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									                                               Champagne Gala 2007   1

Champagne Gala
In celebration of the American Institute of
Wine & Food’s 26th Anniversary!

A Dinner To Benefit Days Of Taste®
and AIWF/NY Scholarships and
Scholars Internship Program

André and Simone Soltner Food Education Scholarship
Ray Wellington Wine Education Scholarship
Michael Jackson Beer Education Scholarship
Scholars Internship Program
The French Culinary Institute Scholarship
Institute of Culinary Education Scholarship

Master of Ceremonies / Auctioneer
Russell E. Burke

Tuesday, June 12, 2007
The Pierre
New York City
2   American Institute of Wine & Food                                                                                                      Champagne Gala 2007   3

    Welcome to the
    AIWF Champagne Gala!
    In reflecting on the history and accomplishment of the New York Chapter        The committees establish a way for AIWF members to directly influence
    of the American Institute of Wine & Food, I am struck by the dedication        and shape the organization in four defined categories. The first committee
    and commitment of the Board of Directors and the members throughout            is the Board Development and Governance. This committee will develop
    the years. Five years ago I was asked to join the board; which presented       and execute the procedures and the protocol for board development and
    me with the opportunity to assist with the advancement of our mission of       governance. The next committee focuses on Programs and Events. This
    education. As my goal has been to extend this opportunity of involvement       committee will plan and execute all programs and events which further the
    to the members of the AIWF. I believe that moving forward, the sustain-        mission of AIWF-NY and assist with the fund-raising goals for the chapter.
    ability of this wonderful organization depends on the board working more       The third committee, Fundraising, develops and executes a fundraising
    closely with our membership to establish the programs and to support the       program to raise and administer funds for our programs within the mis-
    industry in ways that are meaningful and understood by all.                    sion and goals through sponsorship, scholarship, and auctions. The final
                                                                                   committee is Communications and Public Relations. This committee will
    This year will be an exciting time for us here in New York City as we look
                                                                                   support and promote the mission and programs through newsletters, press
    to grow membership and strengthen our stellar programs and events like
                                                                                   releases, invitations and promotional materials. Again, we encourage you
    Days of Taste, the Professional Series and Behind the Scenes. We have a
                                                                                   to become a member of one of these committees to pave the way of the
    very ambitious plan to grow the chapter by 30% and continue to refine the
                                                                                   future of our AIWF New York Chapter.
    programming to bring you the high-quality programs and industry insider
    events that you love. To achieve this goal, earlier this year we developed a   We are delighted to share this evening with you all in support of the
    new initiative to establish and foster member participation in the organiza-   meaningful AIWF programs and scholarships and to share in the future
    tion through the creation of four working chapter committees.                  growth of the AIWF New York Chapter. We invite you to raise your glass
                                                                                   in a toast celebration.

                                                                                   Sincerely yours,

                                                                                   Scott Hunt
                                                                                   AIWF New York Chapter Chair
4   American Institute of Wine & Food                                                                                           Champagne Gala 2007   5

    Champagne Reception -                                          Champagne Gala Dinner
    Hors d’Oeuvres
                                                                   Jean-François Bruel, Daniel

    The Pierre                                                     Ballotine of Liberty Farms Duck with Fresh Almonds,
                                                                   Foie Gras & Salad Burnett
    Smoked Salmon Canapé with Dill Crème Fraiche
                                                                   Champagne Taittinger Comtes de Champagne Rose 2000
    Caviar on Blini
    Seared Tuna on Potato Bread with Lemon and Wasabi Mayonnaise
                                                                   Matthew Hoyle, Nobu 57
    Roulade of Beef with Asparagus
                                                                   Chilean Sea Bass Marinated in Sake Lees
    Miniature Maryland Crab Cakes with Remoulade
                                                                   Champagne Taittinger Comtes de Champagne Blanc de Blancs 1998
    Roasted Baby Lamb Chop with Fresh Rosemary
    Chicken Satay with Spicy Peanut Sauce
                                                                   Floyd Cardoz, Tabla
    Parmesan Crusted Artichoke Hearts with Goat Cheese
    Blue Cheese with Pear                                          Spice Crusted Beef Striploin and Pulled Braised Shortribs,
                                                                   Greenmarket Vegetables
    Miniature Lobster Roll
                                                                   Agricola Punica Barrua, Isola dei Nuraghi, Sardinia 2003
    Champagne Taittinger Prélude Grands Crus NV

                                                                   Selection of Artisanal Cheese
                                                                   Brovetto Dairy and Cheese House – Cave Aged Tilsit
                                                                   Catapano Dairy - Fresh Chevre
                                                                   Nettle Meadow Farm - Kunik
                                                                   Bobolink - Baudolino
                                                                   Delaforce Colheita Porto 1986

                                                                   Nicole Kaplan, Del Posto
                                                                   Chocolate Caramel Tart with Caramel Popcorn,
                                                                   Peanut Butter Powder & Roasted Banana Ice Cream
                                                                   Champagne Taittinger Nocturne, Sec NV

                                                                   Dallis Coffee
                                                                   Dallis Coffee Fair Trade Organic Certified Signature Dark Roast Blend
6   American Institute of Wine & Food                                                                                                         Champagne Gala 2007   7

    Auctioneer                                                                      Chefs

    Russell E. Burke                                                                Jean-François Bruel
    After completing his studies at the University of Maryland, Russell E. Burke    Executive Chef, Daniel
    began his career working at The National Museum of American Art, the
    Smithsonian Institution, and the McKeldin Library. As an auctioneer,            Raised on a farm in a small village outside of Lyon, trained under French
    Mr. Burke began in Washington, DC after purchasing C. G. Sloan’s and            Master Chefs including Georges Blanc, Paul Haeberlin and Michel
    Co. in 1973.                                                                    Guérard, named Chef at a noteworthy New York restaurant at age 28.
    In 1981, he came to New York to be President of Phillips Son and Neale,         If this sounds uncannily similar to the life of Chef Daniel Boulud the coin-
    the third largest auction gallery in the world. This was followed by            cidence is greater than you think. This cook’s journey is that of Jean-
    positions at the Kennedy Galleries and Altman/Burke Fine Art Inc.               Francois Bruel, a Daniel Boulud protégé named Chef de Cuisine at
    He is currently a private dealer and in 2005 established Ninigret Trading       Daniel in December 2003. Like his mentor, Jean-François has a talent for
    Corporation, an art investment and appraisal company. His advice and            combining the best of French and American cooking. He fuses the palate
    opinions have been utilized by many of America’s leading collectors and         and traditional techniques he learned in France with the best of American
    institutions; a partial list of his museum clients includes Metropolitan        ingredients and the open-minded approach and spectrum of tastes he has
    Museum of Art, Corcoran Gallery of Art, National Portrait Gallery and           been cooking for in New York since 1996.
    The White House. He is currently compiling a multivolume work:                  The Bruel family farm where Jean-François grew up was in the village of
    Dictionary of American Still-Life Painters, to be published by the non-profit   St. Héand, near St Etienne, heart of the Rhône Alps and neighbor of the
    Institute for Fine Arts Research.                                               great culinary capital of Lyon. The food on the table was harvested from
    Since becoming a “private dealer’” in fine paintings he is often called upon    the kitchen garden along with the rustic cow and goat’s milk cheese his
    to perform as an eleemosynary auctioneer. In the last few years he has          mother made from the family dairy to the rabbits, chickens, pigs and goats
    taken the gavel for The Explorer’s Club, Ducks Unlimited, Hospice of the        she raised for family meals. The young chef’s natural talent for cooking
    North Shore. Commercially, he will on occasion be a guest auctioneer in         and respect for food began with preparing what was grown and tended
    various galleries throughout the county.                                        in his own backyard. His first steps in the kitchen were the simple sweets
                                                                                    such as clafoutis and sablés he made as a child.

                                                                                    Jean-François’ earliest professional role model was Marc Lassablière,
                                                                                    chef at a local restaurant where he worked after school and on weekends
                                                                                    from the age of fourteen. He fondly remembers the venison civet served
                                                                                    in winter and the perfectly crisp frog’s legs persillade on the menu each
                                                                                    spring. Yet Chef Lassablière’s most valuable lessons were the efficiency,
                                                                                    speed and work ethic required to run a kitchen smoothly, and which
                                                                                    motivated Jean-François to go on to cooking school.

                                                                                    Other significant mentors included Chef André Barcet under whom Jean-
                                                                                    François completed his first apprenticeship in St Etienne, and later Paul
                                                                                    and Marc Haeberlin in Illhaeusern where the young cook was inspired as
                                                                                    much by the renowned three Michelin starred restaurant’s refined cooking
8   American Institute of Wine & Food                                                                                                           Champagne Gala 2007   9

    as by the local Alsatian foods and wines. A later stint in the kitchen of         To broaden his familiarity with classic culinary technique, Floyd moved
    culinary legend, Michel Guérard, imbued Jean-Francois with an instinct            to Switzerland. His days were spent at Les Roches, a Hotel Management
    to lighten dishes, substituting flavor for richness, in the spirit of Guérard’s   and Culinary School in Bluche where he received his diploma in Hotel
    “minceur” style.                                                                  Restaurant Management and Administration. His evenings were con-
                                                                                      tinuously filled with cooking engagements in Italian, French and Indian
    Jean-François joined Daniel Boulud in New York in 1996 spending his first
    two years here as a “chef de partie” (line cook) at Daniel. Beginning in the
    fall of 1998 he spent over three years as first Sous Chef at Café Boulud,         Ironically, it was his European training that instilled in Floyd a desire to
    Daniel Boulud’s three star French-American restaurant on the Upper East           begin experimenting with traditional Indian cuisines. The young visionary
    Side. In Jean-François’ own words, these years spent alongside one of the         wanted to take European and American foods to new heights by enhancing
    city’s most exacting chefs taught him to think more “à l’amércaine” while         these popular cuisines with Indian spices. Floyd returned to India, excited
    still preserving his French roots. Bruel was named chef at DB Bistro              to unfold his plans, but found Indian restaurants resistant to many
    Moderne, opened by Boulud in Midtown Manhattan in June 2001. Equal                forward-thinking ideas. So Floyd moved to New York, where adventures
    parts daring New Yorker and Rhône Valley culinary whiz-kid, not to                in gastronomic matters were more celebrated.
    mention, winner of The James Beard Foundation’s award for Rising Star
                                                                                      After cooking for three years in America’s food hub, Floyd met a chef who
    Chef of 2002, Jean-François clearly has the pedigree of a young man well
                                                                                      shared his passion for infusing top-notch ingredients with exotic flavors.
    placed at the helm of the kitchen at Daniel.
                                                                                      Gray Kunz, chef of New York’s venerable Lespinasse and the man Floyd
                                                                                      credits as his mentor, welcomed the newcomer’s ideas. Kunz embraced the
                                                                                      use of Indian spices in his own kitchen, where he had already pioneered a
    Floyd Cardoz                                                                      taste for Asian-influenced French foods. Floyd rose from Chef de Partie to
                                                                                      Executive Sous Chef during his five years at the world-famous restaurant.
    Executive Chef, Tabla                                                             “When I arrived at Lespinasse, there were only four Indian spices in the
                                                                                      cabinet,” he recalls. “When I left, we had incorporated over twenty-five.”

    Floyd Cardoz is the Executive Chef of Tabla, a groundbreaking restaurant          As Floyd explains, mastering Indian flavors is no small feat. There are
    serving New Indian cuisine cooked with the sensual flavors and spices of          literally hundreds of derivatives of Indian cuisine, due to the many states,
    his native land. Floyd opened Tabla in 1998 with famed restaurateur               religions and cultures that make up the Indian sub-continent. At Tabla,
    Danny Meyer and Chef Michael Romano of Union Square Cafe. For years               Floyd has the opportunity to cook the many cuisines found in the various
    the Bombay native had searched for an original way to showcase the                regions throughout India.
    aromatic flavors of his homeland. Now, at the helm of Tabla, Floyd seasons        With Floyd at the helm, Tabla has received many accolades from the media
    Western cuisine with Indian spices and soul in the restaurant’s main dining       including The New York Times – Three stars, Bon Appetit “Our Favorite
    room, and also cooks home-style Indian fare in the restaurant’s Bread Bar.        Places: Asian,” Gourmet – “Personal Favorite” and Reader’s Choice,
    Floyd’s preparation for Tabla has been extensive and intense. His determi-        Best Newcomer (NY), Time Out New York – Best Indian (1999-2002),
    nation to become an accomplished chef is perhaps best exemplified by the          Forbes Magazine (Three stars), and New York Daily News – Four stars.
    1984 summer internship he did during culinary school in Bombay.                   In addition, Bon Appetit named Floyd as one of “The Innovators” in its
    The moment he entered the kitchen of the Taj Mahal Intercontinental               2003 Annual Restaurant Edition.
    Hotel, he was handed a 100 kilo bag of onions to peel. Despite the daunting
    introduction to food service, Floyd remained a loyal apprentice to the            Floyd uses much of his free time exploring new dishes from his native
    famed hotel throughout school. Working six days a week from 8 a.m.-               country. But when he’s not experimenting, he can be found spending time
    11 p.m. (at 150 rupees, or $3.00, a month), Floyd became adept in all             with his wife, Barkha, and two sons, Peter and Justin.
    areas of the kitchen.
10   American Institute of Wine & Food                                                                                                           Champagne Gala 2007   11

     Matthew Hoyle                                                                    Never one to be complacent, Nicole began working at Osteria del Circo
                                                                                      the day after graduation and quickly worked her way up from pastry
                                                                                      assistant to sous chef. She had the opportunity to develop her pastry skills
     Executive Chef, Nobu 57                                                          by studying with such masters as Patrice Caillot, Pascal Janvier, Frederic
                                                                                      Robert and Pierre Hermé. In addition, Nicole served as Pastry Chef at
                                                                                      Eleven Madison Park, where she developed a signature dessert menu for
     Matt Hoyle, Nobu Fifty Seven Executive Chef, was born in Lancashire,
                                                                                      the restaurant, collaborating closely with Executive Chef Daniel Humm to
     Northern England in 1972. After graduating from Newcastle College,
                                                                                      translate the award-winning French-influenced New American cuisine into
     he spent formative years training in modern British restaurants such as
                                                                                      edible masterpieces.
     21 Queen Street, before moving to Nobu London in late 1998.
                                                                                      Nicole has served as a consultant to Shake Shack and Hudson Yards
     Matt was Head Chef in Matsuhisa Mykonos, Greece, and Nobu at the
                                                                                      Catering where she assisted in developing menus, kitchen design, as well as
     Badrutt’s Palace promotion in St. Moritz, Switzerland, before coming to
                                                                                      conducting staff training to ensure the success of these fledgling businesses.
     New York in spring 2005 to open Nobu Fifty Seven.
                                                                                      Nicole’s desserts have received numerous accolades and awards. She was
                                                                                      included in New York Magazine’s Top 10 Rising Star Pastry Chefs in 2003
     Nicole Kaplan                                                                    and was also named one of the Top 10 Pastry Chefs in the U.S. by Pastry
                                                                                      Art and Design Magazine in both 2003 and 2006. Nicole has also been
                                                                                      featured in top culinary publications, including Food and Wine, Gourmet,
     Executive Pastry Chef, Del Posto                                                 Art Culinaire, and Chocolatier Magazine.

     Nicole Kaplan serves as Executive Pastry Chef of Del Posto where she
     oversees the restaurant’s exquisite dessert menu. Since joining the kitchen
     in January 2007, Nicole has used her innovative culinary vision and years
     of expertise to create dishes that provide a memorable dining experience.
     Menu highlights include the classic Tiramisu and the Crostata di Cioccolato
     enhanced with caramel and peanut popcorn and roasted banana gelato.

     As a young child in Spring Valley, New York, Nicole Kaplan dreamed
     of a career as a professional flute player. She followed her passion to
     Manhattan ten years ago, where she earned her undergraduate and graduate
     degrees in Music Performance from the Mannes College of Music and the
     Aaron Copland School of Music.

