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There are a lot of ways for you to earn money online, via money making websites. The
beauty of a money making website project is that you get to set up your own business,
your own online milking cows without spending a lot of money for manufacturing or
brand-building costs. While you do have to work on establishing a reputation, you do not
need to build brand recall and recognition for a specific product or service. All you have
to do is affiliate with a whole lot of companies and brands. It sounds easier than it really
is, because the thing is, you have to know the basic requirements, such as analyzing and
working on a tight niche.

There are numerous types of money making websites all over the internet. Before you get
duped into shelling out cash for a project that is vague at best, keep in mind that there are
a good number of companies with affiliate programs that offer a professional website for

Merchant Websites

In affiliate marketing, you can be some sort of distributor, or an advertiser. Merchant
websites or vendor websites focus on the former aspect. If you are planning to start your
affiliate marketing gig along these lines, you have to get in touch with various brands in a
particular product family, say, water sports equipment. Find out if they have an affiliate
marketing program running; if their online front is new, you can be a pioneer affiliate.
This can work to your advantage since competition abounds in well-established niches.

Comparison Shopping Websites

You can also set up comparison shopping websites. In this area, you can either be a
business directory or a comparison shopping website. You can set up a website where
prospective customers can easily compare prices and features. Online business directories
work in a similar function. People who are in need of a particular product or service will
scan these directories. Companies pay to be included in your list, or you can earn money
by leading customers to their website.

Niche Market Websites

These websites utilizes comparison shopping website strategies brought to a higher level.
These websites have information regarding prices and product features in a niche market,
as well as feedbacks from people who actually used the products such as, which is a niche website for coffee products. Just like comparison
shopping websites, you can get paid by directing prospective buyers to your affiliate's


These websites are fairly easy to set-up. It uses journal-style or casual writing with
content ranging from anecdotes to walkthroughs; product reviews to political opinion
pieces. For example, if you are affiliated with a manufacturer of modern furniture, you
can set up a blog that revolves around an interior decorating theme. Blogging is easier if
you have niche-specific knowledge or plain interest. Heck, if you are going to be writing
about restaurants, it would surely help if you like food, right?

These are just descriptions of money making websites in a nutshell. There are a lot of
options for you, especially if you are planning to earn an income through affiliate
marketing. Affiliate marketing, is, and for a long time will be, the best option for anyone
looking into an online business venture.

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