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Long Term Care Planning


Today, it is important to include long-term care in your retirement plan.

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									Long Term Care Planning

Today, it is important to include long-term care in your retirement plan. At one time
planning for the possibility of needing long term care at some point was not something
that a lot of people thought of, but this is quickly changing. Without a comprehensive
plan for long-term care, you stand to lose everything you have worked for while trying to
cover the cost of this care.

Every estate plan and retirement plan should take the possible need for long term care
into consideration. Though a lot of people believe that planning for long term care
requires that you plan for Medicaid, this isn’t necessarily true. These days there are other
options, such as long term care insurance.

There was a time when long term care insurance was thought to be primarily for those
that were in their 60s, today it is thought of as a good option for just about anyone,
especially when you reach middle age. When you invest in long term care while still
fairly young and healthy, the insurance premiums will be a lot more affordable.

Another advantage to planning for long term care earlier in life is that you really never
know when this insurance will be needed. You may have an accident that requires that
you receive home care or be in a nursing facility for a long period of time. If this extends
past what your insurance will cover, you or your loved ones will need to pay the
difference. With long term care insurance, you’ll be covered and your assets will remain

When it comes to requiring long term care and you have no insurance to cover it,
Medicaid will require that all of your assets be used to pay for the care until you only
have a couple of thousands dollars left. This may not include your home, but once you
pass away, Medicaid can put a claim against your house to recover the cost of your care.
When planning for retirement, don’t forget to include the possibility that you will need to
pay for long term care in the future.
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