     Upon graduation, Nicole’s musical engagements took her all over the
     globe. Between performances, she spent her time researching and feasting
     in the great historic culinary centers of Europe such as Paris and Vienna.
     After several years of the jet-set lifestyle, Nicole decided to settle in
     New York. As if dozens of Carnegie Hall performances were not enough
     to keep her busy, Nicole enrolled in Peter Kump’s New York Cooking
     School where she graduated with a Blue Ribbon in 1997. In addition to her
     already demanding studies, she landed her first professional cook’s job as
     pastry assistant at Sign of the Dove and discovered her innate love of pastry.
12   American Institute of Wine & Food                                                                                                      Champagne Gala 2007   13

     Cheese Producers
     The Champagne Gala cheese plate is comprised                                  Nettle Meadow Farm
                                                                                   Warrensburg, NY
     of local New York and New Jersey cheeses
                                                                                   Owners: Lorraine Lambiase and Sheila Flanagan
                                                                                   Producing since: 1990
                                                                                   Product List: several varieties of soft goat cheeses including plain chevre,
     Brovetto Dairy and Cheese House                                               tellicherry pepper and lemon verbena chevre, chevre with mixed herbs,
     Jefferson, NY                                                                 olive oil and garlic chevre, and herb, pepper and garlic chevre as well as
     Owners: Ronald, Corinne, Russell Brovetto                                     fromage blanc and rosemary infused fromage blanc. Also well known for
     Cheese Maker: Ronald Brovetto                                                 our semi-aged cheeses, including triple cream Kunik made from goat milk
                                                                                   and jersey cow cream, and Crane Mountain made from 100% goat’s milk.
     Producing since: 2001
     Product List: Harpersfield Cheese: aged, semi-hard washed rind Tilsit style
     cheese, aged in a ‘cave’. Flavored cheeses as well as plain.                  Bobolink Dairy
                                                                                   Vernon, New Jersey
     Animals: 75 Holstein: 45 milking, 30 young stock
                                                                                   Bobolink LLC
     Other information: Brovetto Dairy produces Farmstead cheeses.
                                                                                   Owners: Nina and Jonathan White
                                                                                   Producing since: 2003
     Catapano Dairy
                                                                                   Bobolink is committed to producing 100% grass-fed raw milk cheeses.
     Mattituck, NY
                                                                                   Product List: Baudolino, Bobolink-Foret - ale-washed, Cave-ripened
     Owners: Karen & Michael Catapano
                                                                                   Cheddar, Drumm, Frolic, Jean-Louis
     Cheese Maker: Michael Catapano
     Producing since: Spring 2003
                                                                                   Megan Janover
     Product List: Farmstead Cheeses: Farm Fresh Chevre - a delicate, soft
                                                                                   Eleven Madison Park, Cheese Preparation
     creamy cheese Herbed Cherve Roll - Chevre rolled in herbs (several
     varieties) Feta Alfresco - a delicious semi-soft cheese (brick or cubes in    Megan Janover began her career in the hospitality industry in her
     brine) North Fork Rustic - a firm, gently aged cheese Summer Cloud -          hometown in central New Jersey. While earning her Bachelor’s Degree
     a delightful “pillow” of white mole-ripened cheese Peconic Mist -             from the Culinary Institute of America, she discovered a passion for cheese
     a blue mold-ripened cheese (available August 1st)                             which continued to develop as she ran the campus cheese society. Megan
                                                                                   continued to work in the kitchens of Union Square Cafe and Gramercy
                                                                                   Tavern before transitioning into her latest role as a server at Eleven
                                                                                   Madison Park, where she will soon be instrumental in the running of the
                                                                                   cheese program. Megan is a supporter of craft and artesian production
                                                                                   and slow food.
14   American Institute of Wine & Food                                                                                                        Champagne Gala 2007   15

     Gala Product Sponsors                                                        Floral Arrangement

     Berried Treasures Farm                                                       Eric Jackson Bradley

     Chefs line up at the Green Market at Union Square to see what’s in the       Eric Jackson Bradley is an artist working in several mediums. His floral
     back of the truck of Berried Treasures Farm, Roscoe, NY. Franca Tantillo,    work as been featured at the AGA store at Grange in special themed
     famous for her tri-star strawberries and raspberries, seduces chefs with     cooking events and in celebrations and food events surrounding the
     bronze fennel, anise hyssop, lemon verbena, spearmint, ramps, fingerling     theater and dance community. Working with natural materials is an
     potatoes, shell beans, heirloom tomatoes, and other specialty fruits         extension of Jackson Bradley’s many years working with the body as a
     and vegetables. For further information you are invited to visit             dancer, choreographer, teacher and costume designer. Eric’s email is                                       and he is always looking to collaborate to
                                                                                  help realize striking ideas and bring party fun into any space.
     Dallis Coffee
     Since 1913, Dallis Coffee has imported and roasted coffees of distinctive
                                                                                  Graphic Design
     character from all around the world. As a rule, we sell coffees we
     love and nothing else. For further information you are invited to visit
                                                                                  Robert Dweck Design, Inc.
                                                                                 “Noncooks think it’s silly to invest two hours’ work in two minutes’
     De Bragga & Spitler                                                          enjoyment; but if cooking is evanescent, well, so is the ballet.” – Julia Child

     DeBragga and Spitler, NY’s butcher, serving generations of legendary         Robert Dweck Design is pleased and honored to be working with the
     chefs since the 1930’s. We are proud to provide our finest dry-aged beef     American Institute of Wine & Food. For further information you are
     for tonight’s AIWF Gala. For further information you are invited to visit    invited to visit

     Fresh Direct
     Fresh Direct is a generous supporter of tonight’s Gala. For further
     information you are invited to visit

     Nestle Waters
     Nestle Waters has generously donated Acqua Panna & San Pellegrino
     for tonight’s Gala. For further information you are invited to visit

     Tom Cat Bakery
     Tom Cat bakery has generously donated bread for tonight’s Gala.
     For further information you are invited to visit
16   American Institute of Wine & Food                                                                                                        Champagne Gala 2007    17

     Champagnes and Wines                                                          Verzenay in the Montagne de Reims. The Taittinger estate is one of the
                                                                                   three most extensive in the Champagne district, and the firm’s major

     Champagne Taittinger                                                          holdings in Chardonnay vineyards are the physical expression of the Tait-
                                                                                   tinger philosophy and style.

     In 1914, Pierre Taittinger was a young cavalry officer serving in the First   Pierre Taittinger’s philosophy, while audacious for its time, proved him
     World War. He was assigned to the ranks of Général Castelnau, under           to be a visionary well ahead of his time. An accomplished and respected
     Maréchal Joffre, who had established his headquarters at the Château de       gastronome, he was among those who, during the inter- war years, foresaw
     la Marquetterie, two miles from Epernay near the Marne River. Captivated      changing public preferences in cuisine away from the complex and often
     by the lovely eighteenth century residence, the young Taittinger was          heavy traditional preparations which had long dominated the classic
     determined to purchase it should the opportunity arise, as it later would.    culinary arts. The evolution he set in motion centered on two concepts:
                                                                                   lightness and naturalness. These entirely compatible ideas proved, over
     The vineyards of the Château de la Marquetterie were already quite well       time, to be more in keeping than even at first foreseen with a healthful
     known prior to their ownership, beginning in 1326, by the Order of            lifestyle and an increasingly sophisticated public palate demanding the
     Saint-Pierre aux Monts, whose abbey was located a few miles up the            finest natural ingredients to be subtly complimented, rather than masked,
     Marne River at Chalons. The cultivation of these and other vineyards on       by their preparations. Pierre Taittinger recognized that the time had also
     the slopes of Pierry was the primary livelihood of the order, which built a   come for an evolution in the concept of Champagne.
     cuverie among the vines where Frère Jean Oudart would later conduct
     his experiments on the nature of sparkling wines. The vineyards of            Pierre Taittinger infused his winemaking with the same philosophy that
     La Marquetterie, planted in the traditional white and black grapes of         had inspired his gastronomy. He set the standard for lightness and delicacy
     Champagne, are named for their resemblance at harvest to the checker-         that was to become the hallmark of the Taittinger style. With his legendary
     board-like squares of light and dark wood referred to as “marquetry”          master blender, Roger Lénique, he set most exacting criteria for the quality
     in the cabinet-maker’s art. When the old cuverie fell to ruins in 1750, the   of Taittinger’s wines. He used only fine, old champagnes in the dosage
     present Louis XV château was constructed on its site, and took the name       rather than brandies or fortified wines. He further proscribed production
     of La Marquetterie, after its vineyards.                                      exclusively to fully dry, brut champagnes requiring flawless wines of the
                                                                                   highest quality obtained solely from the juice from the delicate first pressing
     Around 1770, the Château de la Marquetterie was purchased by a                of the fruit. He ultimately attained the epitome of delicacy and elegance he
     Mr. Cazotte, Mayor of Pierry, whose dinner gatherings were frequented         desired in his cuvées through the proportionately higher use of the
     by the prominent literati and politically influential figures of the day.     Chardonnay variety, the most costly of the champenois grapes. The most
     The French Revolution brought a violent end to his ownership: Cazotte         perfect expression of the Taittinger style was embodied in the creation
     was guillotined in 1793 and La Marquetterie seized by the state.              of Taittinger Comtes de Champagne Blanc de Blancs, a “tête de cuvée,”
     In 1932, Pierre Taittinger kept his promise to purchase the Château de la     prestige quality champagne made entirely from the Chardonnay grape.
     Marquetterie and its vineyards. The previous year, in 1931, he had
     acquired the venerable champagne firm of Forest- Fourneaux, founded
                                                                                   Champagne Taittinger Prélude Grands Crus NV
     in 1734 and the third oldest champagne house in existence at the time.
     He began to restructure the firm and to expand its vineyard holdings in       Taittinger Prélude is produced exclusively from grands crus vineyards,
     some of the finest producing areas of Champagne. Champagne Taittinger         with half the blend composed of Chardonnay from Avize and Le Mesnil
     is today proprietor of approximately 600 acres of vines among which           sur Oger in the Côte des Blancs; and half of Pinot Noir from Bouzy and
     are included parcels in the one hundred percent-rated villages of Cramant     Ambonnay in the Montagne de Reims. Following harvest, the grapes are
     and Avize in the Côte des Blancs; and Bouzy, Mailly, Ambonnay and             pressed immediately in press houses located among the vineyards, yielding
                                                                                   a first pressing, referred to as the “cuvée,” which is the only pressing used
                                                                                   in Prélude.
18   American Institute of Wine & Food                                                                                                             Champagne Gala 2007   19

     Taittinger Prélude derives its firmness of structure and aging potential not       with the 1952 vintage, it is produced exclusively from the delicate first
     only from the exceptional vineyards from which it is produced, but also            pressing of costly Chardonnay grapes grown to greatest perfection in the
     through its exclusive reliance on Chardonnay and Pinot Noir in the blend.          vineyards of the communes of the Côte des Blancs, named for the suit-
     Extended lees aging lends the wine complexity and finesse of aroma                 ability of its microclimates to that vine variety. Champagne Taittinger’s
     and flavor.                                                                        extensive vineyard holdings of 600 acres include several parcels in the 100
                                                                                        percent-rated villages of Avize, Cramant, Chouilly and Le Mesnil-sur-Oger
     The wine’s color is brilliant pale yellow with silver highlights from the
                                                                                        in the Côte des Blancs, and assure the consistent supply from year to year
     elevated proportion of Chardonnay. The subtle, fresh nose leads from
                                                                                        of the most exceptional Chardonnay grapes available.
     mineral aromas into floral and elderflower scents offset by spice and
     cinnamon notes. On the palate, the wine shows ripe white peach flavors             Taittinger Comtes de Champagne Blanc de Blancs is elaborated and
     with hints of fresh citrus in a profusion of fine, lasting, delicately creamy      brought to maturity in the 13th century chalk cellars once the property of
     bubbles. The finish is long and expressive.                                        the Abbey of Saint Nicaise, where each step of the méthode champenoise
                                                                                        is performed traditionally. This superb Champagne, produced only in years
                                                                                        exceptional enough to declare a vintage, is ultimate expression of the Tait-
     Champagne Taittinger Comtes de Champagne Rose 2000                                 tinger style, a Champagne of great refinement, elegance and delicacy. The
     Champagne Taittinger created Comtes de Champagne Rosé with the 1966                clean, aristocratic Chardonnay fragrance is offset by warm, toasty
     vintage, released in 1972, as the companion cuvée to Comtes de Champagne           nuances, which carry onto a palate of finely- balanced, generous white
     Blanc de Blancs. The cuvée is a blend of red and white wines obtained              fruit flavors underscored by a fine, crisp acidity and subtle mineral notes.
     from the first pressing of grapes grown in the villages of the Champagne           The refined, toasty finish is lasting and complex.
     region most highly-rated for Pinot Noir grapes, and predominantly from
     the villages of Bouzy and Ambonnay, where Champagne Taittinger’s hold-
                                                                                        Champagne Taittinger Nocturne, Sec NV
     ings assure the supply of fruit of the highest quality from year to year.
     Taittinger’s extensive vineyard properties, totaling 600 acres in several of       The fundamental classification of the wines of Champagne places each
     Champagne’s most highly-rated vineyards, are third in importance among             wine produced by a house into one of three categories: non-vintage, a
     those of the great champagne houses, allowing the firm to rely primarily           blend based on one vintage with reserve wines from prior vintages which
     on its own grapes for the production of its portfolio of cuvées.                   reflects the house style; vintage, produced from a single harvest in superior
                                                                                        years which also reflects the vintage year; and tête de cuvée, the most
     This sublime rosé Champagne, produced solely from Pinot Noir grapes in
                                                                                        prestigious and costly Champagne produced only from the finest wines
     years exceptional enough to declare a vintage, is appropriately presented
                                                                                        in the greatest vintages.
     in an antique-style bottle of XVIIIth century design. Typical of the
     Taittinger style, Comtes Champagne Rosé is a wine of exquisite refinement;         Beyond this exists a classification in terms of sweetness. Defined by grams
     its brilliant salmon pink color is punctuated by fine, lasting pinpoint bubbles.   of residual sugar per liter in the finished wine, this classification ranges
     The sweet, red berry fragrance of the variety is offset by very subtle notes       from Brut Zero, with no more than six grams of sugar per liter, to Doux,
     of earth and minerals. Clean, vibrant red fruit flavors are confirmed on the       with 50 or more grams per liter. Most Champagnes are produced as Brut
     generous palate, balanced by a crisp, refined acidity which carries into an        wines, with residual sugar of 15 grams or less per liter. Extra Dry or Extra
     elegant, complex finish of considerable persistence.                               Sec wines range from 12 to 20 grams, Sec wines from 17 to 35 grams, and
                                                                                        Demi-Sec from 35 to 50 grams. Widely consumed during the 18th and
                                                                                        19th centuries, the sweetest styles largely gave way to drier ones as culinary
     Champagne Taittinger Comtes de Champagne Blanc de Blancs 1998                      trends evolved toward lighter, more refined approaches to cooking. Yet
     Taittinger Comtes de Champagne Blanc de Blancs was created to com-                 over the late 20th century, increasing focus on the synergy between wine
     memorate Thibaud IV, Comte de Champagne, who planted the first                     and food has reopened the door to a wider spectrum of wine styles suited
     Chardonnay vines in France in the 13th century. First released in 1957             to an international culinary palette.
20   American Institute of Wine & Food                                                                                                             Champagne Gala 2007    21

     Nocturne is a non-vintage, Sec Champagne blended in the Taittinger house           The Barrua vineyard lies inland from the coast and is planted to 25 acres
     style from select base wines with an emphasis on Chardonnay. The cuvée             of old, bush trained Carignano vines and 50 acres of new Carignano,
     is composed of 40% Chardonnay and 60% Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier                 Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot vines. Soils are primarily clay mixed with
     wines from over 35 crus and a range of reserve wines.                              some sand.

     Pale gold in color with brilliant gold highlights, Nocturne is punctuated by       The southwest corner of Sardinia is a near perfect environment for the
     a proliferation of tiny, delicate bubbles. The nose is subtle and fresh, with      hot climate traits of the Carignano vine. Winters are mild and wet and
     aromas of peach, dried apricot and white flowers offset by notes of bread-         summers torrid and dry with temperatures, stoked by the fierce scirocco
     crust. The gentle dosage, just above the Extra Sec level, maintains an opti-       African winds blowing across the Sardinian Sea, among the hottest in Italy.
     mum balance between crisp acidity and mellowness on the palate, which is           An extraordinary average of seven hours of sunlight daily enables the fruit
     dominated by stone and tropical fruit and suggestions of raisins and fruit         to reach a level of ripeness such that polymerization of the tannins begins
     in syrup. The finish is long, full and delicately sweet. This versatile cuvée is   within the berry while it is still on the vine. “It is the amount of light that
     a refreshing apéritif, perfect with refined desserts or after dinner, and is an    makes this the perfect region for Carignano based wines! The sun provides
     excellent compliment to first courses, such as foie gras, that are classically     heat and light which causes grapes to mature very well. The Cabernet and
     served with an off-dry wine.                                                       Merlot mature much faster than they would in Bordeaux, for example.
                                                                                        And on top of that, the wonderful influence from the sea regulates the
                                                                                        extreme heat and stabilizes the climate,” recounts Giacomo Tachis.
     Agricola Punica Barrua, Isola dei Nuraghi, Sardinia 2003
                                                                                        Barrua 2003 is a blend of 85% Carignano, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon and
     Sardinia is an extraordinary land with thousands of years of unique his-           5% Merlot sourced from the eponymous vineyard site. The grapes are
     tory dating as far back as 6000 B.C. To look at much of the island today,          hand-harvested separately from low-yielding bush-vines. The must under-
     particularly the Barbagia region in the island’s mountainous middle, one           goes a classic 14-15 day fermentation period followed by full malolactic
     might feel as though one has stepped back in time. From the dusty roads            fermentation. The wine is then aged for 18 months in French Allier
     to the tiny towns miles apart from one another to the 7,000 prehistoric            barriques and 12 months in bottle before it is released.
     stone towers known as Nuraghi (that date back 3,500 years) scattered all
     over the island, much of Sardinia remains “untouched”.                             Expressive aromas of blackberry, black plum, herbs and spices are followed
                                                                                        by a palate filled with dense and ripe black fruit, red currant and licorice
     An exciting new development on this exceptional island is an undertak-             flavors. Barrua 2003 is an incredibly sensuous wine with velvety soft
     ing between world renowned names in the winemaking business; Agricola              tannins and a long, rich finish.
     Punica. Agricola Punical is a joint venture between Dr. Sebastiano Rosa,
     Sardinian winery Cantina Sociale di Santadi, Tenuta San Guido, Santadi
     President Antonello Pilloni and legendary Tuscan consulting oenologist             Delaforce Colheita Porto 1986
     Giacomo Tachis.
                                                                                        An aged Tawny Porto from extensive stocks; it expresses the individual
     In 2002, Agricola Punica purchased a 370 acre estate divided between two           richness and freshness of a particular year enhanced by the subtle nutty
     sites: Barrua and Narcao, located in the southwest region of Sardinia, in          characteristics that come with the Tawny ageing process in a perfect
     an area known as Sulcis Meridionale. Though the vineyards lie within the           balance of youth and maturity. The Delaforce 1986 Colheita Porto was
     D.O.C. of Carignano del Sulcis, the wine falls under the I.G.T. of Isola dei       bottled in 2005 and is ready to enjoy. It is pale russet in color with amber
     Nuraghi, a name referencing the ancient stone towers built by the Nuragic          highlights. Delicate aromas of orange blossom and vanilla are balanced
     civilization which shaped the island’s development from the Neolithic age          by delicious smooth butterscotch and dried fruit flavors that culminate in
     until 238 B.C., when Sardinia was brought under the Roman Empire.                  an attractive, lingering finish.
22   American Institute of Wine & Food                                                                                                                     Champagne Gala 2007       23

     Live Auction                                                                      Live Lots

     Auction Rules                                                                     Live Lot #1:

                                                                                       Food & Wine Magazine’s 2008 Classic in Aspen:
     This printed catalogue, as amended by addendum or oral announcement               Tickets for Two
     during the sale, constitutes the entire statement of the seller with respect to   Celebrity chefs, renowned wine experts and the famed Grand Tasting Pavilion -
     the sale and purchase of wines and other lots listed therein.                     all together in one breathtaking setting. It’s the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen,
                                                                                       the culinary event of the year, and tonight, Food & Wine magazine is generously
     No bid shall be valid unless acknowledged by the auctioneer. At the fall          offering two tickets to the 2008 Classic to the highest bidder.
     of the hammer the highest acknowledged bidder shall be deemed to have             Each year, the Classic at Aspen is the site of a three-day extravaganza, with a
     purchased the lot and there upon: Assumes full risk and responsibility            multitude of amazing things to eat and drink and incredible celebrity-spotting
     therefore; Will sign a confirmation of purchase therefore; Will pay the full      at all turns. The biggest names in the food world - Thomas Keller, Mario Batali,
     purchase price prior to leaving the premises; and Will remove the purchased       Bobby Flay, Giada De Laurentiis, Jacques Pépin, Ming Tsai - and many more, are
                                                                                       regular participants, on hand to demonstrate how to cook their favorite recipes.
     lot, or representation of that lot, that evening.                                 Wine makers from around the planet will pour everything from great-value cavas
                                                                                       to cult Cabernets at tastings led by experts such as Food & Wine’s Executive
     Full payment in U.S. dollars must be made at the conclusion of the auction
                                                                                       Editor, Lettie Teague. With all of these truly amazing offerings set against the
     on Tuesday evening prior to the removal of the lot. Payments may be made          backdrop of the mountains and glorious trees of Aspen, how can you resist?
     to The American Institute of Wine & Food/NY in cash, by check, or with            Value: $2,000
     Discover Card, American Express, MasterCard or Visa.                              Donor Company: Food & Wine Magazine
     The Seller reserves the right to sell any lot or lots for which payment has       Note: Valid June 13-15, 2008. Lodging and airfare not included. Seminars are
     not been made at the conclusion of the auction. Unless otherwise noted,           available on a space availability basis - first come, first served.
     all auction items are valid for one year from the auction date.

