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                 For Alumni and Friends of the Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences
Vol. 21, No. 2                    and the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture

                                                                                     Scholars and Donors
                                                                                                              Page 6
In This Issue ...
Dear Alumni............................................. 4

Wardlow and Halbrook
named department heads ......................... 4

Lalit Verma serves as
Bumpers College interim dean ................. 5

Firebaughs to endow
HESC scholarships .................................... 5

Scholarship donors and recipients
gather for events ....................................... 6

Hugh and Fran Nutt
designate gifts to five areas ....................... 7

Lancasters endow scholarship fund .......... 7

HESC dedicates Foods Lab
and announces plans for
child development center ......................... 8

Tailgate Brunch ........................................ 9

HESC degree prepares alumna
for varied career ..................................... 10

Home Economics evolves into
Human Environmental Sciences ............. 11

Horticulture alumni awards .................... 11

New faculty members join Division of
Agriculture and Bumpers College ........... 12

Global Studies Program provides
international perspective ........................ 13

Donors fund travel scholarships
and grants............................................... 13

Love for agriculture leads to corporate
management career at Tyson Foods ........ 14

Agricultural Business major
leads to great careers .............................. 15

Plant Pathology head
Sung Lim retires ...................................... 15

Entomology honors Ronald Davey.......... 16                    BUmperS CoLLege AmBASSADorS 2008-09 — First row from top, Kendra Boling,
                                                               Ashley Reitzler, Kaitlin Mitchell, Chelsey Ahrens, Lisa Ogier and Amanda Simpson.
Class Notes............................................. 17    Second row, Fendley Ragland, Matthew Taylor, Jason Davis, Nathan Waldrip, Matt
                                                               Hughes and Jacob Wooley.
Bumpers student helps U of A
win fishing championship....................... 18

Women in Agriculture Conference ......... 18

                                                                      If you are interested in plants, animals, food, business,
                                                                      the natural environment or the human environment…
CoVer: Agricultural Business major
Fendley Ragland, left, and Stanley Reed                                             we have a major for you.
spoke on behalf of the scholarship
recipients and donors at the Scholarship                                      
Luncheon on Oct. 24. (Photo by Fred

2                                                                                                                             The Graduate
Bumpers College
Alumni Society                          From the Dean
Board of Directors
n    Northwest
Betty Bradford, Fayetteville
Shannon Fancher, Springdale             Students Come First
Penny Storms, Fayetteville

n    Northeast                              f you visit the home page of the Bumpers College Web
Scott Mason, Jonesboro                      site, you will find the following:
Boyce Johnson, Marion                                                                                         Dr. Lalit r. Verma
                                            “Students come first in our priorities of teach-                  Interim Dean and
                                        ing, research and service about plants, animals, food,                Interim Associate
taylor adams, Litttle rock
                                        business, the natural environment and the human                         Vice president
n    Southwest                          environment.”                                                       – Academic programs
debra Culpepper, Prescott                    We focused on the “Students First” theme, which is
n    Southeast                          now a campus-wide slogan, at our Scholarship Luncheon this fall, where our scholar-
Jerry Burkett, Stuttgart                ship recipients have a chance to meet the donors.
angela Waldrip, Moro                         I am pleased to report that your college set a new record for enrollment at 1,680
                                        students this fall, which is an increase of 3.7 percent over fall 2007. undergraduate
n    At Large
                                        enrollment totals 1,388 for an increase of 3.4 percent over last fall.
Brian adams, Lake St. Louis, Mo.
                                             Nearly one-third of our undergraduates receive a scholarship that helps meet the
david daniel, Springdale
Susan Kemp, Mountain View               average annual cost of $18,500 for u of a students. the scholarships provided by
ron rainey, Little rock                 you, our alumni and friends, help us recruit excellent students and allow many to stay
  President                             in school who otherwise couldn’t.
Charlene reed, Marianna                      For information on how you can help meet the need for more scholarships, visit
  Immediate Past President              our “Parents, alumni and Friends” Web page or call Kellie Knight, our development
n    AAA Board                          officer, at 479-575-2270.
Mike Macechko, Director, AAA                 Now, here are just a few of the ways we put our students first:
Glenyce Feeney, Little rock                   n   Bumpers College has a family-like atmosphere. Faculty members take a
anthony Mcadoo, Fayetteville                      personal interest in each student.
n    ex officio                               n   Faculty members, not graduate assistants, teach all Bumpers College courses.
Lalit r. Verma, Interim Dean,
  Bumpers College, and Interim                n   Our academic advisors are faculty members in each department who know the
  Associate Vice President–Academic               students in their major.
  Programs, Division of Agriculture
donna Graham, Associate Dean                  n   Most classes are small with a student to teacher ratio of 19 to 1.
ashley Harris, Director,
  Bumpers College Alumni Society              n   We offer 14 diverse majors for students interested in plants, animals, food,
Kellie a. Knight, Director of                     business, the natural environment and the human environment.
                                              n   Our majors and minors are designed to prepare students for careers that match
                                                  their interests.
    The Graduate is published for
    alumni and friends of the dale
                                              n   Our academic enhancement Program provides workshops and individual
    Bumpers College of agricultural,              counseling.
    Food and Life Sciences and
    the university of arkansas                n   Our Peer Mentoring Program provides opportunities for freshman to have an
    System’s division of agriculture.             upperclass student mentor.
    Send alumni news and other
    correspondence to ashley Harris,          n   Our Honors Program, Global Studies Program and undergraduate research
    Bumpers College alumni Society
    director, aFLS e108, university
                                                  opportunities help students enrich their educational experiences beyond the
    of arkansas, Fayetteville, ar                 classroom.
                                              n   With the help of your gifts, we keep our classrooms and facilities updated to
    Fax: 479-575-7273
                                                  provide appropriate learning technology and a comfortable environment.
    e-mail:                 n   alumni participate in class presentations and projects and take a personal inter-
    editor: Howell Medders                        est in the success of our students.
    designer: Judy Howard
    Photographers and writers:                n   Student internships in each major help students apply knowledge from the
    Howell Medders and Fred Miller
                                                  classroom to the real world and meet potential future employers. n

Fall/Winter 2008                                                                                                                   3
                                                                 Wardlow and Halbrook
                                                                 named department heads

                                                                 T    wo Bumpers College and division of agriculture
                                                                      leadership positions were filled with the appoint-
                                                                 ment of George Wardlow as head of the department
                                                                 of agricultural and extension education and Steve

Dear Alumni                                    ron rainey
                                           President, DBCAFLS
                                                                 Halbrook as head of the department of agricultural
                                                                 economics and agriBusiness.
                                             Alumni Society            Wardlow, who was interim
                                                                 head since the retirement of
    “Setting an example is not the main means                    donald Herring in July 2007, was
                                                                 a faculty member at the univer-
of influencing another, it is the only means.”                   sity of Minnesota for eight years
                                          — albert einstein      before coming to the university
                                                                 of arkansas in 1992.

