Executive Producer Attachment Agreement

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					                      Executive Producer Attachment Agreement

This agreement (“Agreement”) is entered into as of                            , by and
between                                        (“Owner”) and
__________________________________. (“Executive Producer”) with respect to of the
treatment for the screenplay tentatively entitled,                  , written by
                               (the “Screenplay”). The Screenplay, together with the title,
themes, contents and characters contained therein, and all translations, adaptations drafts
and other versions thereof whether now existing or hereafter created is hereinafter called
the “Property”.

In consideration of EXECUTIVE PRODUCER’s efforts to arrange for the financing,
and/or production of one (1) or more motion pictures (“Picture(s)”) based on the
property, the parties agree as follows:

1. Commencing as of the date of this agreement and continuing for as long as Owner
   controls the rights to Property (the “Term”) EXECUTIVE PRODUCER shall
   have the sole and exclusive right to represent and submit the Property to third
   party entity(ies) (Production Companies, Writers, Directors,Actors,and/or
   Distributiors) “Production Entity(ies)” in connection with the development,
   financing, production and/or distribution of the Property.

2. The granting of
Description: This agreement can be used to attach yourself as an executive producer to and Independent film project. This is a very solid attachment agreement and it is hard to circumvent or terminate without mutual consent.
PARTNER Ted Chalmers
Mr. Chalmers has been a film and TV executive since 1990. He has been involved with the sales and distribution of such well-known films as THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: THE NEXT GENERATION, HELLRAISER, ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, ONE FALSE MOVE, RE-ANIMATOR, BRIDE OF RE-ANIMATOR, SOCIETY and EVIL DEAD 2. He has worked for such film and distribution companies as Rich International, Trans Atlantic Entertainment, Michael Burnett Productions, Genre Entertainment, Raven Pictures International and Creative Light Entertainment. He attends all of the major film markets yearly, including Cannes, France (pictured right), MIFED, Italy and AFM in Santa Monica, CA. On the production side, he has worked on such films as LOST HIGHWAY and BLACK SCORPION. He was also the Co-Executive Producer on the Trimark/Lions Gate release of FAUST: LOVE OF THE DAMNED, a project that he developed from its origins as an underground cult comic book.