     The American Institute of Wine & Food, as a tax-exempt organization, may          Live Lot #2:
     sell goods at this auction without collecting the New York sales or use tax.      “A Night in Tuscany” Cooking Class and Feast for
                                                                                       14 People at The Institute of Culinary Education
                                                                                       Looking for an interesting new way to celebrate a private social event such as a
                                                                                       birthday, bridal shower or anniversary? Or perhaps do a little corporate team
                                                                                       building or entertaining? In addition to all its regularly scheduled classes, the Institute
                                                                                       of Culinary Education runs a unique and fun private cooking party program. The
                                                                                       format is a dinner where cooking is part of the entertainment. While you will not
                                                                                       cook entirely from scratch, you will learn specific techniques, and our chef-instructors
                                                                                       and assistants will be on hand to guide you. Our staff is prepared for both the eager
                                                                                       novice and the experienced home cook. The school’s atmosphere lends itself to
                                                                                       learning and participation leavened with fun! A typical event runs 3 to 3-1/2 hours:
                                                                                       1/2 hour for wine and hors d’oeuvres, 1 to 1-1/2 hours of cooking, then a sit-down,
                                                                                       full-service three-course dinner where you all enjoy the meal you’ve made. An open
                                                                                       bar of wine, beer and soft drinks is served throughout your event. Our house wines
                                                                                       (both a white and a red) are included, but you can upgrade your wine selection or
                                                                                       add a premium liquor bar for mixed cocktails.
                                                                                       Value: $1,800
                                                                                       Donor Company: Institute of Culinary Education
                                                                                       Note: Cannot be used in the month of December. Must be used on a Friday, Satur-
                                                                                       day or Sunday night. Expires June 12, 2008.
24   American Institute of Wine & Food                                                                                                                            Champagne Gala 2007      25

     Live Lot #3:                                                                              stream. Its restored 1840’s farmhouse sits alongside eight outbuildings: a guest cot-
                                                                                               tage, horse barn, sheep barn, corn crib, granary, carriage barn, smokehouse, and
     Extremely Rare 1964 Château Mouton Rothschild                                             well house.
     Label Designed by Henry Moore                                                             At night, you’ll cook dinner, side-by-side with Chef Suvir, as he teaches you the
                                                                                               tricks of his trade in his all new state-of-the-art kitchen. Or, if the fresh air has you
     Since 1946, the highly-esteemed Château Mouton Rothschild has commissioned                perfectly relaxed, you can just watch him in action. You’ll then spend a peaceful
     some of the greatest artists of the twentieth century to design extraordinary labels      and quiet night at the Farm’s guest cottage. All meals and accommodations pro-
     for each year’s bottlings. In 1964, the Château had famed sculptor Henry Moore            vided. American Masala Farm is approximately a four-hour drive from New York
     create a label for this classic wine from the Pauillac region of Bordeaux.                City. Guests may also choose to take a plane or train to Albany and then rent a car
     This extremely rare signed label is believed to be one of only 25 left in the world.      for the rest of the journey. Read all about the farm and see photos on
     Let it be the pièce de résistance of your private wine collection.
                                                                                               Value: $7,500
     Value: $1,500
                                                                                               Donor Company: American Masala Farm
     Donor Company: Lauber Imports                                                             Note: Visit is available between August to October 2007 to be scheduled at a
                                                                                               mutually agreeable time. Winner should contact Suvir Saran within one week after
                                                                                               completion of auction. Transportation not included.
     Live Lot #4:

     Host a Private Party & Brewery Tour for 25 at                                             Live Lot #6:
     Brooklyn Brewery
                                                                                               Catered Wine Dinner for Twelve in Your Own Home
     What better way to enjoy the classic American food pairing of pizza and beer
     than with dozens of friends, onsite at one of the country’s greatest breweries? This      Looking for fresh ideas in entertaining? Let cater a special dinner
     top bidder will get the opportunity to host a private party at Brooklyn Brewery,          for 12 in the comfort of your own home. FreshDirect’s food comes directly from
     complete with the brewery’s signature beers and pizza. What’s more, you and your          farms, dairies and fisheries (not middlemen), so it’s several days fresher and a lot
     guests will receive a special private tour of the brewery, where you’ll get an up-        less expensive when it gets to your table. FreshDirect will create the dinner of your
     close and personal view of how Brooklyn Brewery brews its award-winning beers.            dreams in their state of the art kitchen. To top it off, Josh Wesson of the award-
                                                                                               winning, “revolutionary” Best Cellars wine shop will pair wines and make this an
     Value: $2,500                                                                             unforgettable evening for all.
     Donor Company: Brooklyn Brewery                                                           Value: $1,500
     Note: Excludes Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays. Expires June 12, 2008.                       Donor Company: FreshDirect
                                                                                               Note: Must redeemed by December 31, 2008. May not be combined with any
                                                                                               other offer. FreshDirect is not responsible for any lost or stolen certificates.
     Live Lot #5:

     Exclusive Culinary Getaway to Chef Suvir Saran’s                                          Live Lot #7:
     Private Farm
                                                                                               Bordeaux-Twelve Pack of Mixed Case
     Escape to the country and cook side-by-side with the Michelin-starred Chef Suvir
     Saran in the kitchen at his private “American Masala Farm” in Salem, New York.            Just the right size. This lot features a selection of 12 outstanding Bordeaux.
     As one of the country’s foremost authorities on Indian cuisine, Chef Suvir has won        A bevy of beautiful wines. Experience the essence of Bordeaux rouge.
     acclaim for his Michelin-starred New York City restaurant Dévi, known for its use         Château Barrabaque Prestige ‘Canon-Fronsac 2001
     of fresh, seasonal ingredients. He is the author of “Indian Home Cooking,” and his        Château Bellefont Belcier ‘Saint-Emilion Grand Cru’ 2001
     second book, named after his farm, will be published in Fall 2007.                        Château Fonplegade ‘Saint-Emilion Grand Cru’ 1998
     For this one time only, Chef Suvir is opening his farm to the highest bidder, for a       Château Haut-Bertinerie Premières Côtes de Blaye’ 2001
     personalized country weekend second to none. The winner of this lot and a com-            Château La Fleur Saint Georges ‘Lalande de Pomerol’ 2001
                                                                                               Château Ormes Pez Cru Bourgeois Exceptionnel ‘Saint Estèphe’ 2002
     panion will spend a relaxing day, walking the grounds of this nineteenth century
                                                                                               Château Phelan Segur Cru Bourgrois Exceptionnel ‘Saint Estèphe’ 1999
     farm which is idyllically situated on nearly seventy acres of rolling green fields, and
                                                                                               Château Plaisance Cuvée Speciale ‘Premières Côtes de Bordeaux’ 2001
     bordered by sharp, forested hills, springfed ponds and a briskly-meandering trout
                                                                                               Château Respide Cuvée Callipyge ‘Graves Rouge’ 2000
                                                                                               Château Rochers ‘Lussac-Saint-Emilion’ 2001
26   American Institute of Wine & Food                                                                                                                           Champagne Gala 2007      27

     Château Sales ‘Pomerol’ 1998                                                              Live Lot #10:
     Château Trimoulet ‘Saint-Emilion Grand Cru’ 2001
     Value: $700                                                                               Exclusive California Wine Country Weekend
     Donor: Robin Kelley O’Connor                                                              The ultimate Napa and Sonoma trip for wine lovers, this two-day package for two
                                                                                               begins and ends in style as you travel in business/first class aboard Continental
                                                                                               Airlines and boasts private VIP tours, tastings and cooking classes at two of the
     Live Lot #8:                                                                              region’s most renowned wineries, Benziger Family Winery and Cakebread Cellars.
                                                                                               Overnight stays at the glorious Benziger Family Winery and The Westin St. Francis
     Your Own Italian Villa                                                                    in San Francisco are included.
     Who hasn’t at one point or another dreamed of jet-setting to their own private villa      Make this the California escape of your dreams by scheduling the activities ac-
     in Italy? For the highest bidder of this package - it will become reality.                cording to your own preferences. You may choose to start your epicurean escape
     Spend an unforgettable week in Liguria, Italy with accommodations at a Cinque             at the beautiful Benziger Family Winery, set just above the wine country village of
     Terra Villa. You and a guest will begin your Italian escape in comfort aboard Con-        Glen Ellen in Sonoma Valley. There, the Benziger Family Winery will host you and
     tinental Airlines. Your final destination, the beautiful Bonassola. Situated on the Li-   a companion for an overnight stay at the winery and a VIP tour into the vine-
     gurian coast known as the Italian Riviera, Bonassola is a picturesque village famed       yard and barrel caves to learn first-hand about their unique, natural farming and
     for its idyllic beauty, heavenly climate and peaceful stillness. From basking in the      winemaking practices. You’ll get an insider peek at the Sonoma estate vineyards,
     warm sun on the seashore, to strolling the popular coastal paths in and around            gardens and wildlife sanctuaries during a 45-minute adventure in winegrowing.
     the charming town or hiking along the peaceful trails in the nearby Ligurian hills,       Along the way, you’ll get a close look at the vines, learn more about Benziger’s site-
     Bonassola’s spectacular terrain and breathtaking views can be enjoyed actively or         specific farming practices and enjoy the breathtaking scenery. Following the tour,
     from a more relaxed approach. Perhaps Ernest Hemingway captured the values of             you’ll be treated to a visit to the underground estate caves and a tasting of their
     Bonassola best in saying: “Bonassola, so sweet, unforgettable, inexhaustible.”            wines in the Glen Ellen tasting room.
     Value: $15,000                                                                            Or, you may decide to begin your weekend in Napa, home of the glorious Cake-
                                                                                               bread Cellars. Since 1973, the Cakebread family has been among the most creative
     Donor Company: Ottaway Family & Continental Airlines
                                                                                               and successful winery families in the region. During your visit, you will join the
     Note: The Villa can accommodate 8 people. Offer expires on June 12, 2008. Black-          Cakebread family in their professional “home” kitchen for a fun day of whipping
     out dates include August and October 2007. Note on Continental Airlines Tickets           up their favorite recipes with their fantastic resident chefs. The class includes an in-
     for two: Expires June 12, 2008. Taxes, fees & surcharges not included.                    depth, educational tour which will take you into the gardens, cellars and vineyards,
                                                                                               ending with a tasting of their wine.
     Live Lot #9:                                                                              As part of your weekend you’ll be treated to a relaxing overnight stay at The
                                                                                               Westin St. Francis, where you’ll experience the rich, colorful history of turn-of-the-
     Cook with Michelin-Starred Chef Nicole Kaplan in                                          century San Francisco, amid award-winning contemporary amenities and services.
                                                                                               Built in the early 1900s, the hotel reflects a turn-of-the-century charm while
     Your Own Home                                                                             featuring modern-day amenities including Heavenly Beds and Heavenly Bath to
     Have a true passion for pastry? This exclusive once-in-a-lifetime package is for          ensure supreme comfort and relaxation.
     you! Picture this: You and nine of your fellow pastry-loving friends gather at your       Value: $5,000
     home for a private, hands-on pastry and dessert class, taught by two-star Michelin
                                                                                               Donor Company: Benziger Family Winery, Cakebread Cellars, Westin St. Francis
     Pastry Chef Nicole Kaplan of Del Posto. Chef Nicole is one of the city’s top pastry
                                                                                               & Continental Airlines
     chefs, having honed her craft at Eleven Madison Park and Shake Shack prior to
     joining Del Posto. Perfect your skills, or start learning from scratch: no matter         Note: Benziger - Valid April 2007 through April 2008. Excludes September & Oc-
     your experience level, it’s bound to be an unforgettable educational and enjoyable        tober. Reservations should be made at least six weeks in advance and is subject to
     evening for all!                                                                          availability. Cakebread - Certificate valid from January 2008 - January 2009. Con-
                                                                                               tinental Airlines - Expires June 12, 2008. Taxes, fees & surcharges not included.
     Value: Priceless!
     Donor Company: Del Posto
     Note: Expires June 12, 2008. Class must be in Manhattan only. Outside of Man-
     hattan winner must provide transportation to and from location and would need
     to arrange specifics with Chef Nicole prior. Must book in advance and subject to
28   American Institute of Wine & Food                                                                                                                          Champagne Gala 2007    29

     Live Lot #11:                                                                               Lastly, Delaforce Colheita Vintage Porto 1986 is an aged tawny port from exten-
                                                                                                 sive stocks that expresses the individual richness and freshness of the particular
     Six Cases of Exceptional Wine from Kobrand                                                  year enhanced by the subtle nutty characteristics that come with the Tawny ageing
                                                                                                 process in a perfect match of youth and maturity. The Delaforce 1986 Colheita
     Relive the excitement of tonight’s gala in the comfort of your very own home with           was bottled in 2005 and is ready to drink. Enjoy its pale russet colour with amber
     this exceptional selection of wine! This time, rather than a glass or two, enjoy a          highlights while breathing in the delicate orange blossom and vanilla aromas. Deli-
     case of each of the following to share with friends and family.                             cious smooth butterscotch and dried fruit flavors are complemented by an attrac-
     One of the few remaining family-owned Champagne houses, Champagne Tait-                     tive lingering finish.
     tinger boasts extensive vineyard holdings of 600 acres including prestigious grands         Value: $3,300
     crus vineyards in the Côte de Blancs and Montagne de Reims regions. The house
     relies primarily on estate grown grapes for its portfolio of champagnes and is              Donor Company: Kobrand Corporation
     unique among other houses in that a higher proportion of Chardonnay gives Tait-             Note: Case and sizes are subject to change and do not represent 12 bottles as is
     tinger its signature style.                                                                 sometimes considered standard.
     Taittinger Prélude is produced exclusively from the seventeen grands crus vineyards
     of Champagne, making it a top wine from the region. The wine’s color is a brilliant
     yellow with hints of silver in the glass, a subtle, fresh nose of mineral aromas with       Live Lot #12:
     floral and elderflower scents offset by spice and cinnamon notes. On the palate, the
     wine shows ripe white peach flavors with hints of fresh citrus in a profusion of fine,
     lasting, delicately creamy bubbles. The finish is long and exquisite.                       Haven’t raised your paddle yet? Now is your chance to support our programs.
     Taittinger Comtes de Champagne Blanc de Blancs 100% Chardonnay Champagne                    It’s your choice. Grant-A-Wish supports all of the American Institute of Wine &
     produced only using cuvées from top vintages. This clean, aristocratic Chardonnay           Food’s programs.
     fragrance is offset by warm, toasty nuances which carry onto a palate of finely-            Days of Taste T-shirts $5,000
     balanced, generous white fruit flavors underscored by a fine, crisp acidity and
                                                                                                 Days of Taste School Sponsorship $2,500
     subtle mineral notes. The refined, toasty finish is lasting and complex.
                                                                                                 Professional Series $1,000
     Taittinger Comtes de Champagne Rosé is made from predominately Pinot Noir
     and has greater structure than most rosé Champagne. Typical of the Taittinger               Scholarship Program $500
     style, Comtes Champagne Rosé is a wine of superb refinement; its brilliant salmon           Behind the Scenes $100
     pink color is punctuated by fine, lasting pinpoint bubbles.
     Taittinger Nocturne is a non-vintage, Sec Champagne blended in the Taittinger
     house style from select base wines with an emphasis on Chardonnay. The cuvée                Live Lot #13:
     is composed of 40% Chardonnay and 60% Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier wines
     from over 35 crus and a range of reserve wines. Pale gold in color with brilliant           Autographed Chef Jacket
     gold highlights, Nocturne is punctuated by a proliferation of tiny, delicate bubbles.       A special way to remember the evening for a true culinary collector, this AIWF
     The nose is subtle and fresh, with aromas of peach, dried apricot and white flowers         Gala Chef Jacket is autographed by all of the chefs who graciously prepared to-
     offset by notes of breadcrust. On the palate there are hints of stone and tropical          night’s spectacular dinner. Jean-François Bruel, Matthew Hoyle, Floyd Cardoz and
     fruit with a trace of raisins and fruit in syrup. The finish is long, full and delicately   Nicole Kaplan have all put their touch on this amazing night - and on this jacket!
     sweet. This versatile cuvée is a refreshing apéritif, perfect with refined desserts or
     after dinner over lively conversation.                                                      Value: Priceless!