       hose words were spoken at a recent training for ua              Wardlow coordinated the
       alumni leadership. I wanted to share them with you        department’s graduate student
       as it made me reflect on the importance of support-       program and has taught courses             George W.
                                                                 in agricultural and extension edu-          Wardlow
ing alumni efforts and of the potential impact of our actions
on students. the most important part of the quote is the         cation, research methods and data
action, actually doing something, “setting the example.” It      analysis, vocational education and college teaching.
challenges us to examine our actions. the quote points to              after receiving a B.S. degree from the university
the importance of being a shining example, setting a high        of Missouri, Wardlow was a public school agricultural
standard, an expectation for success. So I ask you to think of   science teacher for five years. He received his Master
how you set the example when it comes to giving back to the      of education degree at Missouri and a doctorate in
place that has given so much.                                    agricultural education from the Ohio State univer-
     as a proud father, I took great joy in recently taking      sity in 1984.
our 18-month-old daughter, Marlee, to her first razorback              Halbrook, formerly vice
football game. I am not sure how much she will remember as       president of Farm Foundation in
she grows older, but I look forward to re-telling the experi-    Oak Brook, Ill., fills the vacancy
ence. I know that I will always remember her pointing at the     left by the promotion of Mark
razorback mascot and saying, “haawwg.”                           Cochran to the position of divi-
     the game day events made me reminisce about my              sion of agriculture associate vice
college days on campus and look forward hopefully to expe-       president for research and direc-
riencing Marlee’s college days. I was excited taking her over    tor of the arkansas agricultural
to the stadium and experiencing the alumni house, band,          experiment Station.
cheerleaders and fans. However, I am more excited think-               the son of the late Waymon       Steve A. Halbrook
ing of the days when I walk her down the hallways of the         Halbrook, who was a faculty
campus’ colleges and dormitories. I look forward to sharing      member in the agricultural economics department
with her my experiences — well some of them — my wisdom          from 1966 to 1992, he has a B.a. degree in eco-
and the opportunities that the college experience afforded       nomics from the u of a. He has a Ph.d. degree
me. I know that thinking of Marlee’s college days may be         from Iowa State university in economics and a J.d.
an extreme, but I challenge each of you to think of ways in      degree from drake university School of Law. He
which you can impact potential and existing students.            is admitted to the practice of law in the district of
     Lastly, I want to thank all those that supported the        Columbia.
dBCaFLS tailgate party, which was held prior to the                    Before joining Farm Foundation in 1992, Hal-
Florida football game. as part of the festivities, the society   brook was a sole practitioner working primarily in
conducted a silent auction to raise funds for college alumni     regulatory matters related to the dairy industry. He
scholarships. I am proud to announce that we raised almost       has worked as an economist for two federal agencies
$700 to award to students. I thank everyone that partici-        and served as executive vice president of the National
pated in making the event a success. It was fun seeing old       dairy Promotion and research Board. n
faces and making new friends. thank you!

                                               — ron rainey

4                                                             The Graduate
Lalit Verma serves as
Bumpers College interim dean
L   alit Verma, head of the department of Biological and agricultural engineer-
    ing, was named interim dean of Bumpers College and interim associate vice
president for agriculture–academic programs in the university of arkansas Sys-
tem’s division of agriculture.
     Verma’s appointment was effective July 1, when former dean Greg Weide-
mann left to serve as dean and director of the College of agriculture and Natural
                                                                                           Francille M. Firebaugh
resources at the university of Connecticut.
     “Lalit Verma has shown what he can accomplish as an academic leader. He
helped to build a relatively small department into a vibrant and growing pro-
gram,” said Chancellor G. david Gearhart. “He will bring these same leadership
                                                                                      Firebaughs to
skills to Bumpers College during this interim period.”                                endow HeSC
     “dr. Verma has provided outstanding leadership in his department to match
his contributions to his profession. We look forward to working with him in his       scholarships
new role,” said Milo Shult, university System vice president for agriculture.
     “I am very excited about this great opportunity,” said Verma. “I look forward
to working with all of my colleagues in our exceptional Bumpers College faculty.
together we will continue to improve and promote agricultural, food and human
                                                                                      F   rancille Maloch Firebaugh,
                                                                                          BSHe ’55, and John
                                                                                      Firebaugh created a $150,000
sciences in arkansas, the nation and the world.”                                      charitable gift annuity that
     Verma came to the university of arkansas in 2000 as head of the depart-          will fund a scholarship in the
ment of Biological and agricultural engineering. He is internationally recognized     School of Human environ-
for his research in rice and forage post-harvest engineering and technology. He       mental Sciences and provide
holds a patent awarded for the “Process for Parboiling rice” and led research         a discretionary fund for the
on “electrotechnology in Cereal Grains Processing.” these focused on utilizing        director of HeSC.
microwave energy for rice parboiling that enabled rice and food processing opera-          after receiving a Ph.d.
tions to save energy, time and cost.                                                  degree at Cornell university
     Verma received the President’s Citation from the american Society of             in Ithaca, N.Y., Firebaugh
agricultural and Biological engineers (aSaBe) in 2000 for his leadership in           joined the faculty at the Ohio
developing accreditation criteria for educational programs that involve engineer-     State university where she
ing in agricultural, food and biological systems. He was named engineer of the        specialized in family resource
Year for the Louisiana section of the aSaBe in 2001, and Outstanding engineer         management. She also was
for the arkansas section in 2003. He was named president of the Institute of          vice provost for international
Biological engineering in 2004. He is an aSaBe Fellow and a member of the             affairs, acting vice president for
accreditation Board for engineering and technology board of directors.                agricultural administration and
     Verma has a B.S. degree in agricultural engineering from J.N. agricultural       associate provost at Ohio State.
university in India, an M.S. degree in agricultural engineering from Montana               after 26 years at Ohio
State university and a Ph.d. degree in engineering from the university of             State, Firebaugh was appointed
Nebraska. He served on the faculty of the biological and agricultural engineering     dean of the College of Human
department at Louisiana State university for 21 years, including eight years as the   ecology at Cornell from 1988
department head before coming to the university of arkansas. n                        to 1999 and served as vice
                                                                                      provost until her retirement
                                                                                      in 2007. She is the author
                                                          DogS WItH tHe               or co-author of more than
                                                          DeAN — Interim              50 scholarly articles and two
                                                          Dean Lalit Verma visits     books: “Home Management:
                                                          with Cesar Solorzano,       Context and Concepts” and
                                                          graduate student in         “Family resource Manage-
                                                          entomology, during
                                                          Dogs with the Dean Oct.
                                                          17. Administrators and           Firebaugh was named the
                                                          College ambassadors         Bumpers College Outstanding
                                                          cooked hotdogs for the      alumnus in 1989 and was the
                                                          campus community in         2001 Honors Convocation
                                                          front of the Agriculture    keynote speaker. n

Fall/Winter 2008                                                                                                      5
    Scholarship donors and recipients gather for events

    B    umpers College scholarship donors and students
         who receive scholarships had the opportunity to
    visit with each other at the Scholarship Luncheon in
    the arkansas union Ballroom Oct. 24 and during a
    reception at Butterfield trail Village Sept. 25.
         a number of retired faculty members who have
    established or contributed to scholarship funds live at
    Butterfield trail Village.
         Interim dean Lalit Verma and Bumpers College
    ambassador Jason davis, an agricultural education,
    Communication and technology major from Para-
    gould, told the Butterfield trail Village residents that
    the scholarships they support allow many students to
    stay in school.
         More than 300 donors, students and faculty
    members attended the Scholarship Luncheon. Key-
    note speaker Chancellor dave Gearhart said the
    u of a is renewing its commitment to putting stu-            DoNorS AND StUDeNtS – Interim Dean Lalit Verma, left, visits
    dents first and has adopted the slogan of “Students          with Scholarship Luncheon speakers Fendley Ragland and Stanley
                                                                 Reed, right.
         Stanley reed, BSa ’73 Jd ’76, a Lee County
    farmer, president of arkansas Farm Bureau and                preference for students from eastern arkansas.
    former ua Board of trustees chairman, spoke about                Fendley ragland of Harrison, an agricultural Business
    the importance of need-based scholarships. the               major who spoke on behalf of students, said, “the support
    u of a has a goal of raising $15 million for the             and help available at the Bumpers College really helped my
    access arkansas need-based scholarship program.              academic career and truly put this student first.”
         Stanley and Charlene reed, BSHe ’74 MS ’77,                 “Students who could not afford the cost of a higher
    established an access arkansas scholarship endow-            education, students who would have been in great debt
    ment in the name of Jim Lindsey of Fayetteville, the         while seeking a career, students who strive for success and do
    current chairman of the ua Board of trustees. the            not settle for less, these students are all here with you in the
    scholarship is for Bumpers College students with a           room today,” ragland said.

