   The NASA-developed magnetic measuring             lows the sensors to be completely enclosed,
cue up to 50 survivors of a disaster, land on         Abingdon, Va. The second place individual               system also has potential use in planes, trains      so the fuel level can be measured without
ground or water, travel at least 920 miles and        award went to a junior at Bishop Hendricken             and automobiles.                                     contact with any electrical components. This
cruise at speeds up to 345 mph. If that wasn’t        High School in North Kingstown, R.I. Sharing               Senior scientist Stan Woodard of NASA’s           eliminates the potential for fires as a result
enough of a challenge, the amphibious tilt-rotor      third place for individual entries were a sopho-        Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va.,             of combustible fuel vapors being ignited by
vehicle had to be able to fight fires by siphoning    more from Young Academy in Sidney, Neb.,                and Bryant Taylor, an ATK Space Division             arcing from damaged or exposed electrical
water into an internal tank, and dump it while        and a sophomore from Virginia’s Linwood                 electronics technician at Langley, created a         wires or panels. This design feature also al-
airborne.                                             Holton Governor’s School.                               wireless fluid-level measurement system. It          lows the system to be used with fluids like
   The winners were announced April 27. For              A trio of juniors from Chung International           eliminates the need for any electrical com-          acids or other harsh chemicals.
a complete list and links to their rotorcraft de-     Secondary School in Hong Kong took top inter-           ponent or circuit to be in contact with com-
signs, visit http://www.aeronautics.nasa.gov/                                                                                                                         Another important aspect of the wireless
                                                      national honors. Two groups of students from            bustible fuel or fuel vapors. The wireless           fuel-level sensor system is the design can be
competition_winners2010_hs.htm.                                                                               measurement system is simple to use and
                                                      Tudor Vianu National High School of Comput-                                                                  modified to detect water — a major concern
   The competition was sponsored by the Sub-                                                                  install. It is already in use by commercial
                                                      er Science in Bucharest, Romania, earned the                                                                 for recreational boaters. It also can be modi-
sonic Rotary Wing Project in the Fundamental                                                                  and recreational boaters.
                                                      second and third place awards for international                                                              fied to detect other non-fuel liquid contami-
Aeronautics Program of NASA’s Aeronautics                                                                        “This fundamental technology could be
                                                      teams. A senior from Anderson Junior College                                                                 nants in a tank. While this particular system
Research Mission Directorate in Washington.                                                                   used to design an unlimited number of sen-
                                                      in Singapore, earned the top score for individu-                                                             is for a marine application, it easily could be
More than 100 teens entered the contest in                                                                    sors for a variety of measurements,” Wood-
                                                      als in the international category with a design                                                              modified for other uses.
teams or as individuals. They represented the                                                                 ard said. “Just think about anything that you
United States, China, India, Pakistan, Romania,       titled “Salvager-7 Pelican.” And a freshman                                                                     NASA approved a partially-exclusive li-
                                                      from Hilton Head Island High School in Hil-             would want to measure. Don’t be surprised
Singapore and Turkey.                                                                                         when you see this technology commercially            cense agreement for wireless sensor technol-
   Susan Gorton, principal investigator for the       ton Head, S.C., submitted the top scoring U.S.                                                               ogies between the agency and Caplan Taylor
                                                      individual entry titled “An Angel in the Sky.”          available in your home or cars.”
Subsonic Rotary Wing Project, led the review                                                                     Originally developed by NASA to retro-            Enterprises LLC, doing business as Tidewa-
panel. She said reading the high school papers           NASA hopes to interest students in pursu-                                                                 ter Sensors. Located in Newport News, Va.,
                                                      ing careers in aeronautics and engineering by           fit aging aircraft with safety equipment, the
showed her how students perceive the future of                                                                technology is a spinoff for designing and            Tidewater Sensors markets and sells the units
aviation and NASA’s leadership role.                  sponsoring design contests. U.S. winners re-                                                                 internationally.
                                                                                                              using sensors without the shortcomings of
   “They think anything can be done, and that’s       ceive cash awards from Christopher Newport                                                                      NASA’s Innovative Partnerships Program
                                                                                                              many commonly-used liquid storage mea-
refreshing,” she said.                                University, in Newport News, Va., through a                                                                  supports the agency’s technology transfer ef-
                                                                                                              surement systems.
   The most striking design looks like a flying       NASA education grant and cooperative agree-                                                                  forts. The program promotes the acquisition,
                                                                                                                 Traditional marine fuel-gauge float sys-
wing with rotor assemblies on top of the nose         ment. International winners receive a trophy                                                                 maturation, infusion of commercial technol-
                                                                                                              tems can provide inaccurate readings because
and between two tail fins. This top-scoring team      and certificate of achievement. All student par-                                                             ogy and capabilities into NASA’s programs
                                                                                                              of a boat’s movement. A vessel’s pitch and
entry came from two high school seniors at Nor-       ticipants receive a certificate of participation                                                             through investments and partnerships with
                                                                                                              roll in open waters can create a “seesaw” ef-
folk Technical Center in Norfolk, Va. Seniors         and a letter from NASA commending them for                                                                   industry, academia, government agencies
                                                                                                              fect on fuel gauges. This new wireless fluid-
Edric San Miguel and Vito Morlino offered a           their work and encouraging them to continue             level measurement system has two stationary          and national laboratories.
design called the “Versatile Emergency Land-          their study of math, science and engineering.

