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The Brooks Elementary


									   Brooks Elementary School
      Invites you to participate in the 6th Annual

     South Fayette County
Open to girls from 3 years old through High School

      Saturday, March 5, 2011 3:00 PM

 For more information and for an “online” application go to:
           Brooks School Office: # 770-719-8150

       *All proceeds will benefit Relay for Life*
Please return completed applications along with fees to:
                                     Brooks Elementary School
                                        c/o Sonya Hodgson
                                           119 Price Road
                                         Brooks, Ga. 30205
                                    School Office: # 770-719-8150

  (Applications can be filled out “online” at However, you must send a
    paper copy of the application along with the fees to address above or drop it off at the Brooks
                                      Elementary School office.)

                                        General Information:
Each contestant is judged on poise, appearance, stage presence, and overall impression. All
contestants will be asked to introduce themselves. (Ex. Hello, I am Mary. I am in fifth grade).
Introductions should not be any longer. Please check below for what the young ladies should wear.

                                            Age Divisions:
The pageant is divided into six divisions with a winner and an alternate in each division. The divisions
are as follows:
    3 and 4 year olds: Petite Miss South Fayette County
    Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade: Tiny South Fayette County
    3rd and 4th grade: Little Miss South Fayette County
    5th and 6th grade: Young South Fayette County
    7th and 8th grade: Junior Miss South Fayette County
    High School: Miss South Fayette County

The Queen from each division will receive a sash and a crown. Each alternate will receive a sash in
recognition of their achievement. All judges’ decisions are final. All Queens will represent Brooks in
the Brooks Baseball opening Day parade. All winners will be asked to attend the following year’s
pageant to crown the new Queens. All Optional Event Winners will receive a sash.

                                           Application Fee:
There is a $35.00 application fee per entry ($5.00 off each additional family member). A family
member or business sponsor may pay the fee. All sponsor’s names will be printed in the program.
Application deadline is Monday, February 21st. Receipt of applications will be verified through
email. All tax deductible checks may be made to Brooks Elementary School. Late applications will be
accepted until Monday, February, 28th with a $10.00 late fee, but name on program NOT guaranteed.
                                          Optional Events:
A winner will be named in each division. Winners will receive a sash.
Prettiest Smile: ______ $5.00        Most Beautiful:_____ $5.00         Best Dressed:_____ $5.00
Most Photogenic: _____$10.00 (Enter your favorite photo in color or black and white. $10.00 for 1st
photo and $5.00 for each additional photo.) The photos will be returned at the end of the pageant.

                                      Commemorative Trophy:
You may choose to order a commemorative trophy for your participant. The cost is $10.00 each.
You may order now or purchase from our limited supply at the pageant.

           Pageant Date & Time & Place (time is subject to change as needed):

                     Saturday, March, 5 at 3:00 PM – Brooks Elementary School

                                  Admission Price for the Pageant:
    Adults $5.00
    Students $3.00
    Children under three are free, when sitting with a parent or in a stroller.
    ONLY 1 person free per contestant.


Any questions can be answered by the pageant director. Please feel free to contact the pageant director
at the following email address or call the school office at 770-719-8150:

Pageant Director: Sonya Hodgson -
                Miss South Fayette Co. Beauty Pageant Contestant Application Form:
Please check all Events that you are entering:                                       Online application:
Beauty_______ $30.00 ______ $5.00 off each additional family member        
Optional Events: (these events are not mandatory)                                    Mail to: Brooks Elementary
Prettiest Smile: _____ $5.00                                                                   119 Price Rd.
                                                                                               Brooks, Ga. 30205
Most Beautiful:    _____ $5.00
Best Dressed:      _____ $5.00
Most Photogenic: _____$10.00 ($10.00 for 1st photo and $5.00 for each additional photo.)
Comm. Trophy       _____ $15.00 (can be purchased at a later date)
       Total: $ _______

Contestant Full Name: ______________________________________________________________
                         (First)                       (Middle)                       (Last)
Nickname: _____________________________
Birth Date: _____________________________
Age: ________________Grade: ______________ Teacher: ____________________
School Name: ________________________ County you reside: _____________
Parent’s Names: (This will be printed in the program.)____________________________________
Home Phone #:____________________________Cell Phone # ____________________________
Email address(s):_________________________________________________________________
Home Address: ___________________________________________________________________
Sponsored by: (Names will appear in Program) __________________________________________

                                               Please Print:
Please tell us about your child including hobbies, interests, favorite color, favorite food, favorite
subject in school, clubs, talents, church and school activities, what they like to do in their free time.
What you write here will be read by the Master of Ceremonies as your child is on the stage: (You
may attach a separate sheet if you need additional space.)

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