    BUtterFIeLD BeNeFACtorS – Scholarship recipients visited with donors during a Sept. 25 reception at Butterfield Trail Village.
    Pictured are, back row, from left: Ashley Meek, Matthew Taylor, Nancy “Christine” Cloninger, Ashley Jones, Carolyn Treloar,
    Millie Bryan, Carl Griffis, Evreda Cepeda, Lloyd Warren, Sandra Sleezer, Buck Watson, Ruby Warren, Libby Lusk, Kevin Butzlaff,
    Kaitlin Mitchell, Joe McFerran, Kendra Boling, Robyn Hill, C.J. Brown, Jason Davis, Jessica Mullican, Amanda James, Melissa
    Hoffman, Vanessa Roberson, Lelia Nelson, Carie Tsai and Wendy Western.
    Front row, from left: Alta Scott, Howard Scott, Joe Fulton, Henry Meenan, Mary Fulton, Mary Burton, Mary Ellen Stephenson, Dick
    Forsythe, Jordan McDaniel, Virginia “Polly” Lancaster, J.L. Lancaster, Hazel Dahms and Dexter Brown.

6                                                                                                           The Graduate
Hugh and Fran Nutt
designate gifts to five areas

H     ugh, BSa ’50, and
      Frances “Fran” Bar-
ton Nutt, BSHe ’50, of
Ozark, Mo., have created
a charitable gift annuity in
the amount of $100,000
to be dispersed across five
areas of campus.
     “the university of
arkansas has been the love                                             Lancasters endow
of our lives,” said Fran
Nutt. “We have made                                                    scholarship fund
so many good friends,
                                                                            J.L., BSa ’47, and Virginia P. Lancaster,
and this is a very special
                                                                       BSHe ’47, of Fayetteville established the J.L. and
opportunity for us to give
                                                                       Virginia P. Lancaster endowed Scholarship with
to a university we dearly
                                                                       a gift of $25,000. this scholarship will provide
admire.”                         Hugh and Frances “Fran” Barton Nutt   financial assistance to upperclass undergraduates
     Fran has worked tire-
                                                                       in the School of Human environmental Sciences
lessly to connect Carnall
                                                                       or to upperclass undergraduates with an inter-
Hall alumnae — the women who lived in the historic campus
                                                                       est in entomology. dr. Lancaster served on the
landmark when it served as a dormitory. She planned three
                                                                       faculty in the department of entomology from
reunions and led efforts to endow a scholarship fund for the
School of Human environmental Sciences in Bumpers College.
Part of the gift will go to that endowment.
     One fourth of the gift will go to the school to benefit the
apparel studies program, whose faculty and students have assisted
Fran with the Carnall Hall reunions.
     another part of the gift is designated for agricultural Com-
munication Services, a unit of the u of a System’s division of
agriculture that produces The Graduate and provides other sup-
port for Bumpers College.
     One fourth is for arkansas razorback Band scholarships. the
band meant a lot to Fran as a student, and she became an active
member of the alumni razorback Band shortly after its creation.
two scholarships will be awarded annually, one of which is specif-
ically to benefit a member of tau Beta Sigma National Honorary
Band Sorority, for which Fran served as the inaugural president.
     the arkansas alumni association scholarship program will
also be supported by the Nutts’ gift. the couple holds an a+ life
membership in the association, and they are charter members of
the tri-State Chapter. Last year, Fran was awarded the andrew
J. Lucas alumni Service award that acknowledges significant
contributions of time and energy on behalf of the university and
the association.
     “everything I do for the university, I have not done alone,”      IN memorY — A planned gift from Kyle (BSE ’81)
Fran said. “My husband is as much a part of every experience,          and Sharon Walker (BA ’76, MA ’78) will establish the
and he is by my side every step of the way. the Carnall Hall suc-      Vivian and Woodrow Wilson Scholarship in Animal
cesses are the result of teamwork, too. I had an idea, and I had       Science in memory of Kyle’s aunt and uncle who had
some extra time, but we put it all together, together.”                a dairy farm in Washington County. Kyle says he has
     Hugh and Fran Nutt met at the university, and they were           great memories of summers on the Wilson’s farm. The
married in 1951. He worked for the university of Missouri              Walkers, who live in Springfield, Mo., are pictured at
extension service for 35 years, and she is a retired home econo-       the Bumpers College Scholarship Luncheon with Holly
                                                                       Minard, top left, and Tiffany Killian. Kyle is a financial
mist and teacher.
                                                                       services professional with New York Life.

Fall/Winter 2008                                                                                                               7
HeSC dedicates Foods Lab
and announces plans for
child development center

T    he donald “Buddy” and Linda Wray Foods Labora-
     tory in the School of Human environmental Sciences
was dedicated Nov. 1 during the school’s Homecoming
Breakfast in the Home economics Building.
      a gift from the Wrays, of Springdale, who were
unable to attend the event, made possible renovation
of the laboratory used by students in the foods, human
nutrition and hospitality major and the food science
      HeSC director Mary Warnock said the renovation             FooDS LAB— Pictured in the renovated Donald “Buddy” and
included installation of vent hoods, the lack of which has       Linda Wray Foods Lab in the Home Economics Building are faculty
caused excessive heat during lab periods when several or         members for the Foods, Human Nutrition and Hospitality major, Robert
                                                                 Harrington, left, Marjorie Fitch-Hilgenberg and Allen Powell.
all ranges were in use. New flooring and other equip-
ment were also provided. ranges are provided and
periodically updated, at no charge, by arkansas Western
      Wray is a 1959 graduate with a degree in animal
science. He was working on a master’s degree when he
accepted a job at tyson Foods in 1961 as a field rep-
resentative and retired in 2000 as president and chief
operating officer. He was named Outstanding alumnus
by Bumpers College in 2000.
                          n   n   n

    Warnock announced that a new development
campaign is underway for a Child development Center,
which would include childcare services for the cam-
pus community. She said architectural plans have been
developed, and a possible site is being discussed. the
development campaign goal is $5 million for con-
                                                                 CHILD DeVeLopmeNt CeNter — Vernoice Baldwin, left, coordinator
struction and an additional endowment to help fund
                                                                 of the HESC’s Infant Development Center and Nursery School, and
operations, she said.                                            Wanda Stephens, who was instrumental in starting childcare services
                          n   n   n                              through the college’s child development program in the 1950s, show a
                                                                 drawing of the proposed Child Development Center.
     Warnock unveiled a watercolor of the Home eco-
nomics Building by Judy Howard, graphic designer for
The Graduate and other Bumpers College and division
of agriculture publications. Framed prints are being sold
for $125 to raise funds for scholarships, Warnock said.
     the prints are framed identically to watercolor prints
by Howard of the agriculture Building, so that they can
be displayed as a set. to purchase a framed print of the
Home economics Building, contact the HeSC depart-
ment office at 479-575-4307. to purchase a framed
print of the agriculture Building, contact the Bumpers
College dean’s office at 479-575-2034. n

WAterCoLor — Artist Judy Howard, left, and Mary Warnock,
director of the School of Human Environmental Sciences, show a
framed watercolor print of the Home Economics Building painted
by Howard. Framed prints are being sold for $125, and can be
ordered by calling the school office at 479-575-4307.

