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Fast in delivery, Right commitments, free for another vehicle

Dear Mr Rakesh,

My Mother had booked a Maruti Swift Diesal (Silky silver) on 12 March and had paid a
total of Down Payment and also they have received payment from Finance Company -
ICICI bank

A waiting period of about 1 to 2 weeks was told to me at booking furthermore I was told
that if I paid a larger sum at the time of booking I would be delivered the vehicle earlier.
When it seemed to me after 1 weeks that there was, Mr. Bhardwaj, I was waiting from 2
hours for taking any senior person and they i was here but ignoring me. it was a too
worst situation of showroom mgt, they said for color option but why i take car which is
not my choice, i know they have the vehicle becoz one of my frd asked for swift diesel in
cash then they said, they will charge no extra charge , and deliver vehicle today in same

Its a Black spot in Maruti name

After all this happened I regretted the fact that I had opted for a Maruti vehicle and
probably the other companies would have treated me better but it was too fast. I would
like to mention here a special word for sales executive dealing with me I found him to be
a caring and genuinely concerned representative.

I am not writing this letter with any personal gain in mind but to let you know about the
chain of events and with the hope that your dealership would improve itself and not give
false promises and trap customers . If this is what you are doing to an educated
customer God help the others. May be you would ignore this letter without looking into
the system and making the necessary changes if required but at least I would sleep in
peace thinking that I have done my job.

Hoping that, unlike me who would never recommend your dealership (T R Sawhney
motors) to anyone, you would develop customers who would always think of joining you
and would be brand loyal to MUL just because they are treated in a professional

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