Breakdown of Cost by gdf57j


									                                                      Korea Research Foundation
                                                             Research fund’s breakdown

                             Breakdown of Cost

1. Joint Study
  Item              Sub-item                            Remarks
           Assistant researcher :
           ◦ undergraduate student,      - undergraduate student :
 Labor     ◦ master's/doctoral student     less than KRW 400,000 per month
  cost                                   - master's student :
                                           less than KRW 800,000 per month
                                         - doctoral student:
                                           less than KRW 1,200,000 per month
           Equipment &
           facility maintenance
           Research materials &
           Travel                      - Korean scholar : international round-trip
 Direct    * according to regulations    airfare, domestic business trip
  cost       on scholar exchange       - Partner scholar : living expenses
           Utility bill
           Consultation & seminar
           Survey research
           Other activities related to less than KRW 3,000,000 per year
           Publication &PR

2. Joint Seminar
  Place                Item                            Remarks
 Korea     Living expenses of partner according to regulations on scholar
           scholars                     exchange
           General expenses             less than 20 percent of total budget for
 Partner   International     round-trip according to regulations on scholar
 country   airfare of Korean scholar    exchange
                                                        Korea Research Foundation
                                                               Research fund’s breakdown

3. Scholar Exchange
       Item                                        Remarks
                       - Short visits (up to 20 days) : KRW 120,000 per day
  Living expenses      - Longer visits (more than 21 days up to a month or 3 months)
 for partner scholar    : KRW 2,500,000 per month
                       * days more than the maximum visiting quota (days or months)
                       : KRW 80,000 per day
   International       airfare will be decided according to regulations of each
 round-trip airfare    organization
For Korean Scholar

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