 18                                                                                                                                                                                           May 7, 2010
Time to impose serious sanctions on Iran                                          - including suppliers, insurers, banks, shippers, investors, even those who
by Clifford D. May
Scripps Howard News Service                                                       supply technology and information.                                                               How to contact
                                                                                     But, again, both the 1996 sanctions act and the pending bill, as currently             Aerotech News and Review
   There is no greater threat to national and international security than the     written, contain a huge loophole. While the House and Senate bills target              • Mail: 456 E. Ave. K-4,
possibility that Iran’s current rulers — militant Islamists, terrorist masters    the entire supply chain for gasoline, and ISA prohibits direct investment                Suite 8, Lancaster CA 93535
and sworn enemies of both the Great Satan and the Little Satan — may              in Iranian natural gas and oil projects, neither addresses the supply of               • E-Mail: editor@aerotechnews.com
acquire nuclear weapons.                                                          critical goods, technology, services and specialized energy information                • Phone: (661) 945-5634
   Recently, a memo by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates (leaked to The           for the oil and natural gas sectors. Without that, sanctions will not be               • Fax: (661) 723-7757
New York Times) advised the president that the development of a strategy          truly crippling.
to confront this threat is long overdue.                                             Also of concern: As pressure on its gasoline trade has increased, the                          Advertising
   President Barack Obama hoped confrontation could be avoided. He came           Islamic Republic has responded with countermeasures intended to provide                Corporate Headquarters:
into office eager to engage the Islamic Republic, to strike a “grand bargain”     energy independence. This effort reportedly includes a range of projects                     (661) 945-5634
that would give Iran’s theocrats respect and just about anything else they        — from the conversion of existing vehicles to run on natural gas to a                  Arizona Headquarters:
wanted in exchange for their agreement not to develop and wield nukes.            sweeping mandate for new Iranian cars to be “flexible fueled,” that is, able                 (623) 487-7321
More than a year later, this approach has yielded nothing. Iran’s rulers          to run on a variety of gasoline/alcohol fuel mixtures.                                 Southern Arizona:
don’t even want to negotiate.                                                        The good news is that Iran has not yet progressed very far along this                     (520) 452-1500
   So a strong bipartisan majority in Congress is pointing Obama in a             path, thanks to government mismanagement and lack of foreign assistance.
different direction: Both the House and the Senate have passed bills that         With the amendment recommended above, the bill would put a large ob-                           Subscriber Services
would cut off most of the gasoline Iran now imports — and needs — to              stacle in the way of Iran obtaining that assistance.                                   Subscriptions to Aerotech News and
keep its sputtering economy from grinding to a halt. A bicameral confer-             More than a few members of Congress now seem to be serious about                 Review are $49 for six months or $78
ence committee is working on a final product — the Iran Refined Petroleum         sanctions. At last week’s conference committee meeting, House Foreign               for one year. On-line subscriptions are
Sanctions Act — soon to be sent to the president to sign into law.                Affairs Committee Chairman Howard Berman, D-Calif., called on law-                  also available. For information, contact
   For that bill to be as tough as it can and should be, however, one ad-         makers to strengthen the bill “to plug that gap in our anticipated sanctions        the subscription department at:
ditional arrow needs to be put in the quiver: an amendment that would             regime.” His colleague, Rep. Brad Sherman, D-Calif., emphasized that                   456 E. Ave. K-4, #8, Lancaster CA
prohibit corporations not only from selling shiploads of gasoline to Iran         sales of goods, services and technology to Iran “are just as damaging to            93535
but also from selling any goods, services, technology and information             our interests as capital investment.”
that would assist the regime’s development and maintenance of its oil and            Could crippling sanctions and their impact on an already ailing Iranian                Story ideas, letters, editorials
natural gas infrastructures.                                                      economy change the behavior of the Iranian regime - or cause a change of               Please address all letters and editori-
   Tehran needs to import, by some estimates, as much as 40 percent of its        regime? There’s only one way to find out. Along with support for Iran’s             als to Stuart A. Ibberson, editor, 456 E.
gasoline from foreign companies — its “Achilles’ heel.” Why does one of           dissident Green Movement, this is the last, best chance to peacefully stop          Ave. K-4, Suite 8, Lancaster CA 93535
the world’s leading exporters of oil need foreign gasoline at all? In large       Iran’s jihadis from achieving the lethal capabilities they need to match the
part, because it has focused on building nuclear facilities rather than on        hostile intentions they have long harbored.                                                          Web Site
oil refineries.                                                                                                                                                          Access the Aerotech News web site at
   The bill in Congress will extend and expand the 1996 Iran and Libya              Editor’s note: May is president of the Foundation for the Defense of De-          www.aerotechnews.com
Sanctions Act to give the president the means to sanction foreign com-            mocracies, a policy institute focusing on terrorism. E-mail him at cliff@              Submissions for upcoming events,
panies involved in almost any aspect of Iran’s refined petroleum trade            defenddemocracy.org.                                                                air shows and museums should be ad-
                                                                                                                                                                      dressed to Web Updates, 456 E. Ave.
                                                                                                                                                                      K-4, Suite 8, Lancaster CA 93535
                                               Stay up to date - subscribe today!                                                                                        For questions concerning the web
                                                                                                                                                                      site, contact the webmaster at editor@

