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									   Aussie Fund Fact Sheet - April 2009
  Fund philosophy                                                              Performance since launch (Aug ’00)
  The fund invests almost exclusively in Australia although
  it may also invest in international companies deriving the                    340.00%
  greater part of their revenues from Australia. The
  investment selection is done on a stock-picking
  approach with a macroeconomic overlay bearing in mind                         240 00%
  that the fund is growth-oriented. Hence the focus will be                     190.00%
  upon quality growth stocks at reasonable prices, shares
  heavily discounted by the Aprket and high yielding
  companies.                                                                     90.00%

  Fund Manager's report                                                          40.00%
  The Australian sharemarket continued its rally over April,
  the first back to back monthly gain since April and May













  2008. The S&P/ASX 200 Accumulation index rose 5.6%
  in April but is still down 28.8% over 12 months. The
  index finished the month at a 2009 high and is up 20.5%                                                                                     Fund in AUD terms                                Benchmark AORD

  from its low on 6 March 2009. While economic conditions
  remain tough globally, a number of factors buoyed                            Cummulative performance %
  sharemarkets over April. Some better than expected new                                                                                                                                                                            Since
  and existing house sale data out of the US, an                                                                         1 month                  1 year                       3 years                     5 years                 launch
  improvement in confidence data globally and concrete
                                                                               Fund AUD                                  0.36%                 -32.65%                       -30.48%                       14.75%                 121.20%
  policy measures from the G20 meeting in April helped
  p     y                                g      p      p
  set the tone for the month. In April, millions of                            All Ordinaries                            6.01%                 -33.80%                       -28.08%                       9.89%                  14.95%
  Australians began receiving cash handouts from the
  Federal Government. The aim is to boost consumption to
  help in the economic recovery. The RBA also cut rates
  by 25 basis points to 3.00%. In response the consumer                        Calendar year performance %
  staples sector (+11.9%) and consumer discretionary                                                                      2005                      2006                            2007                    2008                     2009*
  sector (+11.7%) were the top performers over the month.
                                                                               Fund AUD                                  23.67%                   7.95%                       17.77%                       -47.83%                 8.32%
  All the major banks also rose over the month, with the
  financials ex REIT sector up 3.6%.The tone has shifted                       All Ordinaries                            16.18%                 19.87%                        13.76%                       -43.01%
                                                                                                                                                                                                            43.01%                 2.33%
  in sharemarkets. While there is an understanding of the                      * From January to April
  bad economic news still to come, sharemarkets are
  looking through the immediate period of weakness to a
  time of recovery. Some relatively more positive                              Portfolio Analysis
  economic indicators helped the situation, but caution is
  needed. Further volatility may arise as unemployment                                          Metals & Mining                                                                                                                            21.52%

  rates worsen, profit remains constrained and confidence                                                      Banks                                                                                                                       21.29%
  is lost.                                                                                    Pharmaceuticals                                                                                         13.68%
                                                                                                               Energy                                                                          12.17%
       i f     i
  Fund information                                                                  Paper & Forest Products                                                                                   11 57%
                                                                                                                Cash                                         5.09%
  NAV (AUD):                             1.42711                                          Software & services                                               4.70%
  Annualised perf (AUD):                 9.40%                                                      Capital Goods                                    3.78%
  Percent positive months:               63.55%                                                            Fertilizers                               3.77%
  Average monthly gain:                  4.05%                                         Commercial Services                             1.33%
  Launch:                                01 Aug 2000                                   Diversified Financials                       0.60%
  Valuation frequency:
                q    y                   Monthly
                                               y                                                    Hedge Funds                     0.31%
  Dealing frequency:                     Monthly                                                      Real Estate                   0.19%
  Initial charge:                        2.00%
  Management Fee:                        1.50%                                 Top ten holdings
  Minimum Invsmt:                        AUD 10,000
  Currency:                              AUD                                   Holding                                                                  Sector                                                                               %
                                                                               TFS CORPORATION LTD                                                       Paper & Forest Products                                                           11.57
  Fund Advisor:                Bell Potter Securities Ltd                      BHP BILLITON LIMITED                                                         Metals & Mining                                                                10.41
  Fund Manager:                Axys Capital Management Ltd                     CSL LIMITED                                                                  Pharmaceuticals                                                                 9.23
  Contact details:             Bowen Square                                    RIO TINTO LIMITED                                                            Metals & Mining                                                                 6.48
                               10, Dr. Ferrière Street                         ANZ BANKING GRP. LTD                                                         Banks                                                                           5.69
                               Port Louis, Mauritius                           WOODSIDE PETROLEUM                                                           Energy                                                                          5.15
  Tel:                         (230) 211 98 31                                 CASH                                                                         Cash                                                                            5.09
  Fax:                         (230) 211 9833                                  COMPUTERSHARE LTD                                                            Software & services                                                             4.70
  Email:                                       COCHLEAR LIMITED                                                             Pharmaceuticals                                                                 4.44
  Web Site:                                 BANK OF QUEENSLAND                                                           Banks                                                                           4.19
Please remember that past performance is not a guide to future performance. You should note that the price of units may fluctuate. You may not get the amount you have invested.
                   The investment product referred to may not be suitable for everyone and if in doubt you should seek advice from your investment advisor.

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