8                                                                                                              The Graduate
    tailgate Brunch
    Bumpers College alums enjoyed a tailgate brunch
    at the Janelle Y. Hembree alumni House before
    the arkansas vs. Florida game Oct. 4.

                                                              Board members Scott Mason, Betty Bradford, David Daniel,
                                                              Charlene Reed, Ron Rainey, Susan Kemp and Brian Adams
                                                              joined the pre-game festivities.

    Tailgate party regulars included Alumni Society board
    members Betty Bradford, left, of Fayetteville and David
    and Lolah Daniel of Springdale.

                                                              Brunchers included Melissa, BSA ‘08, and Jeremy Cole, BSA ‘05,
                                                              of Fayetteville with Diane and Roy Osburn of Mountainburg.

    Anna Kate Davis poses with her aunt, Anna Reed            Bumpers College graduate Celise Weems, right, BSA ‘08,
    of Little Rock, and board members Susan Kemp              Agricultural Business, now an ag econ graduate student, joined
    of Mountain View, Scott Mason of Jonesboro and            in the festivities with Traci Roper, a graduate student in public
    Charlene Reed (Anna Kate’s grandmother) of Marianna.      administration. Both are from North Little Rock.

Fall/Winter 2008                                                                                                                  9
                                  School of Human Environmental Sciences Alumna

HeSC degree prepares alumna
for varied career

            hen Jane rogers, BSHe ’68,            as a trustee, rogers has developed
            graduated with a degree in       great respect for the university leader-
            home economics, she knew         ship.
she was well prepared to teach. as it             “From President Sugg to the
turns out, her education prepared her        chancellors of each campus, they are
to do much, much more.                       skilled at facilitating the programs that
     rogers taught fifth grade science       help prepare our students to compete
for four years, off and on, at Our Lady      in a changing world,” rogers says. “If
of Holy Souls in Little rock. “I didn’t      you look at (ua Chancellor) dave
have a specialty in science,” rogers         Gearhart, his ability to hire the right
says, “but so many science courses           people for the job filters down through
were required in the home economics          the deans to the faculty and, ultimately,
program that I was able to teach it.”        to the students to prepare them for
     after her children, Betty and           graduation and successful careers.”                         Jane Rogers
James, finished school at Holy Souls,             an alumna of the Chi Omega
rogers worked as an event organizer.         Sorority, rogers chairs the board of
From 1986 to 1996, she served as             directors for the national Chi Omega        ers says, “is her genuine love for her
executive director of the riverfest          Foundation. She chaired the Chi             students and her concern for our
music, arts and food festival in Little      Omega centennial in 1995 and led a          education.”
rock and North Little rock.                  campaign to raise money for scholar-             rogers says her whole college
     rogers was one of Gov. Mike             ships, technology, leadership training      experience has had continuing impor-
Huckabee’s first department head             and upkeep of the organization’s            tance in her life. “I feel like, if you look
appointments as director of the              headquarters in Memphis. She also           at a college education, there’s more to
department of arkansas Heritage dur-         helped raise money to refurbish the         it than just the classroom,” she says.
ing his first year in office. the governor   Chi Omega Greek theater on the              “What you learn out of class is almost
became one of her clients when rogers        ua campus. Her service earned               as important as what you learn in
returned to her freelance organiza-          her the sorority’s President’s award        class. It helps you grow as a complete
tional work. among other events, she         in 2002.                                    person, ready to step out into the real
organized meetings of the National                rogers serves on the board of          world. My experiences in and out of
Governor’s association and the South-        directors of the delta trust and Bank       the classroom, with superb faculty,
ern Governor’s association. She served       and the Junior League of Little rock,       taught me to learn.”
as liaison with the Legislature and          is treasurer of the Little rock Gar-             In recalling her years at the
was finance director in his re-election      den Club and was coordinator of the         u of a, rogers’ mind turns first to her
campaign.                                    Curran Hall Project to restore the          home economics courses, she says. But
     “Gov. Huckabee was fabulous to          1842 residence used as the Little rock      she also thinks about all the science
work for,” rogers says. “He has the          Visitor’s Center, among other organi-       courses she was required to take.
best sense of humor that just puts you       zations and projects.                            “they challenged me,” rogers
at ease when you’re around him.”                  rogers credits her education with      says. “It’s those challenges you’ve
     rogers was appointed to the uni-        providing the academic foundation           already faced that help prepare you for
versity of arkansas Board of trustees        for her varied career. She still admires    the next challenge in the world.”
in 2003. “I take the job very seri-          Mary Cotton, one of her teachers, who            “I feel hugely indebted to the uni-
ously. It’s really the future of our state   developed the curriculum and taught         versity of arkansas for the education
when you think about how important           fashion design and marketing in the         and experiences I got there,” rogers
a college education is to our young          1960s and ’70s.                             says. “and I’m grateful for the oppor-
people.”                                          “What sticks in my mind,” rog-         tunity to give something back.”
                                                                                                                       —Fred Miller

10                                                                                                            The Graduate
Home economics evolves into
Human environmental Sciences

T   he School of Human environmental Sciences in
    Bumpers College has expanded upon its roots in
home economics to offer five majors today that greatly
broaden academic and career opportunities for students.
     taken together, the disciplines relate to human life,
health and surroundings. director Mary Warnock says,          HoNoreD ALUmNI — Horticulture 2008 awards recipients
“Our programs teach the life-building skills that every-      are, from left, Carlos Fear, 2008 Distinguished Alumnus; Dennis
body needs.”                                                  Motes, 2008 Distinguished Service; and Pat Berger, 2008
                                                              Distinguished Friend.
     the apparel Studies major prepares students for
careers in fashion merchandising and promotion, prod-
uct development, brand management, quality assurance
and visual merchandising. the program includes courses        Horticulture alumni awards
in science, marketing, social science and liberal arts.
     Students majoring in Food, Human Nutrition and
Hospitality learn the science and application of nutrition
and food preparation. Graduates are prepared for careers
                                                              T   he department of Horticulture named Carlos Fear, MS
                                                                  ’77, distinguished alumnus during its annual awards
                                                              reception Nov. 14. Pat Berger was named distinguished
as clinical and community nutritionists, food service         Friend and dennis Motes, MS ’78, received the distin-
managers, hotel or restaurant managers or a range of          guished Service award.
related careers in the health care, food, sales and market-        Fear is director of plant breeding and variety develop-
ing or tourism industries.                                    ment for Berry Gardens Plants in east Malling, united
     the Human development, Family Sciences and               Kingdom. Before moving to the u.K., Fear was director
rural Sociology program prepares students for a wide          of raspberry and blackberry research and development for
range of careers or graduate studies in human develop-        parent company driscoll Strawberry associates and vice
ment and family sciences, marriage and family therapy,        president of research and development for Sweetbriar devel-
education, social work, psychology, gerontology and           opment, Inc., both in Watsonville, Calif.
law. Graduates find jobs in such fields as adoption and            Fear has developed 13 raspberry varieties and seven
foster care family planning centers, child or adult day       blackberries. He corroborated with ua fruit breeder John
care centers, Headstart and Homestart programs, alco-         Clark to develop primocane fruiting blackberries, resulting in
hol and drug treatment centers, child development and         the u of a release of Prime-Jim and Prime-Jan blackberries.
parent education programs plus many others.                        Berger is sports turf manager for men’s athletics at the
     the Infant development Center and Nursery                u of a. Since coming to the u of a in 2001, he oversees
School are educational laboratories that provide hands-       athletic fields for football, baseball, cross country, soccer,
on experience for students interested in early childhood      track and softball.
development.                                                       Berger’s association with the horticulture department
     the Interior design program is accredited by the         goes back to 1998 when, as golf course superintendent at the
Council for Interior design accreditation. the cur-           texarkana Country Club, he donated a reel mower to the
riculum prepares students for professional careers in         turfgrass program. He continues to help the program obtain
designing interior spaces for function and quality.           donated turf management equipment and frequently loans
Courses enhance skills and understanding of life sci-         equipment from the men’s athletics department. He was
ences, materials and resources, architecture, art and         instrumental in securing a fully funded graduate assistantship
business.                                                     in sports turf management for men’s athletics.
     the General Human environmental Sciences major                Motes is resident director of the division of agricul-
surveys the four other majors and permits flexible selec-     ture’s Vegetable research Station at Kibler. after earning a
tion of electives in order to tailor a degree program to      bachelor’s degree in horticulture at Kansas State university,
the interests of each student. Career paths for General       he began at the u of a as a research assistant in 1973. He
Human environmental Sciences graduates include                earned a master’s degree in horticulture and was named resi-
working in the Cooperative extension Service, teaching        dent director of the station in 1978.
family and consumer sciences, social services or a host of         Motes is a recipient of the John W. White team research
industries.                                                   award from the division of agriculture and is a member of
     Outside of the classroom, students in the School of      Pi alpha Xi, the research Center administrators Society and
Human environmental Sciences participate in career-           the arkansas State Horticulture Society. He is currently presi-
oriented student associations and take advantage of           dent of the board of directors of abilities unlimited of Fort
internships and study abroad opportunities. n                 Smith and Western arkansas. n