     The Agricola Punica Barrua 2003 stems from a 370-acre estate near the town of               Donor Company: Crooked Brook
     Santadi in the Sulcis region of southern Sardinia. Agricola Punica is a joint venture
     between Dr. Sebastiano Rosa, Sardinian winery Cantina Sociale di Santadi, Tenuta
     San Guido, Santadi President Antonello Pilloni and legendary Tuscan consulting
     oenologist Giacomo Tachis. Barrua 2003 has expressive aromas of blackberry,
     black plum, herbs and spices are followed by a palate filled with dense and ripe
     black fruit, red currant and licorice flavors. It’s an incredibly sensuous wine with
     velvety soft tannins and a long, rich finish.
30   American Institute of Wine & Food                                                                                                                        Champagne Gala 2007      31

     Live Lot #14:                                                                           Silent Lots
     Escape to India                                                                         Silent Lot #1:
     A spectacular package for the discriminating traveler seeking to experience legend-     A Boston Brahmin Weekend: Two Night Stay at The Luxurious Liberty Hotel with
     ary Indian hospitality and royal luxury. Taj Hotels, Resorts and Palaces are pleased    Dinner Specially Prepared by Chef Michael A. Goodman
     to present a six-night stay at four distinctive locations in Northern India for you
     and a companion. Round-trip, first-class accommodations aboard Continental              It was once the storied “Charles Street Jail,” and now, thanks to an extensive $120
     Airlines will take you there and back in comfort and style.                             million renovation, it’s New England’s premier luxury hotel. The Liberty Hotel
                                                                                             in Boston, a national historical landmark, marries historic architecture with the
     Your magnificent Indian journey begins at your choice of either Mumbai or New           high standards of refined, modern travel. Situated at the foot of Beacon Hill, the
     Delhi. You can choose to stay two nights in Mumbai at the Taj Mahal Palace &            hotel boasts spectacular views of the Charles River and the Boston skyline. For
     Tower or in New Delhi at the Taj Mahal Hotel. Next, you’ll enjoy one night in an        two nights, guests will enjoy lavish accommodations in a Deluxe River View guest
     amazing room overlooking the Taj Mahal at the Taj View in Agra, followed by two         room with breakfast for two and a dinner specially prepared by Chef Michael A.
     nights at the Rambagh Palace in Jaipur. Your travels are capped off with one night      Goodman. Nightly turndown service, a special VIP welcome amenity the evening
     at the Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur.                                                      of arrival and valet parking are also included.
     In two of the four resorts, you’ll be treated to a Private Royal Rajastahn Dinner,      Value: $1,300
     accompanied by a one-day guided tour and picnic. In addition, your package also
     includes breakfast each morning, as well as all airport transfers. All of the grand     Donor Company: The Liberty Hotel
     Taj properties epitomize their guiding philosophy of providing impeccable service       Note: Expires December 30, 2008. Excludes tax & gratuity. Certain black-out
     and unparalleled accommodations.                                                        dates apply.
     With vantage locations in every city, each hotel offers luxuriously appointed suites
     and rooms, gourmet specialty restaurants and bars, state-of-the-art business facili-
     ties, modern fitness centers, and rejuvenating spas. Taj Luxury Hotels also encom-      Silent Lot #2:
     pass authentic palaces. Transporting guests back to the age of kings and courte-
     sans, these exquisite buildings resplendent with domes, terraces, carved pillars, and
                                                                                             A Jazz-Filled Evening for Six at Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola
     archways built in the true royal style have been refurbished with modern luxuries.      Be entertained by the city’s hottest jazz sounds and dig-in to a true southern-style
     To heighten the authentic palace experience, a team of butlers serves guests in the     dinner with five of your friends at the popular Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola at Jazz at
     kind of style that a maharaja would have offered its guests.                            Lincoln Center. The delicious menu includes favorites such as Gumbo-laya, Miss
     Value: $18,000                                                                          Mamie’s Fried Chicken, Crab Cakes, Key Lime Grilled Salmon and Pecan Pie, all
                                                                                             complemented by a full bar and jazz-inspired cocktails. Located in one of Man-
     Donor Company: Taj Hotels Resorts & Palaces & Continental Airlines
                                                                                             hanttan’s most exciting cultural centers, you and your group of friends can sit back
     Note: Continental Airlines - Expires June 12, 2008. Taxes, fees & surcharges not        and relax, and groove to nightly artist sets showcasing the hippest jazz bands!
     included. Taj Hotel & Resorts – This offer is subject to room availability and valid
                                                                                             Value: $1,200
     from June 13, 2007 to June 12, 2008. Blackout dates include November 5 to 15,
     2007 & December 21, 2007 to January 5, 2008, March 20 to April 1, 2008. No              Donor Company: Great Performances
     extensions or substitutions on dates.                                                   Note: Expires June 12, 2008. Excludes tax & gratuity. Excludes holidays. Reserva-
                                                                                             tions required.

                                                                                             Silent Lot #3:

                                                                                             Three Night Stay at Italy’s “Country House Montali”
                                                                                             It seems there are fewer and fewer places on Earth these days where one can
                                                                                             unwind in an atmosphere of absolute peace and tranquility. Thankfully, there’s the
                                                                                             “Country House Montali,” the perfect antidote to stress and exhaustion, located
                                                                                             in the picturesque Umbrian region of Italy. For 4 days and 3 nights you and a guest
                                                                                             will relax in the family-run, off-the-beaten track hotel which boasts only 10 rooms.
                                                                                             It is situated on a plateau at the end of a scenic gravel road in an elevated position,
32   American Institute of Wine & Food                                                                                                                         Champagne Gala 2007     33

     with panoramic views in all directions from sunrise to sunset. The property lies         an unparalleled selection of 250 artisan cheeses along with updated brasserie fare
     within a 25-acre olive grove surrounded by an evergreen wood. There are numerous         matched by 160 wines by the glass.
     walks across the hills and also right down to the shores of Lake Trasimeno.              In “Wine & Cheese 101,” master cheeeseman Max McCalman provides a road-
     You’ll find solitude in the swimming pool, with its breathtaking views over the          map for matching various cheese types with the wines that best suit them. He
     surrounding countryside.                                                                 introduces cheese basics, including milk types, textures and flavors as well as how
     The 10 guest rooms are arranged in three separate single-story stone buildings,          to shop for, care for, and serve fine cheeses. Then he guides you through choosing
     all designed by the proprietor, an architect who has specialized in restoring historic   wines that complement each cheese type. You’ll be invited to sample some of the
     monuments. Apart from the charm of the buildings, all the rooms are equipped             cheese and wine pairings and discover marriages that suit your own personal taste.
     with modern comforts: private facilities, telephone, hand-carved teakwood                When it comes to dinner, there’s no better place for cheese lovers than Artisanal,
     furniture, original oil paintings, and with patios or verandahs to enjoy the cool        the bustling French bistro that’s famous for its extraordinary selection of artisan
     evening’s breezes and magnificent sunsets. But no TV to disturb the peace!               cheeses. In fact, the bistro-fromagerie-wine bar takes its unique name from the
     However, the main reason Montali has become such a sought-after spot is the              craft of making small batches of cheeses by hand, according to time-honored reci-
     gourmet vegetarian cuisine, which is why Montali was recently named as one of            pes. Relax at the bistro and sip up to 160 wines by the glass, paired with the over
     the ten best vegetarian hotels in the world.                                             250 varieties of what is Artisanal’s raison d’être—cheese. Vive la cheese!

     Some folk may balk at the thought of vegetarian food. But, in this case, the             Value: $300
     proprietors have developed a unique and extensive repertoire of exquisite meals.         Donor Company: Artisanal Cheese Center & Artisanal Fromagerie & Bistro
     The overriding influence is Mediterranean with subtle hints of nouvelle and haute        Note: Dinner & Wine & Cheese 101- Expires June 12, 2008.
     cuisine. Alberto and Malu, who have won several awards for their cooking, are            Excludes tax & gratuity.
     among the few restaurateurs in Europe who can claim 20 years professional
     experience in this field.
     Value: $650                                                                              Silent Lot #6:
     Donor Company: The Country House Montali                                                 Brunch for Four at Artisanal Fromagerie & Bistro
     Note: Only available the 3rd week in October 2007.
                                                                                              What could be better than a weekend brunch with friends at one of Manhattan’s
                                                                                              most popular bistros. Artisanal has long been regarded as a wonderful place to
                                                                                              spend time with friends and family while savoring inspired French bistro dishes like
     Silent Lot #4:
                                                                                              Classic Swiss Fondue, Boudin Blanc, Eggs in Cocotte and Almond Croissant French
                                                                                              Toast. And of course, there’s their outstanding selection of over 250 artisan cheeses!
     Five Course Tasting Dinner with Wine for
                                                                                              Value: $200
     Four at Telepan
                                                                                              Donor Company: Artisanal Fromagerie and Bistro
     From one of New York’s most celebrated chefs comes this delicious Tasting Menu           Note: Expires June 12, 2008. Excludes tax & gratuity.
     Dinner with Wine for four. Savor Chef Bill Telepan’s skill at bringing alive simple
     dishes with his perfectionist’s use of superior and fresh ingredients!
     Value: $460                                                                              Silent Lot #7:
     Donor Company: Telepan
                                                                                              Gourmet Booty! A Basket of Baldor’s High-End
     Note: Expires June 12, 2008. Excludes tax & gratuity.
                                                                                              Specialty Foods
                                                                                              They are everywhere in our fair city: the black and white Baldor trucks, deliver-
     Silent Lot #5:                                                                           ing fresh produce to the city’s most discerning restaurants. Now let them deliver
                                                                                              a specialty basket consisting of only the very best they have to offer to your door!
     A Cheese & Wine Lover’s Package                                                          This one-of-a-kind basket contains foie gras, truffle products, porcini pasta, aged
                                                                                              balsamic vinegar, Spanish sea salts, selection of salamis, garlic sausage, chocolate
     The ideal experience for those who can’t get enough of the extraordinary pleasures
                                                                                              covered coffee beans & specialty fruits. As one of the largest importers and distrib-
     of handcrafted cheese. This two-part package starts with two seats at an Artisanal
                                                                                              utors of fresh produce in the Northeast, Baldor is dedicated to sourcing the finest
     Premium Cheese Class, where you’ll expand your knowledge and understanding of
                                                                                              and freshest produce available from domestic farmers and international growers.
     cheese and wine pairing. You’ll then be able to put your newly-found knowledge
     to practice during dinner for two at Artisanal Fromagerie & Bistro, which features       Value: $400
                                                                                              Donor Company: Baldor Specialty Food
34   American Institute of Wine & Food                                                                                                                       Champagne Gala 2007    35

     Silent Lot #8:                                                                         Brimming with engaging stories and enticing photography, Edible Brooklyn is a
                                                                                            quarterly magazine that celebrates the borough’s diverse food and delicious culture.
     Dinner with Wine for Two at Beacon Restaurant                                          This certificate is for a one-year subscription.
     & Signed Copy of Chef Waldy Malouf’s                                                   Rose Water opened in 2000 with a hope that there was a hunger in the wilds of
     High Heat Cookbook                                                                     Brooklyn for a restaurant committed to cooking seasonally, working with as much
                                                                                            local, regional, organic and sustainably-raised food as the season allows. Thank-
     Beacon’s signature wood-fired open kitchen will make you and a companion               fully there was, and still is. Owner John Tucker invites you to a dinner for two, as
     feel welcome and comfortably at home. Come experience Chef Waldy Malouf’s              his chef Ethan Kostbar prepares a special Chef’s Tasting menu.
     uncomplicated but big-flavored culinary magic. Enjoy rotisserie or flame grilled       Value: $145
     fare as you relax in roomy elegance. A sommelier will be on hand to guide you
     through the restaurant’s outstanding wine offerings. Later, enjoy perusing             Donor Company: Rose Water & Edible Brooklyn Magazine
     Chef Malouf’s popular cookbook, High Heat: Grilling and Roasting Year-Round            Note: Rose Water - Expires June 12, 2008. Excludes tax, gratuity & beverage.
     with Master Chef Waldy Malouf.                                                         Redeemable Sunday through Thursday.
     Value: $150
     Donor Company: Beacon Restaurant                                                       Silent Lot #11:
     Note: Expires June 12, 2008. Excludes tax & gratuity. Excludes holidays.
     Reservations required and subject to availability.                                     A Meat Packaging District Package:
                                                                                            See Emeril LIVE & Dine at Ono and Spice Market
     Silent Lot #9:                                                                         Enjoy three of the most exciting culinary experiences in Manhattan’s
                                                                                            Meat Packing District!
     Dinner for Two at Any BR Guest Restaurant                                              It’s the ultimate in live food TV entertainment, and your opportunity to shout out
     Craving Sushi? Think Ruby-Foo’s. Hungry for Italian? Try Fiamma Osteria.               “BAM!” with the master himself. Be part of the live studio audience with these two
     Or maybe it’s Mexican that has your mouth watering (in that case - Dos Caminos         seats to a taping of the Food Network’s most popular program, Emeril Live.
     is for you). These are just a few of the fantastic eateries that comprise the          Enjoy a fantastic dinner at Ono with this gift certificate for two. Ono is one of the
     B.R. Guest portfolio of restaurants. The highest bidder for this lot will receive      city’s hippest “see and be seen” restaurants, featuring a fusion of traditional and
     dinner for two at any one of the B.R. Guest restaurants: Isabella’s, Atlantic Grill,   modern Japanese cuisine.
     Ocean Grill, Blue Water Grill, Ruby Foo’s Dim Sum and Sushi Palace, Ruby Foo’s         Have a fun evening at Spice Market, where you’ll get a taste of the street foods of
     Times Square, Blue Fin, Dos Caminos, Dos Caminos Soho, Fiamma Osteria,                 Southeast Asia from one of New York’s finest chefs, Jean-Georges Vongerichten.
     Vento Trattoria, or the newly opened Dos Caminos Third Avenue. Whichever               This gift certificate carries a value of $220.00
     you choose you’re bound to have an evening of superior food, great value and
     spectacular service.                                                                   Value: $500

     Value: $150                                                                            Donor Company: China Grill Management/Ono at Hotel Gansevoort,
                                                                                            Spice Market & The Food Network
     Donor Company: BR Guest, Inc.
                                                                                            Note: Ono – Please see bid sheet for restrictions. Spice Market -
     Note: Excludes tax & gratuity. After 12 months of non-use, a $3.00 per month           Expires December 12, 2007. Excludes tax & gratuity.
     service fee will be deducted from the remaining balance until depleted or used.

