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									       Celebrities Fashion Style: Christian
       Louboutin Shoes Chole Sevigny or
                Leighton Meester

Let’s take a look at these attractive heels in detail. Beige suede, red and
gold straps and animal print design sets this shoe apart from the rest of the
Spring Summer 2011 fashion trends in footwear. What makes these
platform ankle tie sandals so much more interesting is that they are from
Christian Louboutin. Pictured above, this shoe is definitely designed for a
new youthful generation of Louboutin connoisseurs.
Chloë Sevigny is pictured at a recent event wearing the daring extremely
high heels with a blue floral print sophisticated cut out Spring/Summer 2011
ensemble straight from the Christian Louboutin runway. The celebrity
fashionista has an eye for the flamboyant and unconventional fashion,
which is why it is no surprise that she chose to wear these fashion forward
platform sandals. We can always count on Chloë to be different and
Leighton Messner sports the trendy Louboutin heels at an LA event looking
effortlessly gorgeous. Another true celebrity fashionista, Messner is known
to take fashion risks on the red carpet in front of the camera. Above, she
pairs the unique Louboutin sandals with matching patterned dress similar to
the multi-textured shoes in style. Leighton is completely setting herself
apart from the rest of the up and coming starlets with her sense of new
fashion. She’s surely one to watch fashion wise.

It’s refreshing to see something new from Christian Louboutin. After
mastering the classic pump, Louboutin made a creative leap toward the
unconventional and interesting realm of fashion footwear. But let’s not take
it too far, he sticks with incorporating his signature red sole beneath the
shoe. Spring/Summer is the perfect
time to experiment with a young new flirty sandal designs. One thing is for
sure, Christian is sure giving Jimmy Choo some stiff competition with this
new design. Can’t wait to see what’s coming next. Will Christian Louboutin
continue to push the boundaries or will he revert back to his traditional
platform pump design. Only time will tell and Wikifashionista.com will be
sure to keep you updated about it.

What do you think of the new Louboutin design? Who wore them best
Leighton or Chloë? Tell us what you think.

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