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					                           Sexsmith Elementary School Newsletter
                                     October 29, 2010
Principal: Mrs. Jacquie Hall                                  Vice-Principal: Mrs. Roz Wong
Associate Superintendent: Ms .Maureen Ciarniello              Office Administrator: Ms. Deb Peters
Office phone: 604-713-4901                                    Office Fax: 604-713-4903

Boy’s Soccer team: City Champs!
This past Wednesday, our senior boys’ soccer team did something that hasn’t happened in 45 years – they
                 brought home the hardware! (See the huge trophy in our display case.) Ironically, the team
                 they would play in the final game would turn out to be a neighbour – Moberly School. The
             game was close and ended with a 1 – 0 score in overtime for Sexsmith. Mr. Leni Loconte, a
           Student Support Worker at our school, led the team with his first coaching role. He was joined by
           a friend, Aman Dhaliwal, who helped at all the practices and games. Mr. Loconte would like to
           thank Mrs. Haslett, Mr. Kay, Mrs Hall and all the other parents and friends of the team for their
weekly support. It was wonderful to see how the rest of the students were happy for their school mates’
success. Activities like this help all students gain confidence. This confidence shows on the playing field
and also transfers to better effort in the classroom. Check out the pictures on the school website: .

Diwali at Sexsmith
Diwali, also spelt as Divali, is the most popular festival in India. The name of the festival comes from a
Sanskrit word 'deepavali' which means a row of lights. The festival celebrates the victory of good over evil
and light over darkness. While Diwali is popularly known as the "festival of lights", the most significant
meaning is "the awareness of the inner light". This festival is based on the Hindu Lunar Calendar and
usually falls in the month of October/ November. This festival can extend over five days. This year it is
being celebrated on Friday, November 05.
It is a time of great joy. Homes are thoroughly cleaned. Shops, homes and public places are decorated
with flowers and fancy lights. People light candles or diyas (small clay oil lamps) all around their houses.
Colourful Rangoli patterns adorn the doorways of many houses. Many people dress up in new clothes, and
share sweets and gifts with each other. Festive meals are prepared, the families and friends get together to
celebrate. Food stalls are set up selling sweet and spicy foods. Because of the lights, fireworks, and
sweets involved, it's a favourite time for children. Many businesses mark the start of their financial year on
this day. The celebrations vary greatly in different regions of India. With more and more Indians migrating
to various parts of the world, citizens in more countries are celebrating Diwali.
At Sexsmith School, we will be celebrating Diwali on Tuesday, November 02. After lunch, at 1:15, we will
have an assembly in the gym. Many students will demonstrate Indian drumming and dancing. At recess,
all students will get a samosa and a juice box donated by some parents of our school.

Lunchtime at Sexsmith
This year our lunchtime is from 12:15 – 12:55. This change in our schedule is mandated by the School
All the Primary students come down to the lunchroom at 12:15 with their class and eat their lunch. Most are
finished by 12:30 and go outside for a half hour of play time. Because our lunchroom was too crowded last
year, we offered intermediate students (Gr. 4 – 7) the chance to play and then eat. We continue to allow
these students to be flexible about when they eat their lunch. Many choose to go straight outside to play
first. Some prefer to eat first. When the weather is good we are allowing them to eat outside. We find that
most of the students are very good about making sure that garbage goes into the cans. Some students who
take longer to eat their lunch go to the lunchroom. As the days get colder more students choose to go into
the lunchroom.

On Fridays we have to change the routine slightly. The Primary (K-Gr.3) students come down at 12:15 to
eat their lunch from home or get the pizza that they ordered. Then at 12:30 Intermediate students are
allowed to come in to get their pizza. In this way the Primaries are not crowded in their lineups and many
will be finished and out the door before the Intermediates come in. Most Intermediates typically eat this
pizza lunch very quickly and then go outside for more play time.

The Opera Came to Sexsmith
Yesterday the students and staff were treated to a lively performance of Cinderella. The Vancouver Opera
Association did a great job of giving our students an understanding of opera. Most children have never
been to the opera. This is one of those very valuable experiences which gives your child an enriching
experience that would cost much more if you took them. The performance was possible because of the
money that you have contributed.

Kindergarten Registration for School Year 2010 – 2011
Registration begins next week, starting November 2, 2010. If your child was born in Canada, please bring
into the school 3 things in order to register: Birth certificate, immunization record, proof of address. If your
child was born abroad please register at the District Learning Services Office located at Moberly
Elementary. You do not need an appointment. Registration is from 8:30 – 11:00 am Monday thru Friday.
Remember, if you are applying cross boundary to another school, you still must be registered at your home
Happy Hallowe’en!
             Hallowe’en is a great motivator for young
               Children to engage in reading and writing
               activities. For this reason we always
                celebrate Hallowe’en. This year
                 Hallowe’en falls on a Sunday. However,
                 this did not prevent most of the students
and staff from coming to school on Friday dressed up
for Hallowe’en. The Primaries had a special assembly
and parade to show off their costumes and share the
songs Mr. Butler has taught them. Many classes had
parties. Thanks to all the families who donated food
and drinks to these parties.

Constable Bismeyer from the VPD came to our school
on Tuesday to remind our children about traffic safety
in general and Hallowe’en safety in particular.
Please remember to stay safe while trick or treating:
- Stop, Look and Listen before crossing the street.
- Always cross at the corner.
- Masks are dangerous because children cannot see
- Children should not be out after dark without an adult.
- All treats should be taken home for parents to check
 before eating.
- Stay away from fireworks and firecrackers.

Cross Country at Sexsmith
Once again this year, many of our students took part in Cross Country running. Mr. Kay, Mrs. Owen, Ms.
Shankland, Ms. Conrad and Ms. Edmonds all contributed their before and after school time to run practices
and meets for the students. Running is not a favourite activity for everyone, but 39 students participated for
the entire season and attended the City wide meet at Trout Lake last week. Many of these students have
done cross country before. Athletes are encouraged to celebrate their personal best performance and
several students were able to compare the progress they made since last year. One of the Gr. 6 girls,
Vanessa Arrano, remembered that last year she was 76th in the City meet, but this year she came 41st .
Great progress! In each group there are approximately 200 runners from all over Vancouver. So we are
particularly proud of three students who placed in the top 20 in their grade. Way to go
      Benny Lin came 13th against all the other Gr. 7 boys,
      Carly Dhanda came 15th in the Gr. 6 girls, and
      Renee Graham was 7th in the Gr. 6 girls!

Do you have some time?
Research studies continue to show that students get better grades if their parents are involved in their
school. Do you have time to come in to volunteer? There are many things you can do in a school. We
need adults to:
     listen to students read,
     help with the free fruit snack program               If you can help with any of these, fill in the form
     help with pizza days                                 at the bottom  and send it into the office.
     help in the library

Coming Events: Mark your calendar
     Monday, November 1st, Professional Day, NO SCHOOL
     Tuesday, November 2nd, Diwali Celebration at 1:00 pm in gym
     Thursday, November 11, Remembrance Day, NO SCHOOL
     Friday, November 12, DISTRICT CLOSURE, NO SCHOOL
     Tuesday, November 16, Photo Retakes
     Friday, December 17, Last day of school before Winter Break
     Tuesday, January 4, First day of school after Winter Break

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