                                                                                            Silent Lot #12:
     Silent Lot #10:
                                                                                            Create Your Dream Room!
     A Taste of Brooklyn - Rose Water & Edible Brooklyn
                                                                                            Sometimes all you need to make your dream a reality is guidance from an expert.
     Brooklyn’s culinary boom shows no sign of slowing down. This package will give         For those looking to create fun, innovative and functional spaces for any purpose,
     you a sample of just some of the borough’s best. Enjoy reading about the region’s      Esther Sadowsky is the consultant of choice, having designed play and arts and
     culinary bounty via a one-year subscription to Edible Brooklyn, and then enjoy         crafts spaces for clients including Kathie Lee Gifford’s “Cassidy’s Place” and the
     dinner at Rose Water, one of its most popular dining spots.
36   American Institute of Wine & Food                                                                                                                       Champagne Gala 2007     37

     Ronald McDonald House. During this two-hour consultation, Ms. Sadowsky will             tional awards and acclaim as well as media recognition from professionals. This
     help refine your design theme, select fabrics and wall coverings, and design custom     1998 Gran Reserva bottling is made from hand-selected grapes from old vines over
     furniture, window and bedding treatments.                                               30 years of age - from Riscal’s production or acquired from reliable local growers.
     Value: $250                                                                             Once the alcoholic fermentation was complete, and before racking, the wine was
                                                                                             left to macerate on the skins for between five and ten days, until full extraction of
     Donor Company: Charm & Whimsy                                                           the finest tannins had been achieved. The wine was aged in American oak barrels
     Note: Expires June 12, 2008. Recipients outside of Manhattan must pay travel costs.     for between two and a half and three years, plus a further three years in bottle
                                                                                             before it was released to the market. Bottled in April 2001, 400 cases were exported
                                                                                             to the United States. It expresses fleeting aromas of raisin fruit spreading over a
     Silent Lot #13:                                                                         balsamic and oak base, with very prolonged, lingering sensations.
                                                                                             Value: $420
     Two Night Stay at the New York Helmsley &
                                                                                             Donor Company: Cornerstone Communication
     Dinner for Two at Capital Grille
     Think Midtown Manhattan is just for business? Think again. Take a break from
     your workaday life and enjoy the pleasures of one of the area’s greatest hotels         Silent Lot #15:
     and dine at one of its most popular restaurants with this two-night stay at The
     New York Helmsley Hotel, along with dinner at the nearby Capital Grille.                Pizza for a Year from Cronkite Pizzeria & Wine Bar!
     The New York Helmsley is a world-class property nestled in the heart of Midtown         Serious decadence for the urbanite who lives for takeout. You’ll receive two pizzas
     Manhattan, within walking distance of Times Square, Grand Central Station and           each month for one year. From Cronkite’s, one of Manhattan’s best pizzerias,
     the United Nations, as well as the Theatre District and Rockefeller Center. From        known for its “ridiculously delicious pies.” Need we say more? Come on, make a
     the classic marble lobby, to the warm and spacious guest rooms, you will be             bid. This lot’s got your name written all over it.
     impressed with all the service and amenities that our guests have come to expect        Value: $500
     from a Helmsley Hotel.
                                                                                             Donor Company: Cronkite Pizzeria & Wine Bar
     The Capital Grille strives to make each night a special occasion with remarkable
     food (think dry-aged steaks that have earned high praise from the nation’s toughest     Note: Please see bid sheet for restrictions.
     critics, the freshest seafood and irresistible desserts), its award-winning wine list
     and out of this world service. Treat yourself!
                                                                                             Silent Lot #16:
     Value: $700
     Donor Company: Capital Grille & The New York Helmsley                                   Coffee Connoisseur’s Collection by
     Note: Capital Grille - Excludes tax & gratuity. New York Helmsley Hotel -               Dallis Coffee and Bodum
     Expires May 15, 2008. Excludes tax & gratuity. Subject to availability.
                                                                                             Take 12 pounds of exceptional, fresh-roasted Dallis Coffee beans, mix in one
                                                                                             powerful coffee mill and electric grinder and top it off with an elegant 12-cup
                                                                                             brewer and you have the perfect package for the coffee connoisseur. Since 1913,
     Silent Lot #14:
                                                                                             Dallis Coffee has imported and roasted coffees of distinctive character from all
     Spectacular Spanish Wine: One Case of 1998                                              around the world. Their very special selection of coffee is the ideal complement
                                                                                             to the lovely brewer and grinder from Bodum, two-time winner of the iF Design
     Marqués de Riscal Gran Reserva                                                          Awards in 2006. A truly special collection for those who enjoy drinking – and
     Marqués de Riscal is adored by wine lovers and heralded by critics the world            making – fine coffee.
     round. And with good reason. In 1858 it became the first winery in Rioja that           Value: $300
     produced wine using according to the Bordeaux system, and in 1972 Marqués de            Donor Company: Dallis Coffee
     Riscal was the first winery to promote the Rueda D.O. where the famous Marqués
     de Riscal white wines are made. It was also the first winery to create a wine of a      Note: Offer expires June 12, 2008.
     new age: Barón de Chirel. Marqués de Riscal products can be found in more than
     70 countries and its wines have earned some of the most distinguished interna-
38   American Institute of Wine & Food                                                                                                                        Champagne Gala 2007      39

     Silent Lot #17:                                                                         Silent Lot #19:

     A Cache for Carnivores and Cooks:                                                       Collection of Signed Books from the Six Deans of
     Dry Aged Rib of Naturally Raised Prime Certified                                        The French Culinary Institute
     Angus Beef, and a Case of Imported Olive Oil                                            Elevate your library with six culinary tomes, written and signed by six legends of
     It’s an ideal package for those who appreciate the magnificence of perfectly cooked     the food and wine world - the six Deans of The French Culinary Institute, and its
     steaks hot off the grill, dazzlingly drizzled with olive oil. The winner of this item   sister school, The Italian Culinary Academy.
     will receive seven fabulous rib steaks – approximately 30 pounds in total –             The just-released “Chez Jacques” is a visual autobiography of Jacques Pépin, one
     of Dry Aged Rib of Naturally Raised Prime Certified Angus Beef from DeBragga            of America’s most beloved cooking teachers, authors and television personalities.
     and Spitler. Finish them off with a case of Famous Famiglia Extra Virgin Olive Oil,     Here, Jacques presents 100 of his favorite recipes, culled from a lifetime of cooking
     the signature blend designed to evoke the aromas and flavors of the Italian             professionally for family and friends. With more than 200 stunning photographs,
     countryside, for steak done to perfection.                                              personal essays and a sampling of Pépin’s own paintings, the book is a sentimental
     DeBragga and Spitler has been the butcher to generations of New York’s legend-          journey, a treasury of wonderful recipes, and a gorgeous gift for food lovers.
     ary chefs since 1937. From Delmonico’s and the Pavillon, to Lutece and La Côte          In the globe-trotting literary smorgasbord “Fork it Over,” Alan Richman, the
     Basque to Daniel and Le Bernardin (yes, they use meat!). Renowned for their             11-time winner of The James Beard Foundation Award for food writing, retraces
     quality, they buy only from those suppliers whose products allow them to maintain       his most savory culinary adventures. His inexhaustible hunger and unquenchable
     their reputation for excellence. Tonight, they are proud to offer one of the finest     curiosity take him to the best restaurants and most irresistible meals, from Monte
     cuts of beef available today, a full rib, dry aged for 30 days of Naturally Raised      Carlo, to Corona, Queens.
     Prime Certified Angus Beef. This beef is raised without hormones, antibiotics or        One of the most classic cookbooks of all times, “The Lutèce Cookbook” records
     animal by products. This allows the animal to mature slowly developing a finer          all of the wonderful dishes that dazzled dinners of André Soltner’s famous restau-
     more complex flavor with consistent intramuscular marbling. The result is the           rant for more than 30 years. At the heart of the book are the recipes, wonderfully
     finest piece of beef one can consume. They have taken this rib and cut it into 7        detailed and spelled out in Chef André’s own voice - as if he were there beside you.
     Frenched Rib Steaks, the classic cut frequently seen on menus as Cote de Boeuf.         There are the glories of French classic cuisine prepared in his personal way, accom-
     Simply sear the meat on the outside and then finish it in the oven or over indirect     panied by his signature dishes, the food of his beloved Alsace.
     heat on your grill until an internal temperature of 120 degrees. Allow each Cote
                                                                                             In “True Tuscan,” Chef Cesare Casella presents the time-honored authentic recipes
     to rest for 20 minutes before serving; enough time to decant that fine red wine.
                                                                                             of Tuscany. Though unafraid to update and improve upon tradition, Chef Cesare
     Enjoy a truly unique experience compliments of DeBragga and Spitler.
                                                                                             is devoted to the Tuscan spirit. The book’s 125 tempting and satisfying recipes -
                                                                                             spiced with historical facts and gossip - cover every course, from antipasti to dolci,
     Value: $600                                                                             and feature authentic flavors that promise to surprise and delight you and your guests.
     Donor Company: DeBragga and Spitler, Inc. & Famiglia DeBartolo                          Andrea Immer Robinson has one of the world’s best, and least pretentious, wine
     Note: Expires September 1, 2007.                                                        palates. In her debut cookbook, “Everyday Dining With Wine,” she proves that
                                                                                             her taste in food is just as finely honed and down-to-earth. Presenting 125 recipes
                                                                                             that pair magnificently with wine, she shows how to bring these great flavor com-
     Silent Lot #18:                                                                         binations to the dinner table - with minimum fuss and at minimal cost. Her food
                                                                                             and wine matches are guaranteed to make event weeknight meals special occasions.
     Pizza for A Year from Fornino –                                                         Master the building blocks of dessert making and you can create anything. That
     the Art & Science of Pizza                                                              is the simple philosophy of Jacques Torres’s “Dessert Circus.” More than just a
                                                                                             stunning collection of a hundred astonishing desserts, it is a primer in the basics
     Williamsburg’s fantastic pizzeria Fornino makes pizza “for the next generation,”        of dessert chemistry. From fresh fruit sorbets and simple shortbreads to chocolate
     paying homage to the classics while adding a few twists of its own. Fornino is          decadence and Chef Jacques’s signature desserts, this book explains it all in clear,
     offering the highest bidder two pizzas per month for one full year! It’s ideal for      concise language, as if the Chef were at your side.
     the busy professional, harried new parents or just anyone looking for an excuse
     to have friends over. Come on - you know you want it!                                   Value: $150
     Value: $500                                                                             Donor Company: The French Culinary Institute
     Donor Company: Fornino
     Note: Please see bid sheet for restrictions.
40   American Institute of Wine & Food                                                                                                                        Champagne Gala 2007      41

     Silent Lot #20:                                                                        Note: Catskill Castle - Expires June 12, 2008. Blackout dates July & August.
                                                                                            Peekamoose Tavern & Tap Room - Expires June 12, 2008. Excludes tax, gratuity
     Cook Italian!                                                                          & alcohol. Not valid on holiday weekends (Memorial Day. Labor Day, 4th of July
     Learn to cook as the Italians do at the newly-opened Italian Culinary Academy –        weekend, Christmas).
     and enjoy one of Italy’s greatest exports: Olive Oil.
     Sister school to The French Culinary Institute, The Italian Culinary Academy           Silent Lot #22:
     (The ICA) is led by Dean Cesare Casella of Maremma restaurant. His expertise in
     cooking truly authentic Italian cuisine guids the curricula of the academy’s many      Original Framed Silk Collagraph Print: “Sunflower”
     courses, designed for professionals as well as amateurs. To the highest bidder will
     go a gift certificate for one person to one of The ICA’s six “Mini Italian Courses,”   Gail Flanery’s work resides in museum and corporate collections across the country.
     providing the perfect introduction to authentic Italian cooking. Tailored to easily    Now her unabashedly beautiful and romantic work can live in your home or
     fit into even the most hectic schedule these compact 2-3 session programs offer a      collection, too. The artist derives her images from the landscape, and her work
     solid foundation that can easily be expanded.                                          increasingly bridges abstract and realist depictions. She strives to create a certain
                                                                                            atmosphere, a sensation of recalled color and place and to create an image that
     When you get back to your own kitchen, put your newly-found culinary expertise
                                                                                            may not be specific in the viewer’s eye, but is instead evocative. The print measures
     to work as you cook with an entire case of Famous Famiglia Extra Virgin Olive
                                                                                            26- x 26-inches. The artist is represented by Amy Simon Fine Art, Westport,
     Oil, the signature blend designed to evoke the aromas and flavors of the Italian
     countryside. Buon Appetito!
                                                                                            Value: $700
     Value: $800 for class only; $100 olive oil
                                                                                            Donor Company: Gail C. Flanery
     Donor Company: The Italian Culinary Academy & Famiglia DeBartolo
     Note: Included with tuition are all texts, tools, uniforms, etc.
                                                                                            Silent Lot #23:
     Silent Lot #21:                                                                        Rustic Retreat for Two: Sleep in a Yurt!
     A Stay at a Castle in the Catskills                                                    Enjoy a unique Bed & Breakfast adventure for two, and enjoy a real farm-to-table
                                                                                            dining experience! Imagine your own private tree house with wide screen nature
     Enjoy a one night stay at a historic castle in the Catskills, complete with a dinner   for your viewing and listening pleasure. Step out through french doors onto an
     menu designed just for you!                                                            outside deck. Sip a cup of tea or coffee while being serenaded by chickadees and
     The Castle, located on Belleayre Mountain, is an ideal location for those looking      robins perched in the trees surrounding you. Experience renewal with the tranquility
     for a unique experience in the beautiful Catskills. The Castle features 11 private     and fresh air of the Catskill countryside and then come nightfall, star gaze in the two-
     rooms each with two twin beds. Bathroom accommodations are shared, and the             acre healing meadow as you view one of the most spectacular light shows on earth.
     building also contains a parlor, a dining room, a sun room and a music room.           The Harmony Hill Lodging & Retreat Center’s comfortable and cozy 314- sq. ft.
     Its phenomenal range of outdoor activities span hiking, rock climbing and spelunk-     modern, circular yurts are comfortably furnished, contain fully appointed kitchen
     ing, to golf, tennis boating and skiing.                                               and bath, and are insulated and heated. Sleeping arrangements are two twin beds
     While there, you’ll be treated to dinner at the nearby Peekamoose Tavern and Tap       (or converted to a king), a full size sleeper sofa with a twin size sleeper chair.
     Room, where Chef Devin Mills, formerly of Le Bernardin and Gramercy Tavern,            Sleeper sofa and chair utilize comfortable mattresses and are not futons. Each tree
     will custom-tailor a special, 5-course tasting menu for you and a guest. Nestled       house has a 5-foot diameter dome sky light, ceiling fan, picnic table, grill and fire
     in the mountains, along Birch Creek, this former farmhouse is a newly renovated        ring with wood provided. Enjoy a great getaway for one night for up to two guests
     restaurant featuring the cuisine of the Hudson Valley. It boasts an elegant dining     in a tree house yurt, and your second night will be given at half price. Continental
     room, tap room, private dining room with fireplace and a chic lounge. The chef         breakfast in the privacy of your yurt will be provided.
     is proud to support local farmers and growers in the Catskill region. The menu,        Also included is dinner for two at Stone & Thistle Farm’s on-farm restaurant
     which changes daily, features American ‘farmhouse’ cuisine, served in a casual,        Fable. Located in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains in East Meredith, NY,
     yet elegant setting.                                                                   dinner will feature an exclusive four-course pre-fixe menu of seasonal and organic
     Value: $500                                                                            meats, produce, dairy grown and raised on the farm, all topped off with local and
     Donor Company: Catskill Castle & Peekamoose Tavern and Tap Room                        organic wine and beer.
                                                                                            Value: $300
42   American Institute of Wine & Food                                                                                                                         Champagne Gala 2007   43

     Donor Company: Harmony Hill Lodging & Retreat Center & Stone & Thistle Farm              of his Saigon Home, Chef Michael Bao Huynh matches his past with his American
     Note: Harmony Hill - Expires October 31, 2007. 8% bed tax will be added.                 experiences to create Vietnamese flavors to entice the palate. Filled with antique
     Excludes holidays; non-smoking, no pets. Stone and Thistle - Expires June 12, 2008.      Vietnamese lattice work, wooden figures and silk wall coverings, it is not just a
     Excludes tax & gratuity. Beverage not included. Farm tour at 6:30 pm.                    feast for your palate but for your eyes as well.
     Harvest table seating.                                                                   Value: $570
                                                                                              Donor Company: Myriad Restaurant Group

     Silent Lot #24:                                                                          Note: Please see bid sheet for restrictions for Nobu 57, Tribeca Grill,
                                                                                              Centrico & Mai House
     The Ultimate Wine Lover’s Lunch –
     In Napa at Joseph Phelps Vineyard                                                        Silent Lot #26:
     Picture this: You and five of your closest friends enjoying a one-of-a-kind visit to
     the highly-acclaimed Joseph Phelps Vineyard. A private lunch and high-end                Green Market Tasting Menu for Two with
     tasting will feature a selection of the winery’s current releases, all topped off with   Sommelier Wine Pairing at Todd English’s Olives
     a magnum of 2003 Insignia - one of the world’s most in-demand cult wines. It’s an
     experience you – and your friends – will never forget.                                   Inspired by frequent ingredient-gathering trips through the neighboring Union
                                                                                              Square Green Market, the chefs of Todd English’s Olives restaurant have instituted
     Value: $600                                                                              a Green Market Tasting Menu to highlight each week’s premium finds. Dinner at
     Donor Company: Joseph Phelps Vineyard                                                    Olives is a leisurely affair usually about two to three hours to fully enjoy. Chef
     Note: Expires June 12, 2008. Schedule visit one month in advance.                        English and his Executive Chef, Mike Crain, have put together a tasting for two
                                                                                              guests, of some of Olives signature dishes as well as some seasonal favorites.
                                                                                              This five course dinner menu for two features all sorts of ingredients you might
     Silent Lot #25:                                                                          never cook at home, like red and green Swiss chard, beets, and baby garlic -
                                                                                              all paired perfectly with wine by Olives’ Sommelier.
     A Myriad of Magnificent Dining Experiences                                               Value: $350
     Enjoy a dinner for two at four of New York’s hottest restaurants: Nobu 57,               Donor Company: Olives
     Tribeca Grill, Centrico and Mai House, courtesy of the Myriad Restaurant Group.
                                                                                              Note: Please see bid sheet for restrictions.
     In midtown, experience an evening at Nobu 57, Nobu’s midtown location.
     Awarded three stars from The New York Times, this restaurant showcases Nobu’s
     signature new style Japanese cuisine with classic dishes such as Yellowtail with         Silent Lot #27:
     Jalapeño and Black Cod with Miso, and new creations from the wood burning
     oven and the hibachi table.                                                              An Opulent New York Overnight
     Treat yourself to the restaurant that put Tribeca on the map, Tribeca Grill.             Enjoy brunch for two at what is unquestionably one of the city’s best dining spots.
     Co-owned by renowned restaurateur Drew Nieporent and legendary actor Robert              Café Boulud, modeled after Chef Daniel Boulud’s family’s restaurant of the same
     De Niro, this restaurant is one of only six restaurants in New York to receive the       name in France, is known for using ingredients of indisputable quality, expert
     Grand Award from the Wine Spectator. Admire the artwork of Robert De Niro Sr.’s          preparation and beautiful presentation.
     artwork while dining on Executive Chef Stephen Lewandowski’s contemporary
     market driven menu.                                                                      Then, relax in your room at the nearby Helmsely Park Lane Hotel, a grand luxury
                                                                                              46-story hotel with panoramic views of Central Park and the New York skyline.
     Allow yourself to be tempted by the heat of Mexico and sample the finest authentic       Spacious, elegant rooms and suites offer picture windows and superb views. Classical
     Mexican cuisine in New York, created by chef Aarón Sanchez at Myriad’s great             ambience and service is coupled with new-world comfort and convenience. The
     Mexican restaurant, Centrico. While dining on a wrap-around full-service terrace         décor reflects the grand European style, from the majestic ballroom to the intimate
     overlooking Franklin Street and West Broadway, journey through the Mexican               lobby. Located on Central Park in the midtown business district, the hotel is just
     states with traditional fare from each state married with the Chef Aaron’s clean         steps from Fifth Avenue shopping, Broadway theaters, Museum Mile, Radio City,
     vibrant flavors.                                                                         and Lincoln Center.
     Enjoy a new dining adventure at Mai House, the newest and highly talked about            Value: $1,000
     restaurant from the Myriad Restaurant Group. Exploring the traditional flavors
44   American Institute of Wine & Food                                                                                                                        Champagne Gala 2007     45