Fall/Winter 2008                                                                                                            11
New faculty members join Division of Agriculture
and Bumpers College

         ew faculty members in seven       principles of learning.                    degree from Kansas State, an M.S.
         departments and the School        His research interests                     degree from Mississippi, and a B.S.
         of Human environmental            include effects of field                   degree from Ohio State. He is as native
Sciences have joined the division of       experience on student                      of dunwoody, Ga.
agriculture and Bumpers College in         teachers and student                            Thad Scott, assistant professor,
recent months.                             learning process meth-                     Crop, Soil, and environmental Sci-
     Burt Bluhm,                           odologies. He comes                        ences, specializes in
assistant professor,                       from South dakota                          ecological response to
Plant Pathology,                           State, where he was an       Don Edgar     water quality impair-
specializes in molecu-                     assistant professor of                     ment and is currently
lar plant pathology                        agricultural education and extension.      researching blue-green
with a focus on fungal                     He has a Ph.d. degree in agricultural      algae in Beaver Lake.
pathogens of crop                          education from texas a&M. His M.S.         He has a Ph.d. degree
plants. He has Ph.d.                       and B.S. degrees are from tarleton         from Baylor, an M.S.
and M.S. degrees in          Burt Bluhm    State university in Stephenville, texas.   degree from tarleton         Thad Scott
plant pathology from                       He is a native of early, texas.            State and a B.S. degree
Purdue and a B.S. degree from Okla-             Sun-Ok Lee,                           from Howard Payne university in his
homa. a native of Starkville, Miss. he     assistant professor,                       hometown of Brownwood, texas. He
was a research plant pathologist for the   Food Science, is focus-                    comes to the u of a from a post-
uSda-arS in West Lafayette, where          ing on the role of                         doctorial fellowship at the university
he received a Certificate of Merit in      dietary phytochemicals                     of Minnesota.
2008 for research accomplishments.         and natural extracts                            Leigh Southward, associate
     Lartha Devareddy, assistant pro-      in health and disease.                     professor, Human environmental
fessor, Food Science,                      She comes from a                           Sciences, specializes
researches the role                        post-doctoral research      Sun-Ok Lee     in human ecology in
of functional foods                        position in food sci-                      apparel studies with
in improving human                         ence and human nutrition at Iowa           a current focus on
health. a native of                        State. She received M.S. and Ph.d.         perceptions based on
Chennai, India, she                        degrees in nutrition from Iowa State.      clothing styles. She
joins the Food Science                     She has a B.S. degree in food science      has Ph.d., M.S. and
faculty from Florida                       and nutrition and another M.S. degree      B.S. degrees from
State where she was                        in food science from dongduk Wom-          tennessee. a native            Leigh
a research associate.        Devareddy
                                           en’s university in Korea.                  of tishomingo, Miss.,        Southward
She received her Ph.d.                          Garry McDonald, assistant pro-        Southward came
degree in nutrition from Oklahoma          fessor, Horticulture,                      to the u of a from tennessee tech
State.                                     specializes in sustain-                    university where she was an associate
     Ashley Dowling,                       able landscape design                      professor of fashion merchandising.
assistant professor,                       and management. He                              Ioannis Tzanetakis, assistant
entomology, special-                       comes from the horti-                      professor, Plant Pathology, specializes
izes in systematics, the                   culture department at                      in plant virology. He
study of biodiversity                      texas a&M. a native                        has a Ph.d. degree in
and the evolutionary                       of Henderson, texas,                       molecular and cellular
relationships between                      he has Ph.d., M.S.              Garry      biology from Oregon
groups of organ-                           and B.S. degrees from        McDonald      State and M.S. and
isms. He has a Ph.d.           Ashley      texas a&M.                                 B.S. degrees in soil
degree in ecology and         Dowling           L. Lanier Nal-                        science and agricul-
evolutionary biology                       ley, assistant professor,                  ture from agricultural
from Michigan and a B.S. degree in         agricultural econom-                       university of athens,
ecology and evolutionary biology from      ics and agribusiness,                      Greece. a native of           Ioannis
arizona. He was previously a post-doc-     focuses on interna-                        athens, he is coming
toral research associate at Kentucky.      tional policy, trade                       from a post-doctoral
     Don Edgar, assistant professor,       and production and                         position at Oregon State. n
agricultural and extension education,      international develop-
teaches fundamentals of teaching and       ment. He has a Ph.d. L. Lanier Nalley

12                                                                                                      The Graduate
global Studies program
provides international

