FORK BUFFET MENU 2 £8head by JoeyVagana


									                             FORK BUFFET MENU 2
                               PRICES INCLUSIVE OF VAT
                Plates, napkins, cutlery and table covers included

                     Selection of traditional cold meats & hams

                             Deep filled vegetable Quiche

                        Cheese platter with biscuits & butter

                   Selection of crusty breads & rolls with butter

                        Choose 4 salads from salad selection

Dessert Selection - numbers/type of dessert choice depends on how many people are
                 being catered for. Please email/phone for details.

 Home made crunchy coleslaw                         DESSERT SELECTION
 Fresh mixed green salad                            Red berry flan served on a bed of
 Roasted vegetable cous cous salad                  custard & cream
 Vine tomato & mozzarello salad with                Fresh cream & meringue flan with
 basil & olive oil                                  tropical fruits and fruit coulis
 Pasta salad with roasted peppers,                  Apple pie served with thick dairy
 olives & feta cheese                               cream
 Mixed bean salad                                   Triple chocolate brownies
 Beetroot with red onion in a balsamic              Thick crust lemon & orange
 dressing                                           cheesecake
 Potato salad with spring onions &
 mayonnaise                                         SALAD DRESSINGS
 Traditional salad with lettuce,                    £2.50/10 servings
 cucumber, tomatoes, celery & onion                 French salad dressing
 Greek salad with tomato, cucumber,                 Balsamic vinegar, olive oil & chives
 feta cheese & olives                               Wholegrain mustard dressing
 Thai green rice salad                              Dijon mustard dressing
                                                    Lemon & mustard dressing

                                  minimum order £40
                       Tel: 01633 897954. Mob: 07988 212839.
                              some foods may contain traces of nuts

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