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Who we are?
Havok is the world’s leading provider of interactive software and services to digital
creators in the international games and movie industries.
Havok works in partnership with the world’s best known game developers including
Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft and Pandemic Studios and their technology is
available across all platforms including Playstation 3, Playstation 2, PSP, Xbox 360 and
the Nintendo WII.

So what exactly do Havok do?
Havok uses a combination of next generation physics, animation and tools to achieve
new standards of realism and interactivity in gaming technology and basically turn their
customers’ creative aspirations into technical realities!
In fact Havok is so good at what it does that earlier this year the company won a
prestigious Emmy award for their work on pioneering physics engines which has worked
to make games more realistic than ever before.

What movies has Havok worked on?
Havok products have been used to drive special effects in a host of movies including
well known titles such as:
       The Matrix
       Kingdom of Heaven
       Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

What games use Havok technology?
Havok technology has featured in over 200 games including some of the world’s current
bestselling titles such as:
        Halo 3
        Assassin’s Creed
        Guitar Hero III
       Age of Empires III

Individual Products available from Havok?

Havok Physics
Havok Physics offers the fastest, most robust simulation technology available, which is
why it has become the gold standard within the games industry. Havok Physics has
featured in over 200 launched titles and there are hundreds more in development. The
Havok Physics software development kit is fully multi-threaded and hand optimized to
make full use of the available hardware on all supported platforms.

Havok AI™
The Havok AI™ SDK provides developers with unique solutions to perform pathfinding
and path following in highly dynamic game environments.
It’s features include:
-   The fastest commercially available automatic nav mesh generator. Complex game
    levels generate clean, robust nav meshes in seconds. This huge reduction in content
    build times allow for dramatically shorter iteration times.
-   Dynamic nav mesh modification. A unique, innovative solution handles thousands
    of moving obstacles in real-time with high fidelity. It gracefully balances the
    performance and advantages of a static nav mesh based solution with the demands
    of a constantly changing environment.
-   Platform-optimized hierarchical path finding. Our hierarchical path finding is fully
    extensible and customizable. It is multithreaded and platform optimized for all of
    the key gaming platforms.
-   A predictive local steering module complements the dynamic pathfinding.
    Characters predict the movement of obstacles and adapt accordingly moving
    plausibly through the complex and often congested situations that arise when
    environments become dynamic.
-   Havok AI features out-of-the-box integration with Havok Physics™, Havok
    Destruction™, Havok Animation™, and Havok Behavior™

Havok Animation
A fast and flexible animation SDK and tool chain, Havok Animation provides optimized
playback and real-time blending on all major platforms. Technical artists can create
characters that move fluidly, taking advantage of comprehensive animation
compression techniques inverse kinematics, and with integration with Havok Physics,
enable a new range of game-play possibilities. Havok Animation also provides artists
with an integrated filtering, preview, and export tool that operates seamlessly with
Autodesk 3Ds Max and Maya and SoftImage XSI.

Havok Behaviour
Havok Behaviour is an innovative, cross-platform development system for creating
event-driven character behaviours in a game. Havok Behaviour accelerates the
development of cutting-edge character performance by coupling an intuitive
composition tool for artists and designers with a run-time software development kit for
game programmers. The tool is designed to sit between the proven Havok Physics game
engine and the linear animation and modelling worlds of Autodesk 3Ds Max and Maya
and SoftImage XSI.

Havok Cloth
Havok Cloth is a new performance-optimized development tool designed to minimize
the time that game artists spend on animating the behaviour of character garments and
environmental cloth, while enabling increased realism for cutting-edge games. Offered
as a new product in mid’2008, Havok Cloth is easily customizable and fits into today’s
workflow without burdening artists, animators or programmers. Havok Cloth also
features out-of-the-box integration with Havok Physics and Havok Animation.

Havok Destruction
Havok Destruction is the first cross-platform, broadly available tool for simulation of
rigid body destruction. When released as part of Havok 6.0, Destruction will give the
game artist total control over the simulation, drastically reducing the production time
and cost of creating large numbers of realistic destructible game objects. Havok
Destruction can create a completely new game play experience by giving additional
realism to structural mechanics, graphical effects and game level design. Havok
Destruction is built on top of Havok Physics for high performance and minimal memory
footprint and like all Havok products, is supported on all leading game platforms.
Professional Services
Havok’s dedicated support team is world renowned, having worked with over 70 global
publishers and developers working to tight production deadlines. Havok has dedicated
engineers in centres in North America, Europe and Japan who work directly with game
teams remotely and on-site.

Who owns Havok?
Havok is an Irish company which was originally founded in 1998 by graduates of Trinity
College in Dublin. In 2007, Havok was bought by Intel but operates completely
independently of Intel.

How many people work at Havok?
The Havok team consists of almost 100 employees across four continents.
Headquartered in The Digital Hub in central Dublin, Havok also has offices in San
Francisco, Japan (Tokyo) and Germany (Munich).

What awards has Havok won?
      National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Engineering & Technology
      Award 2008 for Havok Physics
      2008 Frontline Award Winners in middleware for Havok Physics
      Develop Award Best Tools Provider 2007, 2006
      Game Developer Frontline Award 2006 Finalist – Middlewear, 2003, 2002 winner
      Best Game Component
      Game Developer Frontline Award 2003, 2002 winner Best Game Component
      Best Choice of Computex 2006
      Red Herring 100 – 2006
      OnHollywood 100 – 2008
      FileFront’s Most Advanced Technology Award – 2004
      Computer Graphics World Award Innovation Award 2003

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