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									                     HILL HEALTH CORPORATION
                            Fact Sheet 2009
President, Board of Directors     Andrea Jackson Brooks
Interim Chief Executive Officer   Carolyn G. Holmes,
Chief Financial Officer           Charles Rose
Chief Operating Officer           Gary Spinner
Medical Director                  Karin Michels-Ashwood, MD
Behavioral Health Director        Nancy Navarretta
Dental Director                   Alexandra Chan, DDS
Public Relations Director         Robert Kilpatrick

Telephone: 203-503-3250 (administration)
           203-503-3000 (clinic)
Fax :      203-503-3254
Email:     rkilpatrick@hillhealthcenter.com
Website:    www.hillhealthcenter.com

Accredited by the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of HealthCare
Number of unduplicated persons who used the Center last year: 29,268
Number of visits made by patients last year:                 156,168
Number of patient encounters last year:                      179,605

Homeless                   2,627 patients     Asthma            1,683   patients
HIV infected                 326 patients     Diabetes          2,572   patients
Drug Dependent             2,715 patients     Hypertension      3,956   patients
Alcohol Dependent          1,265 patients     Depression        1,848   patients

Demographic Profile of Patients
Male 44%       African American 31%            White                     20%
Female 56%     Latino           31%            Asian                     >1%
               Other            16%            Am. Indian                 >1%

Payor sources                               Income status
Medicaid Managed Care      20%
Medicaid Fee for Service   23%              Below poverty level               62%
SAGA                       15%              100% to 200% of poverty           37%
Uninsured (sliding fee)    25%              Above 200% of poverty              1%
Private Insurance           10%
Medicare                    7%

 Prenatal Data                                               Utilization Rates: Encounters per patient
 Number of births to patients                   177           Medical                         3.6
 Prenatal teenage patients                       20%          Dental                          2.6
 First trimester entry into prenatal care        44%          Mental health/substance abuse   4.4
 Second trimester entry into prenatal care        48%
 Third trimester enrollees into prenatal care      8%
 Low birth weight infants (less than 5.5 lbs.)    7%

WIC (Women, Infants, Children) Program Participants Total families - 2,416
Prescriptions filled in CY 2008 by HHC Pharmacy: 61,169

Number of patients by service

Medical                21,855 patients
Dental                  5,287 patients
Mental health           7,270 patients
Substance abuse         5,684 patients

 Pediatrics                       Internal Medicine             Ob/Gyn
 Family Planning                  Child Guidance Clinics        Nutrition
 Dental                           Nursing                       Laboratory
 WIC Program                      Homeless Shelter              Emergency Food Pantry
 Social Services                  Neurology                     Detox -29 beds
 Adult Psychiatric                Pharmacy                      Village of Power Project
 Homeless Health Clinics          Drug/Alcohol Treatment        Patient Transportation
 Public Housing Program           Perinatal case management     School Clinics
 HUSKY/Medicaid                   Birth to Three services       HIV Case Management.
 Application Assistance           Early Stimulation Program
 HIV Counseling &                 HIV/AIDS Care                 AIDS Education
 Testing/Risk Reduction           HIV Medication Adherence
 Ophthalmology                    Podiatry                      Kamp Energy

 Health Education                 Dermatology                   Gastroenterology
 Health Promotion

 ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat)

Number of staff   490
 Operating budget $39.4 million

Number of service sites/programs: 22
                         LIST OF SITES/Programs
Main Site                 Address    City,    Phone      Service Types
1. Hill Health            400-428    New      (203)      Medical, Dental, Child
Corporation               Columbus   Haven,   503-       and Family Guidance
                          Avenue     CT       3250       Services, Obstetrical and
                                     06519    (admin)    Gynecological Care,
                                              503-       Nutrition, Specialty
                                              3000       Services, Pharmacy,
                                              (clinic)   Laboratory, Perinatal,
                                                         HIV/AIDS, Homeless
2       Community         121        Ansonia, (203)      Medical, internal
        Health            Wakelee    CT       503-       medicine, pediatrics,
        Connection        Avenue     06401    3570       dermatology, podiatry,
        -----------                                      gynecology.
        Community                                        ------------
        Health                                503-
        Connection                            3650       Mental health and
        Counseling                                       substance abuse
        Services                                         counseling.
3       Columbus          586 Ella   New      (203)      Medical
        House –           Grasso     Haven,   777-
        Homeless          Blvd.      CT       9673
        Shelter Clinic               06519
4       Adult             393        New      (203)      Mental health and
        Psychiatric       Columbus   Haven,   503-       substance abuse
        Clinic            Avenue     CT       3075       treatment
5       Northside         226        New      (203)      Outpatient mental health
        Community         Dixwell    Haven,   503-       and substance abuse
        Treatment         Avenue     CT       3470       treatment
        Services                     06511
6       Davis Street      35 Davis   New      (203)      Pediatrics
        School-based      Street     Haven,   946-       Mental Health
        Health Center                CT       7537       Health Education
7       Dixwell Health    226        New      (203)      Medical-internal
        Center            Dixwell    Haven,   503-       medicine
                          Avenue     CT       3420
8       Dixwell           226        New      (203)      Pediatrics, mental health
        Children          Dixwell    Haven,   503-       and substance abuse
        Services          Ave.,      CT       3458       services
9    Early            226         New      (203)   Birth-to-Three Program
     Stimulation      Dixwell     Haven,   503-
     Program          Avenue      CT       3440
10   Grant Street     62 Grant    New      (203)   Partial hospital, intensive
     Partnership      Street      Haven,   503-    outpatient substance
                                  CT       3350    abuse, outpatient mental
                                  06519            health and substance
                                                   abuse, medical services,
                                                   transitional housing
11   Richard O.       30          Derby,   (203)   Dental
     Belden Dental    Elizabeth   CT       736-
     Clinic           St.         06418    5460
12   Hill Central     140         New      (203)   Pediatrics, mental health,
     School-based     DeWitt      Haven,   785-    health education
     Health Center    Street      CT       0878
13   King-Robinson 150            New      (203)   Pediatrics, mental health
     School-Based  Fournier       Haven,   691-
     Health Center Street         CT       2791
14   Katherine        200         New      (203)   Dental
     Brennan          Wilmot      Haven,   946-
     School-Based     road        CT       2933
     Dental Clinic                06515
15   Roberto          130-B       Hamden   (203)   Pediatrics, mental health
     Clemente         Leeder      , CT     946-
     School-Based     Hill Road   06517    8961
     Health Center
16   South Central    232 Cedar   New      (203)    Medical triage,
     Rehabilitation   Street      Haven,   503-    residential detoxification,
     Center                       CT       3300    ambulatory
                                  06519            detoxification,
                                                   methadone maintenance,
                                                   primary care and
                                                   outpatient suboxone
17   Truman           114         New      (203)   Pediatrics
     School-Based     Truman      Haven,   691-
     Health Center    Street      CT       2122
18   State Street     911 State   New      (203)   Obstetrics, Gynecology
     Health           Street      Haven,   503-    Family Planning. ENT,
     Services                     CT       3530
     ----------                   06511            ----------
     State Street     913 State                    Mental health and
     Counseling           St.                   503-    substance abuse
     Services                                   3660    counseling services

