Los Angeles Rhinoplasty - Facial Cosmetic Procedures throughout Southern California

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					Facial Cosmetic Procedures throughout Southern California

Throughout Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, facial plastic surgery has helped many men and
women correct and enhance features of the face, neck, and ears. For many, healthy diet and
exercise is enough to keep a healthy body but what about features in the face that cannot be
changed with alternative treatments? With a Facial Plastic Surgeon Beverly Hills and Los
Angeles residents can rejuvenate and define features in the face for more youthful, natural-
looking, and aesthetically-pleasing features. These surgical treatments are all administered with
an individualized approach to provide each patient with optimal results by using techniques that
cater to their needs as no two patients will be alike.

Many facial plastic surgery procedures are designed to rejuvenate and reverse the signs of aging,
however, there are some like Rhinoplasty that are intended to correct and enhance a facial
feature. The nose is a prominent feature of the face. At times, if it is too dominating (too long,
wide, or has a nasal tip that needs reshaping) it may draw unwanted attention and at times can be
the cause of embarrassment or low self-esteem. In Beverly Hills and Los Angeles Rhinoplasty or
nose reshaping, helps many individuals by refining the shape of the nose to a contour that also
harmonizes with surrounding features of the face. In many cases, it may also correct breathing
problems. The focus of this procedure is to bring the attention away from the nose and bring it up
towards the eyes, as should be the typical focal point of the face.

The ears may also be a feature of the face that draws unwanted attention as well. The ears can
sometimes protrude, or “stick out”, and be the cause of ridicule, especially in children. With
Otoplasty or Ear Surgery Los Angeles and Beverly Hills residents can reshape the ears to be
closer to the head with the help of a facial plastic surgeon. This ear surgery (at times referred to
as “ear pinning”) brings the ears closer to the head so they no longer protrude or draw any
attention. This procedure may also be completed in children after the age of around 6 while the
cartilage is still flexible.

Facial plastic surgery also provides facial rejuvenation procedures and treatments that are
effective in providing youthful results that look natural. As we age, the signs of aging may
appear more aggressively in other areas of the face and body than others. Some may wrinkle
more around the forehead, some around the cheeks and jawline, and for some around the eyes.
With a Blepharoplasty or Eyelid Surgery Beverly Hills and Los Angeles patients receive
rejuvenated eyes with the removal of excess skin and fat around the eyes, providing a more
refreshed look, again, bringing the focus of attention back up to the eyes.

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