Mental Fitness Through Brain and Body Exercise For Those

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					                                       Meeting Place:
                                       Silverdale Lutheran Church
                                       11701 Ridgepoint Drive N.W.
                                       Silverdale, WA 98383

                                       Meeting Time:
                                       Every Tuesday from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Schedule: 10 a.m.–2 p.m.               Fees:
  10:00 Welcome                        Fees based on sliding scale.          Mental Fitness Through
        Coffee Break                   Lunch included.
                                                                             Brain and Body Exercise
        Current Events
        Homework Check                 For information & registration,
                                                                             For Those Experiencing
  10:30 Puzzle Time                                                            Early Memory Loss
  11:00 Writing & Stories              Carol Harcharik
  11:30 Exercise                       Lutheran Community Services
  12:00 Lunch                          (360) 377-5511
   1:00 Music, Games, Art activities
   1:45 Homework Assignment
   2:00 Close
                                           The Memory Connection
                                       Is made possible by a grant from
                                         The Brookdale FoundaTion

                                                 645 4th St., Suite 202
                                                 Bremerton, WA 98337

                                               Web site:
Aging and the Mind                                 dementia, everyday tasks become increas-
The mind remains one of the most mysterious
parts of the human anatomy. It is part of our
                                                   ingly difficult and their minds become in-
                                                   creasingly confused.
                                                                                                        THE Memory
body—and yet it seems separate. It is where
                                                                                                         An Early Memory Loss Program

we store all of our memories, thoughts, feel-      Caring for the Mind
ings, abilities and sense of self. Our mind is     Our minds, like our bodies, must be cared       The Memory Connection is an early memory
what makes us who we are, our personality, our     for. The mind is not a static organ; it re-     loss program which helps participants improve
sense of humor, our ability to communicate,        sponds to its environment, taking in and        their mental fitness by exercising their brain
our values. It is what makes us recognizable to    responding to stimulus. Research indicates      and body.
other people.                                      that the mind-body connection is extremely
    What is the mind? The short answer is, “the    powerful and that keeping the mind healthy      Is The Memory Connection right for you or
brain.” The brain is the primary controller of     and engaged affects its ability to transmit     for your loved one?
our central nervous system—the organ that          and accept signals to and from the nervous      Do you find that you occasionally forget names
tells our body what to do, that picks up and in-   system. Most experts agree that mental          or appointments? Occasionally forget why
terprets signals from both in and outside our                                                      you came into a room or what you planned to
body. Made up of networks of neurons, the                                                          say? Sometimes have trouble finding the right
brain is a complex and ever-changing organ,                                                        word? Forget the day of the week or where
and scientists have only begun to understand                                                       you are going? Make a questionable decision?
its mysteries.                                                                                     Find it challenging to balance a checkbook?
    Like our other body systems, the brain un-                                                     Misplace keys or wallet? Occasionally feel sad
dergoes changes as we age—but for some peo-                                                        or moody? Find your personality is changing?
ple these changes are much more pronounced                                                         Sometimes weary of work or other responsi-
than for others.                                                                                   bilities?
                                                                                                       These are normal occurrences for all of us.
Degrees of Change                                                                                  But if you find they happen more often or more
As most people age, they experience a slowing                                                      severely, then you could be experiencing early
down of mental ability to some degree. They        stimulation as we age plays a vital role in     memory loss. By learning about how memory
have mild forgetfulness and memory delays. It      keeping our minds alert. Playing cards with     works and changes, and using memory tech-
takes them longer to remember a name or the        friends, reading books, and even watching       niques you can improve your memory.
right word. It becomes more difficult to learn     movies can help our minds to stay healthy.
something new or to remember what they once                                                        Improve mental fitness by caring:
knew. These symptoms are all part of the nor-      Activities for Staying Healthy                   • For your heart
                                                   Persons experiencing early memory loss           • For your weight
mal aging process and do not constitute a dis-
                                                   will benefit from regular activity. It is not    • For your diet
                                                   good to sit around the house all day. There     Improve mental fitness by:
    For other people, the forgetfulness, mem-
                                                                                                    • Avoiding bad habits
ory delays and learning difficulties are more      are activities that can benefit the mind and
                                                                                                    • Exercising your body
pronounced. The general term for severely          body. Some ideas for things that help ex-        • Stimulating your brain through memory
declining mental abilities is “dementia”—a         ercise the mind are conversation, hobbies,         and sensory games, puzzles, art activities,
term which applies to a range of conditions, in-   remembering, and physical activity.                music, socializing, and just plain having
cluding Alzheimer’s Disease. For people with                                                          fun with your friends.

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Description: The weight of the phone book and so have some things into the handbag, and then hand holding the package handle, repeatedly bent it to form, starting from the waist mentioned in the shoulder, alternating left and right arms, the back and forth Do 30 times. This exercise can be effective in stimulating the biceps, so strong and well developed. Bent exercise can exercise your upper body, bid farewell to a single book, thin upper body, get strong, solid arms and huge chest.