Project Fact Sheet MG 67577 by JoeyVagana


									                        Project Fact Sheet – Matching Grant 67577

Location. Multiple rural villages in Niger

Project description. This grant is a cooperative project done under an agreement with the
Niamey-Croix du Sud Rotary Club in Niger and the US Peace Corps in Niger. Twelve rural
villages are receiving assistance in the form of wells, a well for a clinic, sanitation and
latrines, school projects for books, school benches and desks, school latrines, and a women’s
nutrition project.

Number of beneficiaries. About 12,000.

Host partner. RC of Niamey-Croix du Sud

International partner. RC of Sierra Vista Sunrise (D5500)

Approval date. May 19, 2008.

Status. The money was received on September 30, 2008 and the 12 projects are currently

Funding. Total funding US$45,106.

   •   Club contributions. US$19,670 from eight clubs.
          o RC of Sierra Vista Sunrise, AZ (D5500)
          o RC of Niamey-Croix du Sud, Niger (D9100)
          o RC of Mitchell, South Dakota (D5610)
          o RC of Colima, Mexico (D4150)
          o RC of Villa de Alvarez, Mexico (D4150)
          o RC of Bullhead City, AZ (D5490)
          o RC of Phoenix East, AZ (D5510)
          o RC of Rio Rico, AZ (D5500)
   •   District designated funds. US$8,200 from two districts.
          o D5500 (Southern Arizona, USA)
          o D5610 (South Dakota, USA)
   •   Rotary Foundation matching funds. US$17,236.

Comments. Access to clean water and sanitation is the number one need of seven of these
communities. The women walk miles each day to fetch water from unclean, open sources
where pigs and cattle drink. School latrines are critical and without them girl students in the
schools are rare. Five of the projects also include school latrines. Once the community has a
well and sanitation, the health of the village improves dramatically and the children are
healthy enough to begin to go to school. Six of the projects support educational projects
which include school books, school benches and desks, classroom repairs, and latrines for the

                                                                               August 24, 2008
schools. (Note: Several of the communities have more than one type of project.) Finally,
there is a project for health education and nutrition.

                                                                            August 24, 2008

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