     Donor Company: Café Boulud & Park Lane Hotel                                             Gateway National Recreation Area. Depending on the season it is not unusual to
     Note: Café Boulud – Expires July, 2008. Available on Sundays only.                       see terns, oystercatchers, black skimmers, brants, Canada geese, rare piping plover
     Tax & gratuity excluded. Park Lane Hotel - Expires June 2008. Subject to availability.   and osprey. It’s far and away the best way to explore the birds and marshes of
                                                                                              Brooklyn’s hidden jewel. A brief session on land will introduce you to the boats
                                                                                              and the skills needed to paddle them. No experience is required, but you should be
     Silent Lot #28:                                                                          comfortable on the water; all equipment is provided.
                                                                                              Value: $400
     Dinner for Two at Café Centro                                                            Donor Company: Tom Potter
     A grand café reminiscent of Paris set in 1930s New York, Café Centro offers a            Note: Blackout date month of August. Expires June 12, 2008.
     stunning array of flavors on its classic Parisian brasserie menu. From raw bar to
     seafood specialties and grill selections, Café Centro also features seasonal entrees
     on its plats du jour. What’s more, its central location in the Met Life building is      Silent Lot #31:
     perfect for city dwellers and commuters alike!
     Value: $150                                                                              Dinner for Four at Village Restaurant
     Donor Company: Patina Restaurant Group/Café Centro                                       Enjoy dinner for four at this classic, casual and inviting “only in New York City”
     Note: Expires June 12, 2008. Excludes tax & gratuity.                                    atmosphere which features a 1920s skylight, beveled mirrors, stained-wood
     Black out dates includes November 22, 2007 – January 2, 2008                             mahogany bar and paneling. Executive Chef & Owner Steven Lyle and his friendly
                                                                                              staff invites you to stop in this Village joint to enjoy his contemporary French
                                                                                              American Bistro cuisine which features everything from top-notch burgers to
     Silent Lot #29:                                                                          seasonally inspired dishes. Let the Village Restaurant take care of you!
                                                                                              Value: $200
     Sunday Jazz Brunch for 6 at Porter House New York                                        Donor Company: Village Restaurant
     Much-loved Chef Michael Lomonaco marked his return to the New York                       Note: Expires June 12, 2008. Excludes tax & gratuity.
     restaurant world when he took the helm of the kitchen at Porter House in the Time
     Warner Center. His continued presence in the kitchen, and as often as possible in
     the dining room, allows diners to experience the best of new American cuisine in a       Silent Lot #32:
     New York showplace. The highest bidder of this item will enjoy a true New York
     experience - the Sunday Jazz Brunch - at Porter House with the John Miller Trio.         IC Fitness Personalized Training Session
     The comfortable room, the gracious staff, sophisticated sounds and the top quality
     fare guarantee an experience you will savor fully.                                       A customized personal training session equals instant MOTIVATION! Delivered
                                                                                              in your home gym or at a convenient midtown location, your private one-hour
     Value: $250                                                                              workout will be designed according to your specific goals and requests. By choosing
     Donor Company: Porter House New York                                                     the proper exercises in the correct sequence for your body type and goal, your
     Note: Excludes tax & gratuity. Not redeemable for cash. Valid through May 3, 2008.       trainer will maximize your time by getting the maximum results in the least
                                                                                              amount of time possible.
                                                                                              Value: $200
     Silent Lot #30:                                                                          Donor Company: IC Fitness
     Kayak New York! Sea Kayaking with Instructions                                           Note: Manhattan, Brooklyn & Queens only for house call.
     & Tour for Four People in Jamaica Bay Wildlife
     Refuge, Brooklyn, NY                                                                     Silent Lot #33:
     Enjoy one of New York City’s premier urban adventures with three of your friends         IC Fitness Personalized Stretch Session
     via a guided sea kayaking trip in Jamaica, Queens. Tom Potter, AIWF-Executive
     Director, co-founder of the Brooklyn Brewery, and B.C.U certified kayak instructor,      A fantastic luxury for those who play hard. This private one-hour stretch session
     will take you through Jamaica Bay, which encompasses 10,000 acres of winding             with a pro will help you relax and unwind. Great for tight lower backs, stress re-
     channels, salt marsh, and open water dotted with many islands, all part of the           duction, increasing circulation, sports performance and restoring postural alignment.
46   American Institute of Wine & Food                                                                                                                        Champagne Gala 2007      47

     Value: $200                                                                             Silent Lot #37:
     Donor Company: IC Fitness
                                                                                             California Spa Trip to the Legendary
     Note: Manhattan, Brooklyn & Queens only for house call.
                                                                                             Ojai Valley Inn & Spa
                                                                                             Escape to beautiful Santa Barbara in the comfort of Continental Airlines business
     Silent Lot #34:                                                                         class. When you arrive, you’ll relax at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa, the quintessential
                                                                                             California resort and a favorite escape for Hollywood celebrities. Since 1923,
     Bubbles Bubbles Everywhere…Domaine Carneros                                             vacationing guests have sought the tranquil pleasures of the historic, AAA Five
     It’s the perfect outing for sparkling wine lovers: A private, VIP tour of the beauti-   Diamond property located on 220 tree-shaded acres 35 miles south of Santa Barbara.
     ful Domaine Carneros Chateau, a landmark of the Carneros region in Napa, CA.            Affirmed by its many prestigious awards and fresh from a $90 million renovation,
     Completed in 1989, the classic 18th century château-style building was architec-        the legendary Inn is one of the nation’s unique hidden treasures. It features a classic
     turally inspired by the historic Château de la Marquetterie owned by principal          George C. Thomas Jr.-designed 18-hole golf course, the award-winning Spa Ojai, an
     founder, Champagne Taittinger. To top off your day, you’ll leave with one bottle        800-acre ranch and stables for horseback riding and outdoor pursuits, tennis center
     each 1993, 1994 & 1995 vintages. Santé!                                                 and year-round children’s program. Pamper yourself with an escape to the Spa!
     Value: $500                                                                             Value: $2,000
     Donor Company: Domaine Carneros by Taittinger                                           Donor Company: Ojai Valley Inn & Spa & Continental Airlines
     Note: Must reserve Tour & Tasting before June 30, 2008. Expires June 2008.              Note: Ojai Inn & Spa - Valid through June 12, 2008, no extensions available.
                                                                                             Must be redeemed during one visit. No partial certificates will be issued.
                                                                                             Must be used midweek, Sunday through Thursday. Excludes holidays, holiday
     Silent Lot #35:                                                                         weekends and black-out dates. Continental Airlines. Expires June 12, 2008; Taxes,
                                                                                             fees & surcharges not included.
     Three-Course Lunch for Four with Wine at
     New York City College of Technology in Brooklyn                                         Silent Lot #38:
     Support culinary education while enjoying a fantastic meal! Savor a three-course
     lunch with wine for four at the Janet Lefler Dining Room at the renowned                The Quintessential Case of World Class Wines of
     New York City College of Technology in Brooklyn Heights. Your lunch will be             Michael Skurnik Wines
     prepared and served by Hospitality Management students.
                                                                                             Lying in the shadows of the Alps, Piedmont is Italy’s foremost wine region.
     Value: $175
                                                                                             And two of the world’s legendary reds – Barolo and Babaresco, call it home. Bid on
     Donor Company: New York City College of Technology, CUNY                                this lot to win an assorted case of superstar wines from Piedmont, two bottles each
     Note: Expires May 2008. Available September - December 2007 & February to               of the following: 2002 Clerico Barolo; 2002 Scavino Barolo ‘Bricco Ambrogio’;
     May 2008.                                                                               2004 Angelo Rocca Barbaresco ‘Bric Ronchi’; 2004 Sottimano Barbaresco ‘Cotta’;
                                                                                             2001 Giovanni Corino Barolo ‘Arborina’; 2001 Azelia Barolo ‘Bricco Fiasco.’
                                                                                             Value: $1,000
     Silent Lot #36:
                                                                                             Donor Company: Michael Skurnik Wines
     Eat & Drink for Two at Jimmy’s No. 43
     Eat and drink well at this popular hangout in the heart of the East Village. Beer       Silent Lot #39:
     lovers herald it for its selection of European and local beers. Food lovers extol its
     menu which features organic and free-range ingredients in its hearty offerings.         Super-Exclusive Armagnac with Box of 25
     Value: $150                                                                             Romeo & Juliet Dominican Hand Rolled Cigars
     Donor Company: Jimmy’s No 43                                                            From the leading estate in Armagnac, the very rare eaux-de-vie Château de
     Note: Expires June 12, 2008. Excludes tax & gratuity.                                   Laubade Intemporel No. 5 is the only super-premium blend ever released. The
                                                                                             combination of a high share of the Baco grape and the choice of the best vintages
                                                                                             up to 50 years of age made this Bas Armagnac win a double gold medal and
                                                                                             Best Brandy Trophee at the San Francisco World Spirit Competition in 2007.
48   American Institute of Wine & Food                                                                                                                      Champagne Gala 2007    49

     The legendary Romeo & Juliet cigar is a favorite among cigar aficionados. Thick        tour for four in the Museum of Modern Art; a lunch for four at its Terrace 5 or
     and smooth, with an oily sheen and mounted head and firm construction, this            Café 2, and dinner for four at the highly-acclaimed Bar Room.
     cigar feels great in the hand. It has an even draw and a bright, white ash, with a     You will also receive four tickets to the Mets vs. Marlin game on Friday
     mellow and smooth flavor throughout.                                                   August 10, 2007!
     Value: $300                                                                            Value: $500
     Donor Company: Baron François Ltd. & The Camps Group/PGM, Inc                          Donor Company: Artfood at MoMA & Union Square Hospitality Group
                                                                                            Note: Mets Tickets – Valid for Mets vs. Marlin game on Friday, August 10, 2007.
     Silent Lot #40:                                                                        Bar Room & Terrace 5 – Expires June 12, 2008. Excludes tax & gratuity.

     A Week at a French Auberge for Four,
                                                                                            Silent Lot #42:
     and a Bottle of One of Armagnac’s Best
     Escape for a week with three of your closest friends to this off-the-beaten-path,      Dinner for Four at the Grand Hyatt New York’s
     charming Saint Jacques Bed & Breakfast in Orleans, France! When you return             Commodore Grill including Chef Michael Arbeeny’s
     home, relive your French vacation with a fantastic bottle of Armagnac from             “Flight of Fancy” Dessert
     Château de Laubade.
     Saint Jacques is a completely renovated auberge (manor house) in the heart of the      The Commodore Grill is in the heart of midtown at the impressive Grand Hyatt
     charming Solognot village just 15 minutes south of Orléans and 90 minutes from         Hotel. Winner of this lot will receive a special dinner for four, featuring Chef
     Paris. Only a few minutes away are several of the Loire castles, including Chambord,   Michael Arbeeny’s “Flight of Fancy” desserts!
     and King François the First’s famous hunting castle. Numerous wineries and             Value: $400
     gourmet restaurants are also nearby. The auberge has a large living area, a dining     Donor Company: Commodore Grill at the Grand Hyatt New York
     room and a library with books in French and English. For our guests’ enjoyment
     and recreation, the B&B provides a large assortment of board games, ping pong          Note: Expires June 12, 2008. Excludes tax & gratuity. Does not include alcohol.
     and bicycles at no extra cost. From their back door, guests can access many miles
     of biking and hiking trails. Visit the website for the village, Ligny-le-Ribault, by
     first going to For those with an interest in the art of       Silent Lot #43:
     falconry, which is one of the theme weekends Saint Jacques offers,
                                                                                            “The World’s Greatest Wine List” by Terlato Wines
     Château de Laubade is one of the leading single-estates in Armagnac, France.
                                                                                            International with a World-Class Riedel Decanter
     Its XO Bas, a unique brandy, is the result of blending Bas Armagnacs from              It has garnered more 90+ wine ratings than any other wine company in the world,
     12- to 25-years in oak barrels. The bottling is complex, generous, toasty and spicy.   which is why Terlato Wines International can boast that it owns “The World’s
     Value: $965                                                                            Greatest Wine List.” Included in this package are a delectable dozen of their fine
                                                                                            wines. To enjoy the wines to their fullest use a Reidel decanter. Made of beautiful
     Donor Company: Saint Jacques & Baron François Ltd.
                                                                                            lead crystal, this hand made, mouth blown decanter holds one bottle of your
     Note: Saint Jacques - Expires June 12, 2008. Does not include transportation.          favorite wine, and comes with a decorative stopper. Riedel is perhaps the world’s
                                                                                            finest maker of wine glasses and decanters; experts around the globe praise it for
                                                                                            the effect the glass imparts on the taste of wine served within it. Take home one of
     Silent Lot #41:                                                                        Riedel’s decanters tonight - and see the change it makes in your Terlato wines!

     A MoMA & Mets Treat:                                                                   Value: $725

     For Art, Food & Baseball Lovers                                                        Donor Company: Reidel Crystal & Terlato Wines International

     It’s long been the foremost modern art museum in the United States. And since
     Danny Meyer’s restaurant group took charge of its dining establishments, its been
     a destination point for food lovers as well. The lucky winner of this package will
     experience the many facets of The Museum of Modern Art and its restaurants.
     The Union Square Hospitality Group has generously donated an amazing private
50   American Institute of Wine & Food                                                                                                                        Champagne Gala 2007    51

     Silent Lot #44:                                                                          Silent Lot #47:

     Pinot Noir and Chardonnay Soda!                                                          Hands-on Cooking Class for Four with a “Top Chef”
     Part wine country magic, part soda pop pleasure, Vignette Wine Country Soda is           Contender and a Case of Côte de Beaune Beauties!
     the grown-up’s version of grape juice. The varietal grapes make all the difference.      You saw her on the first season of Bravo’s “Top Chef” reality cooking program.
     Available in Pinot Noir and Chardonnay flavors, this sparkling, no sugar-added,          Now let the highly-talented Chef Lee Anne Wong teach you some of the tools of
     100% natural beverage is the first of its kind to be made with California Wine           her trade in your own kitchen with this fun and educational private cooking class
     Country grapes. It’s non-alcoholic, so you won’t be waking up the next morning           for four. Chef Lee Anne will work with you to customize a menu that will focus
     with a hangover, but offers a level of taste sophistication that can provide for great   on the skills you want to learn while cooking your favorite foods. You’ll provide
     pairing options. Wichcraft SF (owned by Tom Colicchio of Top Chef) and several           the ingredients, while Chef Lee Anne, who is currently the Supervising Culinary
     other fine Northern Californian establishments carry Vignette, but you can have          Producer for “Top Chef” and the Executive Chef of Events at The French Culinary
     your own stash by bidding on this package of two cases of Vignette’s Chardonnay          Institute, provides individualized, expert instruction.
     and Pinot Noir bottlings.
                                                                                              What’s more, you may choose to have Chef Lee Anne work with you to create a
     Value: $120                                                                              menu that will showcase this case of beautiful Burgundies from Laboure-Roi, one
     Donor Company: Vignette Soda LLC                                                         of the world’s greatest wine producers. This fantastic six-bottle case contains lush
                                                                                              1er Cru wines from Burgundy’s Côte de Beaune 1998 vintage: Four bottles of Vol-
                                                                                              nay 1er Cru Santenots and two bottles of Pommard 1er Cru 1998.
     Silent Lot #45:                                                                          Value: $2,000
     Gift Certificate for The Monkey Bar & Grill                                              Donor Company: Chef Lee Anne Wong and Lauber Imports
                                                                                              Note: Expires June 12, 2008. Applicable anywhere in the Tri-State Area.
     The Monkey Bar & Grill, a legendary New York night spot, offers inventive
     American cuisine in a high-style setting. Currently celebrating its 80th anniversary,
     this legendary bar has been frequented by such luminaries as Tallulah Bankhead,
                                                                                              Silent Lot #48:
     Joe DiMaggio, Tennessee Williams, Marlon Brando and Ava Gardner. The overall
     ambiance taps into the location’s unique history and features executive chef Julian      A Magnum of Ultra-Premium Sonoma Valley Cabernet
     Claus Ehlers’s array of American and Continental cuisine. Monkey Bar & Grill
     was voted the No. 1 bar in New York by Gourmet Magazine’s latest readers’ poll.          Located in the heart of Sonoma Valley, the B.R Cohn Winery produces this ultra-
     Value: $150                                                                              premium cabernet from grapes grown on its Olive Hill Estate. Take home this
                                                                                              magnum of its 2003 vintage - you won’t regret it!
     Donor Company: The Glazier Group
                                                                                              Value: $125
     Note: Expires December 31, 2007. Non-negotiable. Reservations required. Ex-
     cludes tax & gratuity.                                                                   Donor Company: Lauber Imports

     Silent Lot #46:                                                                          Silent Lot #49:

