On Becoming an Income Heavyweight: Ways to Earn Extra Money Online

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					“On Becoming an Income Heavyweight:
  Ways to Earn Extra Money Online”

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The average person needs to earn extra money online not just to make ends meet but to
eventually set up a business, online or otherwise, of his own that would give him more
than just a little 'extra' income. There are two major categories by which you can earn
online income; one is by being an affiliate of a larger, well-established company, or by

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is definitely the most popular online business idea. In this field,
people integrate their marketing skills with an established brand or product and earn
money in the process. If you plan to start an affiliate marketing business, you have to
choose a specific niche, and a particular website type. Do you want to start a review site?
How about a vendor site? The thing is, running a professional website would cost money
so you might want to start out small. Choose a niche that has a decent market population,
but don't go over the top and choose the really popular ones because the competition is

You can also monetize your blog. You would have to post content related to your
affiliate's business and then post links and ads. You would earn extra money whenever
someone clicks an advertisement or gets redirected to an affiliate site by clicking on a
link. Blogs are relatively easy to start. There are tons of blogging sites where you could
set up a blog in a flash, without paying for anything at all.


Another way to earn extra money online is to put your skills and knowledge to use
through freelancing. You can work on online data entry jobs, article writing, internet
researching and graphic and web design. You can work for different clients and with
various topics at the comfort of your own home.
Freelancing jobs can range from those that are fairly monotonous and require minimal
training, similar to regular office work that involves filing paperwork to those that require
trade-specific knowledge. An example would be online data entry jobs. There are also
freelancing jobs that require trade-specific know-how, such as visual and web design. In
the later, you are going to spend more effort and be more creative. You are going to need
to increase the pace to earn extra money online, but once you are on a roll, you can
establish a good reputation and you can be paid more. There are excellent sales copy
writers and graphic artists that command three and even 4-digit prices per job

Whichever of the two income ideas you choose, it is important that you get a crash course
first. There are numerous online resources that you could check out. For those interested
in affiliate marketing, you can start with Google's webmaster tools. Some well-known
SEO experts also hand out free e-books. If you feel that you can learn a lot from a certain
source, you can download the full version

The thing with trying to earn extra money online is that the results don't come quick,
except if you are in the freelancing field, where you can get paid almost as soon as you
get work done. In affiliate marketing, you are going to need time to build a steady flow of
regular visitors to your site. There might be more money in affiliate marketing, but you
can only get it in the long run.

Take your pick. If you are dedicated and motivated, you have a good shot at making any
business or income idea become something that is more than just an idea. Remember that
you can only afford not to work at all, when you finally get your online business to work.
Because that is the only time when you can hire other people to do the work.

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