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(Negotiable). Call Kristen 661-           Call 877-247-9288                                                  8413 Quezon, 3/2 – $750/mo
609-2401                                   to Place your Ad.                                                21620 Garibaldi 3/2 – $795/mo
Manufactured Home Built                Aerotech News & Review
in 2007! Lease $1200/mo.
                                                                                                              20101 84th st., 3/2 $800/mo
2026sqft, w/Panoramic Views.                                                                              21018 85th street, 3/2 – $1000/mo
2.5 Acres. 3-4bdrm/2.5 Bath.
                                                                                                           8248 Vibrunum, 3/2 – $1200/mo
15465 E Ave G. Close to Edwards
AFB. Email: vendler@sbcglobal.           PLEASE REMEMBER                                                   To see our other homes or apartments
net If Interested.                       DEADLINE FOR ALL                                                  visit www.ClearViewRE.com
   YELLOW TO GET MORE                     FOR THAT WEEK’S
      ATTENTION! CALL                         EDITION!
  877-247-9288 TO PLACE
  Aerotech News & Review                   Misc. For Sale

California City 3bdrm/2 Bath,
2-Car Garage, Newer Home.           Ladies 3-Wheel 26” Bicycle.
Immaculate Condition. All Appli-    Brand New w/Basket. Rode 1
ances Including W/D. Excellent      Time. $300 Firm. Call Homer F.
Neighborhood. $1200/mo Call         Nipper. 661-256-3497                   New for Classified ads
661-794-8356                                                                                                         Homes for Rent
                                      Join the thousands of women
1bdrm/1 Bath, 1000sqft, Private        who are enjoying the exciting      You can now get your               Beautiful and Spacious 2
Home in Cul-de-sac. $1000/mo         benefits of eyelash extensions.        Paid Classified Ads
                                                                                                             Master Bedrooms/2.5 Baths/2
+ $1000 Sec. Dep. Utilities
                                      They give you a natural look of
Included. Direct TV/Internet.        fuller, darker eyelashes without
                                                                           highlighted in                    Car Garage. 1332 sq. ft. in
                                                                                                             Gate Community. Appliances
Private W/D. Furnished. New         the use of mascara. In addition            Yellow!                       included. Fenced Yard,
Carpet, Graite Coutertops. Quiet                                                                             Community Pool. $995/mo.
                                       to making you more naturally
Neighborhood. No Pets. 805-                                                     Homes for Rent
                                       beautiful, the extensions are
791-8737                                                                      Apartments for Rent
                                      weightless, smudge proof and        Employment Opportunities
                                                                                                          For information, call Judy
    Apartments For Rent
                                          come in various lengths
                                        according to your individual
                                                                           Cars & Trucks • Yard Sales            toll free
                                                                            Furniture & Appliances
                                                preference.               Services • and many more…            877-247-9288
                                             Please call Natalie
        California City
     Apartment For Rent!                    at 661-208-0337 or
                                    email: nmendes83@yahoo.com
 Large 2bdrm/1.5 Bath, Super
                                           25% Military Discount
                                                                                                                                                   • Suites                   44131 Sierra Highway
Clean, Natural Gas, Central Air/
Heat. WD Hooks-ups, $700/mo                                                  Home Prices at All Time low!!                                         • Rooms
                                                                                                                                                                              Lancaster, CA 93534
+ Sec. Call Erika 310-936-2236                 Services                          “It’s a buyer’s market”                                           • Rec. Room
                                                                                For all your real estate needs                                     • Fitness Room             (661) 945-8771
WANTED: Quiet, 1 Bedroom
                                                                                                                                                   • Pool & Spa               For Reservations
Apartment 3 Nights a Week for        GIRL THURSDAY CLEANING               Call Steve Rice 661-305-0561                                             • Continental
Older, Professional Male on 1
Year Assignment at AFRL. . Bo-
                                     We clean your home or office
