Model number_ SMC7904WBRA4 Topic_ Demilitarized Zone _DMZ_

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					Model number: SMC7904WBRA4
Topic: Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)
Configuration – Configure the Wireless Encryption setting through the router’s admin web via
Internet Explorer (IE)

It is highly recommended to configure by wired connection.

a. Access into the admin page (
b. Key in the Username & password to login; default username: admin; default password:

c. Click Advanced   Virtual Server    DMZ Settings. Check on “Enable DMZ”, enter the IP
address of the PC you wants to put in DMZ. Click on “Apply Changes” once done.
d. Do a “Commit/Reboot” after Apply Changes is completed.

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Description: DMZ is a "demilitarized zone" in the acronym, which is installed behind the firewall in order to solve the external network can not access the internal web server problem, and the establishment of a non-safety systems and safety systems of the buffer, the buffer is located within the enterprise network and Small network between the external network within the region, in this small area can be put in the network must be open server facilities, such as corporate Web servers, FTP servers, and forums. On the other hand, through such a DMZ zone, and more effectively protect the internal network, because the network deployment, compared to the general firewall program, the attacker is the addition of a barrier.