Making Money on the Web: On Searching for Tips, Tricks and Tactics by superamanda


									         “Making Money on the Web: On
Searching for Tips, Tricks and Tactics”

                            © Copyright Ewen Chia

You have probably heard about a lot of internet business success stories. However, while
making money on the web is possible, unmentioned are the thousands of failure-to-
launch stories. If you do not want to be part of the statistics of the later, then you have to
get ready and know what you're in for. The beauty of internet business ideas though, is
that you don't need a PhD to make it big.

Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, you are going to be a middleman. It might be difficult to approach
companies and then make them offers they can't refuse, especially if you are a virtual
nobody (literally and figuratively speaking). An easier way would be to look for
reputable online companies with existing affiliate programs. There might be tons of
affiliate websites out there, but the online world is vast; there is always room for one

To be successful in this field, you are going to need internet marketing training, mostly
about increasing targeted web traffic, particularly search engine optimization and link
building strategies. You can get training from well-known SEO experts. There are also
relevant learning resources that you can get from major affiliate networks such as
ClickBank and Commission Junction. Google also provides extensive info about website

Auction Selling

You can start making money on the web through buying and reselling items through an
online marketplace that uses an auction system such as eBay, Craigslist and Amazon
Auctions. Your operation would depend on the size of the transaction you can afford to
engage in - it can be small-scale or you can sell wholesale.
You are going to need good sales copywriting skills for this online business idea. You
can get your training tools from the auction website itself. For starters, you can take a
look at the material at eBay Learning Center as well as independent experts who do
consulting jobs.


There are a whole lot of options if you want to use your skills to make money online,
instead of shelling out cash for a professional merchant website. You can do freelance
work - you can be a data encoder, a typist, an internet research, a web content copy
writer, a link builder, a virtual assistant, a website designer or a graphic artist. Note that
this isn't as easy as the previous options, although the risks are lower because, as
mentioned, it doesn't require start-up costs.

For you to be a successful freelancer, you have to have trade-specific knowledge,
customer service skills and excellent time management. There are well-known
freelancers who get big bucks out of creating groundbreaking graphic designs and
exciting sales copies. The learning tools that you are going to need in this field are
freelancing community websites as well as virtual assistant start-up guides. You need to
get extensive information about the famous (or infamous) business side to craftsmanship.

These are just some of the ways for you to start learning about the tips, tricks and tactics
that you are going to need to have a successful career as an online business-owner or
freelancer. The truth is, while there is income to be earned online, there are absolutely no
shortcuts, unless of course you have a space-age software concept or idea that can make
investors drool. You can start making money on the web; but first, you have to learn how

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