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									           Aerobics Schedule :                                                                                       May
Studio 1 - Fitness Classes                                                                                                                                                             Class Duration in (parentheses)
 TIME      MONDAY          TUESDAY                                                        WEDNESDAY                           THURSDAY                               FRIDAY                        SATURDAY
               Turbo Kick (60) Kari                                                   * Ntensity Core (60) Justin                                               Power Moves (60) Kari
5:15 AM                                      * Ntensity Xtreme (60) Staff                                              * NtensityXtreme (60) Staff
           *Ntensity Strength (60) Pat                                                    LifePump (60) Kelly                                               *Ntensity Extreme (60) Staff

5:30 AM                                         Cardio Step (60) Kari                                                    Cardio Step (60) Kari
8:00 AM        Zumba (60) Jenniey                                                       Zumba (60) Jenniey                                                      Zumba (60) Jenniey
8:30 AM                                       *Ntensity Lite (60) Kelly                                                *Ntensity Lite (60) Kelly
9:00 AM        Total Step (60) Kari           50/50 Step & Dance (60) Liz                                             50/50 Step & Dance (60) Kari               Step It Up (60) Liz          *Ntensity Extreme (60)
9:30 AM                                                                               Cardio Drums (60) Kari
10:00 AM                                         Body Bar (45) Patty                                                      Body Bar (45) Patty
10:45 AM                                     Sr Cardio Strength (60) Patty                                            Sr Cardio Strength (60) Patty

4:30 PM     Zumba Tone (60) Jenniey                                                  Zumba Tone (60) Jenniey
                                           *NTtenstiy Strength (60) Rick   Groove                                    *NTtenstiy Strength (60) Rick   Step
5:30 PM      Intensity Core (30) TJ                                                   Intensity Core (30) TJ
                                                         (60) Kelly                                                         Core Fusion (60) Kelly

           *Ntensity Interval (60) TJ                                               *Ntensity Interval (60) TJ
6:00 PM
           Pilates Physique (60) Mary                                                Pilates Physique (60) Mary
Studio 2 - Cycling                                                                                                                                                                      * = Meet on basketball court
5:15 AM           Cycle (60) Bob                  Cycle (60) Denise                     Cycle (60) Stephanie                Cycle (60) Mary                        Cycle (60) Pat
9:15 AM                                        Cycle Lite (45) Vanessa                                                  Cycle Lite (45) Vanessa
12:00 PM                                        Noon Cycle (60) Jim
6:00 PM        Cycle (60) Vanessa
Yoga/Pilates Studio
6:00 AM                                                                               RedHot Yoga Flow (60 Jess

8:30 AM     RedHot Yoga Flow (75) Nikki        Yoga Flow (60) Joanne                  Yoga Flow (60) Joanne              Yoga Flow (60) Joanne              RedHot Yoga Flow (75) Theresa

10:00 AM                                      RedHot Yoga Flow (75) Nikki                                               RedHot Yoga (75) Theresa

12:00 PM     RedHot Yoga (75) Nikki                                                   RedHot Yoga (75) Nikki
2:00 PM                                                                                                                                                                                       RedHot Yoga (75) Nikki
3:30 PM                                                                                                                                                                                     RedHot Yoga Flow (75) Nikki
4:00 PM      Mat Pilates (60) Patty                                                   Mat Pilates (60) Patty
5:30 PM                                                                             RedHot Yoga Flow (75) Nikki

6:00 PM     Red Hot Yoga (75) Nikki        RedHot Yoga Flow (75) Theresa                                             RedHot Yoga Flow (75) Theresa
7:00 PM                                                                               RedHot Yoga (75) Nikki
Multi-Purpose Pool
5:30 AM     Aqua Aerobics (60) Amy                                                    Aqua Aerobics (60) Amy                                                 Aqua Aerobics (60) Amy
7:45 AM                                                                              Water Volley Ball League (60)

9:00 AM     Aqua Aerobics (60) Jen H            Aqua Ball (60) Vickie               Aqua Aerobics (60) Jen H             Cardio/Ball (75) Vickie            Aqua Aerobics (60) Jen H
1:00 PM     Sr Aqua Aerobics (60) Vickie                                            Sr Aqua Aerobics (60) Jen                                               Sr Aqua Aerobics (60) Jen
5:30 PM      Total Body Aqua (60) Darcy       Total Body Aqua (60) Darcy            Aqua Aerobics (60) Wendy            Total Body Aqua (60) Darcy          Aqua Aerobics (60) Wendy
 TIME              MONDAY                             TUESDAY                             WEDNESDAY                           THURSDAY                               FRIDAY                        SATURDAY
         Iron Abs & Glutes    This is a power workout for those who need a challenge!! SEE RESULTS in just 4 classes. 30 min.

                Total Step!   Kari will lead you through a fun, well choreographed routine of just total step for 45 min followed by a toning session & abs. Intermediate-Advanced. 60 min.