       umpers College students have traveled to at least 24
       countries over the past 10 years for study-abroad
       experiences tailored to their interests in the Bumpers
College Global Studies Program, directed by raymond
     Stories about recent experiences are posted on the
Global Studies Web site at
                                                                 VeterINArY ASSIStANt — Pre-veterinary student Holly Minard
intagpro/studyabroad/ or, from the Bumpers College home          is pictured with Eilan Donan Castle in the background. She served
page,, click on “academ-          as a veterinary assistant in a summer research internship at the
ics” and then “Global Studies Program.”                          University of Edinburgh, Royal School of Veterinary Studies, where
     Click on “archived Stories” to find letters from students   she observed surgery techniques with horses, dogs, cats and sheep.
about recent experiences, including a series of “Letters from
Belize” about the on-going service project by a team of stu-
dents at a rural school in that country.
                                                                       nursery specializing in the production of unusual bulbs
     You can also read about two exciting graduate study
                                                                       and ornamental flower seed, and at the royal Botanic
opportunities in europe. One is a dual master’s degree pro-
                                                                       Garden in edinburgh.
gram in agricultural economics and rural development. the
other is for undergraduate and graduate students who are           n   Fashion marketing major Katie Crawford attended sum-
interested in biorenewables and alternative energy sources.                                                      a
                                                                       mer classes at Florence university of the arts in Italy.
     a few examples of Global Studies projects this summer         n                                                  t
                                                                       dietetics students Sarah douglas and Carolyn treloar
include the following:
                                                                       completed research internships at Queen Margaret uni-
    n   Hospitality and restaurant management student amy  a           versity in edinburgh. their projects included the use of
        davis took classes on trends in Italian cuisine, food          mobile phone technology to analyze diets of people on
        and wine in Florence, Italy.                                   the go and school feeding in developing countries.
    n                                            a
        Horticulture students John Gardner and andrew              n   Waylon abernathy, a foods, human nutrition and hos-
        Swayne had summer internships at the royal Botanic
                                               r                       pitality major, completed courses in Spanish Gender
        Garden (rBG) in edinburgh, uK. the rBG has pro-
                 rBG)                           r                                            t
                                                                       Studies and Outdoor travel Writing at a university in
        vided a number of internships for our students.                Spain.
    n                          a      a
        Horticulture student atsuko akabane was a summer           n   Jacob Irwin, who recently graduated with a double
        intern at the Scottish Plant Hunters Garden in Pitlo-          major in biological engineering and business administra-
        chry, uK. She also worked at Pitcairn alpines, a plant
                                              a                        tion, studied Spanish language and culture in Spain. n

                                                                       richard d. Locke International agriculture
        Donors fund travel                                         n

                                                                       endowed Scholarship
        scholarships and grants                                    n   Wayne e. Sabbe endowed Scholarship in
                                                                       International agronomic Study
            Global Study scholarships are available, and more      n   Cordia Harrington “the Bun Lady”
        are needed, to help students with travel and other
                                                                       International experience endowed Scholarship
        expenses. to establish or contribute to a scholarship
        endowment or grant, contact Kellie Knight, Bumpers         n   Preston e. La Ferney International endowed
        College director of development, at 479-575-2270 or            Scholarship                                           n   t
                                                                       travel Grant (one time) provided by Mr. and
                                                                       Mrs. William Millager of rogers

Fall/Winter 2008                                                                                                                13
                                              Agricultural Business Alumnus

             Love for agriculture leads to
     corporate management career at tyson Foods

       andy Smith, BS ’85 MS ’88, came                                                      and he took a job with riceland Foods
       to the university of arkansas                                                        in Stuttgart as the co-op’s first market
       as an animal science major with                                                      analyst in 1988 and became industrial
plans to become a veterinarian and                                                          sales manager in 1990.
return to his home town of Melbourne                                                             In 1993, Smith became an indus-
to practice.                                                                                trial sales manager at tyson Foods
     “all I knew was the production                                                         and advanced through the positions
agriculture side, and once I understood                                                     of national sales manager, vice presi-
the possibilities and began to see and                                                      dent of Mcdonald’s sales, senior vice
understand opportunities existed right                                                      president and general manager of the
here in our state for the “go to market”                                                    Mcdonald’s business unit, and his cur-
business side of agriculture, I changed                                                     rent position of senior vice president of
to agriculture economics,” he says.                                                         food service distribution sales.
“the only thing I was determined not                                                             Smith and Miriam Flippo, BSHe
to do was work in the chicken business.                                                     ’85, who had met at the university,
I had cleaned my last house and caught                                                      were married in 1999. as a ua stu-
my last chicken.”                                            Randy Smith                    dent, Miriam was state president of the
     Now a senior vice president at                                                         american Home economics associa-
tyson Foods, Inc., Smith says, “I am now proud to be work-          tion. She earned an MBa degree at arkansas State university
ing at the premier protein company with its core beginnings         and was with the Blackwood Martin advertising agency in
in the poultry business and to also be a part of the tradition      Fayetteville when she and randy were married. they have
of people who have come from arkansas agriculture, gone to          two sons, Luke, 4, and Isaac, 2.
the university of arkansas and remained in arkansas to try               Smith says many of his ua courses and experiences have
to make a difference.”                                              helped him in his career. “Going to graduate school was one
     Like many arkansans, Smith’s father, eudell, moved             of the best decisions I have made,” he says. “Working with
from Izard County to California as a young man, where               the professors on real world agriculture problems brought
he prospered and started a family. When randy was seven,            a real clarity to my studies and how to use my education to
eudell and Shirley Smith moved the family back to the Izard         help solve problems.”
County family farm, where randy grew up helping with                     Smith is responsible for a direct sales staff and the broker
chores and the constant labor of their cattle, hog and poultry      network for the foodservice distribution business and says he
operation.                                                          gets great satisfaction from seeing the team and individuals
     randy’s love for agriculture was nurtured in the Mel-          grow and excel. Managing a mix of Generation X and Y and
bourne High School FFa chapter; he became state FFa                 baby boomers can be challenging, he says, “but with all the
president in 1980 and is now a member of the national FFa           differences, people are basically the same. they want to be
foundation board. “the leadership skills developed in FFa           heard, know someone cares about them as individuals, and
have made a tremendous difference in my life just as they           see they are making an impact with what they do every day.”
have for young men and women all over this country. I am                 the current economic climate is tough for the poultry
very proud to be able to serve and give back just a portion of      industry and food service sales in particular, Smith says.
what was given me,” he says.                                        Many people are watching their budgets and eating out less,
     When Smith received his bachelor’s degree, “I felt I           and production costs are high.
wasn’t finished with my education,” he says, so he went on               “It is a trying time,” he says, “but it’s going to make us
to earn a master’s degree in agricultural economics. “It pro-       stronger because we will gain a better understanding of what
vided a lot of clarity about what I had been studying.” His         the customer values, giving us solid direction on how we
master’s thesis was on rice production in the united States,        invest our money and resources in the future.”
                                                                                                                  — Howell Medders

14                                                                                                             The Graduate
Agricultural Business major
leads to great careers
W      ith agriculture and the food system accounting
       for 20 percent or more of the u.S. economy, the
agricultural business major in Bumpers College is an
excellent choice for students with interests in business,
agriculture and the food system.
     a farm background is not required. the agricul-
tural business major prepares students for careers in
agribusiness management, marketing, finance, environ-
mental management, law and other professions.
     agricultural business majors can choose one of
three areas of concentration:
    n  agribusiness management and marketing,                AppreCIAtIoN — Vice President for Agriculture Milo
    n  agricultural economics or                             Shult presents a retirement gift to Sung and Oghie Lim at his
    n  pre-law.                                              retirement dinner Oct. 16 at the Clarion in Fayetteville.
     a graduate program leads to a Master of Science
degree in agricultural economics. Graduate students
can choose the business management and marketing
non-thesis concentration or the research focused thesis      plant pathology head
     the graduate program also provides opportunities        Sung Lim retires
for students to study internationally at the university
of Ghent and take courses at the university of arkan-
sas School of Law. Students who are admitted to the
Law School can participate in a joint degree program
                                                             P    lant Pathology department Head Sung Lim retired
                                                                  aug. 22 as the Bumpers College and division of agri-
                                                             culture department head with the longest tenure, having
earning an M.S. degree in agricultural economics and a       served in that capacity since 1991. His career in the land-
Master of Law (L.L.M.) degree in agricultural law.           grant university system has spanned 42 years.
     another M.S. option is the new atlantis program.              richard “rick” Cartwright, professor and exten-
Students in this grant-funded exchange program earn          sion plant pathologist, is interim department head. He
a master’s degree in agricultural economics from the         is director of the Plant Health Clinic, provides state-
university of arkansas and a master’s degree in rural        wide leadership in crop biosecurity efforts and conducts
development from a consortium of six universities in         research and extension programs on disease management
europe. Students in this program will spend up to a          in rice and other crops.
year in europe studying at two eu universities.                    Lim received the distinguished Service award at the
     the department of agricultural economics and            Southern Soybean disease Workers annual meeting in
agriBusiness provides a caring, family-like environ-         March at Pensacola Beach, Fla. He graduated from Seoul
ment. Faculty members are among the nation’s leaders         National university with a bachelor’s degree in agronomy
in their fields, and they take a personal interest in each   in 1957 and a master’s degree in 1959.
student to help them achieve their educational goals.              after receiving a doctorate at Michigan State, Lim
     alumni with companies and agencies throughout           joined the plant pathology faculty at the university of
arkansas and the united States and abroad help stu-          Illinois and was appointed assistant professor in 1971. His
dents secure meaningful paid internships and find good       research on the causal agent of corn leaf blight was instru-
jobs after graduation.                                       mental in ending the southern corn leaf blight epidemic of
     Some of the extras for agricultural business majors     the early 1970s.
include an active student club, opportunities to study             Lim has provided leadership for a number of advances
in other countries or have internships abroad, and           in plant pathology. the 2004 merger of division of agri-
opportunities to work with a faculty mentor on a stu-        culture extension and research faculty has led to beneficial
dent research project.                                       interactions. the department has also restructured curri-
     Prospective students who would like more infor-         cula and strengthened its molecular biology programs and
mation can visit the department’s Web site at http://        overall efforts in support of producers of agronomic and or call 479-575-2258            horticultural crops. n
to request a visit. n

