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Colleen Slater is now one of the up and coming names in the world
of internet marketing. Known as the “60 minute affiliate”, she has
created quite a name for herself on the Warrior Forum and others
alike. Her latest website -
- has helped out fellow IM'ers a great deal by providing an accurate
and up to date review on the latest and greatest article spinning
software for internet marketing professionals – the Magic Article Rewriter. Article spinning is
something that many people working online will use regularly. Therefore, it is important that
if you are one of these people, you choose the correct system to use.

The magic article rewriter review came about on this website once Colleen Slater decided to
try out a few different systems. According to the site itself, the first system used was Mass
Article Control. Whilst Colleen states that she has a good amount of respect for the creator
and his products, she does say that she found the quality to be not as good as initially
expected. However, when Colleen began using Magic Article Rewriter, she found everything
that she needed. According to her review, the magic article rewriter contains everything you
will need in order to spin your articles to a great quality.

If you need spun articles at a good quality without the need to spend all day staring at your
computer screen, then get over to Magic Aticle Rewriter Discount - - to read all about the magic article rewriter and
other similar systems!

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