19   West Haven           285 Main   West       (203)   Medical, pediatrics,
     Health Center        Street     Haven,     503-    obstetrics,
     ------------------              CT         3400    ---------------------
     West Haven                      06516
     Counseling                                         Mental health, substance
     Services                                           abuse treatment
20   Village of           226        New        (203)   Village of POWER -
     Power                Dixwell    Haven ,    503-    Providing motivational
                          Avenue     CT         3484    engagement, case
                                     06511              management, a
                                                        connection to the faith-
                                                        based community, a
                                                        Replenishment Center
                                                        and vocational supports
                                                        to African American
                                                        women at risk for
                                                        substance abuse and
21   West Haven           355 Main   West       (203)   WIC Program
     Town Hall            Street     Haven,     937-
     Conference                      CT         3707
     Room A                          06516
     Lower Level
22   Milford              70 West    Milford,   (203)   WIC Program
     Parsons              River      CT         882-
     Complex              Street     06460      5051
     Room C 2nd
                          HILL HEALTH CORPORATION
                             BOARD OF DIRECTORS
President               Andrea Jackson-Brooks
First vice president    Paul A. Kowalski
Second vice president    Nathan Jones
Treasurer               Lewis Kaufman
Secretary               Arlyne R. Dildy

Mabel Carroll
Erik Clemons
Brian Wnek (Representing New Haven Health Department)
Willie Holmes
Joel A. Lawrence
Gail Sicilia (Representing Conn. Mental Health Center)
Gregory L. Stanton
Joyce Van Winkle

                                Hill Health Center
                                Management Staff
Carolyn G. Holmes, Interim Chief Executive Officer
Charles Rose, Chief Financial Officer
Gary Spinner, Chief Operating Officer
Karin Michels-Ashwood, MD, Medical Director, Internal Medicine
Alexandra Chan, DDS, Dental Director
Nancy Navarretta, Behavioral Health Director
Robert Kilpatrick, Development, Public Relations, Marketing
Robert Samuelson, MD, Obstetrics-Gynecology
Robert Howell, Nursing
Karen Gore, Front Desk, Reception
Jennifer Brackett, Health Promotion
Rebecca Powell, School-based Health Centers and Public Housing Program
Linda Bernardi, Dixwell
Berit Mann, West Haven
Linda Bernardi, Community Health Connection (Ansonia)
Charlene Gorski, State Street Health Services
Teresa Bunn, DDS, Derby Dental
Renee Dinkins, Perinatal
Meredith Williams, MD, pediatrics
Catherine Sharafanowich, Pharmacy
Toni N. Harp, Homeless Health Care
Thomas Kidder, AIDS Division
John Garofalo, Facilities
Juanita Wright, Billing, patient accounts
Ernest Laudano, Laboratory
Robert Walat, Clinical Laboratory Director
Sandra Joyner, Child and Family Guidance
Lois Tyson, Early Stimulation Program
Kathie Sabel, Grant Street Partnership
Daena Murphy, Adult Psychiatric Clinic, West Haven Counseling Services, Ansonia
Counseling Services
Gina Florenzano, Northside Community Outpatient Services, State Street Counseling
Richard Maltz, South Central Rehabilitation Center
Robert Brooks, Security
Douglas Campbell, Controller
Heidi Foster-Cho, Human Resources
Lottie Gillard, Accounts Payable
Susan Feldman, Village of POWER Project
Janet Tucker, WIC Manager
Catherine Pleckitis, Health Information
Tom Ransom, MIS
Richard Gross, Corporation Counsel and Compliance Officer
Clark Woodruff, Information Technology

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