Fall/Winter 2008                                                                                                             15
     entomology honors
     ronald Davey
     T   he 2008 recipient of the department of entomol-
         ogy's distinguished alumnus award is ronald
     B. davey, Ph.d. He is the Laboratory Leader at the
     uSda-arS Cattle Fever tick research Laboratory
     in edinburg, texas.
          davey received a doctoral degree from the ento-
     mology department in 1977, under the direction of
     Professor Max Meisch. His was one of the first two
     doctoral degrees awarded by the u of a in entomol-
          davey is a nationally respected expert on ticks
     as vectors of diseases of cattle, as well as methods to
     control tick populations. His research at the uSda
     laboratory over the past 30 years has included the use             DIStINgUISHeD ALUmNUS — Ronald B. Davey, right, and
     of sterile-male hybrid ticks to manage ticks, as well as           his wife, Carolyn, pose with Max Meisch and the Distinguished
                                                                        Alumnus plaque presented by the Department of Entomology
     the role of deer and exotic antelope as reservoirs for
                                                                        Sept. 12 during a reception at University House.
     cattle-fever ticks. n

LegISLAtIVe tAILgAterS — The Poultry Federation and the                 DoNor DISpLAY— Katherine Rowlett, left, of Russellville, the
Arkansas Cattlemen’s Association hosted a tailgate party for            first recipient of the Mary T. and John L. Maier Honors College
legislators before the Arkansas vs. Florida game Oct. 4 at the John     Scholarship, and Mary Maier were at the Nov. 7 unveiling of
W. Tyson Poultry Center. Pictured are, from left, James Barton,         a display that will hang with those of other animal science
D.V.M., director of the Poultry Federation’s Fayetteville Laboratory,   scholarship donors in the foyer of the Pauline Whitaker Animal
State Representative Jim House of the 89th District and Billy Hargis,   Science Center. The display was designed by Laurie Harris.
professor of poultry science.

     SAVorY mUFFINS — A team of food science Ph.D. students won
     second place and a $5,000 prize in the national Danisco Knowledge
     Award Competition. Their entry was a savory muffin mix. Pictured
     are, from left, Brittany White, Jeana Monrad, Ashley Espinoza and
     Department Head Ron Buescher. Team member Fernanda Onofre was
     unable to attend the award presentation Sept. 21 in Scottsdale, Ariz.

16                                                                                                                  The Graduate
Class Notes                                                                                      Send your class notes to
                                                                                                      Ashley Harris
1940s                                          1960s
    Drs. Robert, BSa ’47, and Hazel                Dr. Shirley Stauber Friend McAl-
                                                                                                 or mail the attached card.
Spitze, BSHe ’43, celebrated their 64th        lister, BSHe ’62, edd ’69, was elected
wedding anniversary in March. Both are         as a delegate for Senator Obama to the                               Carrie Gilbert Vasko,
professors emeritus from the university of     democratic National Convention held in                           BId ’06, is an interior
Illinois, urbana, and return annually to the   denver in august.                                                designer for the architect
university of arkansas campus for awards           Jan Godfrey Struebing, BSHe ’65,                             firm, Omniplan, in dallas
programs.                                      retired in June from the Springdale school                       where she lives with her
                                               system after 32 years. She was the career                        husband, Michael.
1950s                                          and technical coordinator for the district.                          Dr. Silvina L.
   Ann Wiggins Sugg, BSHe ’52, was                 Gerald Don Freeman, BSa ’68, retired                         Giammaría, Phd ’07,
recognized for her personal and profes-        in June from 39 years of teaching voca-                          is head of the plant
sional contributions to the history of         tional agriculture. He taught five years at       Silvina L.     pathology department
Washington County during the 10th              Scranton High School (1968-73) and 34            Giammaría       at the estación experi-
annual Women’s History Month banquet           years at Wonderview High School in Hat-       mental agroindustrial Obispo Colombres
in april. Sugg was honored for founding        tieville. (1974-2008).                        (eeaOC) in tucumán, argentina. She
the Friends of Lake Wedington organiza-                                                      joined the eeaOC in december 2007 as a
tion.                                          1970s                                         research plant pathologist and sugarcane dis-
    Dr. Jerry Rakes, BSa ’55 MS ’56,                                                         eases group leader. Giammaría received her
                                                  David Moll, BSa ’78, was awarded
university of arkansas professor emeritus                                                    Ph.d. degree in plant science in May 2007
                                               a Certificate of excellence from the
(aNSC 1958-93), has published the book                                                       from the university of arkansas under the
                                               president’s office and Campus Life and
My Benton County Hero. He writes to                                                          supervision of Professor John C. rupe.
                                               Leadership recognition program for out-
express his appreciation for his award of      standing services to the Oklahoma State
advanced distinction from the animal Sci-      university Polo Club.                         Weddings
ence department. He says he is so proud                                                          Elizabeth Carol Eggman McGin-
and inspired by girls and boys of arkansas     1990s                                         ley, BSHe ’03 MS ’07, and Kyle richard
who may be third and fourth genera-                                                          McGinley were married March 15 in rog-
tion students and expresses his thanks to         Sandra Bennett, BSa ’93, has been
                                                                                             ers. they reside in Springdale.
everyone for the opportunity for 55 years      promoted to facilities manager at the Fay-
                                               etteville town Center. She is in charge of        Shanna Hutchison Neill, BSa ’03 MS
of teaching and research. dr. rakes also
                                               overall operations, sales and personnel.      ’04, married Casey Neill Sept. 29, 2007.
received recognition from Iowa State
                                                                                             they live in Gallatin, tenn.
university for his research on calcium. He
and his wife recently celebrated their 58th    2000s                                             Amy Bitely Marchant, BSa ’03, and
wedding anniversary.                               David Stuart Walker, BSa ’00 MBa          Willis Marchant were married Sept. 15,
                                               ’02, is now the technical service project     2007. amy manages the Fayetteville office
    Charles and Martha Combs Roach,
                                               leader for National Starch Food Innova-       of arkansas Orthodontics. the couple
BSHe ’56 MS ’67, celebrated 50 years
                                               tion. He and his wife, teresa, reside in      resides in elm Springs.
of marriage in March. the couple live in
edmond and participate in many commu-          Clovis, Calif.                                    Jessica Blodgett Marlow, BSHeS ’04,
nity activities.                                   David Erstine, BSa ’01, was chosen        married Lee “rocky” Marlow on dec. 29,
                                               Big Brother of the Year 2008 for North-       2007.
    Dr. James Tollett, BSa ’57 MSa ’58,
has taken a second retirement as chair         west arkansas. david has volunteered with
and professor of agriculture at Southern       the organization since January 2005. He       Births
arkansas university in Magnolia. He and        currently chairs the agency’s Big Fundrais-       Amber Pugh Ham, BSHe ’03, and
his wife, Joann, BSHe ’58, have moved to       ing Committee and regularly attends match     Justin Ham, BSCe ’02, proudly announce
Pittsburgh, texas, on beautiful Lake Bob       activities.                                   the birth of a daughter, Kaylee Shea Ham,
Sandlin.                                           Dr. Josh Payne, MS ’01, is adjunct        on May 16. She joins big brother austin
    Dr. Justin Morris, BSa ’58, MS ’61,        assistant professor and area animal waste     Kevin Ham.
was honored during the arkansas alumni         management specialist in the department           Terry Griffin, MS aeaB ’99, announces
association’s annual awards Celebration        of Biosystems and agricultural engineering    Briley Noelle joined big brothers ty and
Oct. 31 at the Janelle Y. Hembree alumni       at Oklahoma State university.                 austin on dec. 26, 2007.
House. For the past 20 years, Morris               Matt Hillis, BSa ’02, recently received       Clint, BSa ’05, and Tanya Bell, BSa
has conducted research and educational         a “Million dollar ring” in recognition of     ’06, announce the birth of their son,
programs on vineyard mechanization,            his outstanding life insurance production     Gabriel Patrick, on april 16. He joins big
leading to an international patent in 2002     in 2007 as a Washington County Farm           sister Hannah elaine and big brother Justin
for a total mechanization system. He is a      Bureau insurance agent.                       Hilton.
distinguished professor of food science and        Dr. Cindy Cravens, BSa ’03, gradu-           Bryan, BSBa ’07, and Cecili Olcott
director of the division of agriculture’s      ated in May from the university of            Cormier, BSa ’04 Mat ’06, of elkins,
Institute of Food Science and engineering.     Missouri with a doctor of Veterinary          announce the birth of their son, Brayden
                                               Medicine degree and is working in a private   Lee, on Feb. 5, 2008.
                                               practice in Las Vegas, Nev.
                                                                                                                  (Continued on Page 18