     Dan Barber’s Blue Hill -                                                                 A Six Bottle Italian Wine Bonanza
     Chef’s Tasting Menu & Wine Pairing for Six                                               Lovers of Italian wine won’t want to let this fantastic, varied selection slip by.
                                                                                              One bottle each of Zaccagnini Bianco, Zaccagnini Rose, Ikebana Montepulciano
     Without a doubt one of country’s best restaurants, Blue Hill has garnered three          d’Abruzzo, San Clemente Trebbiano d’ Abbuzzo 2005, San Clemente Montepul-
     stars from The New York Times, thanks to award-winning Chef Dan Barber’s                 ciano d’ Abbuzzo 2001, and Plaisir Passito Rosso 2005.
     seasonal menu which focuses on produce from the Hudson Valley. Experience a
     perfectly prepared Chef’s Tasting Menu for six, complete with wine pairings, for         Value: $160
     what will be a truly special evening you’ll never forget.                                Donor Company: Lauber Imports
     Value: $650
     Donor Company: Blue Hill
     Note: Excludes tax & gratuity. Expires May 31, 2008. Reservations required.
52   American Institute of Wine & Food                                                                                                                           Champagne Gala 2007   53

     Silent Lot #50:                                                                            Silent Lot #52:

     Mercer’s Genesis® 4-Piece Knife Starter Set                                                Magnificent Mixed Case of Wine
     Mercer’s Genesis® 4-Piece Starter Set, comprised of a 7” Granton–Edge Santoku, a           Don’t leave empty handed tonight: Take home this fantastic selection of mixed
     5” Utility Knife, and a 3.5” Paring Knife, is conveniently packaged in a heavy-duty        wine – a great addition to anyone’s home collection.
     nylon storage roll similar to those used by professional chefs. Genesis® knives,           Value: $260
     fully forged from one piece of German steel, feature high carbon, no-stain blades
     and Santoprene® handles for a nonslip grip. Registering the set purchase on-line           Donor Company: Anonymous Donor
     not only activates the warranty, but also entitles the purchaser to free kitchen shears.
     Value: $100                                                                                Silent Lot #53:
     Donor Company: Mercer Cutlery
                                                                                                Famiglia DeBartolo Basket of Goodies &
                                                                                                Two New York Yankees Tickets
     Silent Lot #51:
                                                                                                A gift basket featuring a selection of our Famiglia DeBartolo products –
     Framed Photograph by Jon Lewis                                                             Famiglia – the official pizza of the New York Yankees:

     IN FENESTRATION is a meditation and visual exploration, a reflection, on                   Famous Famiglia Olive Oil, our extra virgin first cold-pressed olive oil produced
     reflection. Taken through glass, these photographs visually contemplate artifice,          in Italy. Rich, deep olive-green and silky smooth texture. Pressed from the finest
     desire, beauty and longing. Glass, in its deceptive simplicity, is a rich vein to be       quality olives.
     mined, both visually and metaphorically. From certain angles and in certain light,         Famous Famiglia Pasta, our premium spaghetti and penne pastas are made from
     it is simply transparent, but if those conditions change even slightly, the surface        100% durum semolina and produced in the traditional Naples fashion.
     becomes partially or completely reflective. This quality allows it to be both conduit      Caffé Famiglia, from our line of coffees we offer Espresso, Arabica, and
     and object of a photograph, creating levels of meaning that pile up with the levels        Decaffeinated coffees, produced in Ecuador by a fourth-generation purveyor.
     of imagery caught on its surface. The mercurial liquidity of glass lends itself to
     photographs that are immediately apprehensible as a whole, but which then reveal           Surprise! Try our new line of Famous Famiglia chocolate, soon to be launched
     hidden images through time and closer inspection.                                          worldwide in all of our Caffes.

     The surface of a window simultaneously shows both sides of itself, that which              Value: $600
     is meant to be seen by the viewer – a store display, for example – as well as that         Donor Company: Famiglia DeBartolo
     which is behind the viewer, and often the viewer as well. This unique quality of           Note: See bid sheet for Yankees ticket dates.
     glass, the way it acts as a border which is simultaneously beacon and barrier,
     creates a visual coexistence of interior and exterior, abstract and representational,
     real and meta, suggesting a narrative drawing all these competing threads together.        Silent Lot #54:
     The tension between these elements, the specific yet open-ended juxtaposition
     of artifice and life, space and time, fluidity and nuance, and desire and its manipu-      Dinner for Two at Brasserie 8 1/2
     lation, is the subject of this work.
                                                                                                Brasserie 8 1/2 achieves a delicate fusion of creativity and comfort, featuring a
     All the photographs in this series were created without the use of computer or
                                                                                                world class art collection, adventurous haute French cuisine and a plush atmosphere.
     other manipulation. They are all printed straight from the negatives. There were
                                                                                                A luscious raw bar, Latin and Asian influenced dishes; succulent meats and a des-
     no double exposures.
                                                                                                sert selection that is out of this world artfully complement this glamorous setting.
     Value: $1,250
                                                                                                Value: $150
     Donor: Jon Lewis
                                                                                                Donor Company: Patina Restaurant Group/Brasserie 8 1/2
                                                                                                Note: Expires June 12, 2008. Excludes tax & gratuity. Black out dates includes
                                                                                                November 22, 2007 – January 02, 2008

                                                                                                Please see bid sheets for any additions or changes to the silent auction
54   American Institute of Wine & Food                                                                                                           Champagne Gala 2007    55

     AIWF/NY Chapter                                                                 Students will taste sugar, salt, cocoa, and citric acid, learning the effects of
                                                                                     taste on the tongue. Examples of fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs that are

     Days of Taste®                                                                  bitter, sweet, sour, salty, and pungent will be brought by the chef for the
                                                                                     children to taste and talk about.

     Days of Taste® is a discovery-based program for fourth or fifth grade           Day 2: A Visit with a Local Farmer
     students to learn about food and how it weaves its way through daily life       A visit with a local farmer (either in the classroom or at a market) helps
     from farm to table.                                                             students to discover the wealth and variety of products grown and available
                                                                                     locally. The local farmer will lead the children in a discussion about the
     “In this age of fast and frozen foods, we want to teach school children         freshness of locally grown food and provide produce and an opportunity
     about real food—where it is grown and how it is produced—so they can            to taste and compare seasonal produce. The local farmer will discuss the
     develop an understanding and the appreciation of how good, fresh food is        jobs and responsibilities of managing a farm, introduce the concept of
     supposed to taste.” Julia Child, AIWF Founder and National Spokesperson         stewardship and the children’s role as future stewards of the land.
     for Days of Taste®
                                                                                     Day 3: Preparing a Harvest Salad
     Fourth and fifth graders really are “storehouses of information.” They          The students prepare a harvest salad with the chef using fresh, local
     have the ability to compare and contrast as well as develop understandings      ingredients. The chef will bring ingredients, bowls, and utensils to prepare
     that will remain with them into adulthood. By offering the Days of Taste®       the salad. Groups of children will prepare the salad and its dressing with
     program to elementary schools, the AIWF provides its finite resources to        the help of the Days of Taste® team. Once the salad is made and served,
     the widest cross-section of Americans. Days of Taste® fulfills the tenets of    everyone will sit together to enjoy the social interaction of dining.
     the AIWF’s mission: understanding and celebrating the pleasures, benefits
     and traditions of the table.                                                    Day 4: Visiting the Chef’s Restaurant
                                                                                     The students dine at the chef’s restaurant and tour the restaurant to
     Days of Taste® has a strong presence in the New York Public Schools,            observe the operations first-hand. The chef will discuss the variety of jobs
     allowing every participating child and adult to be touched in some way.         and responsibilities of managing a restaurant. Children will be involved in
     Perhaps it’s learning the nuances of taste for the child. For the adult, it     a discussion about career opportunities and a summary of what they have
     might be the joy of watching the pleasure of discovery light up a youngster’s   learned in the Days of Taste® program.
     face. Days of Taste® has been conducted in fifteen schools, 66 classes
     (mostly fourth graders but some third and fifth graders as well) in             Days of Taste® is a versatile and specially tailored educational children’s
     Manhattan and Brooklyn in 2005.                                                 program developed by The American Institute of Wine & Food.
                                                                                     We welcome your participation as a chef, food professional, educator or
     Objectives                                                                      corporate sponsor. If you are interested in participating or sponsoring the
     To build a food and nutrition vocabulary                                        AIWF/NY Chapter’s Days of Taste®, please contact the AIWF/NY Office
     To understand that locally grown foods are freshest                             at 718-229-6565.
     To experience and compare tastes
     To develop “taste memories”                                                     2007 sponsorship for Days of Taste® program provided by
     To provide social food experiences around the table                             Borax Paper Products, Inc. & Le Pain Quotidien.

     Days of Taste®
     Day 1: Exploring the ABCs of Taste and Health
     The students explore the nuances of taste (bitter, sweet, sour, salty,
     pungent) through the five senses via a component tasting guided by a chef,
     assisted by a food professional and a classroom teacher. Students will be
     introduced to the Food Guide Pyramid and the basics of nutrition.
56   American Institute of Wine & Food                                                                                                                      Champagne Gala 2007   57

     Days Of Taste® Summary Report                                                                AIWF/NY Chapter Scholarships
     Prepared by Carlota Ugalde, Days of Taste Administrator
                                                                                                  The AIWF/NY Chapter has created, funded and continues to support a
     Overview:                                                                                    scholarship program that awards scholarships at the leading New York cu-
     In October 2006, we launched the 12th annual Days of Taste program.                          linary institutions. The scholarship programs were spearheaded by former
     The program has significantly expanded from 2004, as illustrated by the                      Chapter Chair George Faison, D’Artagnan; Founding Chapter Chair Clark
     facts and figures below. This year we will be working with additional                        Wolf, Clark Wolf & Co.; Advisor Julia Jordan, New York City College of
     schools and many more talented volunteers.                                                   Technology, CUNY; Advisor Steve Hindy, Brooklyn Brewery in conjunc-
                                                                                                  tion with Chef André and Simone Soltner, Lutèce; Michael Jackson, beer
     Facts and Figures:                                                                           authority; Daniel Johnnes, Myriad Restaurant Group & Jeroboam Wines;
     2004                        2005                            2006**                           and Kevin Zraly, Windows on the World Wine School on behalf of the late
     1,350 Children*             1,614 Children                  1,646 Children                   Ray Wellington, New York Restaurant Group and Wine Buyers Circle.
     45 Classes                  66 Classes                      70 Classes including 3 Sp. Ed.
     45 Teachers                 69 Teachers                     74 Teachers                      In 2005, AIWF/NY Chapter scholarships were established at the French
                                 64 Units***                     66 Units***                      Culinary Institute and the Institute of Culinary Education. The scholarship
     11 Schools                  15 Schools                      16 Schools                       program is overseen by the AIWF/NY Chapter Board of Directors, and
     45 Food Professionals       73 Food Professionals           78 Food Professionals
     45 Chefs                    69 Chefs                        65 Chefs                         scholarship application information is available at
     10 School Liaisons          15 School Liaisons              16 School Liaisons
                                 31 Greenmarket Tour Guides      45 Greenmarket Tour Guides
                                 42 Culinary Students            64 Culinary Students             André And Simone Soltner Food Education Scholarship
     * (This number is based on the assumption that there were 30 children per class)
     ** (These numbers are effective as of November 28, 2006 and are subject to change)           The André and Simone Soltner Food Education Scholarship was founded
     *** (Some classes combine for the program)                                                   in 1994 to assist New York area individuals interested in a food or culi-
                                                                                                  nary career who aspire to the standards of quality exemplified by the Solt-
                                                                                                  ners at their restaurant, Lutèce, which maintained a four-star New York
     In 2006, Days of Taste was conducted in 16 New York City public schools
                                                                                                  Times rating for over thirty years. The passionate commitment required to
     throughout Manhattan (PS 1, 3, 41, 42, 87, 111, 116, 145, 163, 180, 132,
                                                                                                  remain at this level is the most important criterion sought in the applicants
     208 and 223) and Brooklyn (PS 29, 84, 282). We cheerfully welcome PS 1
                                                                                                  for the scholarship’s Grand Award. In addition, Merit Awards, and Alsa-
     in Chinatown for their first year. The schools are located in the following
                                                                                                  tian Professional Internships, perpetuating the culinary heritage of Chef
     neighborhoods: Chinatown, Lower East Side, Greenwich Village, Murray
                                                                                                  Soltner’s birthplace, have on occasion been provided.
     Hill, Upper West Side, Harlem, and Washington Heights in Manhattan;
     Williamsburg, Cobble Hill, and Park Slope in Brooklyn.                                       The André & Simone Soltner Food Education Scholarship now perma-
                                                                                                  nently resides at The French Culinary Institute, New York University, and
                                                                                                  New York College of Technology. The Grand Award of $2,500 is awarded
     We partnered with numerous culinary organizations to outreach to potential
                                                                                                  every year, in rotation, from an initially endowed fund of $28,976.62 at
     chef, food professional, and Greenmarket tour guide volunteers. Because
                                                                                                  each of the schools.
     of the generous efforts and enthusiasm of these organizations, we were
     able to reach our goal of accommodating 70 classes for the 2006 program.                     Grand Award winners:
                                                                                                  1997 Suzanne “Suki” E. Hertz, NYU
     Many thanks to Spoons Across America, Borax Paper Products, Greenmarket
     Farmers Market, New York City College of Technology - HM Department,                         1998 Jennifer Schiff Berg, NYU
     New York University, French Culinary Institute, the Institute of Culinary                    1999 Matthew Smith, Jean Georges and Park Avenue Cafe
     Education, The Art Institute of New York, American Institute of Wine                         2002 Alison Calabia, FCI
     & Food – New York Chapter, James Beard Foundation, Slow Food, and                            2003 Irene Jonata, NYU
     New York Women’s Culinary Alliance.
58   American Institute of Wine & Food                                                                                               Champagne Gala 2007   59

     2003 Ivette Ramirez, NYCCT                                             Ray Wellington Wine Education Scholarship
     2004 Miki Natsume, NYU
                                                                            Ray Wellington was not only a friend and a colleague but an inspiration as
     2005 Kierin Baldwin, FCI                                               well. Ray was the Chairman of the New York Chapter of the AIWF from
     2006 Michael Borlongan, NYCCT                                          1990–1992 and was an active supporter of our educational mission until
                                                                            his death in 1992.
     Merit Award winners:
                                                                            Ray’s career in the wine industry began at Windows on the World, where
     1997 Kurt Brown, FCI; Christian Finck, NYU; and Adrian Barrow, NYCCT
                                                                            he started as a busboy and rose to the position of Director of Wine Ser-
     1998 Tara Lynn Kramer, FCI; Elizabeth Johnson, NYU;                    vices, overseeing an annual wine-buying budget of one million dollars.
       and Joyce Stephens, NYCCT                                            He went on to work as the wine director of the New York Restaurant
     1999 Paulette Martin, FCI; Trish Lobenfeld, NYU;                       Group, working with the management and staff of the Manhattan Ocean
       and Nelson Vargas, NYCCT                                             Club, Cité, Smith & Wollensky and the Post House on wine and service
     2000 Mimi Martin, NYU                                                  training, as well as managing the restaurants’ stellar cellars. In 1988,
     2001 Andy Reyes, NYCCT                                                 Ray and Kevin Zraly founded the Wine Buyers Circle, whose 24 members
     2002 Lisa Lindner, NYCCT; Natalie Kalb, NYU                            represent two dozen major restaurants, accounting for total annual sales
                                                                            of more than $20 million.
     2003 Abigail Ferrer, NYCCT; Ellen Fried & Joy Stantofer, NYU
     2004 May Young Lee, NYCCT; Miki Natsume, NYU                           Seeing Ray work and watching him taste was a motivating experience,
     2006 Carl Alexander, FCI; Reem Assad & Amanda Keune,                   says his friend and colleague Daniel Johnnes. “He was a driven man
       NYCCT ($125 each)                                                    and passionate about what he did. His drive and passion were infectious
                                                                            and certainly made me push myself harder in the field I love. Without these
     Alsatian Professional Internship winners:                              qualities one has little chance of succeeding and excelling in the highly
                                                                            competitive wine profession. The purpose of the Ray Wellington Wine
     1997 Albert Kobe, Rainbow
                                                                            Scholarship program is to enable young people to pursue their wine
     1998 Shawn Starbuck Kelley, NYU                                        studies and discover the fire in their bellies and on their palates, both of
     1999 Vincent Barcelona, The Mark Hotel                                 which will lead them to a fulfilling, productive, and passionate career in
                                                                            the world of wine.”

                                                                            The Ray Wellington Wine Education Scholarship has raised $58,429. The
                                                                            annual $1,000 award for the Sommelier Fellowship Program permanently
                                                                            resides at the Culinary Institute of America.

