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					                       Grouting Certification Training Course
                                December 2001 Update
                Steven Plotkin, Florida Department of Transportation

The American Segmental Bridge Institute (ASBI) is now offering a Grouting
Certification Training Course in Austin, Texas in January 2002 and in Florida in June
2002. For detailed information about the ASBI course consult the following website: .

FDOT is finishing up the development of a grouting of post-tensioning steel training
video with a manual and it should be available in the spring of 2002. It is expected to be
about 60 minutes in duration and is intended for bridge inspectors and contractor workers
as an introduction to the subject. For detailed instruction, the FDOT will be requiring
lead inspectors and contractor foremen to attend the ASBI training. With the ASBI
training and with proof of experience in actual grouting of post-tensioning steel, lead
inspectors and foremen will be eligible to become qualified grouting technicians as
determined by the FDOT.

FDOT will be requiring construction managers and contractors to have a qualified
grouting technician on staff in order to be permitted to perform or inspect grouting. For
more information about FDOT grouting training requirements go to the following
website: click "Structures" click "Technical
Notices" click "September 2001" notice.

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