                              Develop a toned upper and lower body and a strong core as you burn a ton of calories in this fierce but fun shadow boxing-style class. Easy-to-follow combinations of upper-body
                Turbo Kick
                              strikes and lower-body kicks make up this killer cardio workout. 60 min.
                              Get ready to have a blast and sweat a lot at the same time! In this high-energy class, you will use a fit ball and a pair of drumsticks to simulate actual drumming. You can expect a
              Cardio Drums
                              healthy dose of minimal impact cardio and an incredible core workout. 60 min.
                    Groove    Expect a bit of Latin dance, hip hop, jazz and even some line dancing! All levels of fitness will enjoy this workout.
                              Join us as we “raise the bar” in this strength training class designed for all fitness levels. This class is for anyone who wants to develop muscular strength and endurance. This
                  Body Bar
                              simple, easy-to-follow workout challenges every major muscle using a variety of equipment. Great for all fitness levels. 45 min
                  LifePUMP    In this class, you will do choreographed weight training set to music. You can look forward to a challenging workout that is guaranteed to train your entire body.

      Sr. Cardio / Strength   Patty will lead a fun senior aerobic class designed for the 55 plus crowd which will also include a strength training segment with cool down and stretching. 60 min.

                    Zumba     The Zumba program fuses hypnotic Latin rythms and easy-to-follow moves to create a one-of-a-kind fitness program that will blow you away! 60 min.

               Zumba Tone     The same Zumba style that you love, but with hand weights. Feel the burn and have fun while you do!

  50/50 Dance/Step Combo      Start w/30 min step routine and finish w/30 min of cardio dance. Dance styles vary every week - salsa, hiphop, decades, pop culture, bhangra jazz.

          Step Core Fusion    30 minutes of intense step and 20 minutes devoted to your six pack.
                Step It UP!   A new step class that combines fun coreography with power moves.

                              This one-of-a-kind variety class will incorporate kettlebells, free weights and machines in LifeTime’s strength training area. A bit of cardio will be sprinkled in to ensure a fat
              Ntensity Lite
                              blasting and strength-enhancing workout.
                              Ntensity is...Intense group fitness classes designed to give a complete full body cross training experience. Ntensity Strength will focus on Kettlebells and strength building
                  Ntensity    exercises. Ntensity Core will combine a hard cardio workout with exercises focusing on your core. Ntensity Intervals will give you that interval training at a highly intense level that
                              you've been looking for. Ntensity Extreme will combine all focuses of the class to give you a completely exhausting hour of intense hard work.
                              Kettlebell training at LifeTime combines cardio, resistance, functional & flexibility training. This class will teach the 6 basic movements of the RKC. A ballistic but non impact
         Ntensity Strength    workout pushing you to and beyond your workout goals. Class taught by Rick Giese, a certified RKC kettlebell trainer. Be sure to wear flat shoes (Chuck Taylors, Vibrams, or
                Mat Pilates   Patty, Joanne and Mary are certified Mat Pilates instructors who will lead you through a 1 hour program that focuses on the core abdominal and back strength, flexibility,
                              endurance and posture. Great for all ages and levels. 60 min.

                 Yoga Flow    Yoga poses are performed to improve flexibility, balance, and facilitate a feeling of well being. Emphasis is placed on body alignment and balance. 60 min.

         RedHot Yoga Flow     This vinyassa styled class incorporates the flowing postures of vinyassa with the heat and light from our infrared heaters. Increase core strength and balance while loosening your
                              muscles in the warm glow of the infrared light. 75 min.

              RedHot Yoga     This class will be performed in a heated environment, as your core temperature will be raised to nearly 100 degrees Fahrenheit. You will flow through balancing, core strengthening
                              and calming postures. Class has an emphasis on high intensity postures. 75 min.

                      Cycle   Indoor cycling on stationary, biomechanical bikes. This class is a great low impact option to help you improve your cardiovascular endurance as well as lower body strength. All
                              fitness levels welcome. 60 min.

                 Cycle Lite   45-minute cycle class that offers a place for beginners to adapt to the cycle environment. Emphasis on form, alignment and basic riding skills.

Aqua Aerobics/Water Cardio    FUN, FUN, FUN! Great workout that includes cardiovascular, toning & stretching excercises. All levels welcome. 60 min.
         Sr. Aqua Aerobics    Designed for the beginner to intermediate fitness levels. Enjoy games, activities & aerobic moves, with toning and stretching excercises—all in one. 50-60 min.

  Aqua Strength/Power Plus    Fridays will alternate between aquatic resistance exercises to burning buns, thighs and abs! 60 min.
                  Aqua Ball   Play games and have fun with Aqua Ball. Helps to improve cardio, coordination, strength and balance in the water and on land. 60 min. On Thursdays, you can do a combination class of
                              Aqua exercises first followed by 30 minutes of Aqua Ball for a total of 75 min.

   Water Volley Ball League   Get ready for some fun! Teams of four will compete against each other for Lifetime pool domination. League meets every Wednesday morning from 7:45 to 8:45. All levels and ages
                              are welcome to join. 60 min.

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