Fall/Winter 2008                                                                                                                        17
Deaths                                            Lucy McGill Cummings Webster,
                                               BSHe ’34, of Monroe, La., died May 29.
    George Roy Hayes Jr., MS eNtO ’51,
of Shreveport, La., died May 26. He was a         May Ferguson, BSHe ’41, died March
retired administrator of Insect and rodent     25. She was a retired teacher and restaurant
Control and Solid and Hazardous Water          operator. She and her late husband, ralph,
Management with the Louisiana State            owned Ferguson’s Cafeterias in Phoenix,
department of Health.                          ariz.
    Rev. George H. Raley, BSa ’65, of             Wyndal I. Minton, BSa ’51, of Gur-
Calmer (Cleveland County), died april 7 in     don, died July 31, 2007.
Little rock. He earned a master’s in Bible        John D. McMaster Jr., BSa ’68 MS
Languages from the Missionary Baptist          ’70, of ripley, Miss., died from leukemia in
Seminary in Little rock and served as a        July 2007. n
pastor and campus minister for more than
50 years.                                                                                              John W. goodwin

                                                                                                      John W. Goodwin of
                                                                                                 Fayetteville, the university of
      Bumpers student helps U of A                                                               arkansas System’s vice president
                                                                                                 for agriculture from 1981 to
      win fishing championship                                                                   1986, died Oct. 25 at the age of
           the ua bass fishing team of Bodie drake, BSa                                               Goodwin was also a ua
      ’08, a graduate student in crop, soil and environmen-                                      university Professor of agricul-
      tal sciences, and Kazuki Kitajima, a marketing major,                                      tural economics from 1986 until
      secured its first national title Sept. 20 in Lewisville,                                   1995, when he became president
      texas.                                                                                     of Panhandle State university in
           drake and Kitajima claimed the National Col-             Bodie Drake                  Goodwell, Okla., until he retired
      legiate Bass Fishing championship for the razorbacks                                       in 2002. He had B.S. and M.S.
      with five bass, weighing 17.37 pounds.                                                     degrees from Panhandle State
           “We have a strong fishing club at the university, and this win is great               and a doctorate from Oklahoma
      for our school and the club,” said drake. “It’s been a great experience                    State university.
      for both of us.”                                                                                Goodwin had been a u.S.
           the arkansas team was awarded a $14,000 scholarship check and                         congressman from Oklahoma
      $1,500 in merchandise.                                                                     and was deputy commissioner of
                                                                                                 agriculture and executive director
                                                                                                 of the agricultural Stabiliza-
                                                                                                 tion and Conservation Service
                                                                                                 (aSCS) in Oklahoma. He was
                                                                                                 associate administrator of the
                                                                                                 aSCS in Washington, d.C.,
                                                                                                 before coming to arkansas as
                                                                                                 vice president for agriculture.
                                                                                                      Survivors include his wife,
                                                                                                 Phoebe Jane Goodwin, four chil-
                                                                                                 dren and four grandchildren.

                                                                                              Women in Agriculture
                                                                                                   the 4th annual arkansas Women in
                                                                                              agriculture Conference is set for Feb.
                                                                                              25-26, 2009, at the Wyndham riv-
      StILL tHe BeSt — The UA Weed Team sponsored by the Department of
                                                                                              erfront in North Little rock. Interim
      Crop, Soil, and Environmental Sciences won yet another championship (22nd
      of the contest’s 27 years) at the Southern Regional Weed Science Contest Aug.           CeO Carrie Hirmer says the conference
      6 at the University of Florida. From left, are Robbie Rorie, Landon Ries, coach         will include in-depth risk management
      Nilda Burgos, coach Jason Norsworthy, Ed Allen “Ean” Alcober, Griff Griffith            topics. See details at www.arkansaswom-
      and Sanjeev Bangarwa.                                                         

18                                                                                                              The Graduate
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Fall/Winter 2008                                                                                        19
                                                          If you are interested in plants, animals, food, business,
                                                          the natural environment or the human environment…
                                                                        we have a major for you.

INSeCt FeStIVAL — Alexa Rigsby, left, and Alexis
Coble, first graders at Tucker Elementary School
in Rogers, count butterflies in a display of live
Monarchs. Thousands of school children looked
at, counted, touched and learned about insects
during the 2008 Insect Festival Oct. 9, sponsored    AppLe DAY — Heather Friedrich and Ryan Craig showed students how to sort
by the entomology department of the University       apples during a field day for elementary students participating in an Apples
of Arkansas Division of Agriculture and the Dale     in the Classroom healthy eating program. Friedrich is a program technician in
Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food and Life       the Horticulture Department, and Craig is with Apple Seeds, a volunteer group
Sciences.                                            sponsoring the program.

DBCAFLS Alumni Society, P.O. Box 1070, Fayetteville, AR 72702

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