Requirement for the NCIP Educational Assistance Program (NCIP-EAP) by hcj


									                   NCIP-EAP REQUIREMENTS

Requirements for Application in the NCIP Educational
Assistance Program (NCIP-EAP)

  1. Duly accomplished application form
  2. Certificate of Confirmation (COC) issued by NCIP subject to
     requirements as enumerated below
  3. Submission of Income Tax Return/ Certificate of Tax Exemption
  4. Submission of Official Grades
     4.1 Xerox copy of grades for incoming freshmen college students
         (Form 138)
     4.2 Certification of grades in the latest semester(s) attended for an old
         college student
  5. Certificate of Good Moral Character

Requirements in Applying for a Certificate of Confirmation
(COC) in the nearest NCIP Office:

  1. Certificate of Tribal Membership from Barangay Captain and
     Tribal; Chieftain/Leaders of the applicant’s place of origin
  2. Xerox copy of Birth Certificate
  3. Joint affidavit of two (2) disinterested persons attesting to the
     tribal membership of the applicant-duly notarized
  4. Two (2) copies of 2 x 2 identical/recent picture
  5. Two (2) pieces documentary stamp
  6. Endorsements from the CDO III and Provincial Officer to the
     Regional Office for approval by the Regional Director
  7. Genealogy (Family Tree)

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