                                                                            1997 Barbara Levy, New York City College of Technology, CUNY
                                                                            1998 Matthew MacCartney, New York City College of Technology, CUNY
                                                                            1999 Diane Ditore, Tribeca Grill
                                                                            2000 Robert Turner, Culinary Institute of America
                                                                            2002 Ted Wynot, Culinary Institute of America
                                                                            2002 Celia Dumbra, Culinary Institute of America
                                                                            2004 Greta Reinen, Culinary Institute of America
                                                                            2005 Francesco (Frank) Sansotta, Jr., Culinary Institute of America
                                                                            2006 Andrea Martin, Culinary Institute of America
60   American Institute of Wine & Food                                                                                                         Champagne Gala 2007   61

     Michael Jackson Beer Education Scholarship                                      The French Culinary Institute Scholarship
     The Michael Jackson Beer Education Scholarship is named for the British         For more than 20 years, The French Culinary Institute has been groom-
     beer writer whose articles and books have aroused public awareness about        ing the next generation of culinary arts professionals. Located in the heart
     brewing history and culture, and helped popularize the world’s classic beer     of Manhattan’s SoHo culinary scene, the school’s curriculum teaches
     styles and breweries. Jackson’s writing has initiated many aspiring brewers     the fundamentals of Western cuisine based upon the principle of “Total
     into the history of the brewer’s art and defined the styles and categories of   Immersion”sm. The FCI’s world-class faculty, renowned International
     beer that are now routinely judged at national and international beer com-      Culinary Theatre, L’Ecole on-campus student-run restaurant, Culinary
     petitions. Many brewers credit Jackson with saving some classic breweries       Business Courses as well as culinary, baking, pastry and wine courses for
     from oblivion. Jackson has been a special guest for the popular beer and        serious amateurs arguably make it the leading school of its kind anywhere.
     food tasting of the New York chapter of The American Institute of Wine
                                                                                     In 2005 The French Culinary Institute established an AIWF NY Chapter
     & Food. Jackson, a rumpled Briton with tousled hair, a goatee and a droll
     sense of humor, is the star of Discovery Channel’s “Beer Hunter” television
     series and author of DK Publishing’s Ultimate Beer, Running Press’s Beer
     Companion, World Guide to Beer and Pocket Guide to Beer. He has done            The Institute Of Culinary Education Scholarship
     beer tastings and dinners at The Plaza Hotel, The Waldorf Astoria and the
     James Beard House. He writes regular columns in many beer publications          The Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) is New York City’s largest and
     and has also written for The Guardian, Esquire and The Washington Post.         most active center for culinary education. Founded in 1975 by the late
                                                                                     Peter Kump, the school offers highly regarded 6- to 11-month career
     Jackson also is an authority on single malt scotches and author of Running      training programs in culinary arts, pastry and baking, and culinary
     Press’s Complete Guide to Single Malt Scotch.                                   management. ICE also runs the largest program of hands-on recreational
     Jackson has visited more breweries than anyone, and is a vigorous advocate      cooking and baking classes and wine education in the country, in addition
     of the health benefits of alcoholic beverages. “A lot of people think you       to hosting hundreds of corporate and private cooking parties a year.
     live longer if you don’t drink,” says Jackson.” But that isn’t really true.     In 2002 and 2003, ICE was a finalist and winner in the International
     Life just seems longer if you don’t drink.”                                     Association of Culinary Professionals’ vocational and avocational culinary
     The scholarship is awarded each year to a working brewer from New York          school of the year awards. Its students and alumni regularly are nominated
     State who is expanding his or her horizon by attending brewing school.          for or win top industry awards, such as James Beard Awards, Food &
     The Michael Jackson Beer Education Scholarship fund has raised $25,650.         Wine’s Best New Chefs in America, and Pastry Art & Design’s Ten Best
     The annual $1,000 award permanently resides at Cornell University,              Pastry Chefs.
     College of Agriculture & Life Sciences at the Vinification & Brewing            In 2005 The Institute of Culinary Education established an AIWF NY
     Technology Laboratory in Geneva, New York.                                      Chapter scholarship.
     Michael Jackson Beer Education Scholarship winners:
     1997 Todd Haire, Magic Hat Brewing Co. in Burlington, Vermont
     1998 James Simpson, award winning home brewer in New York
     1999 Paul Sullivan, brewmaster and consultant in New York
     2003 “Beer Quality and Quality Control” Cornell seminar and scholarship
     In 2007 the funds were transferred to the AIWF NY Chapter for distribution.
62   American Institute of Wine & Food                                                                                                         Champagne Gala 2007   63

     Professional Series                                                             Scholars Internship Program
     In 2003, the New York Chapter of the American Institute of Wine &               In 2004 the NY Chapter broadened its core educational mission with its
     Food inaugurated a new series of special events called “Professional Series”.   latest initiative, the Scholars Internship Program. Where Days of Taste®
     Under the leadership of AIWF/NY board member Scott Hunt of The                  focuses on the fourth- and fifth-graders and our scholarships on the would-be
     French Culinary Institute, the focus of the Professional Series has been        food industry students; the Scholars Internship Program provides a hands-
     refined, and we believe now provides an important forum for industry            on working internship for senior students and recent culinary graduates.
     professionals. Here, they can share their knowledge and expertise in two
                                                                                     Participating New York-area hospitality schools include the Institute of
     important areas: career development and important industry topics.
                                                                                     Culinary Education (ICE), The French Culinary Institute (FCI), The Art
     Originally designed in 2003 as a three-part discussion series, the 2006
                                                                                     Institute of New York (AINY), New York University’s Food Studies Program
     Professional Series will include 8 panel discussions. Each panel is com-
                                                                                     (NYU) and New York City College of Technology (NYCCT). Each school
     prised of volunteers from the food & beverage industry. These discussion
                                                                                     hand-selects two highly motivated students, eager to excel in their chosen
     panels attract an audience of both hospitality students and seasoned
                                                                                     field, as candidates for one of fifteen unique food-industry opportunities.
     professionals who are looking to refine and advance their career search.
     The sessions are held at the leading New York’s culinary schools.               Our partners in the 2005 program consisted of Danny Meyer’s Union
                                                                                     Square Hospitality Group; Drew Nieporent’s Myriad Restaurant Group;
     Each panel discussion within the Professional Series is based on ideas and
                                                                                     Maguy le Coze and Eric Ripert’s Le Bernardin; and Martha Bear Dallis’s
     feedback from chapter members and on current industry trends. Past panel
                                                                                     Bear Dallis Associates. Among the exciting internships available, there was
     topics have included: Advance Training and Hiring Techniques; Career
                                                                                     an assistant sommelier position, dining room and kitchen opportunities,
     Alternatives, The World of Non-Profits: Careers with a Cause; Careers in
                                                                                     as well as an operations position in a rapidly growing restaurant group.
     Television—Behind the Set Information; Landing the Perfect Job—Tips for
     Your Job Search; Points of Wine Origins—Quality, Counterfeits, Realities        The AIWF Scholars Internship Program is a unique platform that puts a
     and Today; and Breaking into the World of Food Magazines. An engaging           wealth of food industry expertise at the disposal of the future leaders in
     question and answer session with the audience follows each panel discus-        our field. This exciting new program, in its very early stages, has received
     sion. At the conclusion of the program, the host institution provides a         enthusiastic support from the schools and the industry professionals who
     reception, allowing for plenty of time to network                               are eager to share their wisdom and experience.
     The Professional Series benefits not only current chapter members but also      2003 Scholars
     aids the Chapter by generating new and student members. Student members         Nerrisa Charles, NYCCT at Union Square Café, Front of the House
     can attend all Professional Series programs for free.                           Beth Huber, FCI at Montrachet, Front of the House/Wine
     In summary, we are pleased to report that this innovative program series        Alexandra Jackson, ICE at Tabla, Back of the House
     that has positioned AIWF as a primary source for the latest industry infor-     Alana Kravitz, FCI at Eleven Madison Park, Back and Front of the House
     mation, as well as a resource for student members and those members and         Kimberly LaCrette, NYCCT at Nobu, Pastry
     guests who are considering a career change. By providing a friendly forum
                                                                                     Nathaniel Rubin, ICE at Tribeca Grill, Back and Front of the House
     for information exchange and by partnering with the leading culinary
     schools, the Professional series successfully fulfills the AIWF mission.        2004 Scholars
                                                                                     Karen Bigman, ICE at Tabla, Front of the House
     The Professional Series program was underwritten by Famiglia DeBartolo
     LLC in 2006.                                                                    David Decker, ICE at Le Bernardin, Back of the House
                                                                                     Maria Elenaja, AINY at Nobu, Pastry and Wine
     Professional Series Co-Chairs:
                                                                                     James Feustel, NYU at Union Square Café, Back and Front of the House
     Maureen Drum & Christine Panas, 2006 & 2007
64   American Institute of Wine & Food                                                                                                 Champagne Gala 2007   65

     Roby Gomez, NYCCT at Café Centro, Back of the House                     Who We Are
     Rachel Sut Man Chao, NYCCT at Restaurant Associates/US Open, Catering

     2005 Scholars                                                           In 1981 Julia Child, Robert Mondavi, Richard Graff, and others founded
                                                                             The American Institute of Wine & Food, a non-profit educational
     Jeongran Baek, NYCCT at Bear Dallis Associates - Event Management
                                                                             organization devoted to improving the appreciation, understanding,
     Italivi Reboreda, NYCCT at Nobu, Back of the House - Pastry             and accessibility of food and drink.
     Sumi Okamoto, FCI at Gramercy Tavern, Front of the House - Accounting
                                                                             Today, The AIWF has 32 chapters in the United States with more than
     Marilene Edrei, FCI at Le Bernardin, Front of the House
                                                                             6,400 members who are restaurateurs, food industry professionals, food
     Dennis Lopez, ICE at Le Bernardin, Back of the House
                                                                             educators, nutritionists, chefs, wine professionals and dedicated food and
     Laura Nuter, ICE at Tribeca Grill, Purchasing                           wine enthusiasts.
     Robyn Moore, Ai at Union Square Café, Back of the House
                                                                             Our Mission
     Nicholas Lee, NYU at Tribeca Grill, Back of the House
                                                                             We enhance quality of life through education about what we eat and
     2006 Scholars                                                           drink.
     Lisa Sylvers, NYCCT at MoMa Cafe, Front & Back of the House             Our Vision
     Matt Meyer, ICE at Union Square Café, Back of the House                 The AIWF has vibrant prospects as we look toward 2008 and beyond.
     Michael Paladino, NYU at Craft Bar                                      Our fundamental belief that food and wine enhance the quality of our lives
     Marty P. Valerio, FCI at– Tribeca Grill, Back of the House              remains the guiding force behind all of our activities. As an educationally
                                                                             focused organization, the members, volunteer leadership and professional
     Scholars Program Chair                                                  staff of The AIWF will:
     Tracy Wilson, 2007
                                                                             • Be leaders in discussions of current issues relating to food and drink.
                                                                             • Produce substantive, distinctive programs and publications that are the
                                                                               best of their kind.
                                                                             • Maintain an efficiently managed, fiscally sound and socially responsible
                                                                               organization at both chapter and national levels.
                                                                             • Collaborate with other organizations to support food and wine educa-
                                                                               tion to children and adults across America.
                                                                             • Encourage support and use of the AIWF gift collections of rare books
                                                                               and manuscripts on food and drink in the University of California at
                                                                               San Diego and Radcliffe College/Harvard University libraries.
                                                                             • Encourage the development of such scholarly resources related to food
                                                                               and drink in other locations across the country.
                                                                             • Build an endowment to secure the future of the organization.
                                                                             • Offer scholarships, fellowships and research grants to individuals
                                                                               working in fields related to the AIWF mission.
66   American Institute of Wine & Food                                                                                                     Champagne Gala 2007   67

     Membership                                                                   Special Thanks
     When you become a member of the AIWF, you’ll join thousands of others        Chapter Sponsor
     who are committed to improving the understanding and appreciation            Continental Airlines
     of food and drink. And in doing that, you’ll help share the spirit of our
                                                                                  Gold Sponsors
     diverse cultural and culinary heritage with generations to come.
                                                                                  Kobrand Corporation, Taj Hotel Resorts & Palaces, The Pierre New York
     The AIWF was founded as a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization
     in 1981 by Julia Child, Robert Mondavi and the late Richard Graff to         Event Sponsors
     provide a forum for the study of fine food and drink. Today, the organiza-   Berried Treasures, Dallis Coffee, De Bragga & Spitler, Fresh Direct,
     tion has over 27 chapters in the United States with a diverse membership     Nestle & Tom Cat Bakery
     that includes both food and wine professionals and dedicated enthusiasts,    Days of Taste® Sponsors
     all of whom share a passion for the pleasures and traditions of the table.
                                                                                  Borax Paper Products, Inc. & Le Pain Quotidien

                                                                                  Event Committee
                                                                                  Scott Hunt, Event Co-Chair
                                                                                  Christine Panas, Event Co-Chair
                                                                                  Martha Bear Dallis
                                                                                  Allison Bennett
                                                                                  Ken Blanchette
     AIWF/NY Chapter                                                              Maureen Drum Fagin
     c/o Bear Dallis Associates                                                   Paul Favale
     213-37 39th Avenue, Box 216                                                  Sharon Garofanello
     Bayside, NY 11361                                                            Katie McManus
                                                                                  Tom Potter
     Phone: 718.229.6565                                                          Marty Shapiro
     Fax: 718.279.2324                                                            Tracy Wilson
                                                                                  Valerie Zweig
                                                                                  New York Chapter Office
                                                                                  Martha Bear Dallis, President, Bear Dallis Associates
                                                                                  Nerrisa Charles, Chapter Administrator
                                                                                  Carlota P. Ugalde, Days of Taste Administrator
                                                                                  Reem Assad, Assistant

                                                                                  Champagne Gala Volunteers
                                                                                  AIWF NY Chapter Board Members, Bear Dallis Associates, Institute of
                                                                                  Culinary Education, The French Culinary Institute, New York City College
                                                                                  of Technology, CUNY and New York University

                                                                                  Bjorg Magnea
68   American Institute of Wine & Food                                                                                   Champagne Gala 2007   69

     2007 NY Chapter Board Members
     Executive Board                                                Advisory Board
     Scott Hunt, Lycée Français de New York                         Jennifer Berg, New York University, Food Studies Department
     AIWF-NY Chapter Chair                                          Stephen Hindy, Brooklyn Brewery
     Christine Panas, Famiglia-DeBartolo, LLC                       Michael Lomonaco, Porter House NY
     AIWF-NY Chapter Vice Chair
                                                                    Drew Jaglom, Tannenbaum Helpern Syracuse & Hirschtritt, LLP
     David B. Dallis, Dallis Coffee
                                                                    Julia Jordan, New York City College of Technology, CUNY
     AIWF-NY Chapter Treasurer
                                                                    Waldy Malouf, Beacon
     Maureen Drum Fagin, Institute of Culinary Education
     AIWF-NY Chapter Secretary                                      Drew Nieporent, Myriad Restaurant Group
     Martin Shapiro, Myriad Restaurant Group/Tribeca Grill          Michael Whiteman, Joseph Baum & Michael Whiteman Co.
     AIWF NY Chapter Immediate Past Chair
                                                                    Chairmen Emeriti
     Board of Directors                                             Martha Bear Dallis, Bear Dallis Associates, Inc.
     Gary Bailey, The New York Helmsley                             George Faison, DeBragga & Spitler
     Allison Bennett, Good Deed Foundation                          Jim Munson, Dallis Coffee
     Ken Blanchette, Fresh Direct                                   Tom Potter, AIWF Executive Director
     Sharon Colabello, Patina Restaurant Group                      Matthew Reich, Tom Cat Bakery
     Paul Favale,                                        Kathleen Talbert, Talbert Communications
     Sharon Garofanello, HSBC                                       Clark Wolf, Clark Wolf Co., Inc.
     Jessica Jaffe, Artisanal Premium Cheese
     Katie McManus, The French Culinary Institute
     Robin Kelley O’Connor, Bordeaux Wine Bureau
     Christopher Rom, Brooklyn Brewery
     Liz Schaible, New York City College of Technology, CUNY
     Penny Trenk, Food Enthusiast
     Tracy Wilson, Cafe 2 & Terrace 5 at the Museum of Modern Art
     Kristin Zangrilli, Kobrand Corporation
     Valerie Zweig, Bullfrog & Baum
70   American Institute of Wine & Food                                                            Champagne Gala 2007   71

     Auction Donors                                   Michael Mina
                                                      Michael Skurnik Wines
                                                      Myriad Restaurant Group
     American Masala Farm
                                                      New York City College of Technology, CUNY
     Artfood at MoMA
                                                      Ojai Valley Inn & Spa
     Artisanal Fromagerie and Bistro
     Artisanal Premium Cheese
                                                      Park Lane Hotel
     BR Guest, Inc.
                                                      Patina Restaurant Group
     Baldor Specialty Food
                                                      Porter House New York
     Baron Francois Ltd.
                                                      Riedel Crystal
     Beacon Restaurant
                                                      Robin Kelley O’Connor
     Benziger Family Winery
                                                      Rose Water
     Blue Hill Stone Barns
                                                      Saint Jacques
     Brooklyn Brewery
                                                      Spice Market
     Ottaway Family
                                                      Stone & Thistle Farm
     Brooklyn Edible Magazine
                                                      Taj Hotels Resorts & Palaces
     Café Boulud
     Cakebread Cellars
                                                      Terlato Wines International
     Charm & Whimsy
                                                      The Camps Group/PGM, Inc
     China Grill Managament/Ono at Hotel Gansevoort
                                                      The Capital Grille Restaurant
     Commodore Grill at the Grand Hyatt New York
                                                      The Country House Montali
     Continental Airlines
                                                      The French Culinary Institute
     Cornerstone Communication
                                                      The Glazier Group
     Cronkite Pizzeria & Wine Bar
                                                      The Liberty Hotel
     Crooked Brook
                                                      The New York Helmsley Hotel
     Dallis Coffee
                                                      The Peekamoose Restaurant & Tap Room
     DeBragga and Spitler, Inc.
                                                      Tom Potter
     Del Posto
                                                      Union Square Hospitality Group
     Domaine Carneros by Taittinger
                                                      Vignette Soda LLC
     Famiglia BeBartolo
                                                      Village Restaurant
     Food & Wine Magazine
                                                      Westin St. Francis
     Food Network
     French Culinary Institute                        Gift Bag Donors
     Fresh Direct
     Frost Valley YMCA                                Artisanal Cheese Center
     Gail C. Flanery                                  Beacon
     Great Performances                               Brooklyn Brewery
     Harmony Hill Lodging & Retreat Center            Dallis Coffee
     Heritage Framing                                 DeBragga & Spitler
     IC Fitness                                       Famiglia DeBartolo
     Institute of Culinary Education                  FoodMatch
     Jimmy’s No 43                                    HSBC
     Jon Lewis                              
     Joseph Phelps Vineyard                           Paromi Tea
     Kobrand Corporation                              Tom Cat Bakery
     Lauber Imports                                   Waldy’s Wood Fired Pizza
     Mercer Cutlery
72   American Institute of Wine & Food   Champagne Gala 2007   73
74   American Institute of Wine & Food           Champagne Gala 2007   75

76   American Institute of Wine & Food


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