                                                                                                   43912 20th St. West
                                                                                                                                                     Breakfast                Call (800) 406-0466
ron, N. Edwards or Cal City. Call                                                                  Lancaster, CA 93536
                                     like it was our own! Homes,                                   srice@as.net
Angelo 805-496-5905                 offices, move-ins, move-outs.               HArtWIg
                                                                                                                                                    Located in the heart of the high desert, The Inn    Military &
   FILL YOUR VACANCIES!             We do it all! Reasonable rates,      DRE #972858       www.steverice.us                                         of Lancaster is your “Home Away From Home.”        DoD Discounts
                                                                                                                                                                                                       DoD Discounts
   REACH THOUSANDS OF               Senior and Military Discounts.
 READERS! HIGHLIGHT YOUR            Call For FREE estimates 661-
   AD IN YELLOW TO GET                         435-9866
  877-247-9288 TO PLACE             Cruise Boxes Self Propeled Lawn
      YOUR AD TODAY!                Mower. Call 805-482-4497
  Aerotech News & Review
                                    Do You Have an Event Coming
                                      Up and You Don’t Have Any
                                      Promotional Items to Give
                                      to Potential Clients? Don’t
                                    Worry I am Here to Help. Call                                                                                  From the moment you arrive, your stay will be a comfortable one.
                                      or Email Me What You Are                                                                                     Our spacious rooms have queen size beds, microwaves,
                                     Looking For and Let Me Find                                                                                    refrigerators, coffee pots, radio alarm clocks, VCRs,
                                    You The Best Deals Out There.                                                                                     cable TVs with HBO & Wi-Fi Wireless Internet.
                                            Contact Me at
                                      661-435-9866 or Larena@
 22                                                                            Aerotech News and Review                                                                                                May 7, 2010
               no bull SaleS & Service Since 1960
                Shop 24/7 • www.kiefeandSonS.com

              0          %             aPr for up to 60 mos. on selected models
                                       (on approved credit by lender)

                                       rebates as high as                             $
                                                                                     on selected models
       ForD now has Better quality than any auto manuFacturer.
            come in today and See for yourSelf!
Try a new Super Fuel Efficient The Super Hot
2010 focuS                                                            all new tauruS Sho
                                                                                             Ford has the #1 selling vehicle
                                                                                               in the country for 33 years

Want a Hybrid? We have them…

                                                                                       the ford f SerieS truck
        fuSion                                      eScape
                                 teSt drive one and you’ll See why
                                We’re                                and We’re Proud of it
mojave                                                                                                              roSamond
824-2477                                                                                                              256-2811
from tehachapi                                                                                                  from calf. city
822-ford                                                                                                             373-ford
 0.0% APR financing on selected new 2010 Ford vehicles is for 60 monthly payments of $16.67 per $1000.00 borrowed. Some customers may not qualify.
   All prices plus government fees and taxes, any finance charges, dealer document prep charges and any emission testing charges. Good thru 5-31-10
                                                   6.5” IN-DASH           CARRY OUT
                                                      TV/DVD                 OK!
                                                                              SAVE $500

  PROTECT YOUR CAR!                                1000 WATT AMP & (2) 12” SUBWOOFERS
                 249                  $
                                       149                                     529
             SAVE $180
                                          89  EA
                                      SAVE $60      TWEETERS



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